The Resort Ch. 04


Cathy stood up and smiled at Jamie.

"Everything is now ready Jamie. Relax, let the Aneros make love to you .. enjoy it!."

Jamie closed his eyes. His breasts ached and his erect nipples tingled and a new 'need' gripped his erection. Jamie shifted his position slightly and the soft bulb snuggled closer onto his excited prostate. This time Jamie's whole body felt the jolt of ecstasy. His oozing precum was now changing to small spurts and the flailing tube followed his wildly jerking erection.

His instinctive reflex was to clamp down and try to pull the wonderful device further into his enflamed rectal sheath. This time, the massaging bulb caused Jamie's prostate to unleash a series of small, internal ecstatic explosions. Everyone saw Jamie's body buck rapidly as the sensations raced throughout his body.

Jamie calmed and the sensations ebbed from his body. His prostate now tingled in sync with his spasming rectal sheath and the agitated gland at the head of his straining member began flexing within the slick 'mouth' of the condom.

Cathy leaned inward and whispered,

"Now you know what your prostate can do for you. The trick is to control your internal orgasms. The sensations will always be there and you can escalate them any time you want by just by tightening and loosening your rectal entrance."

Jamie's mind and body were now beginning to crave for more of those wonderful explosions. He flexed his anal lips and the Aneros deliciously stroked into and out of his excited rectal sheath. Again the bulb did its 'magic' and Jamie squealed in joy as his body and mind were flooded with incredible sensations. He then loosened his rectal grip and the bulb returned to its 'parked' position, Jamie was learning and closed his eyes, savoring the pleasures that this wonderful device was giving him. His erection felt like a hard granite bat as it throbbed in the air and the clear bag began to expand with the constant drool of his preseminal fluids.

Jamie tightened again, this time the tightening was forceful. His body convulsed with ecstasy. His rectal sheath clenched and his erection jerked in the air spewing his fluids into the thirsty 'mouth' of the condom. He released his grip and re-tightened, again and again. His entire body bucked and thrashed within the supports of the Harness. His mind saw bright flashes of joy as his erection spurted its essence into the tube. Long strings of clear liquid dangled into the clear receiving bag.


Jamie slumped back onto the Harness gasping and panting. His excited prostate was now giving him constant jolts of low level ecstasy. The sensations from his churning testicles, engorged erection, aching breasts and bullet like nipples all merged together. Jamie had never thought his body could give him such joy and the bag was expanding.

Jamie's mind was now totally in sync with the body's need for more and more intense orgasmic sensations. His sexual being was now concentrating on his wonderful prostate and the device that was making all this happen. ALL could see the Aneros that was between his spread cheeks being pushed out and sucked back in as Jamie's body bucked and thrashed within the confining Harness. His anal and rectal muscles drew the loving bulb over his prostate with a series of quick rectal contractions and immediately his body was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. A loud wail escaped his open mouth as the ecstatic explosions rumbled throughout his body like freight trains.


A second series of internal orgasms was unleashed and Jamie's eyes opened wide but saw nothing, his mouth opened wide but no sound was heard. His rectal muscles clenched rapidly around the shaft of the Aneros and his hyper-active prostate opened the valve to the reservoirs of his semen that were now at the bursting point. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights filled his mind and eyes. His legs kicked out in a wide 'V', cycling frantically in the air. His toes curled and his hands fisted. Jamie arched up from the Harness. With each bucking motion, the loving bulb induced stronger and stronger orgasmic spasms. His erection felt as though it were going to explode and his engorged nipples felt like bullets.

Suddenly a loud wail echoed around the stage. He thrust his straining erection into the air as his surging semen soared up his hardness. The liquid joy swirled around his excited gland and spewed into the feasting 'mouth' of the condom and its flailing tube. His prostate unleashed another powerful stream and Jamie squealed in orgasmic ecstasy as his second ejaculation jettisoned and flowed the filling bag.


His mind could no longer absorb any more sensations and Jamie slumped back onto the Harness into an unconscious state. His body still spasmed and convulsed. The excited rectal opening was seen pulling the Aneros into and out of his anus with rapid movements.

