tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 17

The Hogarth Club Ch. 17


Roger woke, feeling strangely compete, when he heard Georgina sigh, he knew why. She was owning him in her sleep, her leg was possessively thrown across his thighs, her hand had cupped his breast, her thumb and finger surrounded his nipple. She had ground her valley onto his hip. He doubted it was possible for her to gain more contact with him.

He wanted to wake her with an orgasm but he knew if he moved he would leave a cold spot which would wake her and leave him with a feeling of absence which he would loathe. He managed to get his hand between their bodies, smoothly and lightly he progressed his fingers to her moistness. She was still saturated, when he separated their bodies enough to gain better access, she left a wet patch on his thigh which chilled quickly.

With a little more gentle wriggling he gained the room to work his fingers, he stroked her valley, which was slick with her juices, until he gained good contact with her clitoris. Roger fingered her very slowly, he wanted the feeling to be associated with sleep in her torpid state.

She whimpered and moved toward Roger trapping his hand, his finger was still free so he continued his tender contact. She attempted to move closer again but he was able to maintain finger room. He slid his finger over her nub quietly, he felt her little pebble harden she groaned and forced her nub into closer contact with the stimulation.

Roger decided her unconscious brain had associated the contact with sleep so he increased the pressure and speed of his contact.

Georgina was grunting it sounded a little like a snore, she was trying hard to exclude any spare molecule which has dared to interrupt her contact with Roger.

Georgina started grinding against his finger, Roger just held the digit still and hard against the contact. He laughed when her eyes flew open the look of unrestrained passion was one he would always remember. He had reveled in female flesh after his fiancee had suicided but for all the willing loins and orgasms never had he seen such raw feeling expressed in a look.

His pondering was shattered by a body which launched itself into his arms and kissed him as if it was starving for sustenance. Georgina was lying on him, she was using his erection which was firmly in her valley to stroke her through her orgasm. Her hips undulated she seemed anchored only by her lips.

Roger held his hands over the cheeks of her arse, he didn't move them, she caressed herself against his hands. Suddenly she collapsed, boneless.

"Good morning," she said.

"Have you finished using me?" he asked.

"You started it."

She rolled on her back and fondled her own breasts.

"Last time you came rubbing yourself up and down my valley," she pressed her breasts together, "can you come in here?"

She seemed so keen he said yes, but she was not really big enough. Still the joy on her face made it impossible to refuse. He clambered over her and positioned himself between her mounds.

"What now?" she said.

"I'll move, you trap me between your tits."

She didn't push her tits together, she rolled them, he could feel her rock hard nipples on the side of his cock. It was working it was a mellow pleasing, until he felt her mouth.

His eyes sprang open, "What are you doing?"

"It seemed lonely when you thrust it, so I thought I'd kiss it..." doubt crossed her face. "Is that OK?

He felt guilty that his reaction had eroded her confidence.

"Fuck, yes. How do you manage to be so wanton?"

"It's you Roger, I want you... I love you."

There was little doubt that they loved each other they had expressed the feeling freely but indirectly. This was a brazen declaration and it seemed so right.

"I love you too, Georgina. I love your courage, skill, humility, passion and I love the way you make me feel."

"Oh... me too."

They kissed, slowly, exploringly, passionately, sexually. When they broke the kiss they both felt oddly satiated.

"Roger, I don't want penetrative sex before we marry. I don't want suck, suck, fuck and sleep. Our sex is so much more exciting than a mere exchange of fluids."

Roger laughed, there was no confusion about what he was feeling his face was pure adulation.

"I suppose the hydraulics are only for procreation. You do get an incredible feeling of connectedness with your cock deep inside someone-"

She looked a little doubtful, he had let his mouth run away, "Can we get that feeling without fucking, I do have three holes?"


"Reggie hates it, Brielle says it's really nice and Lola is a pucker virgin. She said she'd like to loose her virginity to you."


How on earth Georgina managed to get so much information into a single sentence amazed him.

"I can't fuck Lola, I am as true to you as I can be," he said jokingly, "and it's not my birthday."

She smiled as he worked through the content, he hadn't reached the real bit yet.

"Do you want me to fuck your arse?"

