The Reality of BBC


Mega now knew that the handjob was not enough. He wanted Beth's warm little mouth on his cock, bringing him pleasure with each bob of her head. She isn't getting off that easy, Mega told himself. He put his hands underneath the blanket and reached for Beth. Once he found her, he grabbed onto her blonde pigtails. They really are handlebars, he laughed to himself. Mega pulled Beth's face into his black cock. There was no resistance as his manhood plunged into her eager mouth.

Beth's body filled with arousal as Mega pulled her mouth over his cock. Ben would never be dominant enough to do that, she thought. He has no right to be actually, not without a cock like this. Beth could just barely get half of Mega's big black cock into her mouth, but she knew that she wanted more. I agreed to this, she thought. I don't want to make white girls look bad, she thought. She wanted to prove that she could give great head. She licked the underside of Mega's black cockhead as she rapidly sucked him in and out of her mouth. She could feel his powerful cock throbbing in her mouth, and it made Beth feel like a real woman. Mega started bucking his hips, and the feeling swelled.

Mega couldn't take anymore. It was too much, feeling what was happening to his cock and knowing just who was doing it. His balls started rumbling. Mega wanted to prolong the blowjob for as long as possible, but Beth was too good. Mega pulled down on Beth's pigtails as her tongue slid along his shaft. He was going to cum in her pretty white mouth. He let out a loud bellow.

Beth gagged as Mega forced more of his massive cock into her mouth. It was now partially down her throat, an area that Ben had never come close to reaching. She suddenly felt a spurt of liquid strike the back of her throat. OH MY GOD HE'S CUMMING! Beth was horrified that a black man was cumming anywhere inside her. Her plan had been to pull away as he got close and just jerk him off as he came. She got caught up in what she was doing however, and had missed all the signs. Now spurt after spurt of black semen were heading down to Beth's stomach. I can't do this, Beth said after the sixth spurt. She pulled back her head as the next spurt landed directly on her tongue. It was sticky and hot, and Beth was shocked. I thought a nigger would taste dirty, Beth thought to herself. Mega just tasted like a man should, she thought as she swallowed. Beth finally took the big black cock out of her mouth. She continued jerking it in the darkness as Mega finished cumming. Finally, after several seconds and no more cum, Beth let go of the cock. Ben had never produced one tenth of that much semen, Beth thought to herself. Her hands were sticky, as they were covered in her spit and Mega's seed. She quickly got out from underneath the blanket and ran out of the room. Mega watched Beth in the dark as she left the room, and then looked up at the camera. He gave a huge smile and winked slyly.

********************** WHAT THE FUCK?! Ben was in shock. That did not just happen. My beautiful fiancée did not just suck a nigger off! Ben loved Beth so much that he searched for any excuse for what he had just witnessed on his computer screen. She didn't suck him off, Ben convinced himself. She just gave him a handjob. She kissed her ring before it too... she did it for us. She did it so that she can win the million dollars. In spite of his excuses, he was still feeling sick. He could not watch any more of the BBC live feeds that night. Ben went right to bed, feeling sick to his stomach and horny as hell. **********************

Beth cleaned herself off in the bathroom before heading to bed. She was surprised by how good she felt. She expected that she would feel terrible afterward, but of course she had never actually expected to go through with it. No one will ever know, she thought. I'm such a good fiancée, doing that for Ben. Beth struggled to sleep that night, as she couldn't stop thinking of the big black cock she had held and sucked. She wondered what exactly it looked like. Is it as veiny as it felt, Beth wondered. How black is it? The big black cock that she dreamt about that night was no substitute for the one she had been with that evening.

The next few days unfolded just as Beth wanted. Mega stayed true to his word, and did not nominate her. He made sure once again that he eliminated the next strongest male contestant. The interaction between Beth and Mega hardly changed as well, as she constantly complained about him and he constantly harassed her and made comments about her body. Beth was glad, as there was no indication of what had happened between them. The remainder of the week went by quickly.

"God damn it!" Beth exclaimed. The competition for The Power had ended the same as every other, with Mega loudly and wildly celebrating. How could they give us a competition that involved lifting heavy weights?! Obviously the nigger was going to win, Beth thought. I hope I'm not gone this week.

