tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Kindness of Stranger

The Kindness of Stranger


You: shall we begin?

Stranger: Go right ahead hun.

You: all right

You: i'm just sitting here, baby. no shirt, no shoes, nothing but boxers. my fly's open.

You: come over here

Stranger: I slowly walk over to you with a playful grin, wearing nothing but a black thong.

You: mmm yeah

You: so hot, baby

You: bring me that sexy ass

Stranger: I get a bit closer to you as I turn and bend forward a little, showing my ass off to you.

You: mmmm

You: i stand and approach you

You: caressing your ass

You: i lift my hand and give your ass a little smack

Stranger: I giggle and grin, gazing back at you as I wiggle my firm ass playfully at you.

You: :)

You: i put both hands on your ass, kneading the flesh

You: i spank you again, harder this time

Stranger: Mmmmm...

You: i hook my fingers under the top of your thong and slide it down as i drop to my knees

You: your thong is around your ankles. i massage your ass cheeks again, smacking them and watching them tremble

You: and then i spread them apart

Stranger: I grin as I watch with lustful eyes, letting out a soft moan.

You: do you want me to eat your pussy?

Stranger: Mmmm, go right ahead sexy.

You: yeah

You: say please, babe

Stranger: Mmm, please, eat my pussy.

You: oh yes . . . i lean in, pulling your ass cheeks apart, and clamp my lips over your wetness

You: i suck on the flesh of your pussy, pulling the lips into my mouth, flicking my tongue up to tease your clit

You: i slide one finger in

You: now two

Stranger: I gasp and moan as I shiver, feeling your fingers penetrating my pussy and your tongue over my clit.

Stranger: Ohhhh..!

You: my tongue swirls around your clit

You: even circles, fast and intense

You: my fingers twitch inside

You: pushing to your G spot

Stranger: I moan out deeply, my body shivering with pleasure, feeling your fingers inside me pushing my G spot and your tongue swirling around my clit.

Stranger: Ahhhhh, so good!

You: yes, baby

You: mmm

You: and now i drag my tongue up

You: my fingers still massaging your g spot

You: i lick a wet trail up

You: between your assk cheeks

You: and start to tease the edges of your asshole

You: do you like that?

Stranger: Ohhhh! Yes!

You: my tongue dances around your asshole

You: never touching it directly

Stranger: My body shivers more as I moan lustfully, feeling your wet tongue around my asshole, tensing up slightly.

You: now I'm fully licking your hole as i fingerfuck you

You: i want you to cum, baby. i want to feel you cum with my tongue in your ass. i push deeper, rolling my fingertips over your g-spot.

You: when you cum for me, i'll let you suck my cock. do you want that?

Stranger: Ohhhhhhh.... Yes I do sexy...

You: sit on my face. feel the tip of my tongue lashing your asshole and my fingers twisting in your pussy

You: fuck my face

You: cum for me

Stranger: I obey right away, sitting on your face as I feel your wet tongue inside my asshole, my body shivering more while I moan louder, feeling your fingers work deep in my pussy. I wiggle and bounce myself a bit as you work both of my holes, finally screaming out in lust as I orgasm, my cum spilling out from my pussy all over.

You: oh god yes

You: that's right

You: i'm so hard now . . .

You: my balls are swollen

You: i slide out from under you and get to my feet

You: you've been a good girl. and now you get a prize

Stranger: Mmmm, may I suck you now, sexy?

You: oh, yes. you may suck me now.

Stranger: I grin as I kneel before you, staring at your hard thick cock before wrapping my hand around your base and leaning in, starting off by swirling my tongue teasingly around your head, then taking it into my mouth and sealing my lips around it, sucking softly while swirling my tongue around it more.

You: MMmmmmmhhhh

You: ah god

Stranger: I slowly start to sink myself down on your thick rod, keeping my tongue pressed tight agains the bottom, sucking on it a little more.

