The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 08


He looked around.

"Tell Linda I've had to go back to the base."

He was gone.

I heard the toilet flushing.

Linda came back into the room wearing her short bath robe as Paul closed the corridor door behind us.

"Where's Andy?" She asked looking around.

"He had to go." Paul said sitting on one of the beds. "We weren't expecting you back today."

Linda was still looking around as if expecting Andy to jump out from somewhere.

"Why did he have to leave? He was supposed to have the day off."

"I think he felt guilty." Paul said matter of factly. "What with Len in prison and what have you. Not conduct becoming of an officer and what have you."

"I'm finishing with Len." Linda looked from one to the other of us. "Did you say something to Andy?"

"We hardly spoke ten words."

"You're a bastard, you know that." She dropped her bath robe in front of us an started pulling on her T-shirt. "Can I have the car keys, please. I'd better go after him."

She stood in front of us, the 'v' of her pubic hairs disappearing between her legs. Shining with her juices.

I had never looked at her before in this way. She was a little bigger all round than I was. Her hips were wider, her bottom fuller. Pretty face. She turned away from us and bent over to pick up her loose fitting, wrap around, skirt. Her bottom cheeks seemed opened as she did so the lips of her fanny, puffed up and open from her shag and her tight light brown anus. I realised I was staring almost as much as Paul so I thumped him on his good arm to get him to tear his eyes from the seen before us and pulled his mouth to mine. I was wet between my legs. I'd seen Linda naked in the school showers hundreds of times before. I never felt like this before. Paul's good arm was around my back and his fingers between my bottom cheeks gain by the time Linda had finished fastening her skirt. I tossed the car keys to her, not wanting Paul to stop.

"I'll be back later." Linda said at the door.

"We have a new room for you when you get back. I'll move your things up to it."

She closed the door and was gone.

Paul was unzipping the back of my dress, kissing my neck as he slipped the straps from my shoulders. I hadn't worn a bra so as to give him access to my breasts if the opportunity arose in the hospital. I wasn't brave enough to go without knickers under a dress, unlike Linda. Paul had made me a few times but I just wasn't comfortable doing it.

My dress was on the floor. My knickers soon followed. Paul nuzzled a nipple as I tried to get him out of his clothes. This was too difficult so I lay back on a bed held out my arms and opened my legs to him. He finished undressing himself. I watched his prick stand to attention, almost reaching his navel. His body was a mass of tiny cuts and bruises, stained yellow in places with iodine.

Paul knelt on the bed and loomed over me. I opened my fanny with one hand and guided him inside me with the other. Who needs fore play when you haven't had it in five days. He sank into me, filling me. I'll have to measure him again. I'm sure he's grown. Ah, he was building up the pace. Long stokes at first then shorter, faster ones. Pushing against the sides of my fanny. The sight of Linda bending over filled my mind as he took me through the first orgasm. He was still moving. Don't come yet. I was there again. My fanny flooding with lubricant. I felt him growing, jerking inside me. I looked up into his eyes.

I did love him.

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