tagHumor & SatireThe Punishment - Day 02

The Punishment - Day 02


"Officer Jackson, answer the question. Why did you spend twenty minutes listening to Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe complaining about their granddaughter after it was confirmed to you she went to a friend's house after a party," the female director asks.

John stands at the door holding the box of sandwiches everyone ordered, still speechless that they started the meeting without him and that she asked him a question immediately upon entering the room. He tries not to look at the smirks from the other officers in the briefing room.

"Officer Jackson, you can put the sandwiches on the table now."

"Thank you." The officers snicker when he puts the food on the back table; he just smiles and swallows his dignity, he doesn't want to make waves.

"Now answer why the department paid for your work hours for a conversation?"

"Well, I..."

"It's Ma'am and don't have your back to me when you address me. You do know how to address your superiors don't you?"

He immediately turns to her. "Yes Ma'am, I didn't..."

"Good, now answer the question officer," she interrupts sharply as the other police officers snicker again.

He stands up straight. "Ma'am, they still seemed upset and I thought calming them down would..."

"Have private conversations on your own time officer," she says with some bark in her voice.

"Yes Ma'am," he says simply. He tells himself to understand her frustration. That she's dealing with a tight budget and recent complaints of unreasonable force from police raids.

"Make it up to the department by passing out everyone's lunch officer...now."

"Yes Ma'am." His understanding depreciates as he turns around and picks up the box.

As he ignores her "things are going to change" speech, he remains calm and puts up a false smile as he starts passes out the sandwiches. When he sees Jackie's turkey and cheese sandwich, his pulse quickens but remains calm.

He looks around and sees that she's sitting in the back bow. Her hair is up in a ponytail, so when he starts walking to her and their eyes meet, he can clearly see her smile at him. As she uncrosses her legs and slowly moves them back and forth he feels butterflies in his stomach.

When he hands her the sandwich, she briefly presses and rubs her thumb against his hand as she grins at him. He continues to distribute the sandwiches with a slight chubby, but he's thankful that the box he's carrying is covering it.


"Sex in the supply closet in five minutes" was all Jackie's text said. It was all the instruction he needed. After the abuse he took at the meeting, he'll take Jackie's form of abuse anytime, anywhere.

John casually walks in the closet room and locks the door behind him. Although no one walks into the closet room after a long meeting, only the bathroom and the break room will be busy.

Jackie is already sitting on the table pretending to be reading the inventory report, but when she sees it's him she puts the report down and extends her arms, to his surprise.

"Come here...poor John," she says playfully in a baby voice. He walks to her and goes to hug her but she presses his head against her chest instead. He laughs, enjoying the feel of her vanilla orchid perfumed cushions comforting his head.

"I need you do to something John."

He pulls away; ready to face whatever Jackie has planned. "What do you want me to do?"

She grins and kisses him; he can taste her raspberry lipstick. In between kisses she asks, "Can you...get hard...without a blowjob?" She pushes him back, quickly unbuckles her belt, and puts her pants and cotton panties down. She turns around, lifts her shirt up, bends forward, and pops out her fat, pear shaped ass. She briefly shakes it, saying playfully, "Fill her up."

"A blowjob is not needed," he replies. He unbuckles his belt, puts his pants and boxers off, and stands behind her.

"Oh yeah," Jackie asks as she looks back at his quickly erected cock. She briefly rubs on it with a gentle tug. "Nice."

He licks the tips of his fingers and rubs the head of his dick. Then he rubs the head of his dick up and down her pussy, she's already wet. He puts his cock in her and closes his eyes briefly as it slides in fast and smooth.

"Damn, you feel good," John says.

He grabs unto her ass as Jackie looks forward and holds herself up with her arms against the table, starting to breathe a little deeply.

He fucks her fast and hard in short thrusts. Not the rhythm he likes, but they don't have the time for him to hold back. Not that he could if they did, the feel of Jackie's soft ass in his hands and her tight pussy getting his dick wet is starting to feel good, too good.

He can feel himself come soon and he tries to think of the director, but then he looks down at Jackie's ass giggling as it bounces against his cock and now he knows it just a matter of moments before he blows his load.

He whispers, "Where do you want it?"

She looks back at him. "What?"

"I'm going to come."

"Of course you are." She giggles, covering her face briefly. "My pussy is the best place for come." She smiles with a wink.

"Oh yeah," John asks with renewed vigor.

"What did I say? Fill her up...so milk that cock." She moans lightly as she rubs her clit.

He squeezes her ass tighter and does a few more thrusts before he presses her thick ass against cock as he comes inside her with sexual euphoria. "Oh...shit...yeah...yeah."

His organism empties out his balls of come and the day's frustrations in one great moment. He rests his head on her back as his dick throbs inside her.

She giggles. "You ok?"

"It feels so good to come inside you. This is just the best part of my fucked up day." He does a light thrust to extend his organism and his legs jerk slightly.

"Well, your fucked up day made me wet."

"That figures," he replies while still calming down. "It's cool...I just want to enjoy...this...while..."

"Oh shit. Don't move...oh yeah." She moans lightly.

He feels her ass press tighter against him and feels her pussy lightly press against his cock. She stops playing herself and moans, "Oh...that's better."

He looks at her and whispers, "I'm happy you got yours."

She looks back at him and replies, "Yeah, yeah. No thanks to you."

He smiles and lightly slaps her ass, feeling it giggle. He jerks as she playfully bounces her ass against his limping dick still inside her. He laughs, but leans in for a kiss. When they do, he can feel her pussy pulse; it was a slight torture to bear, but one he can enjoy.


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