tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Poison's in the Sugar Ch. 01

The Poison's in the Sugar Ch. 01


After a long night of clubbing at my favorite dance hall; I simply make my way back to my flat. Walking was the easiest for me, rather than riding a smelly bus full of perverted old men who were waiting for the drunken college girls to board. No, I liked to walk as I cleared my head of the sweaty bodies of men and women pressed together. Sweaty and pressing against me and I danced to the music. Yet now in the cool air, the sense of excitement – of teasing them slowly ceased and I was back in my tightly controlled little world.

I didn't hear the footsteps behind me at first, god that sounds so cliché doesn't it. I bet you are thinking someone is about to jump out of the shadows and grab me. Yet, that isn't going to happen, sorry. I heard the footsteps, ignoring them as I continued my jaunt back to my place. If someone were going to grab me, well – then they would suffer. Grinning, I began to think about the few young men I have lavished my attentions on that night. The dark haired young men with their rock groins pressing against my legs, my thighs like attention-starved puppies. I wasn't about to sleep with them, men are meaningless to me. A quick fuck, none of them turned my head.

Suddenly, there I was – home. With a chuckle, I dashed up to the front stoop and unlocked the door to my flat; though, I could still hear the footsteps approaching. Shutting my door, I cautiously peered out to see who was coming. The man came up and continued on. Ah, a sap of a gentleman on his way home. Shrugging, I moved into the flat to get a good nights rest.

Another day gone by; another workday passed as I rode the bus home. I straightened my skirt a bit as I shifted my weight; the jostling of the bus making my tits sway and bounce. Of course, I had a grin on my face the entire ride back to my stop.

Sliding off the bus, I began to make the ½ block trek back to the flat. My feet were killing me but my stems looked beautiful as I loosened the top couple buttons of my blouse. Soon I was bounding onto my porch with a turn and click of my key, I was in my cool flat without a care in the world. I removed my jacket as I placed my purse beside my shoe rack and slowly headed into the kitchen to put on the kettle for some tea. On my way through to the kitchen, I clicked on my CD case and started one of my CD's of Nina Simone. God I love that bitch of a woman!

Humming along with the music, the kettle slowly steaming up; I began to flip through some meaningless magazine when I heard my CD switch to another song... not Nine Simone. The music was throbbing through the flat, pulsing like a heart beat. With a sigh, I knew this music wouldn't relax me – this was music I usually worked out or fucked to. My stems clicked as I made my way back to the CD case, determined to find out why my Nina stopped play when yes... it happened.

The kettle went off.

With a jump, I laughed and forgot about the music, spinning around and jogged a bit to the kitchen when someone's hand suddenly encased my wrist and spun me around. Blinking, and thinking that isn't wasn't right – I spun with the hand and went to swing with my other only to get shoved hard into my coat rack. I stumbled back and landed hard on rump, only to look up to see a ski-masked man's hand entangling into my hair and yanking me hard onto my knees.

"What the fuck!"

His right hand met my cheek, making bright stars appear behind my eyes as I heard his gruff whispering voice.

"Such language from such a lady is unheard of. Unless you are a cock-teasing slut. Is that what you are Hunny?"

All I could do was glare at him, grabbing his hair that was encasing my fine brown locks. He slapped my hand away before I could fully clutch his wrist.

"Proper Ladies speak when spoken to, so I guess you are the cock-teasing slut I first took you for."

"No, no. I'm a lady. What do you want?"

"Why... your pussy."

That's when I decided to struggle; I kick hard at his kneecap with my stems, only to hear him curse my name. How did he know my name? I wasn't going to ask. With this moment, I yanked away from his hands and started to scramble to my purse where my beloved mace was waiting for me. I heard him berate me, my stupidity as I felt his hands in my hair again. I screamed loudly in protest and moved to punch him in the groin – only landing a solid punch in his inner thigh.

He foot found my stomach then, and then again as the air went whooshing out of my lungs. I kept hearing the kettle, still screaming it's head off as the male dick grabbed my head and suddenly slammed into against the hard wood floor... the only thing I heard then, besides the music and the whistling was how he would be battering my ass now.