"If you want to."

He just shook his head.

"Would that give us an incredible feeling of connectedness with your cock deep inside me?"

He was overcome, he kissed her, for two reasons he liked it and if she couldn't talk she couldn't confound him. He had never used a back passage. He discovered in himself a vestige of prudishness, was he puritanical? He wondered how he would feel about a woman who allowed him up there, it was lewd, profligate, shameless even.

She turned her head breaking the kiss, "Well?"

He could only be honest with her, it was important to him that he should be.

"Georgina, it is out of my sexual scope. You've heard the story of men not respecting women after they have had sex. I am not prepared to feel that way about you."

"What about the feeling of connectedness can we do without that?"

"Georgina, your smile, your love and affection, is all I need. The fact that I have never enjoyed sex so much with anyone else is a bonus."

"The connectedness?" she persisted.

"Lets save at least one joy for our wedding night."

Georgina's smile said that it was the right answer.

"Will you fuck my tits now and can I use my tongue?"

He hardened immediately, repositioned himself and drove his cock between her tits. It was good even though she had breasts that just fitted his hands, but good was surpassed with her tongue and mouth, every time he emerged from her breasts she licked or sucked or bit him.

That he didn't know what she planned only served to make it more erotic. The lust in her expression was the straw that broke the camel's back. Her luscious, lascivious grin, drove him over the top, he came.

He shut his eyes to fully engage his feelings, he slowed. Georgina's hand slid to his arse and she drove him, her tits were sleek with his come at her insistence he drove the last skerrick of pleasure from his orgasm.

He opened his eyes, ropes of come lay across Georgina's face like a pearl necklace. She had one eye shut to prevent his liquid silk from penetrating her eye.

"Oh Georgina."

His heart went out to her, she was so selfless, she only ever considered his pleasure. He went to lick it off.

"Don't!" she said, "rub it in."

"What?" he said, shocked.

"Rub it in, then I'll be able to smell you all day. It almost makes me as orgasmic as Reggie.

She lifted her hands from his arse and started working his spunk into her face and chest,

"It's a new cologne," she said, "Oil of Man."

"Population paste," he said.

"Penis colada," she said with a tinkle of a laugh.

He joined her rubbing his ointment into her skin, he concentrated on her breasts. When the evidence of his passion had all been absorbed by her body. He realized why she wanted him rubbed into her. She broke his thought

"That was nice Roger, can you come again, we've lost the slippery."

He rolled her over gathered her into his arms and cuddled her back to sleep.

While Roger had a stern word with Crash, the girls giggled as they exchanged war stories. Every bed was full.

Lola decided to teach Crash about making love rather than fucking. Brielle and Reggie did get some sleep.

"You told him I was an anal virgin, and I wanted him to fuck it first?" Lola said shocked.

"Yes, he refused, he said it wasn't his birthday... but it is next week."

Quick on the uptake, four faces stilled.

"Can I fuck him please Georgina, I so regret not letting him?" Reggie asked.

"... and me," Brielle said, uncharacteristically coy, "He did fuck me but I insisted on a position that would not make me come, I regret that too."

"Will he fuck my arse?" Lola asked breathlessly.

"His birthday is next Tuesday, let's plan a night he'll never forget."

"Will you play?" they all said together.

"Yes I don't want anything stuck up me, virginity has become important to me too. Only us four and Roger NO one else. MOST importantly Roger says what on and what off."

"We can give him a safe word," Lola said.

Georgina and Reggie looked puzzled.

"When your really into it, yes sometimes means no and visa versa. If Roger has a safe word... like Hogarth, we all stop immediately."

Georgina pulled them into a group hug, "Lets plan a night that will infuse his Psyche. All activities need to be double planned."

"What?" they said.

"One for if he's hard one for if he isn't. We don't want to induce any performance anxiety."

"True Brielle said, he's only a man, he doesn't have our resilience."

"Come on Georgina," Roger said from the door. He saw the girls giggling and hugging, "not another lesbian orgy."

"Jealous," they all shouted.

Roger and Georgina walked into a dull room, a small globe shared light its like a miser, it did little more than provide shadows. Muscles was handcuffed to a solid metal table.

