tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Rings of The Ancients Ch. 02

The Rings of The Ancients Ch. 02


(Guys, thanks for all the views. I didn't expect anyone to read the first chapter. So, after a long delay, here is chapter 2)

Carter woke up the next morning, tired and comfortable. He looked over at Jasmine, and smiled. He carefully got out of bed and got dressed. He headed downstairs, and was greeted by the smell of delicious food cooking.

Rachel was cooking, as usual. Carter stepped in to the kitchen and kissed her neck. "Good morning, Rachel." He said.

"Good morning, master. How did you sleep?" She asked.

"Well, thank you. Do you know where my father left the chest of things for my quest?"

"Yes, he put it in your study." She replied.

"Thank you, Rachel." Carter headed in to the study and instantly was surprised by the sight of the chest in front of him. It was about 7 feet across, and 3 feet tall. It was made of dark wood and had iron hinges.

He opened the chest and sifted through all the items he found; a sword, a shield, some water skin, even an entire set of armor. Finally, at the bottom, Carter picked up a dust-covered leather bound book. It was locked with a silver lock.

At the bottom of the chest, there was a note left by his father. It read, "Carter,

This book is important. You will find the key when you most need it. Oh, and don't try to break the lock. It will hurt.


Carter put everything back in the chest and sighed. This whole thing was beginning to get strange. But then, it was his father. He put those thoughts out of his head and walked back in to the kitchen. Rachel stood dutifully beside Jasmine as she ate.

Rachel noticed Carter's return, and instantly rushed to get his breakfast on a plate. Carter sat down and looked across the table at Jasmine. "So, we head out after breakfast. Are you ready?" He asked.

Jasmine swallowed her food and said, "We need to get packs filled up, but otherwise, yes. How about you?"

Rachel set down Carter's breakfast on the table in front of him, then stepped back and waited, her red hair slightly out of place from rushing about. Carter thanked her and replied, "Yes. I've got armor, weapons, this ring. I'm ready. I just hope nothing bad happens to either of us."

Jasmine handed her plate to Rachel, who began to wash it. Jasmine walked over to Carter and kissed him. "I'll be fine."

"I said I was worried about us." Carter said.

"I know what you meant. Rachel, come help me pack." She ordered.

Rachel bowed her head and followed Jasmine out of the room. Carter finished and put his plate away. He joined them, and together, they packed everything they needed. They shouldered their packs and Carter said, "So we're really leaving."

Jasmine nodded and hugged him. "Yeah."

Jasmine hugged Rachel, then stepped back. Carter kissed her, then said, "Until we return, this house is all yours."

Rachel asked, "But... what if you never return?"

"Then the house is yours." Jasmine answered.

Carter opened the door and stepped out of the house, Jasmine following him. Carter pulled out the map, then began to walk in the direction he knew he had to go. Jasmine followed closely behind, and they began the first steps of their journey.


The couple stopped in a small clearing for lunch. Carter got out their water and Jasmine pulled out some meat, bread, and cheese. They ate in silence, enjoying the rest and food. After they had finished, Carter motioned for her to come to him.

Jasmine crawled in to his strong arms, his hand stroking her brown hair, the other hand around her waist. Jasmine murmured, "Do we have to do this? Do you have to do this?"

Carter nodded. "Yes. My father said I would be untouchable. And with that kind of power, I- we can control... everything. We could rule the world. Jasmine, I want to make you my Queen."

Jasmine smiled. "You always want me to be happy, don't you?"

Carter kissed her head. "More than anything else... do you remember that deal we made where I let you come along?"

Jasmine giggled. "How could I forget?"

Carter's hand slipped down to her breasts, playing with them happily. Jasmine let out a moan. He played with her breasts as he rubbed her pussy. Jasmine just melted under his touch.

Carter whispered, "Help me get you out of that tunic. I'll work on your skirt."

Jasmine nodded and started to undo her tunic lacing. Carter pulled off her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Finally, Jasmine's tunic was off and she was left nearly naked. She kept moaning, turning slightly to kiss Carter as he played with her.

Carter pulled off his pants and slipped down her panties. His cock teased the slit of her pussy, making Jasmine wetter than ever. Carter murmured, "Beg for my cock, baby. Make me want it."

Jasmine moaned and said, "Carter, please put your cock in my tight pussy... Ohhh... I need it!"

Carter smiled, pushed her forward so he was directly behind her, and said, "Good girl."

He nodded and pushed his cock deep inside her, then almost out, then back in again. Jasmine moaned loudly, her pussy sopping wet from his cock. His hands reached around to play with her breasts as he fucked her hard.

She screamed in pleasure and instantly came on his cock. Carter took another few moments, then came inside her hard. They got dressed again, smiling. Carter kissed her again, then said, "Let's keep going."


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