tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zr

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zr


Copyright 2004 by Paul C. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 18zp.


Major Peterson pointed with his finger at a rather crowded looking bay from his position on the short ladder between the pilot's seats.

"That's where they want you to land." He said.

I throttled back on the engines and allowed the nose of the plane to drop.

"You can moor up at the far jetty."

Major Peterson went back to his seat and fastened his seat belt.

"You take her down." Grandfather said, taking his hands and feet from the controls.

A voice crackled in my ear telling me I had permission to land. We only bounced twice as we touched the water then settled down as we came to a stop. I was becoming quite good at this.

"Over there." Major Peterson pointed to a group of men standing on a deserted jetty. I hadn't heard him come back.

I taxied past a number of large warships and some grey-painted cargo vessels. On every ship we passed people stood at the railings looking down at us.

I took the plane in door side to the jetty. I heard the sound of the hull squashing the wicker-basket type fenders as I switched off the engines. Two sailors were securing the tip of the port wine to the far side of the jetty. Another was climbing a small set of portable steps and tying a second rope through the mooring ring on the nose of the plane.

"Let's go ladies and gentlemen." Major Peterson said leaving the short ladder where he had been standing and opening the door in the side of the fuselage.

I waited for grandfather to climb down from his seat then followed. I was last to leave the plane, stepping down onto a packing case they hand placed as a step and then down onto the jetty. I noticed another rope had been tied to the tail of the plane. They certainly were taking no chances with her.

"Yes Senor President." I heard one of a group of men in grey lightweight suits say to Roddrego. "Both sides have agreed. You will lead the government for a five-year period. Elections will take place to select your Prime Minister and other officials. The American government has agreed to send in some military advisors."

"Your broadcast is scheduled for two hours time." A second man said. "You can shower in the officers club. We will arrange a change of clothes for all of you."

I followed the group of men in suits and navy uniforms watching Louise's ass and wondering what it would feel like to have her there.

There were three cars and two Jeeps parked at the entrance to the jetty. I got into the back of one of the cars with Bill and Louise while grandfather and Roddrego sat in the back of a second.

"Have you heard how my brother is?" Louise asked the man in the lightweight grey suit who sat in the front beside the driver in her bright white navy uniform.

"He will be fine." The man replied. He wasn't much older than us. "The doctors on board the carrier are having him flown on to Miami tomorrow with your other friend."

"Heather." I said out loud.

I caught the look Louise gave me out of the corner of my eye. I could ask him about Heather when she wasn't around.

The officers club was a long low building with an impressive front entrance and two long wings on either side. We were greeted by a number of high ranking naval officers as we entered then ushered into one of the wings by stewards. I was shown into a room on the inside of the wing looking out onto a large swimming pool.

"Can I use it?" I asked.

"I don't see why not, Sir." The steward replied, closing the blinds on the door. "If I could have your clothes while you shower I'll match the sizes with some fresh ones."

I emptied the breast pockets of my shirt of passport, keys and small change and took my wallet from the hip pocket of my trousers and placed them on the top of a small chest of drawers next to some towels.

"Any chance of some coffee?" I asked as I stripped off my clothes and wrapped a large towel about my waist.

I was conscious of the steward watching me as I undressed.

"I'll get you some, sir." He replied, scooping up my clothes.

I went into the bathroom and used the toilet before showering. I could hear the sound of somebody in the bedroom as I finished.

I wrapped the towel around my waist again and walked back into the bedroom. There was a tray with a coffeepot, cup, sugar bowl, milk-jug and spoon. There was a neatly folded pile of clothes on the bed. The steward had left.

I used my towel to dry my body then looked at the clothes. They were all new. Just the basic trousers, shirt, underwear and socks, but it would do. There was also a pair of dark blue swimming trunks.

I could hear the sound of laughter from outside my room so I walked naked to the blind-covered door that opened onto the swimming pool and peered through the slats. There were about twenty people mostly women and children in or around the pool. They were having fun. I could do with a swim followed by a laze in the sun. The plan was for me to fly with the plane up to Miami the following day with Louise and Major Peterson. Or Bob as he insisted we call him. Grandfather and Bill would stay with Roddrego.

The Americans had offered to fly us but grandfather wanted the plane taken to Miami and berthed until he decided what he should do with it. I was quite looking forward to it. I was enjoying flying the plane and I was feeling good in myself. We had all been under a lot of stress these last few days. Perhaps that was why I needed to have Louise so often. That and the fact that she was a very attractive woman. I could almost feel the stress leaving my body by the minute. I still wanted Louise though so perhaps my theory was wrong.

There was a knock on my door and I hurriedly fastened the towel about my waist before calling out.

"Yes. Who's there?"

"It's me. Louise."

I opened the door and she stepped inside. She wore a short skirt and pale green blouse. She was carrying a pair of men's shoes.

"I saw a steward. He said they were for you." She looked around the room. "You've got coffee. I haven't got coffee."

"Did you ask for any?"


She poured out a cup of coffee.

"We can share." She said lifting the cup to her lips. "You take it black?"

I didn't but it didn't mater. I was envying the coffee-up at that moment.

She held up the cup to me and I drank from where she had placed her lips. The coffee was bitter and strong. I'd have put milk and sugar in it myself.

"What's this?" She said picking up the swimming trunks. "Going swimming?"

"I thought I might." I replied, taking them from her and letting my towel fall to the ground. She looked down at my prick them up to my eyes. "It looks like it could be fun out there."