"What's your name and the name of the gang you work for?" Georgina asked, she was fed up with calling it the flesh gang.

"Eat my shit!" he said.

"Who runs the Eat my Shit gang?" Georgina asked with a straight face.

"Oh you're funny," he said.

Georgina had spent a lot of time with the Gynaecide Jim files. She concluded that the J could be for Jock. They decided to threaten both prisoners with conviction over the murders. The key was to create an offer which only applied to the first to squeal. Roger took over and ran with their strategy. He thought Georgina was drawing a long bow but he was not foolish enough to say so.

"We have evidence to place you at the scene of five of the seven Gynaecide Jim murders, we will be charging you."

Muscles still looked tough.

"Why would I kill hookers?"

"The Gynaecide murder victims were all girls without pimps. You killed them to scare the other girls into your arms and ensure compliance from those that already were."

He thought about it, you could almost see the pieces clicking into place.

"I'm Knuckles Newton, I work for Jock Mosley," he said, sensing the direction of the wind and wanting it at his back.

"The Glasgow Kiss and you're still living, he dumps helpers like bombs from a Junkers."

"We have an accord."

"You kill girls for him and he looks after you."

A look of intelligence fleeted across Knuckles' face. Both the interrogators were surprised.

"Un-pimped girls and Jock, is a nice fit but it's not me."

"Knuckles," Georgina said, "we don't care if you are innocent. We want two things, you off the street and information."

"Why me first?"

"You seemed less interested than your colleague in hurting Gabby."

"Why do you care... oh you've got her..."

He suddenly went quiet and turned pale.

"OK, we only need one of you, it looks like Wiry might choose the easy path," Roger said.

Muscles was looking away and was now shaking.

They left him to his fear reaction and walked to the next door, Roger put his hand on the handle, Georgina covered his hand to stop him from opening it.

"He's scared of Brielle, what did she do to him?"

Roger shook his head, "Would you call her and ask her to come down here?"

"Sure, are you waiting or starting?"


Georgina walked to the phone Roger opened the door. Wiry only had one hand cuffed, his other arm was in a sling.

"Knuckles said you killed all the girls credited to Gynaecide Jim."

Wiry turned the same shade of white that knuckles had.

"Why that weak piece of shit has given in already?"

Roger laughed to himself, talk about an admission of guilt, he let some of the smile escape and said, "At the moment all he is saying is it isn't him. As you are the only other enforcer employed by the Glasgow Kiss... Voila!" he finished with a French accent and a Gallic shrug.

Georgina walked in and nodded to Roger.

"We have met Knuckles' conditions, he says after she arrives he'll talk."

Georgina held her mouth and looked shocked, "I'm so sorry Sir, I shouldn't have said that in here."

She managed achieve a small blush.

"Outside!" Roger snarled.

Before he shut the door, he said, "I've had it with working with fucking girls..." the door slammed.

"They heard Wiry shout, "Yeah, fuck off you slut."

He pulled Georgina towards him and kissed her, laughing he said, "You are awesome."

After she had been thoroughly embraced Roger said, "Let's find Toby, while we wait for Brielle."

They found Toby working in his office, he obviously had a late start.

"Working part time now Toby?" Roger said.

"At least I don't get a woman to do all my dirty work for me."

"Well aren't you foolish," Georgina said, as she walked in behind Roger.

Toby looked embarrassed but he recovered quickly, "If I had a bad arsed companion like you, I would."

While Georgina was one of Octavian's prime operatives, she was only known to Octavian and now Roger.

"So has your bad arsed companion made tea, or do you do it?" Georgina asked.


"...companion would be pleased to," Georgina finished.

She busied herself with the kettle, she paused and looked up to see cat got the cream expressions on both faces.

"I hope you don't think I have a bad arse?" she said staring at her own behind.

She laughed to herself, both men got suddenly busy.

"Oh, I forgot. Your spy's clothing. We found their operating code in her knickers, it was sown into the seam."

Georgina managed to keep quiet.

"We don't have their frequencies though, so its not very useful."

Roger shrugged, "Can I have the clothing, if you've finished with them?"

"Sure," Toby said, "I'll go and get them."