I awoke sometime later, though the sunshine was still bright and cheery in my hellish world. My body, my mortal shell was curled up in a semi-painful manner on the couch while my mouth was open with some weird contraption. My vision started to become clearer as I listened to the words of damnable Trent, telling me he would fuck me like an animal. Fuck you too Trent.

My stems were off as my hands were bound together by my clothesline rope from the backyard; it bound my wrists to the couch like some makeshift hogtie design. All my clothing, except for my blouse was still on me; my stockings, panties, skirt and bra, the male asshole ever left my hair clips in. My wrists were hurting from the tightness and that is when I moved. I did try not to groan, but the blood rushing back into my hands felt good and hurt at the same time.

"Finally, I thought I would have to be here till tomorrow."

I shifted my weight as I stayed kneel length wise on my large couch. Looking around, I couldn't see where he was but I could smell my fucking jasmine tea. The bastard was drinking my Tea! And as if he read my mind.

"This is excellent tea, very tasty but I think it is lacking. You, being a tea connoisseur, should realize this too. So I think I will add a little something with your help luv."

I told him to piss off in my own garbled language since I couldn't shut my mouth and with that, he was looming in front of my face... fully naked with his prick level with my mouth. Oh fuck no. I jerked and whined, struggled only to hiss at the pain in my wrists. Somehow, I knew now what was around my mouth.

"Yeah babe, struggle. But you wont get away. And I am going to fuck that pretty throat"

I tried to look up as I heard him put the steaming cup of tea down; One of his hands encircled the back of my head while his other hand hefted his prick to the hole in the mouth bit I was wearing. I moaned and whimpered, even looked up with him with pleading eyes with the hopes of him having some type of compassion.

"Not in this life-time Bitch!"

Suddenly his cock was plunging into the hole of the mouth bit. I blinked hard; I couldn't shut my jaw and clamp down. Squealing loudly, I tired to fight, tried to look up but both hands of my rapist circled my head and slipped his cock slowly in and out of my waiting and slack jawed mouth. I clenched my eyes shut, grunting hard as I listened to Trent reiterate that I let him violate me.

I screamed and choked, gagging on the ever-growing cock that was now slipping in and out of my salivating mouth. I was so ashamed; my saliva was dripping down my chin as my rapist poked and prodded my throat like a demented doctor, hell bent on giving me a sore throat. Moaning, I felt his taste change just a bit as he squirted his pre-cum into my mouth. I gagged and moaned, swallowing it and my saliva down as his tempo began to change.

My rapist grabbed my hair with two fists and began to pound the shit out of my openly forced mouth. I cried out, my eyes wide and watery as he told me what a lady I was – servicing her gentleman. His groans slide into my ears as I heard the keys strokes at the end of the song; his cock bruising my poor mouth.

With a hard groan, he suddenly pulled his pulsing cock free and moved to the steaming cup of tea.

"Look... Look luv or I will make this so much worse of you."

Glaringly, I looked at that throbbing cock; I even met my rapist's eyes for a brief moment before he looked away and began to cum into the tea. I shuddered with him, surprised at my own reaction. Shuddering as I watched him shoot his load into the hot tea.

With a laugh, he tapped the end of his cock on the edge of the cup – his cock spitting just a bit more before he moved over to me and used my hair as his washcloth. Some of his cum clumped in my hair as I felt him slowly begin to take the bite out of my mouth.

"I'm going to remove the gag, but if I hear so much as a fucking peep..."

The threat was given and well taken; I nodded my head just a bit and soon my jaw was released from its imprisoned hell. I moved my jaw up and down, looking at my rapist as he moved to the teacup. I frowned and looked away, looked down – looked anywhere.


Glancing up, he was kneeling in front of my face – the ski mask still on but what chocolate brown eyes. I didn't answer, what I had to say was unlady-like and I'm sure would get me into nothing but trouble.


I frowned and saw the cum stained tea coming my way. I shook my head, frowning darkly but the cup kept coming and then touched my lips.

"Baby, drink it now."

I glared at him; giving him the dirtiest look as the hot tears streamed down my cheeks. I began to swallow the cum stained tea down. Hating him, inch-by-inch, swallow-by-swallow as I watched his fucking grin grow to wild proportions.

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