"It sounds good. Let me see if I can get a costume."

She looked down at my prick again. I could feel it growing.

"I'll be back in a minute. Be good."

She opened the door onto the corridor and looked both ways before stepping out. I pulled on my swimming trunks and drank some more coffee. I sorted myself out a fresh towel and tried on my shoes. Louise was taking her time.

I went to the door and looked out. I could see my grandfather knocking at a door at the far end. It opened and he stepped inside. I stepped out into the corridor.

Which was Louise's room? I seemed to remember she was down the far end of the corridor so I walked in that direction. I saw a female steward coming out of a room opposite the one my father had entered.

"Excuse me." I asked her. "Which is Miss Wolfenstein's room, please."

"This is it, sir." She said standing in front of the door to the room she had just come out of.

"Thank you." I smiled at her.

"That's okay, sir." She smiled back. "Will there be anything else?"

"Not at the moment. Can we get drinks by the poolside?"

"There is a steward on duty. Just ask for anything you want. Dinner is at six. The Admiral will be there and your President."

I tried to look impressed. She obviously was. Then I suppose they didn't get the Presidents of South American countries staying that often or her own Admiral if it came to that.

I watched her ass cheeks moving beneath her crisp white skirt as she walked away along the corridor then I knocked on the door. We had three hours before dinner. I wasn't planning to spend that much time in the water.

"Who is it?" I heard Louise ask.

"Paul." I answered.

"Just a minute."

I waited. I wondered why my grandfather was visiting Bill. The corridor was empty so I stepped across to her door and listened. At first I could hear nothing. Then what sounded like a gasp followed by a girlish giggle.

I stepped back across the corridor as I heard the door to Louise's room open. She stepped out in a tight swimsuit with I noticed as she turned to close her door, a low cut 'v' in the back. The material of the swimsuit had ridden up between her ass cheeks. I moved close behind her and placed my hands on her breasts and pulled her back against me.

"Stop it." She hissed, pulling away from me. "Not here. Somebody might see."

"We could go inside." I suggested.

"I thought you wanted to swim." She said, taking my hand. "We can get to the pool through your room. It'll be handy to shower in afterwards as well."

Now she was talking. I was going to enjoy showering with her.



I opened my eyes and looked at the coffee mug on the table by my side. The clock on the wall over the music centre said that it was nearly ten o'clock. I felt stiff.

I'd listened to the news for an hour then had packed for the journey leaving out my jeans and jumper for the morning and my trouser suit for travelling in. Paul always wanted me to wear a short skirt when we flew so he could feel me as we sat in our seats or have me in the toilets if the opportunity arose. I'd wear one on the way back.

I stretched. Moving down the long sofa as I did so, so I could stretch out full length.

It was pleasantly warm in the apartment so I allowed my dressing gown to fall open. My nightie had ridden up to my hips and I could just see the odd pubic hair showing below the hem. I reached down to cover myself fully but found my hand pulling the hem up over my navel.

It was nice lying here. I was going to see Paul. I felt myself becoming moist at the thought. He wasn't going anywhere without me for a long time.

I smoothed away the hairs to either side of my fanny lips. Perhaps I should shave myself down there. It had been fun on our Nile cruise when I had shaved Lynda. I hadn't ever really thought about having sex with a another girl before I had seen her that time in her hotel room in Cyprus. I'd seen her naked a hundred times in the showers at school and had never had any thoughts about sex with her. Nor with Shirley. I would have thought it would have been Carole I would have been attracted to. After all for a short time she was a practising lesbian with Jo.

I rubbed between my fanny lips with the tip of my finger.

I wondered what had become of Jo. She seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth after what happened in Shirley's aunt's farmhouse. We were told she had gone to live in Australia with an aunt and uncle. I thought they had meant while she recovered from being raped by Small.

He had been a bastard. Raping Carole's aunt Dorothy, then Jo, then making Jo go down on Carole before taking Carole to an upstairs bedroom to bugger her. It was a good job Paul had come in when he did. He'd promised I'd be next.

I shivered as I remembered how he had tried to rape me in the back of the mini-bus, then on the ground outside it and then running off, leaving me on my knees with my hands tied behind my back when the black panther had appeared.

I was glad Paul had killed him later in that hospital. He was an unlikely hero. I'm sure he would be happy spending the rest of his life in our little house on the downs overlooking Bristol. I wanted that as well. But I also wanted to teach. And have his babies.

I really wanted his babies. Perhaps it was time to come off the pill. I could convince him that it was just bad luck if I became pregnant. They weren't one hundred percent reliable after all.

Yes. I would like to have his babies.

I opened my legs wider and bent my knees as if I were going to take him. I could feel my clit appearing from its little hood. I rubbed gently at the skin on either side of it.

Paul would make a wonderful father. I closed my eyes as a little peak of pleasure ran through my body. I lifted my hips to open myself still further.

I wondered if Carole had heard any more.

No. It was no good. My clit was demanding my full attention.

I moved my finger faster. Lifting my hips from the sofa as I did. I could feel the pressure building inside me. I wanted to slow down, to prolong the feelings but my clit wouldn't let me. Faster, harder. My breaths were catching at the back of my throat. My clit felt swollen to twice its normal size. The pressure inside me was growing. Growing.


I closed my thighs tightly about my hand then relaxed as I felt the release run through my body.

It was time for babies.

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