tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 08

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 08


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 08: Summer Holes

Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictitious. The sexual positions are possible.

* * * * *

Chapter 1.

It was eight o'clock in the evening. I sat at my desk reading. I always seemed to be sat somewhere reading or writing. When I wasn't in court as a witness that is.

I certainly wasn't top of my class. I'd missed so many lectures that, although I'd read up notes made by others, I just wasn't prepared for the end of year exams.

The Senior Lecturer had taken me to one side. I had to improve. She had provided me with a list of reading and exercises to complete over the Summer. She wanted to see them on my return to college in September. No threats were issued, but, unless I was being over sensitive, they were implied. I could hear Jenny in the bathroom next door, splashing in the tub. I bet she smelt nice.

I could picture her lying back in the water, her pubic hair reaching up to the surface of the water to lie plastered flat against her sin when she stood to get out.

I was getting hard. I couldn't stop. I had to study. She must have pulled the plug for I could hear the water gurgling. I imagined her wrapping a towel around her head before drying her body with a second towel. Being gentle with her breasts, rougher with her back. One leg raised on the side of the bath as she dried her thigh, then her calf and finally her foot, paying particular attention between her toes. Then her other leg. Finally between her legs. Her fanny first. Perhaps pushing a little of the material inside herself. Last of all between her ass cheeks. Rubbing her anus. I heard her leaving the bath room and making her way to the bedroom. She would have dropped her towel in the laundry basket she'd made me buy. I rubbed my prick to ease the pressure. It felt good so I rubbed it again.

It was no good. How was I expected to concentrate? I had spent the last two nights in London, having to give evidence in the trial of Solly and his gang for extortion. Thankfully the prosecution lawyer had intervened when I was asked why Melissa hadn't been wearing her trousers and knickers. The judge agreed that it was not relevant to the case and that his court was not to be used to create lurid headlines for tabloid newspapers. I might just get away with that one.

Three weeks before Jenny and I had both given evidence at the some of the same gang members trial for rape and arson. Two had received double figure sentences for that, the third five years.

I tried to concentrate on the passage in the book as I re-read it for the fifth time.

Perhaps I should just drop in and see if Jenny was all right. I walked across the landing to the bedroom door. There was a soft glow coming from underneath it. She must have drawn the curtains and switched on a bedside light. Strange. I thought we were going to the pub. I pushed open the door. Jenny lay on the bed. Ankles crossed, hands behind her head. Naked.

"Took you're time didn't you?" She said.

"I thought you wanted to go to the pub?" I stood looking down at her body. Small round breasts with their erect nipples crying out to be sucked. Her flat stomach rising to her pubic mound. Short, curly hairs pointing the way between her legs. I sat on the bed by her side and put my hand on her mound.

"We can always go later, or tomorrow." She opened her legs. I ran a finger down the outside of her fanny. Pushing it into her at the bottom and spreading her lips as I moved back up to her clitoris. I put my finger in my mouth, tasting her juices.

"I can think of a better way, if you really want

to see what I taste like." Her voice was husky.

Her nipples looked almost painfully large. I lowered my head and sucked on one then the other. She gave a sound like a mew. I kissed her belly button then traced a path with my tongue through her pubic hairs to the top of her fanny. I shifted around until I was kneeling between her legs. I looked down. Her lips were open revealing the moist flesh inside. Her clitoris was enlarged, standing proud of its hood. I placed my lips against it and licked at it gently with the tip of my tongue. Her back arched and she ran her fingers through my hair, pulling my face tight to her. I licked again. She let out a loud sob.

Gently flicking with my tongue I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her fanny lips with a finger before working it in and out of her. She sighed. She bent her knees, placing her feet on my shoulders. I slid a second finger inside her as I sucked her clitoris between my lips then releasing it and flicking it from side to side with my tongue. I heard her breathing change, faster, shorter breaths. I licked and sucked with more urgency, taking her with me, forcing a third finger inside her as she came. I removed my fingers and sucked on each of her lips in turn while she came down. Licking at the little hairs between her holes. Touching her anus. Describing circles around its tight folds with the tip of my tongue. She put her hands on either buttock and pulled her crack open for me. I licked on each side down to the bed covers and then back to her little hole. She moaned, a little 'yes,yes,yes.' Could she be enjoying it? A feeling of power came upon me. I had this living creature totally under my control. I pushed the tip of my tongue against her anus. She cried out softly as it opened slightly.

