tagHumor & SatireThe Punishment - Day 03

The Punishment - Day 03


Writer's note: I edited Day 3 to get the series back to the original adult comedy theme.

Feel free to send me any suggestions or comments, otherwise please enjoy.


Day 3

John wakes up and falls out of bed, wearing only his boxers. When the bed lights are turned on and his eyes adjust, he sees that he's not in his place. "What the...hell?"

He watches as Jackie in a white t-shirt moves to his side of the bed and looks at him with very tired eyes. "What the fuck John?"

"Don't hit me!" John asks pointing at her.

Jackie has a confused look on her face and then yawns with indifference. "Don't tempt me."

John feels his head for a bump on his head and feels nothing. "I...had a dream...that you...hit me on the back of the head with a club..."

"I like this dream so far." Jackie jokes as John looks at her smile, then at her cleavage. Jackie snaps her fingers towards her face, then says, "Focus John, why the fuck are you freaking out?"

John laughs lightly. "It's nothing...I think I read too much comics as a kid."

"Yeah...or it could have been that weed I gave you."

"Oh yeah," John says as his memory starts replaying the prior night.

He remembers Jackie's offer for him to smoke weed for the first time in his life, in trade he received the perfect blowjob. He was also allowed to sleepover, but only to make her breakfast in the morning. John looks out the window and sees sunlight through the window blinds.

"Since you're up John...I'll have my sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich now. And I drink my coffee with a little cream and lots of sugar." He watches her turn around and then says, "Oh shit!" She then jumps out of bed saying in a panic, "Shit, shit, shit."

John watches her run towards the bathroom, mostly gazing her ass jiggle in her shorts. "What is it?" He stands up and sees the time on her clock, 7:35am. "Holy shit, we're going to be late!"

"No shit," Jackie yells before closing the door behind her.

He runs to the bathroom door and knocks on it rapidly. "Let me in!"

"Take a whore bath in the bathroom sink!"


After John slowly closes the door behind them, they stand still as nearly every officer in the meeting room looks at them. The captain is at the podium, giving them a brief hard look after he looks at his watch. But he retains everyone's attention when he continues with his debriefing.

They make their way to the only two seats available, the front two seats in the front of the captain. As they make their way, John picks up the "shame-shame" and "penis-in-vagina" hand gestures from his fellow officers. John is amazed they graduated high school, let alone the academy.

As soon as they sit down, the captain immediately says coldly, "Jackson-Dupre, to my office...now." He stares at them with disappointment as they stand back up.

Jackie says, "Yes captain."

John adds, "Sorry captain."

As they head back to the door, John hears his fellow officers snicker.

The captain says, "All right, cut the shit."

John takes a quick look back as the captain starts assigning daily duties before he leaves the room with Jackie. He knows the last officers to get assigned work usually get shit assignments, so he can't wait to see how from bad to worse his day gets.


Only ten minutes in the captain's air conditioned room and John can only wonder if Jackie is turned on from getting into trouble. He looks at her again and again. He's waiting for the cue to that a quickie in the captain's office is going to happen.

"What John?" She yells, finally looking at him, annoyed.

"Nothing," he says as he looks away, pretending to find interest in the captain's golfing trophies.

The captain walks in and they stand in attention as he closes the door behind him. He walks past them and sits down unto his leather chair. "Sit down and don't give me any bullshit about being late from traffic."

They sit down, looking at each one another for guidance; the one thing they failed to do in the ten minutes was to come up with a good lie. Their minds were completely blank. He had to admit, that weed was no joke.

"Well...I...we..." John starts, briefly looking for Jackie to help, only to see a confused look on her face.

The captain rubs his head and says, "Ok...enough. You'll both be assigned to desk duty for the day. Be happy it's only that."

"Thank you captain," Jackie says as she looks at him with a friendly smile.

"But...if either of you so much as miss attendance in my dreams, desk duty becomes an indefinite assignment. Understood?"

"Understood, sorry captain," John replies humbly.

"Yeah, sure...look, whatever you two are doing together..."

"We're just fuck buddies, captain," Jackie interrupts.

The captain rubs his head as John looks at Jackie in disbelief; she shrugs her shoulders as they share a look. He should have expected her to say something like that -- that weed was no joke.

"I don't care what it is or how long it's been going on...just don't let it affect the job. Especially while there's an internal investigation going on! Understood?" His hidden angry comes out as he bangs on his desk with his hands.

"Yes sir," Jackie immediately answers.

"Sorry sir," John adds.

"And until I can change rotation, I expect you both to keep your privates in your pants when you're on patrol."

"Yes captain," they both answer.

With an inspecting eye, the captain says, "Dismissed."


After the third paper cut, John has learned how to handle paperwork and folders with care. Finishing up another report, he looks back at Jackie in the desk aside of him. He's not surprised that she's looking at the same folder and more focused on finishing off the bowl of mini pretzels that was brought in for the entire front office.

When he gets up and walks to the back file cabinet with his folder, Jackie gets up and walks along with him.

"Can I talk to you," she asks with a smile.

"Yeah, what's up," John asks before putting his folder into the cabinet.

She whispers, "I can't do this shit, you have to do the majority of the paperwork before I lose my fucking mind."

"Come on Jackie."

She whispers, "Hook me up and you get to fuck me in the closet later." She stands in front of him and pretends to be looking for a folder. She bends down slightly, rubbing against his crotch; immediately getting his attention. She says in a soft voice, "I don't think I put on my panties on, want to check?"

He casually looks around to confirm the office is empty. He glides his left hand on her round ass and confirms that she isn't wearing panties.

She whispers, "You can give me a quick squeeze."

He immediately grabs her ass with both hands, but then she pulls his hands away and turns around with a smile.

"We got a deal?"

"Yeah," he says defeated; as if it was a real choice.

She whispers back, "I thought so. See you at lunch in the break room in an hour."

She walks away, grazing her right hand against his crouch, making him tingle. He looks at her majestic ass sway back and forth as she walks back to her desk and transfer half her folders to his desk. He's not surprised she played the sex card to get out of work. He's just surprised he didn't cum in his pants.

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