tagMind ControlThe Hot Adventures of Jack Ch. 01-02

The Hot Adventures of Jack Ch. 01-02


Chapter 1 – ENCOUNTER James gets infected

I'm James. I'm 21, black orphaned – at least I wished it was so. Mom was not able to really take care of herself, let alone me. She had been struggling with cancer. Although it wasn't aggressive cancer, it non-the-less used the entire money dad's life insurance left after he died. So there I was sleeping on our former neighbor's couch. Mom was evicted and even though I knew where she lives now, I kind of found it hard to visit her. After all, I had my own struggles.

I had no real clothes other than the jeans & few t-shirts, one pair of shoes & three boxers. That's about it. Mrs Jackson couldn't help; after all she's was struggling to care for her two young teen boys. Hey I was just happy she'd given me a place to sleep & to keep my clothes. Luckily for me, I knew a shelter where I got a daily meal.

Well, that was me until one weird freaky messed-up Wednesday a month ago. Hell, I can't remember all the details because I was a bit high. Hey I had to find fun somewhere. But let me try and think back.

I was sitting crashed next to a dumpster in an alley trying to enjoy the high I was on. I guess I looked like a beggar because one guy walked up to me & gave me his cheese burger when he saw me- kind of nice of him, seeing I was starving. There I was covered under some cardboard boxes. Suddenly this guy white, wearing expensive spectacles & a white laboratory coat, crashed next to me asking if he could hide there. Feeling sympathetic I gave him some cardboard to cover himself. Soon after that a van drove passed and met up with two guys coming from the opposite direction. I heard them speaking about getting the top secret research or something. I was high so my hearing was not all that great.

This guy turned to me looking at me through those expensive spectacles and asked me three times "are you a good person?" I froze. Then he said something like "I want you to keep something for me, I'll come get it later." Before I could respond he pulled out a surgical needle, stabbed it into my neck and injected me.

I couldn't decide whether to be angry as hell & kick his lily white ass or jump up and run like crazy. Luckily he didn't let me decide. After he pulled the needle out, he jumped up & ran. He'd just rounded the corner when a van similar to the one looking for him earlier, came passed chasing him. Down the alley I just heard someone yell "We have him". And that's the last I remember. I must have passed out because when I woke I realized that I had to move my ass really fast. Mrs Jackson had a few rules and coming in before 8:30pm was one of the rules she applied the severest. As I jumped up I saw the needle and for some reason I grabbed it and put it in my pocket.

I ran to Mrs Jackson's. I was late for sure. She was standing at the door as I neared it. The look on her face told me that that night I might be out on the street. As I neared her she started with her scolding. I walk up to her in a downcast and kiss-ass way. As she caught her breath, I reached out staring at her hands & touched them saying "please Mrs Jackson, please let me in...I'm really, really am sorry for being late and I promise never to be late again". I looked up into her face. Her expression had changed. She had a caring look on her face and said "poor boy, please come in...How can I not let you sleep here?" I was shocked but delighted. I thought nothing of it. I was just happy – no ecstatic that my ass wasn't kicked out. I entered and after a quick splash, got onto the couch and fell asleep.

Thursday passed uneventful. Friday morning I had the urge to go pass the ladies clothing store in the main avenue. Hey I'm not into ladies clothes, but Jesse – that's what I overheard her name was – was a fine hot looking 19 year old white girl. She was slender but had a hot curved ass. I'll admit that I was horny. I had peeved on Jesse before. I would stare at her and daydream till my dick was hard, then I'd find a quiet spot – I knew a few – to jerk off. I would have screwed a few girls – but the ones who would screw me didn't fit my requirement. I might be down on my luck but I was still a guy with standards.

I walked towards the store & was staring at Jesse's hot covered tits as I walk. I didn't look where I was going and damn......I bumped over this lady entering the store. I looked her in the face and it was turning red with anger. She was about to open her mouth and probably blast me with swearing, but I grabbed her hand as I apologized and tried to help her up. I just kept on thinking please lady don't freak out on me, be cool and chill. She opened her mouth and calmly said "Oh my how could I be so blind, thank you dear boy for helping me up". I was so shocked that I even helped her with her boxes. We entered to shop and I carried the boxes in for her.