I worked up some saliva and pushed against it again. Her hole opened and the tip of my tongue was inside her. I moved my tongue around in circles inside her, extracting moan after moan of pleasure. The pressure of her ring was tiring my tongue so I replaced it in her ass hole with a finger and licked my way back to fanny, sucking on her lips again as I moved up to her clitoris. Her thighs were tightening and relaxing around my head as I sucked and licked on it, moving my finger rapidly in and out of her ass as I did so. She came again, her whole body stiffening then relaxing, her breath coming in gasps. I gently pulled my finger from her ass hole and lay done by her side, holding a breast with one hand. Feeling its nipple hard against my palm. I kissed her nose, then her lips. She opened her lips, sucking my tongue inside. I felt the tip of her tongue against mine, testing, tasting. I could feel her fingers on the buttons of my shirt. Undoing them, pulling it from my trousers. I pulled my arms from it keeping my lips in contact with hers. I pulled my mouth away and lowered my lips to a nipple, sucking it into my mouth. She sighed.

Suddenly she sat up and pushed me onto my back, her hands going to the fastenings of my trousers. She almost tore them open then pushed them down. Straddling me she guided my prick to her fanny and sank down, her ass cheeks touching my thighs. I grabbed one in each hand as she lifted herself from me, then lowered herself again. I held them as she moved, scueezing them in time with the contractions of her fanny as she used her internal muscles to grip and release me. She lent forward, a hand on each of my shoulders and looked into my eyes.

"Hmm." She said as I lifted my hips to meet her downwards movement. "Keep still.

I want to do this."

I squeezed her ass cheeks. Her fanny tightened.

"I love you." She said as she suddenly increased the speed of her movements.

I wanted to move with her but held myself as still as possible. Allowing her to be in control. I felt her coming before the cry left her lips. I couldn't contain myself any longer and turned her onto her back, my prick still inside her as her fanny was still spasaming in orgasm, and pumped in and out until I came.

"Well?" Her eyes were open wide.

"Thank you." I said, lying between her legs, my prick still inside her.

"That's not what I wanted."

I moved in and out. I could feel myself growing.

"Well?" I asked back.

She closed her eyes for a second.

"I told you that I loved you."

"I heard."

I increased my pace.


"You said you didn't want me to say it while I was shagging you. You wanted me to say it when I meant it."

"Wouldn't you mean it now." She drew her nails down my back.

I jerked inside her.

"Careful." She said running her fingertips down my spine.

"Of course I'd mean it."

I was using long slow strokes, trying to prolong it.

"Say it then."


The nails in my back.

"I love you." I said hurriedly.

She locked her feet behind my back and scueezed with her thighs.


She squeezed again.


I shortened and quickened my strokes. She looked into my eyes and smiled as I came. Grunting once as I rammed myself as deep inside her as I could. She lowered her legs and I pulled out of her.

"Go and wash and I will buy you a pint, if you'll lend me some money."

"I don't know what you do with your money."

I said over my shoulder as I made my way to the bathroom.

"I'm only a poor student." She called after me.

"Besides, I'm saving up for our holidays."

The term had finished and after a week at our various parents we were off to Cyprus, with Linda, to help out on an archaeological dig for four weeks. Then we were going to take a Nile cruise, to Luxor and return, from Alexandria, in Egypt.

I washed my prick and put it away and we left the house, leaving a downstairs light burning even though it was still only dusk and walked the ten minutes to the local pub.

In the bar I ordered a pint of beer for myself and a half pint of lager and lime for Jenny. I handed over a five pound note and Jenny collected the change which went into the pocket of her jeans.

I was three weeks past twenty, Jenny still had six weeks to go. I didn't feel any different, no longer being a teenager.

I followed Jenny to a table near the front window and watching the way her ass filled out her jeans. My prick twitched.

Cheryl, the barmaid, came to our table collecting dirty glasses. She smiled at me.

"Hallo Paul." She smiled, bending to pick up some glasses. I was certain she didn't have that many buttons undone when she had served us at the bar. It was certainly a sight worth seeing.