Before Beth could even walk into the house Mega came running over and stopped her.

"Same offer as last week Bubs." He informed her.

"What?! Why would you get rid of me? I'm no threat!" Beth was angry that she was in danger of losing the game once again.

"If you want to stay, you gots to pay. Twice this week." Mega turned around before Beth could respond. Twice? Twice?! Once was enough, Beth thought to herself. She had gone over the event many times in the preceding days. She had done her job well. She should be safe.

Beth showered and then changed into her pajamas. I'll do anything to stay in the game, she told herself, but I won't just suck nigger cock all summer. Beth walked out to the kitchen to prepare supper. I need some meat, she thought as she looked in the fridge for some beef. While looking in the fridge she heard a deep voice behind her.

"Tonight's the night." Mega was checking out Beth's ass as she bent over to look in the fridge.

Beth turned around. Mega was still wearing his sweaty shorts and undershirt from the competition. He was swinging a small piece of baby blue fabric on his finger.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Beth responded. She knew what he meant.

"Tonight is your first night to keep yourself safe. Tonight or never."

Beth was surprised that Mega was springing this on her so soon. She did not respond, so Mega continued.

"You're going to wear this shirt too, not no racist confederate flag bullshit. And get yourself into some sexy little shorts." Mega tossed the fabric at Beth and walked up to the stairs.

"I'll be waiting." He said as he disappeared up the stairs.

Beth picked up the fabric. It was a shirt from one of their previous competitions. The producers of BBC often gave the contestants clothing to wear for the competitions, always with the BBC logo emblazoned right on the front. Mega had tossed one of Susie's competition shirts at Beth. Susie was the only girl smaller than Beth in the house, and she doubted that it would fit. Stupid nigger, she thought to herself as she headed to her bed.

He's getting so cocky thinking he can tell me when to suck his prick, Beth thought to herself as she took off her shirt under the blanket. Well it's not really a prick, she corrected herself. That monster is a cock. Beth had thought of the big black cock frequently since she had sucked it, particularly at night. She always made an effort to ignore those thoughts though. She grabbed Susie's shirt and put it on. It hardly fits at all, she thought to herself. Her waist was the same size as Susie's, but Beth was much bustier and was stretching and distorting the fabric. She reached for a bra, but then decided that putting on a bra would only make matters worse. Beth thought back to what Mega had said. I'll put some shorts on, she told herself. Only because I want to though. It gets hot under that blanket. Beth pulled out a pair of tight white shorts and once again changed. She then got out of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. The shorts looked as they always did on her, showing off her legs and ass while still leaving enough to the imagination, but the shirt was a different matter. Her cleavage was massive in the new shirt, as it hid nothing above her scarcely covered nipples. I do look good, Beth thought to herself. Even if this shirt is scandalous. She noticed the BBC logo right below her cleavage. It was stretched out but still clearly visible. BBC, she thought. Big Black Cock. Beth started brushing her hair as thoughts of her immediate future crept into her head. I'm going to have to suck that massive black nigger cock again she thought. So big and hard... and the way it throbs in my mouth... Beth was too distracted. She felt a sensation in her vagina and reached down. Her shorts were slightly wet. Beth did not let her thoughts linger on that fact. That big black cock. Nigger cock. I have to do what I have to do, she told herself. Beth turned and quickly walked toward the stairs. She ascended them quickly before stopping outside of Mega's door. She kissed her engagement ring and opened the door.

Mega was amazed by what had opened his door. Beth's tits looked massive in Susie's shirt, especially for such a petite girl. He figured that she had D cups at least, even though she couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds. The fabric struggled to hold Beth's soft white globes, and the BBC logo was strained. Beth's taut bellybutton showed due to her tits pulling the fabric up. She doesn't even know how much she looks like a slut, Mega thought to himself. Or she doesn't care. His cock was now fully erect. He was also impressed that Beth had changed out of her pajama bottoms and into a pair of tight shorts. No point in hiding that fine ass, he thought. Mega saw Beth reach for the light switch and spoke up.

"Not this time Bubs. Light stays on. Cameras aren't on in here anyway." Mega continued the lie.

