The Mentor Ch. 01


Now it was my turn to just nod my head, my mouth suddenly very dry and unable to articulate any words. I thought again about making a dash for it, but was afraid of what that might bring. And I was still worried about Laura standing there as a witness to this whole episode.

"Okay, professor, follow me. You too Laura." Susan turned and walked back into the stall and grabbed her purse, followed by Laura doing the same. She then walked toward the sink area, me behind her, and Laura behind me. I didn't know what else to do other than just follow along, unsure what her plan was. She put her purse down on the counter next to a sink, and reached in and pulled out a small digital camera.

After pressing a few buttons, she said, "Okay, Bob, now go stand over near the sofa." I did as she said, still unable to question or challenge her. I found that I was actually getting aroused, as even though I was scared about the situation in which I had found myself, I was also mesmerized by her commanding presence.

She turned to Laura and said, "Honey, open the door and peek out to see if anybody is there."

Laura immediately did as she was told, opening the door and sticking her head out. She let it go and reported to Susan, "No, Professor Bascom, there's nobody there."

"Good. Now hold it open for me." Laura held the door open, and Susan stepped outside a few feet. She lifted the camera, and pointed it toward me. I could see that she was framing a shot that would include the bathroom door, with the large silhouette of a woman on it, through to me, standing in front of the furniture that quite clearly delineated this as a women's room.

Susan smiled and quietly said, "Say cheese!" In a second, I saw the flash of the camera, and Susan stepped back into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She turned the deadbolt lock on the inside of the door. "Now we'll have a little privacy, won't we? Won't have to worry about anybody disturbing us in here."

She put the camera on the counter behind her. "And now we'll have a little souvenir of your visit in here, won't we Bob? And just in case anybody wants to question the photographic evidence, I have Laura here who will confirm that you were caught spying on women in here. Right Laura?"

Laura once again meekly nodded her head, and Susan said to her in a sharper voice, "Is that the proper way to respond, my pet?"

Laura quickly said, "No, Professor Bascom, I'm sorry."

"That's better, sweetie." She turned to me and said, "By the way, Laura is one of my most promising grad students. I know she's going to have a great career ahead of her, aren't you my sweet?"

"Yes, ma'am," Laura responded, without missing a beat.

"So, Bob, how have you been?" she asked, turning back to me.

I was still dry-mouthed, but managed to mumble, "I've been better," in a quiet voice.

"What was that, Bob, I can't hear you. Sounds like you need a little reminder of the proper way to speak to me, just like Laura did. Please speak up and address me in a more appropriate manner."

I stumbled for a second, not quite sure what she meant. But I knew I had to do something, so I responded by saying in a clear voice, "I've been better, Susan."

All of the sudden, we heard a sound at the door -- somebody was trying to open it. Susan quickly said to us, "Go stand near that wall," and pointed toward the wall right next to the hinge side of the door. We both did as we were told, and Susan walked over to the door, unlocked the deadbolt, and opened it a foot or so.

"Is everything okay in here?" I heard a voice from outside inquire

"I'm sorry," Susan said. "My student is very sick, it must have been something she ate. She's using the facilities in here and was a little embarrassed at having anybody walk in on her, so I locked the door until she's done."

The voice outside said, "Oh, I'm very sorry to disturb you -- is there anything I can do to help?"

Susan responded, "Oh how sweet of you to offer, but that's okay, I think I have it under control." She then said in a whisper, but loud enough that we could hear, "She seems to be going back and forth from the sofa to the toilet, if you know what I mean. So I'm afraid she'll be in here for a little bit until I can get her up to her room."

The voice replied, "Oh, that's fine, ma'am. With everybody in the ballroom, there's really nobody who needs to use this restroom. Let me get the 'temporarily closed' sign and I'll put it in front of the door. Then when you are done, just call the front desk and let them know. That way you won't be bothered. I hope your friend feels better."

"Thank you, I really appreciate it," Susan said. With that, she closed the door and relocked it. Turning toward Laura and me, she said with a big smile on her face, "Now I know we won't be bothered in here. Now where were we? Oh yes, I remember now -- I was making sure Bob knew the proper way to address me." Now I was very nervous, realizing that I was at Susan's mercy and unlikely to be rescued from my predicament.