Jenny put her hand on mine for Cheryl to see and smiled.

"Hallo Cheryl." She replied for me.

Cheryl bounced away, her short skirt flicking from side to side. Whilst Jenny and I had been separated earlier in the year I had asked Cheryl out three or four times when I'd felt Jenny and I weren't going to get back together. She had let me walk her home one night but all I got for my troubles was a peck on the cheek. Now I was back with Jenny she almost throwing herself at me.

Women are strange.

I put my arm around Jenny and she kissed my ear, then she put her tongue in it.

She knew that would get me going.

"Give me some money and I'll get the drinks in." She stood up.

"You already have my change." I protested.

"I need that."

I took out my wallet and removed a five pounds note.

"This is all I have left."

"Don't worry." She snatched it from my hand.

"I'll lend you some if you need it."

I watched as she made her way to the bar. I'm sure she over-emphasised the wiggle of her ass for my benefit.

I had a full hard on by the time she returned with our drinks. She looked down at my crutch as she sat down.

"I thought I'd emptied you." She ran her hand up the inside of my thigh, under the table, and ran its side against my balls.

It didn't help.

I put an arm around her, resting my hand on her hip at first, then letting it slip down to her ass.

"Not here." She replaced my hand on her hip and lent her head on my shoulder.

"Happy?" She asked.

I turned my head and looked down into her eyes.

"What do you think?" I replied.

He eyes widened and she put her hand behind my head and pulled my lips to her own. I touched them with my tongue and she opened them, allowing me inside her mouth. I fenced with her tongue for a little then pulled back to suck gently upon first her upper lip then her lower. She moaned gently. I moved my hand from her hip to the crack between her ass cheeks, pushing the tight material of her jeans between them, whilst my other hand I placed on her ribs beneath her breast.

"We can't do anything here." She said pulling her mouth from mine.

I looked around.

There was only about a dozen people in the lounge bar of the pub. They all occupied tables nearer the bar whilst two couples stood at it. "We could." I said, putting my hand on her thigh.

I saw her look around for a second, then she relaxed and opened her legs. I ran my hand up her thigh until I touched her fanny. I rubbed it through her jeans with my fingers. She placed her hands on top of mine as if she was holding them. I massaged the softness either side of the seam in the material. She squeezed my hand.

I looked around the room. Nobody was paying the slightest attention to us. I stopped rubbing her to move my hand to the top of her zip. I looked at her face. She had a far away look together with a slight smile on it. I unzipped the fly of her jeans and undid the button.

Looking down I could see her knickers. White cotton with little red flowers dotted all over them.

I squeezed her mound through them. She seemed to catch at her breath. I looked around again. Nobody was looking our way so I pulled the elastic away from her body and slipped my hand inside onto her pubic hairs. It felt so warm in there. I pushed one finger through her hairs to the top of her slit. I could feel the little swelling that was her clitoris. She caught her breath again as I touched it. I rubbed it slowly and gently, my finger only just moving. She slid forward until only the back of her bottom was on the edge of the seat and opened her legs wider. I moved my finger down her slit and pushed it inside her. She moaned out loud.

I looked around. A couple of people were looking in our direction but they turned away as I looked towards them. I stopped moving but Jenny didn't, twitching backwards and forwards, fucking herself with my finger. I pulled my finger from her, she gave a growl of disappointment, and touch her clit. I kept looking around the room as I rubbed as fast as I could inside her knickers. She groaned again, louder this time. I could sense more people were looking at us. I tried to pull my hand away but she gripped my wrists with both of hers and closed her legs tightly around it. I kissed her mouth to try to muffle her sounds. She breathed heavily into mine. I pulled my hand from her knickers and picked up my beer. A lot of glances were being thrown in our direction. I looked behind the bar and saw Cheryl staring at me. Jenny looked around.

"Oh no. What have you done?" She hissed in my ear. "Everybody's staring at us."

"Don't worry." I replied with more conviction than I felt. "Nobody saw anything."

A number of people were smiling and two couples were holding hands for the first time since we had come in.

I drank some beer. Jenny picked up her glass with one hand and pulled her zip up part way with the other.

Cheryl called last orders from behind the bar. We had ten minutes. At least my prick had gone down. I stood up to go to the toilet.