As soon as he was out of the door Roger found himself with armfuls of Georgina.

"How did you know?" Georgina said between kisses.

Before he could answer, the door crashed open. Lola arrived in high dudgeon.

"How dare you leave me out of this?" she said.

Roger smiled, "I am sorry Lola, you are a fabulous detective, I should have brought you. But as I recall you were all too busy cuddling and giggling. I thought an orgy was the next thing on your agenda."

He turned to Reggie, "...and why are you here too?"

"We are a unit," Brielle said, then before Roger could argue she added, "He's scared because I cursed him, gave him the evil eye."

All the girls started talking at once, Roger was able to identify three different conversation strands. Eventually, when they had plaited the conversation Georgina said, "We agree that the evil eye does exist and that Brielle is skilled enough to cast. We also think that it is far more effective on those who believe in it. So we are all going to Interview Knuckles... you can come too if you like."

She kissed him on the forehead and shut his mouth for him. Toby caught the tail end of the conversation as he walked back into his office with the package.

"Now there are some bad arses," he said to Roger, as he handed him the package, "if you need any help containing their enthusiasm, I am you man!"

Roger just raised an eyebrow and then chased after the girls.

When they entered the room, Knuckles cowered as far away from Brielle as he could. Roger recalled his behavior when he had rescued Brielle it was similar.

"Why is she here," he shouted.

Brielle really did have him scared.

Roger was about to start the interrogation again but was distracted by Reggie who was playing with his possessions which were on a side table. He frowned at her.

Brielle walked closer to him.

"Get away from me," Knuckles shouted.

There was a clatter, Reggie had knocked his tobacco tin on the floor. She ignored Roger's obvious displeasure as she walked to the table with his pocket watch, she was pinching it between her fingers.

"Looks pretty accurate, half past eleven. Dione, why don't you destroy his watch, like his heart if he fails to please you?" Reggie said.

Even though Brielle was unable to hide her doubt she did what Reggie asked and made a theatrical pass with her hands and muttered something in a strange language that sounded seriously threatening. Reggie dropped the watch into his hand, it wriggled like it was alive.

The blood drained from Knuckles' face. His complexion was more than pallid he made a sheet look rosy. He dropped the watch it hit the table and with a loud twang, the back opened and the main spring spiraled out. Every eye in the room was on the watch.

Georgina quickly adapted, "Thank you Dione, can you and Athena wait outside. In case Knuckles fails to heed the warning?"

The girls left smiling.

"Well?" Roger said, when the door closed.

"Jock is out of control. He and Arthur probably did murder those girls. I'll tell you everything as soon as that slut is out of the building."

"Yes, I'll go and speak to her. You are very brave calling her a slut."

Knuckles melted down, they left him shaking with his head in his hands.

Reggie and Brielle were laughing and cuddling when their friends left Knuckles.

"What did you do?" Roger asked.

"His watch was knackered, it was going to fall apart at any moment," Reggie said.

"How did you know?" Roger asked.

"A watch should go tick, tock, that shows that the escarpment is worki-"

"Use English Reggie," Roger snapped, despite her sterling work, he was still unaccountably annoyed with her.

Eight angry eyes quickly drew an apology.

"In terms Roger would understand, the energy of the main spring is transferred through he escarpment to drive the hands. His watch sounded like a click, clook. That meant the bearings were worn. So I wound the watch to tension the main spring and hit the watch on the table. The tobacco tin was to hide the noise of me hitting the watch to finish it off."

"Why did it explode in his hand?" Roger asked.

"I was squeezing it as soon as I released the pressure-"

She was unable to finish, Roger gave her a scorching kiss.

"Fucking brilliant," he said.

Georgina stood to the side enjoying their jubilation, as they danced around like children. She was impressed with Reggie's skill but more so the trust that Brielle had shown in her sister.

"We can get rid of Jock and put in a puppet."

Georgina's words took a while to penetrate the bubble.

Lola was first to react, "The Glasgow Kiss is an animal, he doesn't sell sex he sells girls. They are traded as property. I'd kill the bastard myself if I could get close enough."

Georgina beckoned them into an empty interview room where they planned in private.

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