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The Mirror Has Eyes


Pssssst! Hello there! I know that you are surprised to be hearing from me, and some of you will probably be creeped out by this. I'm here! Above you! Yes! Yes, that's right! I am the mirror, the one on the roof. Come on, come on! If the fact that I'm there didn't distress you when you came in here, I can't see why you should be upset by the fact that I have a life of my own. Most of the people who come to this motel room have alternative lives - *snicker* - at least they have lives that their spouses in Upper St. Andrew don't know anything about.

Are you married? Who are you waiting for? Do you want to play Twenty Questions with me? Lady, please don't put your clothes back on! I don't mind. You don't have anything that I haven't seen before, and you're prettier than many whom I've had to watch. You should have seen the couple that was in here earlier today! Woof!

No! No! I won't tell about you if I see you kissing! I promise! I didn't tell you anything about that couple, did I? I was just joking! They were lovely people! Really! Come on! Be a sport! Alright! I'll make you a deal. If you just stay here and, you now, look pretty for me, I'll tell you some of the things that I've seen... no names or faces, mind you. I am a gentleman.

So, what do you say?

Yes? Great!

You first, who are you waiting for?

Your boss? He likes to pretend that he's your Daddy! Nice! Kinky! I have seen a few girls like that here. I remember the first time when I saw something like that. It was about two days after I was installed here. The woman came in dressed in a dark-grey business suit, and she was carrying a briefcase, you know the sort; it had a combination lock. I just thought at first that she worked for a very cheap company; because why else would such a woman come to a dive like this? At first I thought that she was just a nice-looking strapping young accountant or sales rep who drew the crappy assignment at work. Can you imagine my surprise when she stripped down almost immediately as she came into the room? Under that business suit she was wearing a black, lace corset and matching thong with garters. Hell! You should have seen her! I nearly fell off the ceiling! She spoiled me forever. She was a big girl too! Double X at least; a real beauty!

That girl laced up that corset in the front and cinched in her waist, and her boobs threatened to spill out, *sigh* and that was when I decided that I'd take notes! Like I said, she spoiled me forever. The guy came shortly after. I wondered what she saw in him, but like your situation, he was her boss it seems. I suppose that beer bellies don't look as unsightly on the people who pay your monthly cheque.

I might be a mirror, but I'm not stupid. You seem like a smart girl. Are you sure you can't get another job? If you don't really like him you have options.

For starters, I could jump off his ceiling on him...

You don't like that idea?

Yes, you're right; I would end up being shattered. I guess I didn't think it all the way through; but I still say that you have options. If you like, we can discuss them.


What did they do?

Well, she seemed to love being made to stand naked facing the corner after being punished, so after he made her strip off those fetching undies he made her stand there while he watched the news. It was really pathetic. Eliciting real tears from her punishments seemed to be an asset with her, because I saw them several times, and that was always a feature of their playtime. It kept her glued to his side.

One night I saw when he made her lie down on the bed, the same on that you're using now, and spread her legs wide for him. Then he got some soap and water and got out a razor. I have to tell you that I was just about to jump him, but then she cooed, "Oh Daddy, what are you going to do to your naughty kitten?" and I realised that it was just another one of their games. So, I watched him shave her cunt clean before he put stinging nettles into her panties so that her naughty pussy and arse would learn lessons that they would never forget, he said.

It's your turn to ask a question? Okay, what do you want to know?

Where did I learn all these naughty words?

Lady, haven't you been listening to anything I've said? I'M A MIRROR! I watch people, and reflect what they're doing for a living! I see and hear things. I'm not dumb; I pick up a lot more than light, I'll have you know.

It's my turn to ask another question: what are you into sexually? I mean, most Jamaicans are pretty conservative, but you're already showing some personality by being here at all.

Him demanding sex from you in public places as punishment? Okay... You like it when your boss demands sex from you in private spaces of public places, as punishment? Him taking you into the garden during a staff party, and throwing you over a bench and fucking your arse, or spanking you while the other guests are inside dancing? Are you serious? You like that? He's done it already? And you want more? Wow! Whatever turns you on, I guess. I can't see where that shows him respecting you. Sorry, sorry! I know that I speak out of turn sometimes, but what else can I do with my life? I wouldn't have pegged you for that though. You look so... I was going to say 'mousy', but that would give you the wrong impression. There is obviously a lot more to you than meets the eye.

Your turn again...

You can't think of any questions? Should I ask one then?

What do you look forward to with this guy, your boss?

You want him to take you on a road trip topless, and force you to sit up so that people in other vehicles can see your breasts...

May I say something, frankly? You disappoint me. I saw your bag when you came in here. It was why I decided to say something to you. I thought that you were different from most of the women who come into places like this. Don't tell me that I was wrong. You have books in that bag, don't you? You're a student; you have dreams of making something of yourself, don't you? Do you think that ruining yourself for a cheap thrill will take you places? I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say that Jamaica is small and so they have to be careful. You seem to be going in the other direction and I am worried about you.

I told you that I like you. You remind me of my first girl in this room, remember? I don't want to see you hurt yourself. I was willing to jump down from this roof on top of the man who was coming here tonight to despoil you. Are you telling me that I would have killed myself for nothing? Lady, go home! You don't even know if there are hidden cameras in this room! You don't even know who was in this bed only two hours before you came here this evening! You don't know if your boss takes other women here, do you? I'm not saying that he does; I'd have to see who he is first, but believe me, it's more likely that he does than that he does not.

If he even mentions your job to you, you could mention his wife, or the Jamaica Employer's Federation, to him. That's what I have seen other women do. They, like you, had options.

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