As I put it down on the counter, I saw one was open and I noticed it was ladies panties. Jesse greeted the lady calling her mom. "Hell lady" I thought I'd love to see you in these and a matching bra." She introduced herself as Hilda and turned to me asking my name. After I replied she asked me to follow her. By now I was so damn confused that I just went with her. Hilda had the exact type of attitude for a racist lady that would chase a guy like me with a broom for simply walking pass this up-class store. She was a bitch and I don't mean it in the hot sexy way. But that day she acted very differently.

Jesse was looking shocked at her mom's actions, but didn't interfere. We entered the back, went through a corridor & through a door into a well lit small room. "Sit down please" Hilda said. I sat down on a chair I pulled out under the table. Hilda sat on the couch, pulled off her shoes & stocking. Then she took off that expensive jacket & started to unbutton her shirt. It fell to the floor as she loosened her skirt which joined her shirt. There stood this hot sexy curvy woman in her white sexy undergarments. My mouth hung open as I stared at this amazing sight. Her tits perfectly round and only just staring to sag, her thighs sexy and her panty hiding what must be a hot pussy. I was instantly rock hard.

"Is this what u want to see?" she said as she gave me some kinky poses. She turned, bent forward almost pressing her ass in my face. She had a few more position changes and my dick was begging to be freed. I was almost begging in my thoughts "I want to see yr tits & pussy naked". I had barely realized what I thought when she pulled her panty down, loosened her bra & showed me her amazing hot body. Her nipples were hard and seductive. Her pussy was puffy and I could smell a bit damp. I got lost in my erotic vision. "I want to jack off to you bitch, I want to cum watching you" I thought. She turned seductively to me and in a sexy tone said "Let me see your pole, I want to see you play with it". She didn't need to ask me a second time. I freed my 7inch cock as my pants fell to the floor in a flash. I started to stroke myself. My adrenaline & hormones had given my cock control. "I want to see you play with yourself" I said. I waited in fear and lust. Instantly Hilda fell on the couch, opened her legs as wide as possible and allowed ample light to let me see her two fingers assaulting her hairy trimmed pussy. I got up and wanted to fuck her in any hole.

The door flew open and almost hit me as I stood partly hidden by the open door. Jesse stepped in "Mom what the hell?" In fear & extreme shock I grabbed Jesse's arm. She yanked it loose and looked at me holding my rock hard cock. "What the FUCK?" she yelled. "Oh shut the fuck up, all you white girls want to see this black cock" I said as I pushed my pelvis forward her. Then silence fell, broken only by the sound of Hilda still playing with her wet pussy. "Hilda I was about to fuck your mouth, but Jesse your mouth sure looks inviting." I thought looking first at Hilda then Jesse. "Dear, why don't you help James out" Hilda said to Jesse. Jesse dropped to her knees & grabbed my dick sliding it in her warm mouth.

There I was with my smelly black cock in the mouth of this amazingly hot teen that was sucking me for all she was worth. "Is the store locked dear, we don't want any disturbance". Jesse stopped briefly to answer her mom with a fast "yes" before returning to her sucking. For some reason I knew Jesse was a virgin. But I wanted a pussy to fuck. "Hilda I want to fuck your pussy" I though. As if she heard me, she pushed her ass to the couch's edge. I pushed Jesse's head away & jumped between Hilda's legs pushing my dick into her. Jesse stood next to her mom watching my black cock enter & pump into her mom's wet pussy. Then I asked Jesse to get undressed & sit next to Hilda on the headrest of the couch with her legs apart. For some reason Jesse did as I asked. I moved towards Jesse, my dick pumping Hilda's pussy I planted my mouth on Jesse's virgin pussy and ate her like I've dreamed of for so long.