He's right, Beth thought. Besides, I'm under the covers anyway. Another thought entered Beth's mind. With the lights on I might be able to see it! She was excited. If I'm going to suck it, I might as well get a little peek. Beth quickly sauntered over to the end of the bed, and crawled under the BBC blanket.

Beth wasted no time in getting to Mega's big black cock. Her hands new exactly where to go and grabbed onto it immediately. She was happy to find it already fully erect. It was as big and hot as she had frequently remembered. Beth quickly began licking Mega's rock hard cock. He really is stupid, she told herself as her tongue circled his black head. Letting me stay in the game just to get a blowjob. He's throwing away his chance at the money! Typical niggers, Beth thought. Always thinking with their pricks. Beth began licking the underside of Mega's shaft, tracing the pathway for his black seed. I can't blame him though, with this big black cock. It really is huge, Beth mused. She knew what needed to happen. Beth took Mega's cock into her mouth once again. Her memories did not do it justice, as Beth was still shocked by how full her mouth instantly was. Beth rapidly bobbed her head up and down on Mega's cock, attempting to improve upon the previous amount of black cock meat she had taken last time. Beth once again tried to imagine that she was sucking Ben's dick, but knew that it was impossible.

Shit she's not waistin any time, Mega thought to himself. He had been anxiously awaiting this blowjob for days, and Beth was more than living up to his expectations. Her mouth was hot and wet as it sucked his dick rhythmically, making Mega's cock swell with excitement. Still, Mega knew that he wanted more. He wanted to see the beautiful, snobby southern blonde sucking his big black cock. The lights were already on, which left only the blanket shielding the image of Beth sucking black cock from Mega, and all of the viewers at home. She won't quit, Mega told himself. She wants that black dick. Mega grabbed the corner of the blanket and threw it off the bed.

Beth froze as Mega threw the blanket to the floor, five inches of thick black cock still pulsating in her mouth. Beth was looking straight down into Mega's black pubic hair, with the last few inches of his cock just visible as well. What the hell is he doing?! I don't want to see... it. I don't want to see him, Beth corrected herself. She looked up at the black man as she released him from her mouth. Mega's thick lips were curled into a cocky smile as he looked down at Beth. That jerk, Beth told herself. This blowjob is over! Suddenly, Mega started making his cock twitch in front of Beth. Her eyes instinctively moved to the bobbing black object in front of her. Beth was enthralled. Mega's cock was at least nine inches and seemed three times as thick as Ben's. It's so damn veiny, Beth thought to herself. Mega's cock was visibly throbbing in front of her, with the many veins pumping more and more fluid into his member. How can it be so black? Beth was very surprised that Mega's cock was even darker than his dark brown skin. She saw her hands reach out and grab Mega's cock. Her two hands had always been able to engulf Ben's dick. They couldn't even wrap around Mega's monster. Beth could not believe how small her hands looked on Mega's big black cock. She began tugging it up and down, watching the black skin bunch up and then fall back with her hands. His cock looks so powerful, Beth thought. So big and so... black. Beth was getting aroused watching her white hands try to bring pleasure to the Mega's huge black cock. Beth liked the way that the top glistened where she had been sucking. Oh yeah, Beth reminded herself. I have to finish the blowjob! She happily went back to her duties.

Mega could not believe his eyes. He had thought for certain that his blowjob was over when Beth first saw what she was doing. He knew that a girl like her had never seen a picture of a naked black man, better yet seen one right in front of her. That changed once he drew her attention to his cock. Beth's pretty green eyes grew wide when she saw the cock in front of her. Mega knew that she had never seen anything like it. Her expression quickly turned from shock to desire as Beth had stared at the big black cock. Mega loved watching his black snake slide into Beth's mouth, past her perfect dimples and soft pink lips. He watched Beth's blonde hair and beautiful face on his cock and knew that he would not last long.

"You like sucking that nigger cock don't ya!" Mega barked at Beth.

Nigger cock. I'm sucking a nigger cock. A huge, black nigger cock. Beth was still surprised with herself. She never imagined that she would suck a black cock. That was not done in her hometown, not by the white women. It was so taboo. Nigger cock. The words made her pussy ache even more than it had been before. It's so wrong, Beth told herself. A big nigger cock. She looked down and watched as the big black cock slid in and out of her mouth as she sucked on it. Even if it feels good... it's dirty... and wrong... so so wrong. Beth had never felt so horny.