"Now Bob," Susan continued, "You can address me as Professor Bascom, I think that would be appropriate given the situation you have found yourself in, don't you?"

"Yes, Professor Bascom," I meekly replied, not knowing what else to do other than to go along with her little game.

"Much better, Bob. Now listen up. Given what you've done by following us in here, which I would consider somewhat inappropriate for a man of your professional standing, you better do everything I tell you. Otherwise I'll share my nice photograph of you with a few select colleagues, backed up by Laura's confirmation of what you did. You'll do that, won't you pet?" she asked, turning toward Laura.

"Yes, ma'am," she replied.

"And you, Bob, are you ready to listen?"

I was still stunned that I had found myself in this situation, but knew I had no choice. "Yes, Professor Bascom."

" 'Yes Professor Bascom,' what, Bob?"

"Yes, Professor Bascom, I am ready to listen to you," I replied.

"Good," Susan said, smiling once again. "Here's what I want you to do. Go stand over in front of the sofa, facing me. And Laura, you go sit in that chair over there," pointing to one of the chairs that was facing the sofa. I did as she said, and Laura walked over and sat in the chair.

"Now undo your belt buckle and lower your trousers to your ankles." I hesitated, not sure I could actually go through with this. But upon seeing my hesitation, Susan hissed in a stern voice, "Do it, Bob -- and you better start responding more quickly or you'll be sorry."

Upon hearing the tone of her voice, I said, "Yes, Professor Bascom," and quickly undid my belt and lowered my chinos to my ankles, standing there in my boxer shorts. My erection was still there, and I was afraid it was visible through my boxers, as even though I was incredibly fearful of what was happening I was still very aroused by Susan's domination and control over me. I had a dress shirt on, so as I looked down I saw the shirt tails were at least partially covering my erection.

"Very good, Bob, you're doing much better now. Laura, go over and unbutton his shirt, but leave it on." Laura did as she was instructed, walking over and undoing the buttons one at a time from the top to the bottom. The hands of this young woman -- who a few minutes ago had apparently been on her knees licking the pussy of the woman standing a few feet away -- brushing against my chest made me even more aroused. Once she undid the bottom button, the two halves of the shirt opened up, with my erection poking through between them, leaving no doubt as to the state of my arousal.

"Hmm, it appears that you are enjoying this. Is that true, Bob?"

I couldn't respond, I was so humiliated. The thought that my body was so aroused by Susan's control over me, combined with not just Susan seeing me like this, but her young graduate student seeing me in this state also, was just too much for me to comprehend.

"Bob, I asked you a question?" I heard Susan say.

I knew I had to respond somehow, that I couldn't ignore her. "I don't know," I replied, quickly adding, "Professor Bascom."

"Oh, c'mon Bob -- a smart man like you? You're so good at doing research and reading the evidence, I shouldn't have to put two and two together for you, should I? First I catch you spying on Laura and me in here, with an obvious erection pushing out of your crotch. Then, when I start telling you what to do, I find that you still have a raging hard-on sticking out of your boxer shorts. Your mind may not know, Bob, but I'd say your body knows very well how it feels about this situation."

She was absolutely right. I was conflicted, my mind telling me that I was in big trouble, but my body was clearly responding with arousal. I just stood there, pants at my ankles, hard-on pushing my boxer shorts out. I glanced for a second to my right at Laura standing there, and I saw her mesmerized by what was going on, her eyes darting back and forth from Susan to me.

"Well, you don't need to answer for me, Bob, as I said I can clearly see for myself. You are definitely turned on by this, and I think I know why. It's because you're aroused by the thought of a strong, dominating woman -- one who is clearly better than you -- telling you what to do. That's it, isn't it?"

She had me pegged, and there was nothing I could do other than to say, "Yes, Professor Bascom."

She smiled back at me, just standing there with her arms folded, not saying a word, for what was probably only about 10 or 15 seconds, but felt like an hour. It was deadly quiet in the bathroom as Susan looked at me, and off in the distance I could hear the faint rumble of the other conference participants enjoying the reception. Oh, how I wished I hadn't been so smug about that and had just joined the others there. Then I never would have found myself standing half-naked in a women's room of a hotel, with Susan Bascom and one of her students watching me.