It didn't take long for Jesse to climax, letting her with pussy drip with juice. I licked and sucked her tight white pussy lips until she came a second time. I didn't notice how close I was and I climaxed shooting my first load into this mature warm white pussy who by that time was moaning with delight. Three long loads of cum shot into Hilda. I pulled out my cock, pushed it into Hilda's mouth and ordered her "clean it. Hilda didn't wait but licked and sucked my cock. "Your mom's pussy needs cleaning Jesse, use your mouth." Jesse jump down, fell on her knees & licked & sucked her mom's pussy sucking my juices like a thirsty dog finding water. I stared at this mom and daughter thinking "you two really liked my cock didn't you – you secret sluts". They smiled as I looked at them. After my dick was clean and limp, fear returned to me so I grabbed my pants putting it on as I ran out the store and to Mrs Jackson's. This was one weird morning and I needed time to hide and think through all of this.

Chapter 2 – REVELATIONSJack start to understand what happened

I – Jack – walked into Mrs Jackson's apartment finding it dark. That was unusual since there was always someone there. I turned on the light to a shocking scene. Mrs Jackson and her two sons were tied up. Two men in black suits were standing close to them. The one close enough to me. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. I noticed that they had gloves on so only their faces were uncovered.

"Your coming with us nigger" the one who pushed me said. "Fuck you" I replied. They jumped towards me but I reacted by kicking to one and hitting the second with my fist. The one I kicked charged again and I managed to pull his glove of just before he hit me with his fist. "STOP" I yelled. They both froze. "Who are you?" I asked in shock lying on my back on the floor.

"Dean" said the one who had pushed me.

"Albert" replied the one who hit me.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"To capture you" Dean replied.

"Why, what the hell do you want with me?"

"You have a highly secret mind control device that we need to retrieve." Dean said.

I started to get up. "So why are you telling me this"

"We think that you are able to control anyone you touch" Dean seemed to be Albert's senior since he did all the talking.

"I touched you...so you too will do anything I tell you to?"


"How big is your team coming to catch me?"

"Four, Albert, Janet, Sue and me"

"Who is in charge?"

"I am".

"Where are the other two?'

"The girls are back-up, Sue close outside & Janet in the van."

"Tell them to stay where they are and do nothing until you say so"

Dean obeyed.

"OK, now tell me what else you believe I can do"

Dean responded "Well sir, anything related to the mind".

"Memories, thoughts, orders?"

"Yes sir".

"Mmm, well from now on you report to me. Give me a phone."

Dean ordered Albert who gave me a cell phone. "Sweet." I walked over to Mrs Jackson and helped her and her two sons sit upright. Then I told them to fall asleep and forget everything that happened that evening.

"Albert, drop yr pants. Dean, you made me angry and now I'm going to punish you. Blow Albert and swallow his cum." Dean obey and sucked Albert's cock catching his cum in his mouth. "Don't swallow; call Sue to come inside slowly and calmly." Within seconds on his command a sexy skinny Asian girl entered as I stood behind the opening door. She was stunned at seeing Dean on his knees before Albert apparently with Albert's cum in his mouth.

I grabbed her arm and said, take of yr clothes. She stripped and I stared at her small tits and ass and she shaved tight pussy. "Albert return to the monitoring van and send Janet in." Janet entered finding Dean sitting on his knees with cum in his mouth and Sue with her open legs playing with her pussy. I slapped Janet from behind and quickly ordered her to strip. I found out that she really was a red head since her pubic red hair was well trimmed. I had the two girls blow me alternating between my cock and licking each other. Then I had them take 69 position as I fuck Sue first in her pussy until she screamed, then in her tight ass until she cried of pain.

I stuck my cock in Janet's mouth and told her to clean me off. I moved to her pussy. After Sue suck my cock, I rubbed my head on Janet's pussy. I entered her and found that she was still a virgin. I rammed into her as I took her virginity and fucked her as hard as I could. Before I blew my load, I ordered them on their knees and shot my cum in both their mouths. I told them to clean my cock with their mouths.

After we recovered, I told them to dress and not to do anything regarding me until I gave them permission. Before I dismissed them, I took all their money & sent them away telling them to concoct a reason why they didn't apprehend me. This unfortunate turn of events was turning out be fun, dangerous and filled with unanswered questions.

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