tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Misadventures of Kate Pt. 02

The Misadventures of Kate Pt. 02


Chapter 3 Kate the lab rat.

The rest of the week was spent getting all my paperwork changed over to my new name, and yes, I have a middle name. It's Lucy after my aunt. When I talked to my mom that evening, I asked her if she had already picked out a middle name for me, but she had said no .I told her that it was going to be Lucy after Auntie. She broke out in tears to think I'd use her big sister's name. I asked if it was all right. She said it was; after all, Kate was my mom's middle name. Aunt Lucy also did the crying routine again; gee, there's a lot about girls I just don't understand!

The next step was the Dean of Students. He tried to put a stop to me being admitted as a regular student. Let's see...I had a criminal record for assault and resisting arrest, and my diploma was nothing but a GED (hardly suitable for a Harvard student). He would admit me in the special studies program, but I'd have to take a SAT exam as well.

Auntie had overheard and had had enough of him. She walked right in and said, "My niece will be admitted as a full student and with no damn special studies proggie or SAT!" He simply caved in and was begging her to forgive him for being so rude to her niece. Poor guy had never run into Dr Lucy Morgan when she was ready to whip some stupid male's ass into submission! I was admitted as a regular student without having even to take the SAT!

The next semester was three months away, but I would begin working at the Lab right away. The employment office on campus was much easier. Seeing Dr Lucy, as Auntie was known on campus, they simply filled out all the forms and got me my employee's ID and such. I was now a Lab Tech level 15, the highest pay level on campus for lab techs. Needless to say I was impressed with my Aunt's power on campus!

My first day in the lab was hell. I had to strip and get examined by Auntie's team -- poked and probed. One of the doctors, when she saw my poor well-used ass, asked if I had had anal sex .I told her yes, every day for a year. She was surprised. Then she saw my prison tats and realized what I meant. There were five members of the team (yes, all women), and they all must have found some reason to check out my poor little cock. My tats totally intrigued them. One is a Tramp Stamp in a cute little flower design. The other is on my belly, and it's a nasty looking skull of the prison gang the Lobos; yep, they were very protective of their favorite bitch and marked me as an honorary member.

One of the surprises on my first day was when I spotted none other than little Miss Ally Cat! Seems she had transferred here last semester from UGA and now was one of Auntie's newest rising stars in her woman's studies program. Hmm...the only girl in the little orgy who was slow, and she had cost me my freedom. Needless to say, I was thinking revenge at this point, but I didn't want to piss off Auntie, so I would talk to her before doing anything stupid.

Chapter 4 Revenge!

When I got home that night from the lab, I told Auntie all about sweet little Ally Cat. Needless to say, Auntie loved the idea of me getting back at her and suggested a very devious way that I could have sex with her, which would also allow Auntie to have one over on Ally and her grades. It seems Ally Cat had been having sex with Jane, Auntie's personal assistant, and was getting an advanced copy of each test, which was why she had been scoring 100s or high 90s. The plot would be to have Ally Cat be so desperate to have sex she would do it with me, and Auntie would get it all in living color on DVD.

We had a three-day weekend coming up, and Auntie announced there would be a quiz on Monday after the holiday. It being 4th of July, nobody would be studying very hard, that's for sure. Jane and Auntie were planning a 4 day weekend and heading to the Cape for some fun, and I would be in charge of the office on Thursday and Friday, the 4th being on a Saturday. This meant a nice long weekend for all of the staff but me.

Well, my job was to answer the phone, check e-mails, etc., but mostly I played video games on Auntie's PC, waiting for little sweet Ally Cat. The security guards would work through the weekend as always, so I was basically it after 3 o'clock on Thursday. Auntie had had her offices rigged for video the previous week, so all that was needed was my co-star.

Ally Cat had seen me in the EVA suit Auntie was testing for NASA , and it looked a lot like that cat suit that girl from Star Trek used to wear. It could remotely sense all your bodily functions or some such stuff. All I knew was I had to wear it and put on a show for Auntie's girls, as she called her team. This meant a lot of physical labor, etc., but I was filling out nicely in the breast department and looked really hot in the thing. Ally Cat had seen me several times but never had seen me up close. I was hoping she wouldn't recognize her old buddy Geoff.

About 4 o'clock, there's a rap on the door, and yes, right on time is Ally Cat. She was dressed as if for the gym. She was wearing a hot body-clinging white tank top, a pair of pink shorts, pink-and-white knee socks, and matching tennis shoes! Did I mention she had a nice camel toe showing? Yes, my friends, Ally Cat was on the prowl for sex!

"Hi, is Jane or Lucy around?" she asked.

"Nope, I got stuck manning the office while the rest of them get Thursday off. I'm Kate, by the way, and you are...?"

"I am Alison Myers. I have seen you around the lab. You're the new lab tech aren't you?"

"Yep, that's me, Dr Lucy's new lab rat. You know the deal: last hired, first one dumped on for the jobs no one wants to do," I said, laughing.

She laughed, but I could see she was horny. She had a gym bag, which -- from what Jane had told me -- was full of sex toys. This girl came prepared!

Stay tuned for more in chapter 5; the plot thickens!

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