tagMatureThe Kitten Who Did It

The Kitten Who Did It


Authors note: the title of this story is an inside joke between myself and my boyfriend.

The room is dark, but my eyes have adjusted to it long before now. The room is cool, made to feel more so by my nude flesh. The bed is soft under my body as I lay here in the cool darkness of my room. There is another in my bed, his head resting between my breasts, while my legs wrap around him holding him tight. It would be so easy to just... shift a little and block off his air supply. I contemplate it for now, not deciding one way or another, just allowing the thought to play in the back of my mind.

This is still a new thought process to fall into my mind, never before him had I ever thought about doing this to another, nor had I ever thought of another actually enjoying it. But as with many other things he has opened my mind a little and gotten me to try new things, this being one of his favorites. I listen to him breathe in and out deeply, comfortably and still consider making that one little sift.

As if he was reading my mind he nuzzles my breasts and places a kiss between them, and as he takes his next deep breath in I move, wrapping my arms around his head trapping his face between my breasts and just hold him there... (one...two...three... ) I start counting in my head, as I hold him, and just listen to the silence (twenty three... twenty four... twenty five) I swear I can almost hear his heart beating as his body begins to notice his lack of air (thirty seven... thirty eight... thirty nine) soon he'll be moving trying to get free, trying to get air but still i'll hold him (forty six....) He's expressed his pleasure of me forcing him to go beyond what he thinks he can handle to push him that much closer to the edge (fifty five....) The edge where he feels as if he's going to cum or pass out and is not sure of which (sixty seven....) He's shaking his head side to side now, violently trying to pull away and finally I allow him to pull back away. He takes in deep breaths and manages to ask breathily "how long?" "Seventy" I reply, it's a new record and he is pleased with it.

He keeps his head still between my breasts as his breathing evens out, going back to it's natural pattern. I can feel now just how much he enjoyed it, his hard dick pressed into my thigh and I get a little bolt of pleasure through me at having aroused him so. I want to reach down between us and rub him, to feel his hard cock in my hand, to play with the pre cum I know is leaking out. But I hold myself back because if I do it so close to the smothering it'll be over too soon and I want it to last.

We lay there just holding each other for a little while longer, just long enough for him to get himself under control again. Then he moves shifting my body over his so he can slip inside me, it feels so good to feel his hard cock enter my pussy inch by inch. When he is fully inside me he begins thrusting his hips to meet mine driving himself deeper into me again and again. As he falls into a rhythm of thrusting I once again trap him between my breasts blocking off his air again. As I do so he starts driving his cock into me harder then before making me moan in pleasure. I hold him tightly as he's thrusting into me, as his thrusts get faster and more wild he starts shaking his head trying to pull free, when he does it's with a great gasp as he cums. I feel him spurting into me his cock twitching every now and then. When he has his breathing under control again he starts kissing my breasts, then leans up to kiss me long and deep our tongues rubbing over each other, and I suck on his tongue once or twice.

While we are kissing his hand moves down between our legs and seeks out my pussy. I moan as I feel his fingers slip between my lips and start rubbing slow circles around my clit, softly at first, then a little harder, and I can't help but start bucking into his hand encouraging him to go faster, harder, to give me more. Over and over he rubs me till I'm panting and moaning, writhing against his hand, until I cum, and stars appear before my eyes and a wave of deep pleasure runs through me and I buck wildly, but he doesn't stop over and over he makes me cum till I can take it no more and start trying to pull his hand away. Now it's my turn to try and get my breathing under control as shocks of pleasure continue to run through my body making me twitch every so often. We just lay here, in the dark cool room, wrapped around each other, each of us enjoying the after glow of a good fuck. Occasionally there are kisses and nuzzles between us.

Hours pass as we lay there talking and cuddling and I am ready for more. I move to pin him down nipping at his neck but he's not one to give up a fight and the wrestling match starts, each of us trying to pin the other, nibbles and bites, all intermingle as we fight. Soon it ends with him the victor and the real foreplay begins. Slowly he moves down my body, stopping to kneed my breasts, to kiss and suckle on the nipples getting them hard. Then he's moving again, kissing my belly and moving lower till he is between my legs, he pauses to look at me for just a moment and then he starts licking and sucking my clit, it feels so good I grip the bed as my hips rock against his face. I can feel each lick, each stroke of his tongue feeling better and better, driving me closer to orgasm, he starts sucking on my clit and I'm almost there. My moans and writhing are much more pronounced now, and my had has found it's way into his hair to hold him in place as he licks my pussy. Feeling my release coming closer he sticks two fingers into me as he continues licking and sucking my clit. The feelings are so incredible, so intense I know I can't last much longer, and then it happens, with a loud moan I cum hard.

Before I can recover from the overwhelming pleasure running through me he has moved up, his mouth finding mine, as we kiss I can taste myself on his tongue, the taste is strange, and sweet. He settles himself between my legs and I feel his hard dick against my thigh again. Quickly he slides into my wet pussy, and I feel myself gripping him tightly, I love the feeling of him inside me. His thrusts are hard and forceful, and I lift my hips to meet each one encouraging him to go faster and harder. My mouth finds his neck and I nip and bite him, my nails scratch down his back leaving red welts in their wake. I love it when he's forceful like this when he takes control and fucks me hard and rough. Soon we are both cumming again, it's a wonderful feeling him twitching inside me again as I grip him tightly. Once again we simply wrap around each other and enjoy the afterglow. It has been a wonderful night of just enjoying each others bodies.

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