The Party House Ch. 01

byLady Lay©

"Wait for me!" Did I really say that, as I start removing my clothes and laid them beside his. By the time I got undressed he was already in the pool holding out his arms to catch me.

"Jump, I'll catch you," He yelled over the sound of the stereos.

I jumped into his arms taking us both under the water. I felt his hands grab for me as we surfaced then his mouth clamped down on mine. I could feel my hair float around me as my head leaned back in the water returning his kiss. He moved us into the shallow end never letting go of my mouth. We continued to kiss as I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. The buoyancy of the water was holding us up as Ed ran his hands over my breasts, then down my stomach, between my thighs. I was kissing his neck, his chest, running my hand down to find him back in a very excited state.

As our hands and lips were doing a thorough body search of each other, a few others started to join us in the pool. The pool was soon awash with naked ladies and gents laughing and splashing like a group of fourth graders at a birthday party.

Ed led me over to a ladder, and handed me a towel when I got out. We dried off, found our clothes and headed across the lawn.

As we ventured out to the dirt road again, Ed placed his shirt over my shoulders. I hadn't noticed that I was getting chilled from the night air until I felt the warmth of the fabric against my damp skin. It didn't take long for us to get to the fire. I stood beside the burning logs rubbing my hands together while Ed got us a beer from one of the kegs. He brought back a couple of brats covered with catsup and mustard. They smelled so delicious combined with the smell of the burning wood, the dampness of the night, the heat of the fire; it was all just too perfect.

As we stood beside the fire enjoying the warmth and food, Ed started telling me more about his open marriage. Ed and Megan had been married close to ten years, the past three years they had spent swinging off and on, going to different parties and meeting different people, some online, some from magazines. Both of them had enjoyed the excitement of meeting and having sex with different couples.

"Our sex life has gotten so hot since we started swinging. We always go to parties together. We want to share our experiences. You know, I've never had an affair and neither has Megan," he exclaimed. "Swinging is not like an affair."

I was really listening trying to relate but now I was totally confused. "The definition of an affair is when a spouse has sex with someone they aren't married to."

"Yea that's true," he explained. "But with swinging the couples agree to swap. There are no lies, no one left at home minding the kids while the other one is out partying. No misleading, no false pretenses about where they had been. Swinging keeps trust in our relationship, besides it's fun. No long-term commitments, no jealousy, no having to play the martyr, its pure sex and lots of it."

I was done listening. I turned and with a wide-open and very hungry mouth gave Ed a long and ravenous kiss. He responded with a low growl in his throat as his mouth covered mine sending shivers up and down my spine.

"So, are you ready to head back to the house. We can get out of these damp clothes and see what kind of mischief we can get into," Ed asked, a playful look in his eyes.

"Oh yes," but he already knew my answer when he gazed into my eyes. Smiling, I let him guide me away from the heat of the fire and back up the dirt road to the lights of the house.

Just as we entered the patio doors into the den/sunroom we saw Blake and Megan coming down the stairs. Blake was helping her fasten the back of her dress and she smiled and waved to Ed. Ed threw her a kiss then guided me back into the living room where we once again began to slow dance to the music. The room wasn't as full as it was when we left earlier and the music seemed to be a lot quieter than it was when I first arrived.

It felt good to be in Ed's arms, he was holding me close and kissing down my neck, moving his hands down my back to the base of my spine. I was nibbling his ear, tracing the outside with my tongue then moving down to his neck, pressing my breasts against his chest, moving my hips forward against his. The fire Ed was building in me was hotter than the campfire.

As we moved to the music, Ed's hand moved down between my thighs, he whispered in my ear. "Let's go take a shower. I know where there's a large one, more than enough room for both of us."

At this point I was game for anything, the drinks and dancing were making me mellow. Apparently Blake had an agenda of his own with Ed's wife and I had Ed's attention at the moment.

Holding my hand and leading me to the bathroom that was just inside the front door we entered a room with a shower that was at least eight foot long and six foot wide. There were four nozzles at one end and a couple of stools at the other. There was no door on the shower, just a tiled wall on three sides.

We undressed each other then turned on the sprays. The hot water felt good dancing and flowing over our skin. We began to lather up and started to slow dance in the shower.

He moved his soapy hands over my nipples causing them to harden as I slid mine over his, watching his nipples as they quickly shriveled into little hard peaks. Turning me around and running his hands down my back, over my bottom, then down my legs, he squeezed, pulled and kissed, arousing every inch of me. As he turned around I began to run my hands over his shoulders and down his back, wrapping my arms around his waist and pressing my hardened nipples into his back, soon both of us were covered with sudsy, slippery, bubbles.

My fingers lightly touched his chest when he turned back facing me. I began to make lazy circles in the bubbles running my hands down his arms feeling his muscles ripple under the skin. Kissing and nibbling on his shoulders, wrapping my arms around him and trailing my hands down his back, as my nipples slid across his chest. Capturing his nipples in my mouth, my hand moved further down his body and in-between his thighs.

He let out a slight moan as my hand moved across his rigid member. I leaned down rinsing the soap away as my tongue moved over the tip of his cock, moving my hand up and down the shaft, tasting a drop of pre-cum as my tongue continued to move around the rim. My other hand was caressing the area behind his balls; I could feel the warm spray of water on my back as his hands pressed down on my head.