"Don't leave me." She caught hold of my hand.

"Not like this." She looked down at her open jeans.

I moved around the table in front of her, blocking the view of the others in the room. She pulled up her zip and fastened her button. "I'll only be a minute."

When I returned Jenny had finished her drink. I picked up mine and drank heavily. I burped.

"Pardon me." I said, burping again.

"Come on." She said, standing up. "Let's go."

I followed her outside, receiving the thumbs up sign from two men in their twenties standing at the bar and scowls from an elderly couple near the exit. I took Jenny's hand in mine as we crossed the road and climbed the hill back to our home.

We both stopped at our gate and looked up the hill to the massive Iron Age earth works which surrounded the top.

"I dread to think what would have happened to me if you hadn't rescued me that night. She turned to face me and put her arms around my waist. Our thighs and hips touching she leaned back slightly and looked up at me.

"Did I ever thank you for saving me that night?" She asked in a serious tone.

"Once or twice." I replied. I bent to kiss her but she moved her head to one side.

"Only once or twice. That can never be enough. Is Mr Willie up to it do you think?" She scueezed my ass cheeks. "I don't want to wear him out before we go on holiday."

"I think he can manage it and anyway it isn't going to be much of a holiday the first four weeks. Linda says it's quite hard work."

"It can't be that hard else why would all the girls want to go?"

"Perhaps Professor Robertson may have something to do with it?" I said as we walked up to the front door.

Professor Bill Robertson. In his early forties. Handsome, if you like that sort of thing, and available.

I unlocked the door and stood back to allow Jenny to enter.

I closed the door behind us and looked at the hall clock. Eleven o'clock.

Jenny bounded up the stairs.

"Make the Horlicks." She called over her shoulder as she hurried into the bathroom.

"I need a pee."

The door closed behind her.

I went into the kitchen and poured some milk from the fridge into a saucepan. I lit the gas and put it on to boil.

I heard the toilet flush up stairs and Jenny moving about in the bedroom. I heard her on the stairs coming down. She was wearing her bathrobe carrying the laundry basket with my robe on top.

"Get undressed." She said, dropping the blinds on the window. "And I'll set the washing machine off."

She unlocked the back door.

I turned down the gas so that the milk wouldn't boil too quickly and undressed. Handing her my shirt, underpants and socks I laid my jeans over the back of a chair.

I put on my bath robe as she slipped out to the utility room. The milk had boiled and I had made the mugs of drink by the time she returned. I could hear the motor of the washer turning over as she closed the door.

"Let's go to bed."

I followed her up the stairs. Her bathrobe came to past her knees.

"You need a shorter bath robe." I said. "I can't see anything."

"Oh." She said. Letting the robe slip from her shoulders to the steps at her feet. "You want to see something. How's this?"

She took the last four steps naked. I stood and watched her. She turned at the top of the stairs.

"Coming?" She asked, head on one side.

"Hope too." I replied. Picking up her robe.

I followed her into the bedroom. The bedside table lights were on and the curtains pulled shut. A jar of Vaseline lay on my bedside table. I hadn't put it up her ass in months. We used to do it that way almost as much as we used her fanny when we first started making love.

I put down my drink and dropped our robes on the back of the dressing table chairs.

I lay down by Jenny side.

"Sure?" I nodded to the Vaseline.

"Hmm." She smiled and picked up my prick. "If we use my other hole anymore tonight it could make it sore. We only have four days to my next period. We don't want to waste them, do we."

My prick was already hard as she lowered her mouth to it pressing her tongue against it as she took it inside.

After her head had bobbed up and down half a dozen times she took it out and examined it. Satisfied she knelt by my side. Head on her pillow, ass in the air. I picked up the Vaseline and knelt behind her. Taking my prick in my hand I rubbed it up and down the crack between her ass cheeks. Leaving it wedged between them I undid the top of the Vaseline. I hooked some out with the tip of my middle finger. I balanced the jar on the small of her back and opened her ass cheeks. I applied the Vaseline to her hole. I picked up the jar and scooped out some more, this time covering the end of my prick. I placed my prick against her hole and pressed gently. She scuealed a little as her anus opened so I pulled out, letting her relax.

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