Jamie slumped onto the soft supports of the Harness. Cathy approached him and slipped the condom off of his deflating penis. She then removed the bag from the Harness and showed it to him. It was filled up to the 1/2 marker with his preseminal fluids and semen.

"Not bad for the first go at it."

His erection slowly softened and slipped down his right thigh and swayed in the air over his balls. A long string of semen oozed from the gland. Cathy knelt down and grasped the tabs of the Aneros, pulling it out of Jamie's reluctant anus with a soft slurping sound.


An attendant approached Jamie carrying a basin of warm water, sponges and towels. While Jamie was being cleaned, the patches released their final doses of aphrodisiacs. A dazed Megan saw her son's flaccid penis soar to full erection and her mind was filled with an intense need to feel it slip into her enflamed vagina.

04.06 Stage, Jamie, Megan, A guided Mating:

The Control Room let them rest in their Harnesses as they gazed at each other's aroused bodies. In about a minute both felt themselves being put into a standing position and watched as the attendants removed the leather loops from their thighs and shoulders. The Harnesses were then pulled up into the ceiling. A whirring sound was heard and the tiles near the front of the stage were lowered. In their place, a bed-like platform rose up onto the stage floor.

Cathy led Megan toward the 'bed' and told her to sit down on it and lay back with her feet resting on the floor. Megan nervously did so and Cathy left her field of vision. In the monitor she saw Cathy leading her son toward her. All that her eyes saw was her son's magnificent erection and the heavy testicles that swayed bellowed it.

Jamie was 'walked' toward his mother and guided between her spread thighs. She looked up into the eyes of her son, his face was covered with the flush of desire and need. They smiled at each other and Megan reached out with her arms. Jamie leaned over his mother and Megan reach up and pulled his face closer to her face until their lips touched. A surprised Jamie felt his mother's tongue slip into his mouth and a low moan was heard as he experienced his first passionate kiss. Their firm breasts met and their erect nipples tingled as they teased and caressed each other. Megan felt Jamie's hips snuggle closer into the junction of her thighs and his throbbing thickness pressed between her swelling folds, pushing them further apart. As he nestled inward, his erection made contact with her stiffening clitoris and she moaned into her son's mouth.


Cathy whispered into Jamie's ear and he broke the kiss. He smiled as his body slipped downward over his mother's body and knelt on the floor between her spread thighs. His erection strained in the air as his excited eyes feasted on his mother's swollen sex. Again, instructions filtered into his ear and Jamie began a gentle massaging and kneading action along his mother's inner thighs from her knees to almost touching the folds of her labia. Megan squirmed her hips in attempt to get his hands to move onto her sex. Finally Jamie's hands molded themselves around his mother's swollen folds and Megan gasped at the ecstatic contact. Both of Jamie's thumbs pressed and swirled around his mother's extended, pink clitoris and Megan moaned, grinding her sex into her son's massaging hands.

"Ohhh!! Jamnie!!"

Cathy smiled, Jamie was doing exactly what she was telling him to do.

Cathy got up and leaned close to Megan's head.

"Lift your feet up from the floor and put them on the edge of the 'bed'."

In a daze, Megan quickly did so and spread them as wide as she could.

Megan presented her sexual treasures to the adorning eyes of her son. Her rigid organ of joy stood like a bright rigid beacon at the top of her labia, begging for attention. She looked down her body and watched with baited breath as Jamie's head moved inward,

slowly ... slowly ... slowly ... And then ...


She cried out loudly, her body convulsing, as his moist hot lips closed over the swollen folds. His face disappeared from her view as he planted wet suckling kisses on the swollen, engorged furrow and his long tongue began stroking at the quivering opening. Cathy guided Jamie's mouth to his mother's rigid clitoris and Megan screeched as his lips and tongue sucked and suckled on the hyper-excited organ. Jamie's mouth then trekked downward drawing the warm soft folds deep into his devouring mouth. His probing tongue slipped into the moist crease and began an ecstatic exploration from the clasping inner lips to the rippling clitoris. Sounds of joy spewed from his mother's lips as her son's darting tongue caressed and licked the excited entrance to her womanhood then returned to suck and suckle on her jumping organ of joy. Megan arched her sex upward and her hands grasped Jamie's head, not wanting that pleasure giving mouth and tongue to break contact with her enflamed sex.