Finally, Susan said to Laura, "Okay, pet, now pull his boxers down to his ankles." Without hesitation, she put her hands on the waistband of my shorts and slowly yanked them down. They caught for a second on my erection, but she continued, pulling my cock painfully downward until it snapped back up as the waistband finally cleared it. She deposited them at my ankles, on top of my trousers.

I knew my face must have been beet red, the two women standing there looking at me like this. I was incredibly mortified at being here, but feared more the consequences of trying to extricate myself. I was fearful of what Susan would do if I didn't cooperate.

"Now isn't that a pretty picture, Bob standing there with his little penis sticking straight out. Don't you think so, sweetie?"

Laura, still standing next to me, said, "Yes, Professor Bascom, it is a pretty picture." I didn't get the impression that she was enjoying this one bit; in fact, she still looked scared herself of where this was going.

Susan reached behind her and grabbed the camera once again. I immediately thought, "Oh god, no, not a picture of me like this." But I knew there was nothing I could do about it at this point. Susan raised the camera and held it a few inches from her face so she could see the screen. I saw the lens rotate in and out as she checked the zoom, and then once again the flash went off.

Susan glanced at the screen for a few seconds and then smiled and said, "Yes, just lovely. You're going to continue to cooperate with me, aren't you Bob? You wouldn't want me to send this to a few of your department colleagues would you, or perhaps Sarah?"

Knowing I was utterly defeated, all I could say was, "Yes, Professor Bascom, I will cooperate with you."

Susan put the camera in her purse and snapped it shut. "Okay, now come here, pet." Laura walked over to her, and Susan said, "Now take off my jacket and scarf for me." As Susan said this, the image I had formed in my mind of her sitting in that toilet stall, Laura kneeling in front of her, came back into my head. I wondered if I were going to have an opportunity to see what had been I had been unable to spy a few minutes ago. The thought further aroused me, making my hard-on stick out even further.

Laura walked behind her, eased the jacket off her shoulders, and carefully folded it and placed it on one of the chairs. It was clear she had done this with Susan's clothes numerous times before. She went back to Susan, and gently undid the knot of her scarf and took it from her neck.

"Thank you, sweetie. Now be a good girl and tie it around Bob's eyes, will you?"

"Yes, ma'am," she responded, and for the first time I thought I noticed a hint of a smile on her face. She walked behind me, scarf in hand, and I felt the cool silk over my eyes as she pulled it tightly and tied the knot behind my head. I could see very little other than some light coming in through the top and bottom of the scarf, but looking straight ahead I could see nothing.

"And now my skirt, pet," I heard Susan's voice say, and felt Laura walk by me back toward Susan. I heard the rustling of fabric again, and felt Laura's presence as she went back toward the chair, presumably to place the skirt with the jacket. "Just sit down on the edge of the couch," Susan told her.

Again, it was quiet in the room for a moment, and then I felt Susan walk by me toward the sofa. It sounded like she sat down, and I heard a soft sigh emanate from her lips. "Okay Bob, turn around, face the sound of my voice, and take two steps forward," she said.

I turned and shuffled forward, being careful not to trip with my pants and boxers clumped around my ankles. I stood there, waiting quietly, hearing nothing but the soft breathing coming from the two women.

"Now kneel, and lean your body forward slightly, spreading your arms wide and putting them on the sofa."

I did as she said, understanding now what was going to happen. As I put my arms down, I felt a soft silk-like material enveloping my head. I realized it must have been the slip that Susan was wearing under her skirt. As it rested on my head, the musky scent of Susan's arousal hit my nostrils. It was quite evident that she too was turned on by what she was doing. I just stayed there, arms on either side of her legs, leaning forward with my head what must have been not more than a few inches from her crotch.

She just kept me there like that, not saying a word. Underneath her slip, I could not even hear her or Laura's breathing. Again, it seemed like an hour that I was in that position, but it could not have been more than a minute.

Finally, I heard her voice again. "Okay Bob, now it's time for you to learn a few things. It's time for you to understand that I am in control, and that you are at my mercy. Think of yourself as one of my graduate students, my dear, whose fate and future is entirely in my hands. If you are good and do as I say, then you will be rewarded. But if you are bad, your career will be ruined. Do you understand?"

Once again, all I could say was, "Yes, Professor Bascom."

She hesitated a few seconds, and then she said, "Now lean further forward and begin licking."


To be continued...

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