Kneeling in front of him, I reached up and let my fingernails lightly scrape his tight lean buns as his cock moved in and out of my mouth. My tongue moving under his cock feeling the tension as the blood pulsed through the engorged veins. Moving my hands back between his thighs and cupping his balls in my hand I gently squeezed, delighted to hear another low moan from up above.

"Come up here Baby." He lifted me up, kissing me hard and pressed me against the cool tile wall. Then I felt his hand between my legs searching for my entrance. I spread my legs to give him more access. His hand moved down through the bubbles and I groaned as I felt him insert a finger into me. His other hand was at the small of my back, drawing me closer to him.

His mouth started to move from my neck down to my breasts, nipping on my nipples making them hard and erect. The sensation of his bits on my nipples went straight to my toes. I moaned encouragement, and he smiled and moved over to the other breast while looking up into my eyes, knowing everything he was doing was causing my body to stir.

My stomach tensed, as he knelt down, running his lips down my body to the heated space between my legs. Leaning my head back, I braced myself by reaching down and placing my hand on his head. The feeling was electrifying as he reached inside with his fingers and tongue. His tongue prodded and probed my lips, while his fingers stroked my walls. His fingers continued exploring as he slid up my body again and found my mouth, kissing me harder. My arms wrapped around his neck still feeling his fingers inside me.

Releasing his hold on my clit, he pressed his stomach against mine as he hands moved to the base of my back. His cock pulsating between us was growing even larger...

I wanted him...deep inside me. My hips were grinding against his as I moved my hand down between us feeling the heat of his engorged member. My hand covered with soap was moving up and down his shaft, stopping at the tip each time and running my thumb across it, causing it to quiver in my hand. I reached further down, caressing his balls, creating more bubbles with the motion of my hand...doing circles between his balls and the area just between his balls and the cheeks of his ass. I could feel his body shudder against me and heard a very loud moan as he took one of my breasts in his mouth and bit with more force causing me to shiver.

Pulling us back under the warm spray, he took his cock out of my hand and placed it at my entrance, my hips grinding against him begging him to enter me.

His teeth bit on my nipple again as he thrust into me. My stomach tensed and my mouth opened...gasping for breath. Stretching and filling me, the heat of his cock against the inner walls deep inside me caused me to moan as I wrapped my arms around his neck finding his mouth. I pressed down on his lips as his body slipped against mine, his hand encasing and squeezing my breast...he thrust harder into me again.

My body arched, the thrust was so great that I lost his mouth...I leaned back and cried out as I heard a low growl come from deep in his throat.

Groaning, he kissed my neck. I felt his hands slide down to my hips, pulling me against him as he began to move in and out, hitting my clit with each thrust.

I didn't notice another remove his clothes and enter the shower until I felt his set of hands moving up my legs. A second gasp escaped as I felt the stray hands move to the base of my back then up...gently rubbing my shoulders. The second body began to press against me. I felt the heat of his body against my back as he sandwiched me between him and Ed.

The three of us covered in the slippery film of suds moved as one. Ed slowed his pace as he moved in and out of me. My hand moved behind my back grasping the second cock that was pressing into the small of my back, my soapy hands gliding faster and faster up and down this new thick pulsing staff. Ed's hands still held my hips as the other set of warm massaging fingers cupped my breasts. This warm soapy second body pressed his sudsy chest into my back, kissing and biting my neck, then kissing my shoulders as his hands slithered down my back.

Ed's thrusting became harder and deeper as the second set of hands moved to my ass, caressing my cheeks, holding and pressing them forward, matching Ed's rhythm. A very soapy slippery hand then moved in between my cheeks, moving up and down the crack until a finger found my other hole and entered causing every fiber in my body to ignite.

As one orgasm after another wretched through my body, my hips pressed harder down on Ed's cock and the finger inside me. My moans continued until my breath stopped. Then one strong, mind-blowing orgasm began behind my eyes...trailed down through my breasts...into the pit of my head thrusting into Ed's shoulder...then back into the body behind me. Ed continuing to piston inside me, my hands grasping his arms, moving away from him just to be caught from behind by my other lover. My knees weakened but I couldn't fall as my two enthusiastic lovers were holding me in place, I could only let out a very loud intense moan until I finally caught my breath...

"Oh God, Oh guys...I'm Cumming...I'm hard...gritting my teeth as I continued to try and breathe feeling the energy moving through me.

"Baby you feel so good, you're pussy is so tight." Ed's hand moved down and started moving across my clit. "Cum for us baby, cum for us!"

The owner of the finger that was plunging in and out of my backside pressed his warm soapy body against my back, his bites on my shoulder caused my body to shake as I began to whimper and moan even louder. Then he whispered in my ear "again baby, cum for us again."

My body began to convulse in spasms, releasing all the built up energy that was still spiraling inside me. I lost all control of my body, as one last orgasm shocked through my body. A final stroke deep inside me produced a very loud groan from Ed as his head jerked back involuntarily, his hot seed shooting deep inside me. I groaned and moaned feeling the rush of hot blood releasing and surging through my body, then collapsed into their arms.

"Oh God...I can't handle...any more. I've never...cum so many hard...Oh God." My mouth dry as I tried to breath and talk...being held up by four hands as my knees buckled out from under me.

Still sandwiched between both of them, Ed leaned down recapturing my mouth only this time it was a gentle warm kiss as he moved away. I dreamily watched as he grabbed a towel before leaving the shower. The body behind me turned me around, raised my chin and kissed me hard.

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