tagBDSMThe Master Ch. 04-05

The Master Ch. 04-05


The Master IV

You can feel my eyes on you again. You look around and see nothing. But you know I am near. You pussy immediately starts to tingle. I like that I have that effect on you. I watch you from afar. I can see you looking for me. I wonder how you know when I am near. I see you get up and head my way. Perfect.

You walk past a supply closet and take some paperwork to someone. I sneak into the closet and leave it slightly open so I can see you coming back. I see you on your way back and make a noise so you will investigate it. You open the door and I grab you roughly and slam you against a wall. I hold a finger to my mouth to tell you to keep quiet. I lock the door and walk slowly to you.

"Did you miss me pet?"

You don't have an answer but I already know you did. I step face to face with you and stare directly into your eyes, I run my hand under your skirt and into your panties. You are wet for me. Getting wetter as my finger touch and rub your pussy lips. I lift your skirt high, work a finger into your pussy. You let out a gasp for me. Your breath quickens. I push and finger you nice and slow. Pulling out and tasting you. My eyes never leave yours. I tease your clit and your knees wobble. I slide another finger into you and work it quicker. I know you are at work and we don't have a lot of time.

"Come for me pet."

I press your clit hard and tease your pussy lips. Your orgasm comes hard. I feel you on my fingers sticky and wet. I pull out and lick part of my finger. "mmmm you taste good" I say with a smile. I push my fingers into your mouth and smother some onto your chin and lips. I knee in front of you and give your bald pussy a kiss. I let your panties drop the rest of the way down your legs and you step out of them. I stand and put them in my pocket and head for the door.

"You are almost ready little girl."

I turn and walk out.

Master V

You get home from a long day of work. Your body is tired so you make your way to the bedroom. You begin to undress and there is that feeling again. That feeling that my eyes are in you. You turn on your heels and see me in a chair in the corner watching you.

"Hello pet."

You don't say a word. You never really talk to me. But I can see your body turning red and you try to cover yourself like you are embarrassed. We both know different.

"Continue" I tell you.

You don't seem to realize what you are doing, your hands drop and your eyes meet mine. You continue to disrobe for me stopping in your bra and panties. You are begging me with your eyes to let you stop. I don't say a word and you get what I am saying. You remove your bra and panties and stand there your nipples perk up as I look at you.

"Beautiful" I say and you blush.

"Get on the bed. Arms up legs spread" you look at the bed then you look at me. "wwwhy?" you ask stammering. I stand up quick and walk to you. I grab your arms and hold you with my hands roughly.

I spin you around and push you to where you are leaning onto the bed, your hands are in the bend with your bare ass sticking out to me. I draw my hand back and begin to spank your bare ass. My hand reddens each cheek occasionally going lower and spanking your pussy lips. You are crying out as I spank you, apologizing for what you did, tears in your eyes.

"When are you going to learn?" I shove you to the bed stunned. I take each wrist roughly and tie it to a bedpost. I grab your ankles pushing your legs wide apart and do the same. You try to fight a little but it is half hearted. I check to make sure you are bound tight.

"Now I had wonderful plans for you tonight but since you felt the need to fight me I need to punish you first."

You look at me quizzically as if you had already been punished. I shake my head and kneel between your legs.

“Pet, you and I both know those tears where from disappointing me and not because the spanking hurt. In fact I am sure you enjoyed it.”

With that I slide a single finger into your pussy and find it hot and wet. I add another finger and let them slide in and out several times teasing you. I smile as you turn red and moan from the intense feeling from between your legs.

“Now for the actual punishment” I say.

I walk up to you and place nipple clips on each nipple and attach them to a chain. I pull on them hard and wiggle the chain till your breasts are standing straight in the air. You are pleading with me to stop.

"Are you going to listen to me now?" I ask very calmly. You nod your head quickly. “Yes Sir.”

"Good girl."

"Beth, come in here" You see a woman walk into the room and I walk over to my chair again.

"Beth, this is my new pet. Take care of her for me" Beth says “Yes Master” and immediately disrobes.

She walks to the bed and crawls between your legs. She runs his hands over your naked legs and leans in to start to lick your already wet and throbbing pussy.

"No, No, No. Stop please." you say starting to struggle, your bindings holding you tight. "SHUT UP!!!" I yell at you. It is forceful and loud and makes both you and Beth jump.

Beth leans in and starts to lick your pussy lips. You bite your bottom lip as she starts to work your pussy feverishly. She spreads you and tongue fucks you. She slides fingers in and out of your pussy fingering you hard and fast, twisting and turning the fingers as they are inside you. You fight with all your willpower but cannot withstand her touch. You are soon moaning and gasping. She fingers you deep and feels for your gspot and goes to work on your clit. Your eyes go wide and a loud yell escapes your lips. Your body shakes and shudders and your nipples perk. You orgasm so hard on her fingers that I can see it escape your pussy.

Beth keeps licking and sucking your juices through the entire orgasm. She stops and looks over at me. You pussy juice on her face.

"Good girl. Now it’s your turn." Beth smiles and starts to walk over to me.

"No, not just yet. Let HER warm you up for me" I point to you and she crawls back to the bed and straddles your face.

"If she isn't working hard enough feel free to grind your pussy all over her face" I tell Beth.

"Yes Master" she answers and spreads her pussy for you to lick.

"Now get to work I tell you. We have a long night planned."

I smile as you tentatively start to lick and suck Beth’s pussy. Beth is looking down at you and starts to rub her clit as you slide your tongue deep into her pussy. You try to copy everything she did to you. Your hands are bound so all you can do is lick and suck and move your head back and forth and listen for Beth’s moans so you know what is working. Beth starts to grind her pussy on your mouth a bit rubbing her clit furiously, her moans are more frequent and you know she is close by the way her juices are starting to cover your mouth and chin. Beth leans down and gives your pussy an appreciative lick as you work her closer to her orgasm, you moan vibrates her pussy and pushes her over the edge.

You cannot believe what you just did but it feels so amazing you don’t stop licking and sucking till she eventually collapses on top of you. Beth crawls off of the bed kneels on the ground and crawls over to me.

“Thank you Master” she says still glowing. “Oh the night isn’t over yet baby. Not by a long shot” I say smiling at you. Beth’s orgasm still on your face.

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