Mega noticed that Beth started sucking his cock even more rapidly after he started talking. He was in ecstasy. Beth's cock sucking ability was driving him wild, and the visual was pushing him over the edge. In addition to Beth's beautiful face, Mega could see the petite southern belle's bursting cleavage hanging underneath her, jiggling with every movement of her head. She was built to fuck, Mega thought to himself. This is good for now though.

"Keep on suckin that nigger dick girl!" Mega ordered her again.

Beth felt a shock of delight in her pussy. Nigger cock. Dirty, taboo nigger cock. Beth's hand flew underneath her shorts, and further underneath her soaked panties. Beth never planned on playing with herself, especially in front of a black man, but instinct took over. She began quickly rubbing her clit as she took seven inches into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm" Beth moaned with Mega's cock in her mouth.

Bitch is getting off on this, Mega told himself. He was not expecting Beth to start fingering herself right in front of him. In front of the viewers too, he laughed to himself. Watching the beautiful blonde sucking his cock while she fingered herself, and feeling her expert mouth on his cock, proved too much. Mega started feeling his balls tighten. He grabbed Beth's head with both hands and held it down on his cock as he started cumming.

NO NOT YET! Beth was still furiously rubbing her clit as Mega started cumming. She felt spurt after spurt of his semen shoot down her throat. Nigger seed, Beth thought to herself as her pussy throbbed. She was on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her life. I need all of it if I'm going to cum. Beth pushed her head against Mega's hands as her mouth slid up on his cock. She felt his sperm strike her tongue and was happy that it was as thick and rich as she had remembered. Beth knew that she would swallow every last drop.

Mega continued to cum for another 20 seconds, and Beth made sure that she swallowed everything. Moments after his final spurt Beth let his cock slide out of her mouth. She was clearly unhappy, as she had not cum despite her best efforts. Beth took a few seconds to look at Mega's cock before getting off the bed and leaving the room. Mega could do nothing but smile, having just gotten the best head of his life from a beautiful white woman in front of countless viewers. He grinned at the camera and waved.

********************** Ben was apoplectic. He had just watched his gorgeous fiancée sucking on a massive black cock. He took off his engagement ring. How can I marry her after that?! Ben knew that there would be a scandal in town after that display. Most people in his family, and Beth's, had never even seen a white woman kiss a black man. Now everyone could see his white fiancée sucking a black cock. Ben unzipped his jeans in order to reduce the tension on his dick. She cheated on me, he lamented. With a nigger! Well... she didn't really CHEAT... she didn't fuck him or anything. Ben still wanted Beth. He could not believe his luck, landing such a beautiful girl. I'm still the only man who has been in her vagina, Ben told himself. Only I have sampled her womanhood. Ben was thinking of ways to work things out with Beth as he grabbed his dick. **********************

Beth's pussy was on fire for the rest of the day and well into the night. She could not get rid of her arousal, and she knew that she could not play with herself outside of Mega's room because the cameras were watching. Beth could still taste Mega's seed as she went to bed. She knew that she needed release. Well, Beth reminded herself, he did say that I needed to do it twice this week. I'll get off the next time. Beth was hopeful as she finally went to sleep. I hope he doesn't wait very long.

Beth and Mega hardly spoke the next day. Beth was agitated to note that her horniness had only barely subsided through the night. She was further dismayed when Mega gave her no indication that he wanted another blowjob that day. Beth decided to push the issue the next day. She took one of Susie's BBC shirts and put it on. It was pink and tiny, clinging to Beth's slender waist and showcasing her large tits. Like the other shirt, it had BBC emblazoned across the chest in black letters. Beth finished off the look by wearing only her bikini bottoms. Beth made sure that she was often in Mega's line of vision that day, frequently bouncing in front of him and bending over. He often had a great view of Beth's chest, and she frequently caught him looking. I have to turn that nigger on, Beth told herself.

Mega was turned on. He had been planning on saving his next excursion with Beth for a few days, but she looked too good in her extra small shirt and bikini bottoms for Mega to resist. He waited for Beth to enter the shower before he approached her.

"In my room when you're done." Mega informed Beth as she shampooed her hair. She knew exactly what he meant as she watched him turn and walk away.

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