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The Party


Tonight is All Hallow's Eve. I love this time of year and especially Halloween evening. I especially like large Halloween costume parties. I like them a lot!

I lead a mostly normal life. I have come to terms with who and what I am. To the world I look like an upper middle class professor of education at a prestigious school. I am surrounded by young students almost every day. Since I am single, by choice, I get to quietly "play the field" as it were. Since my students believe that I am an all around good guy I am often invited to student run, off campus, parties. I am often very, very, lucky at these parties. I normally have wonderful female companionship on several nights a week. But none of them compare with the companionship I get on Halloween. Life is good.

As I said, I live a mostly normal life. Halloween is the one night of the year when I allow myself to be far from normal. From external appearances I am just a well costumed guy. However, my Halloween nights are normally followed the next day by newspaper headlines about a vicious serial sexual sadist having struck the student population once again. What the heck, we all have to break loose and have fun at least every now and then. I just find that Halloween parties are a good hunting ground.

This year's party is being sponsored by the Greek community. All the fraternities and sororities have gotten together and rented the city's war memorial armory as the site for the party. The building, itself, looks like a miniature reproduction of a medieval walled fortress. The looks are deceiving. It has a large number of doors and a passage to the outside by way of the armory's garage.

This year I'm going dressed as a spectral apparition. My costume, as always, is homemade. There is no other like it, and after tonight it will cease to exist. It isn't a fancy costume but my own mother wouldn't recognize me in it. The mask incorporates a weighted diaphragm that vibrates as I speak. My voice sounds "hollow" this way. It also adds to my anonymity. Since the party is by invitation, all I need to get in is a ticket, and the tickets do not bear names and are not numbered. My costume gloves guarantee that my fingerprints will not be found at the party. On "hunting nights" I don't drink while around people so no DNA will be left at the party either.


The party has been going on for about an hour and a half now. The fraternities and sororities have been running a sort of "limousine service" for the last half hour. They are running couples back to their "Greek" houses (to the bedrooms of course) and returning the happily exhausted students back to the party again. Most of the partiers are now relatively drunk. I'll make my move in another half hour or so.


An extremely attractive, and busty, young thing has just walked over to me and given me an uninvited hug.

"What is a sweet young thing like you doing coming to an other worldly thing like me?"

"Gee, professor, I'd recognize you anywhere. You were my favorite teacher several years ago."

How did she recognize me? What had I overlooked?

"What is your name, I can't place it right now?"

"It's Joan, but that doesn't matter, I have had a crush on you ever since I was a student of yours. I always wanted to get you into bed. Does that shock you?"

"No, it flatters me. What exactly did you have in mind?"

"Well, I own a house about fifteen miles from here. I have a well stocked bar and comfortable surroundings so that we could spend a fun evening, and night, if you were interested."

As she said this she let her hand brush up against my cock and balls. Even through the costume it felt wonderful! This was a truly serendipitous event. I wouldn't have to find a way to coerce her to go someplace private...... But, hold on, what if she has a roommate?

"That sounds awfully good. Who else will be there?"

"Well, I live well off the road there won't be another human within about half a mile of us. On top of that my house is relatively well shielded by trees so sound doesn't carry well. Are you interested?"

"Absolutely. Do you want me to give you a ride over in my car?"

"No, I'll drive. I've got a Jeep. My driveway is way too uneven for a modern sports car. If I remember right you like sports cars."

"You have a good memory. When do you want to go?"

"The sooner we get there the more play time we'll have. Shall we go?"


The ride was uneventful. During it I was imagining the terrible things I was going to do to her. She would be begging for death long before I was done playing.

We arrived at her place. As we went inside she told me to get out of my costume so that she could get closer to me. I liked that idea. While I shed my costume, except for the rubber gloves, she went into the kitchen to get us each a cup of Irish coffee. When she came back into the living room she stoked up the fireplace. Soon we had a wonderfully warm fire and we were also getting warm from our making out.

"Hey Prof. It is getting warm in here. Why don't you strip down to your undershorts, I'm going to shed all but my bra and panties.