You: i moan and run my hands through your hair, watching you

You: you're such a good little cocksucker

Stranger: I move my hand from your cock base as I sink down even further, taking all of your length in slowly, sucking harder the further I go down on you. My hands grip your thighs gently and massage them as I suck you off, now having your full length in my mouth, sucking hard and deep.

You: you're so good . . .

You: oh fuck. i start to rock me hips forward lightly

You: rocking my hips in time with your sucking

Stranger: I slowly start to bob along your length, keeping my rhythm with your rocking hips, sucking even harder how, my hands gripping your thighs tighter.

You: uhhhh

You: suck my dick, baby

You: that's right. you want my cum, don't you?

Stranger: I pick up my rhythm and bob faster along your dick, sucking on it as hard as I can, my hands massaging your thighs deeply.

You: i want to give you this cum so badly. but . . .

You: oh

You: not yet, baby

You: i've just got to fuck you.

You: and then i will give you all the cum you need

Stranger: I slowly pull off and grin as I gaze up at you with lustful eyes, giving your head one last swirl with my tongue.

Stranger: How will you have me then, sexy?

You: i'll take you from behind.

You: i pick up your thong and roll it up

You: i'll bind your hands behind you with this

You: i walk around behind you and push you forward gently so you're on your hands and knees

You: i tie your arms behind you with the thong knotted around your wrists

You: and i take your pussy with one thrust. my dick sinks to the base.

Stranger: I gasp and moan deeply as you thrust deep into me, my body shivering all over.

You: i'm holding your hands, which are tied behind your back, pulling you into me as i fuck you. i lean over you, my chin above your shoulder. i'm groaning as your tight cunt squeezes my cock, and i gently press my teeth into your flesh

You: driving deep into you, cock swelling

Stranger: Ohhhhhh!!! Yeah!!

You: yes . . . yes

Stranger: I moan loudly and squirm with pleasure as you deeply fuck my warm wet pussy, pulling me tight with my tied hands, my flesh tingling where your teeth sink in.

Stranger: Ohhhh, God!!

Stranger: Talk dirty to me sexy...

You: oh yeah. you like my cock?

You: you like this fat cock punishing your cunt

You: making you my bitch

Stranger: Ahhhh!! Yess!! Yeah!! Ahhhhhh!!

You: oh god! oh, there's more, baby! there's more of this cock for you!

You: in one motion, i slip my cock from your pussy

You: and push it into your ass

You: one hand pulls your arms back, the other is blindly groping your swinging tits

You: i fill your ass in three strokes

Stranger: Ahhhhhh!!!! God YES!!!

You: biting your back

You: fuck my big cock, bitch! push that ass down on my fat dick!

You: Aaahhhh!!!

You: don't stop. don't fucking stop! take my fucking cock up your ass!!

Stranger: I scream and moan in deep pleasure, pushing my tight ass hard against your thick cock, taking it all it and squirming.

You: now i release your arms at last, and my free hand slips between your legs to furiously massage your pussy

You: come on. who's my little slut?

Stranger: My body convulses all over with pleasure as I keep moaning and screaming with lust, feeling you work over me more.

Stranger: Ohhhhh!!!! I am!! Ohhhh GOD!!!

You: Yess yessss yesssss

You: i'm going to cum baby

You: i'm going to give you so much cum

You: kneel in front me

Stranger: I obey right away, moaning deeply as I kneel before you.

You: i'm jerking my dick in front of you

You: pumping my fist furiously

You: now it's time to give you what you've worked so hard for

You: uhhh . . . please, tell me where to cum, baby

Stranger: Right on my face, sexy...

You: God!! Damn!

You: my cum arches over you. it hits your face in streams that criss cross each other

You: i direct the rest at your tits

You: fuck

Stranger: I grin and moan as your hot cum covers my face and tits, leaning into your streams.

You: i'm panting, pursing my lips, my knees shaking as the last drops of cum fall

You: and then i simply can't stand up anymore. i drop into a sitting position and offer you a towel

You: ha ha shit. wow.

Stranger: I giggle and take the towel as I pant softly, wiping up the cum over me while also getting a taste of it.

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