tagLoving WivesThe River Trip Ch. 1

The River Trip Ch. 1


I asked Ted to write this story, but he wouldn't. He said it wasn't a big deal, but I saw what he did with my own eyes.

It was one of the hot summer days just a couple of weeks ago. Ted came home early, done with his schedules at the Massage Therapy College. As he bounced in the door, he hollered, "Lee! Grab some things and let's hit the river!"

Well, he didn't have to ask me twice, I knew that soon the sun would be shining directly on the south roof of our A-frame style home, and when that happens, it heats up quickly.

So I grabbed a bikini, some snacks, and off we went to a river nearby.

Ted had on some shorts and a tank top, and I had just my little yellow bikini. I looked around at some of the other folks nearby, some had their children with them, so I kept my top on.

The day was pleasant, the river clear, and the sound of the falls a few hundred feet away made a nice background. We were just sitting there on a blanket, drinking some chilled bottled water and watching the kids play when suddenly there was a loud scream!

One of the kids had fallen into the river, people were starting to head that way in a rush.

Ted was up in a flash, and ran to the bank. The child, a small girl, was being swept towards the falls! This whole area is a no swimming zone, but somehow she had slipped on some rocks and gone in. The problem was one had to go around some brush to get below the child to grab her, and the speed she was heading downstream, there was no time. The river makes a turn away from the small park in this area, out around some huge rocks, then back towards the park. From there, it is a fast set of rapids that then goes over the falls, a drop to jagged rocks of about 50 feet. To my knowledge, no one has survived going over the falls, and someone is lost every year or two here.

There was some boulders jutting out into the stream, but it was a good 30' drop between them to jagged rocks below.

Ted just turned and ran back a ways, my heart grabbed my chest when I knew what he was going to do! He ran and leaped through the air, barely making the jump. I saw his hands grasp at the rocks, catch, then two huge jumps across the top of the boulders, and he vanished over the side into the river.

By the time the rest of us made it around the brush to down below, Ted had the child grasped by one arm, she was almost completely submerged. His other hand hung precariously to a limb sticking out of a small tree that had fallen recently into the river. I could see the strain in his arms as he struggled to maintain both holds in the swift current. Then he began to pull, slowly overpowering the current, getting the little girl's head above water. She was completely limp by now.

One of the other men jumped in, but was instantly swept by them, barely managing to return to the bank before going over the falls, now just 100 yards away.

It looked like there was no way to them, but several men got below the fallen tree to support it, and one climbed out on the branch, managing to get close enough to grab the girl and bring her in. While others worked on her, the problem was to get Ted out of there, now exhausted. But once the load of holding the girl against the current was off of him, he managed to get both hands on the branch. Ted is a large man, over 220#, and I was in panic as I watched the rushing water beat at his chest. I knew if he lost his grip, he was gone! He knew it too, but he looked at me, just a few feet away. So near, yet so far, and he just smiled. It was just like this man, hanging there just one slip away from death, yet trying to put me at ease!

Some of the other men lashed some belts together, and made a sling. They got one of his arms through the loop, and swung him in towards the bank, dragging him out, too.

After everything calmed down, and it was determined that the little girl, about 8 or so, was fine we returned to our blanket.

A solid string of people came by to thank Ted, who seemed to be a bit embarrassed by the fuss. They were shaking his hand, and many offered amazement at the jump he had made. Curious, we wandered over to look, everyone was in agreement that no human being could have made that jump, a solid 20 feet! I looked at this man of mine, huge arms and chest, from years of working as a bodyworker. Yet he is in his 50's. "How DID you do that?" I asked him. "I Had to!" was all he said...

We went back to our day, and finally as it cooled, returned home.

Around 7 that evening, there was a soft knock on the door. Ted opened it to greet this lovely Oriental lady. "Hello," she said. "I am Amiko," she said. "Thank you for saving my baby."

We invited her in, and chatted for awhile. As we talked, Ted was doing a bit of self-massage, working his arms out with some forearm stroke techniques. Amiko noticed that, and asked, "Are you sore?" "Yes," Ted replied, "That was quite a strain."

"Oh, I am a masseuse" she said, "Please let me help!"Ted looked at me with a grin, he never has to be asked twice.

We showed Amiko Ted's massage room, she was amazed at the co-incidence. "Hop on the table," she said. "I will help you."

Ted peeled off his shirt and stretched out on the table, and Amiko began to work on his back and shoulders. Ted was soon relaxing and feeling good as she pushed and pulled the stress out of his arms and hands. Then she worked down his back, and upper hips. I was just standing there enjoying watching her work, she looked at me and smiled. "May I do the rest of him?"

"He won't object," I told her with a laugh. She had Ted roll over, tripped his belt and stripped his pants and shorts off matter-of-factly. Glancing down at his understandably half erect penis, she smiled and said, "Oh, big fine strong man! You are lucky!" Then had him turn back over.

"No shyness here!" I thought, as she climbed up on the table, straddling him to work on his back and legs. I wandered off into the living room and clicked on some music. About a half hour went by, when Amiko stuck her head out the door and said, "Your man needs release!"

Well, I could have counted on that, so I told her, "Go ahead!" thinking it odd she would ask me instead of him. Then it hit me I wanted to watch this!

So I got up and went in, Ted was lying on his back fully nude, his erection pointed nicely upwards. He looked at me and grinned. Amiko was stroking up his legs, letting her finger flick against his balls on each stroke. Then she glanced my way, and reached up and grasped his penis. She was doing long slow strokes, releasing on the way down, squeezing on the way up. I watched as his foreskin rolled all the way back as she slid her hand down his length. Then she did something I have never seen before! She grasped him with both hands, moving them in opposite directions, and using a squeezing and twisting motion with her wrists as she did.

This was fascinating to watch her do what I had done so many times myself, with an odd method that was obviously having an effect! I saw Ted begin to arch, I knew he was close. Amiko stopped and squeezed, then began again with the long strokes. This wasn't a grab and jerk session, this lady was doing everything she could to prolong and build his orgasm.

Finally there was no holding back, his testicles began to tighten. Just as he let go, she leaned forwards and took him in her mouth, and sucked firmly! As she did so, I saw her free hand slide between his cheeks, and one tiny finger slipped into his rectum. This was something else I had never done, but as I saw the reaction, I knew I wasn't going to forget it!

I have seen Ted come hundreds of times, this was amazing! He came and seemed finished, then came again. Each seemed stronger than the last!

Finally he eased back and relaxed. Amiko smiled at me. "Your man tasted good!" she said as she licked her lips.

Later we all relaxed in the living room. Ted and Amiko were discussing their practices and different techniques. Finally it was time for her to go. She got up to leave, then turned and looked at Ted.

"I will come back and you can do me, maybe?" He nodded, then she pointedly looked at me in a way that made my nipples stiffen instantly. "Then we both do lee, too?"

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