More instructions were whispered into Jamie's ear.

His right hand left Megan's hip and the fingers began teasing her clasping inner lips. He nudged a single finger inward twisting and turning. Megan gurgled with joy as her suckled clitoris and vagina sent jolts of pleasure rippling across her loins. Another finger slipped inward, followed by another. Cathy guided his fingers toward his mother's 'sweet' spot and when Megan arched up wailing she knew Jamie had found it. Jamie intensified his massaging action over the excited tissues and Megan's hips bucked upward and froze. Her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard, her eyes snapped open and saw only bright flashes of orgasmic lights. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her clitoris and convulsing vagina exploded with her first orgasm.

The hold on her mind was released and Megan screamed in orgasmic joy.


Megan slumped onto the 'bed' gasping and panting as ecstatic aftershocks rippled throughout her body. Her body glowed in the aftermath of her climatic orgasm. She reached up and wrapped her arms tightly around her son and held him close to her shaking body.

They kissed deeply and passionately.

Megan could feel Jamie's massive manhood throbbing against her abdomen. She reached between their bodies and began massaging the wonderful, 8" x 3" thick tube of flesh. Her fingers swirled around the slick oozing gland and Jamie moaned as his manhood jerked within the squeezing hands.

Megan whispered in his ear,

"I have a special place for that 'thing' between your legs. It will give you the relief you need."

Jamie smiled and stood up. His engorged hardness throbbed and jerked in front of his mother's eager eyes. Cathy offered a suggestion and Jamie grabbed Megan's legs behind the knees and positioned them back against her shoulders. Jamie saw his mother's enflamed sex rise up and become totally open and accessible to his excited eyes. He nodded at Cathy and pressed closer inward and his straining hardness teased the flared, slick folds of her labia.

A tormented Megan grasped her son's erection and pulled it into her swollen furrow. As the thick head slipped between the grateful folds, it pushed them further apart and both gasped at the exquisite contact. Megan dragged the thick, pulsing gland up and down her wet, pink crease from her inner lips to her engorged clitoris. She nestled it between her clasping inner lips and Jamie moaned as the throbbing head of his erection was kissed and caressed.

Megan, in a gasping plea, whispered,

"Now Jamie ... now ...!"

Acting on instinct, Jamie nudged his excited member inward and he gasped as the treasured opening stretched over his excited gland and his rigid manhood slipped into his mother's seething passage. Megan felt an ecstatic fullness grip her stretching entrance and she squealed with joy as the wonderful thickness slipped into eager womanhood.

2".. 3"

4".. 5"

6" .. 7 .. 8"

Cathy smiled as Jamie slipped further and further into his mother's 'special' place. She could see the ecstatic sensations on his face as he sank deeper into Megan's clenching vagina and he slowly lost his virginity. She didn't want Jamie to ejaculate too quickly and whispered instructions into his ear.

Jamie pulled partially out and slipped back inward. His rhythm was slow, allowing him to get used to the incredible sensations that a female's vaginal passage can can give a male. Megan moaned as Jamie's thrusts became longer and deeper. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs locked themselves around his lower back. Jamie gasped and his lunges quickened when he felt Megan's vaginal muscles began clenching and milking his straining hardness. Cathy suggested a change to his penetration and Jamie shifted his hips. The angle to his thrusts changed and Megan squealed in joy as the flexing gland caressed and massaged her excited 'G' spot. Megan's arms and legs tightened around his body as she was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

Loud slurping sounds accompanied Jamie's pistoning strokes as he buried his thick erection deep into his mother's cervix and womb, again and again and again. Her thick juices were gushing and spurting out past her stretched swollen and flared folds. Suddenly Megan bucked upward skewering her enflamed sex on Jamie's massive manhood. Her vaginal muscles went into deep contractions and she wailed as her second orgasm exploded across her body.