Again I liked this idea. Once we were stripped she moved over close to me and started kissing me and rubbing my crotch. I responded by fondling her beautiful breasts. My normal approach was to spike the girl's drink and have her bound before she knew what was happening. I had already added the drug to her coffee while she was disrobing. I hadn't seen any evidence of her becoming tired. Then she looked sleepy. That is when I took the handcuffs out of my pocket, and put them on her. She must have been really out of it because she grinned at me when the cuffs snapped shut.

However, within moments I found that I was getting very tired and having great difficulty in keeping my mind on track.

"Joan, did you put something in my coffee?"

She grinned at me and answered; "Yes, I did. You must be feeling the effects. That's good. Don't fight it, it won't do you any good. Soon your thinking will be as clear as it has ever been, but I'm sorry to say that you will have no muscle control. Your senses will be fine, it's just that you won't even be able to form words. That's o.k.! You will be hearing a lot but you won't need to talk." After saying that she broke the handcuffs off her wrists as if they had been made of paper. This did not bode well for this evening.

She spoke up and called out, "O.K. girls, you can come out now."

"Lest you think I was lying professor you should know this. You won't believe me yet but I was being honest with you. You are the only human being here tonight."

I was suddenly very nervous. Were these people mentally unbalanced? They sure looked like people to me. There were now twenty gorgeous young women in the room. Their first order of business was to remove my undershorts. Then they lifted me up and carried me into the dining room and laid me on the formal dining room table. Each of them then stripped off their clothes. They were stunning. Then it hit me. I recognized some of them!

"Oooooo, girls I think he's beginning to understand. Look at the terror in his eyes. In case he has forgotten us we should introduce ourselves. I'll start and then we'll go clockwise around the table."

"Professor, you tortured me, ate parts of me and then killed me twenty years ago this very night. Do you remember cooking up parts of me with garlic and onions as part of a midnight feast? I'll bet you do. Go ahead, Angela. It's your turn."

"Nineteen years ago you did the same kind of things to me. You seemed to enjoy biting me, including tearing off certain sensitive parts with your teeth Then you sliced me up a bit before you killed me. I'm sure you remember that. Go ahead Gail, it's your turn."

And so it went. The last girl to speak I recognized with no trouble. I had killed her exactly one year ago this very night.

They had finished speaking and all pulled up chairs around the table, with the exception of Joan, Gail, and Angela.

"Angela, help me with the glasses and Gail please open the bottles of wine on the side board. Then help the other girls put this big butt plug in his ass. We don't want him defecating during our meal."

Each guest soon had a goblet of red wine sitting in front of them.

"Joan grinned at me and said, we don't want you to bleed to death professor. That wouldn't be sporting. After all you played with us for hours and we don't want our Halloween party cut short by something as simple as death."

Joan turned to the women, "Girls, you know what to do. Fasten a tourniquet on each arm and leg where it joins the body. Also, place one between his cock and balls and his body. We can't have the professor miss out on our fun."

Now, I was totally panicked! I couldn't move and they said that they were going to devour me like steak tartar.

Turning back to me, Joan told me: "We've all come as ghouls, which we are of course. You are in for a long unpleasant evening. You see, you are tonight's meal. Girls, show him your teeth."

Each of the women opened their mouths and showed a set of massive canine teeth and meat cutting incisors. They also started drooling in anticipation.

Joan then invited the most recently killed girl, Bethany, to take the first bite. She started by biting off my balls. That really hurt! By the time they had eaten all the fresh meat they wanted I was missing my genitals, arms, legs, breasts, and liver among other items. The ghouls all took turns with ampoules of ammonia keeping me conscious. Seeing them eating my raw flesh did things to my mind that I have no words to describe.

As their party wound down the youngest of the ghouls spoke to me. "We have a last surprise for you professor. You always indicated that you thought that the notion of a God or Satan was an old superstition. We know better and so, since this is a "teachable moment", we're about to introduce you to Satan himself. This house is one of the gates into hell and you belong there. We, however, have been used by God to teach you your last mortal lesson. Happy Halloween."

As she finished speaking the room started to fade away into the distance. I felt the table sink through the floor and rapidly accelerate downward. It suddenly looked like the room was miles above me and then sulfurous fumes and blue fire surrounded me. It was then that the real horror began.

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