tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hotel Window Story Ch. 01

The Hotel Window Story Ch. 01


Once we're back in the room and I hear the door shut behind us, I slowly open my eyes. After what we've just done, in an elevator of all places, the room somehow looks surprisingly normal. I walk into the room and catch sight of myself in the mirror. Big mistake. Shirt wide open and breasts full on display, horribly wrinkled skirt still bunched up some in back, and shiny, itchy, snail-trails down the insides of my legs. I can't believe I just walked down a hallway full of doors with peepholes in them looking like this.

I see you in the mirror come up behind me. You wrap your arms around me and take hold of my breasts, rubbing them softly. I can see you smiling over my shoulder, amused at my condition and my self-appraisal. I reach behind me to hug you to me, and ask if that guy stayed on the elevator. You start laughing and say that you'll never tell. Letting go of me, you give me a smack on my ass and tell me to go take a shower - I'm a mess. As there's no way I can argue with that, I grab a robe and head into the bathroom.

After I'm done scrubbing down in the shower, I start to run my fingers between my legs, remembering what it felt like to have you fuck me like that in the elevator. It felt great. Kinda scary and a lot unnerving, but great nonetheless. I can't stop wondering if that guy was there for it all, nor can I make up my mind whether or not I want him to have been there. I know one of these days you'll tell me, but it won't be for a while. You know that I'll be thinking about it on and off for a while, getting a charge out of the not knowing. As I'm doing now, I realize, finding myself circling my clit and getting wet even with the water running down. Tempting as it is to keep going, I know you have something more planned for tonight, and I don't want to ruin the anticipation. Instead, I grab the soap and razor, deciding to give you my own surprise, shaving off all the hair until I'm baby smooth.

Once I'm out of the shower, I can hear you doing something out in the room. It sounds like you're moving furniture around, but there's just not that much to move...it's a hotel room. I call out to ask what you're up to and you just tell me not to peek - it's a surprise. Shrugging my shoulders, I continue to towel-off, carefully patting my cunt dry and feeling for any missed spots. When I'm done, I put the robe on and ask if it's ok to come out yet. You tell me I can open the door, but not come out.

So I do, and see that the room is dark except for a scattering of candles, with classical music playing in the background. I shut off the bathroom light and just stand there, loving that you've done this. I see that you've undressed down to your boxers, and when you come over and give me a kiss, I can feel your hardness pressing against me. You take me by the hand and lead me over to the balcony doors. The candlelight is soft enough that we can still see outside, see the cars driving by below and the lights of the city all around us, but also bright enough that we can faintly see our reflections in the glass, you standing behind me with your arms around me.

As I watch, you untie the belt on my robe, letting it fall to the floor. The robe falls open just the tiniest bit, giving only a hint of what's behind it...a glimpse of breast and belly and thigh. You reach up and pull the robe down slowly off my shoulders until it falls into a pile at our feet. I close my eyes as I feel you run your hands along my body, stopping when you discover my surprise.

I open my eyes to see you cup your hand over my entire cunt, slipping a finger along my slit, marveling at how different it feels without the hair, staring at it in the reflection. You come around to my front, getting down on your knees in front of me, just staring at me. I shut my eyes again, feeling self-concious, and feel you once again touch me...running your hand down from my belly, across my now-smooth mound, along my lips and back up again. You push my legs farther apart, open me up, and I feel first the warmth of your breath and then the heat of your tongue as you lean in and give my clit a soft lick.

I nearly cum then and there. If you had licked me a second time, I definitely would have.

Standing back up, you once more move behind me. I can feel your cock find it's place against my ass. You start biting my neck while you reach in front and massage my breasts, rubbing my nipples between your fingers until you have them nice and hard. You pinch one of them, dragging a low moan of pleasure from me, and move your other hand down to my cunt, feeling how hot and wet I am, teasing my lips and not quite touching my clit. I start to move my hips towards your hand trying to angle you into me, but you just keep taunting me. I open my eyes to see you watching me in the reflection, smiling darkly at my reactions.

Without taking my eyes from yours I reach behind me and wrap my hands around your cock through the silk, seeing your eyes shut and hearing you sigh with satisfaction. Slowly I stroke you, rubbing the head of your cock up and down the crack of my ass. You bring your hands to my shoulders, turning me toward you and pushing me down to my knees. Grabbing a nearby chair, you place it in front of the window and stand before it, nudging me into place with your foot.

I again kneel in front of you, leaning forward to wrap my arms around your legs, take your ass in my hands, and rub my cheek against your cock through your boxers. Feeling a slight tremble from you, I slowly pull your shorts down, briefly taking your head in my mouth as it comes free, and sucking it clean. You sit in the chair, having me pull your shorts off completely, and you spread your legs for me, leaning back and pulling my head to your erect cock as you do so.

I lean and take you in hand, wrap my warm fingers around you, stroking you up and down, and look up into your eyes as I place a wet kiss on the tip of your cock, licking off what I've milked out. Slowly, I lick you...starting at the tip, running my tongue around under your ridge, and kiss and lick my way down to your balls, all the time still stroking you with my hand. I softly take one of your balls into my mouth, sucking it gently, rolling it around on my tongue, and eventually letting it go, grazing it ever so lightly with my teeth, so I can do the same with the other.

Once more I take you in my mouth, sucking on you, pulling you in deeper. You take my head between your hands and start moving me up and down on you, making me fuck you with my mouth. I feel you tense up in my hands and know you're about to cum, so I start to suck you harder, grip you firmer, and with a loud moan, you start to cum in my mouth. I swallow as fast as I can, but some still leaks out...I can feel it running down your cock and onto my hands and your balls as you buck beneath me.

With a final shudder, you stop cumming and push me off of you. I sit back and wait for you to catch your breath, licking your cum from my hands, one finger at a time. When you finally open your eyes, you watch me, waiting until I'm done. Without moving, you tell me to clean up the mess I made. And I eagerly do so, licking every inch of you, stretching my tongue where it's hard to reach, and savoring every last bit.

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