When the long and intense orgasm finally ebbed, Megan slumped back down on the 'bed' gasping for air. As she did, Jamie's erection accidentally slipped from her stretched passage with a loud slurping sound and jerked in the air above her abdomen.

Megan groaned as the wonderful thickness slipped out of her body.

Cathy quickly reached between their bodies and guided Jamie's engorged hardness back into Megan's seething passage. Thankful moans were heard from mother and son. It took Megan a few moments to realize that her son had not ejaculated yet and her arousal came flooding back like a bursting dam. Her hands grabbed the back of her knees and pulled them back to sides. With a low guttural moan, Jamie again sunk into the depths of his mother's sexual being.

Despite all the thick juices that were within Megan's enflamed passage, Jamie couldn't believe the incredible tightness that surrounded his throbbing member. He leaned over his mother's euphoric body and lowered his mouth toward Megan's mouth. The open lips pressed together and this time it was Jamie that aggressively kissed his mother. Their kiss was wild, frantic and ecstatic. Jamie flexed his deeply imbedded erection and Megan gurgled with joy into his mouth.


Jamie broke the kiss and Megan's hips began to grind her sex around his impaling hardness. Jamie slowly withdrew until the engorged head was again being kissed by those wonderful inner lips and then he plunged back into her enflamed vagina. He withdrew again and began a rhythmic series of lunges. Full in, full out, part way in, part way out. He varied the speed from fast to slow to in-between. His lunging erection was twisting, jumping and flexing. Megan was thrown into a sexual frenzy as her cervix and womb eagerly flowered open to accept the magnificent penetrator. Her hips became a blur as she began counter thrusting with a sense of urgency.

Suddenly Megan's mind was exploding with orgasmic jolts of ecstasy. Her vaginal muscles clenched franticly around Jamie's plunging hardness. She arched up and froze as her third orgasm came crashing down on her body.

Megan's body glowed with her orgasmic release and she wanted more.

Her sounds became incoherent as her body again surfed the orgasmic wave. Jamie was now at his orgasmic point of no return. He felt the intense ecstatic pressure building at the base of his erection. His balls churned, his prostate throbbed and intense tingling sensations gripped the head of his erection. His ejaculation surged forcefully up his hyper-excited manhood. The liquid joy swirled around the flexing head and jettisoned outward into Megan's dilated cervix. Within a second, a more powerful stream gushed and spewed into Megan's waiting vaginal sheath.

Her legs flew upward and outward in a wide 'V' and kicked cycled wildly in the air. Her eyes flew open when the incredible liquid pressure from her son's massive orgasms flooded into her spasming sheath. Her cervix and vagina were ecstatically ballooning with Jamie's warm, thick essence. It threw her over her orgasmic edge and she arched up and froze as her final orgasm was unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flooded her mind and eyes. Her toes curled and her hands fisted tightly. Every erogenous zone in her body spasmed and convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy.


Megan's sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for a minute or two. Her body continued to orgasm as Jamie continued to flex his spewing erection.

Cathy whispered in Jamie's ear,

"You can take me anytime you want."

Jamie leaned over Megan and waited for her to regain consciousness. Megan awoke to multiple aftershocks. She felt her son's huge member still flexing within her frothy and steamy passage. She wrapped her arms around him and again their mouths met. This time the kiss was filled with fulfillment and satisfaction. Jamie hunched up with his hips and slowly his hardness slipped out of Megan's reluctant and stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound. Streams of vaginal juices and semen gushed out of the gaping entrance as it slowly returned to normal.

Megan moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body,


Jamie bent down and planted a suckling kiss on each of his mother's nipples. His warm hand formed over the slick folds of her swollen labia. She groaned and pushed upward against it.

Again the attendants washed and cleaned Megan and her son. Dan stood by Jamie as Cathy helped Megan up from the bed. She smiled at both of them and said,

"There are a couple of recovery rooms off stage."

Cathy led a smiling Megan toward one of them and Jamie happily followed Dan to the other one.

NEXT: Destiny brings a Hermaphrodite and a female together.


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