tagErotic HorrorThe Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 03

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 03


Bound helplessly to the star Gemma trembled in mixed fear, excitement and incredible anticipation straining her eyes in the darkness to see who or what approached. As her eyes fell on a shadowy cloaked figure coming through the archway she felt the knots of anticipation that gripped her stomach tighten their exquisite grip still further. Gliding forward silently the hooded figure drew closer and the twins sank to their knees then fell forward prostrate before the individual in reverence. Katrina fell gracefully to one knee and lowered her head respectfully as the unknown form stopped before them. It was obvious to Gemma this person was playing the dominant role of the Goddess as the others yielded so readily before them. After a few silent moments Katrina's head rose and she went to kiss the person's heavily jewelled hand when it was offered. After the symbolic show of reverence the redhead moved subserviently behind the hooded figure and went to remove the cloak.

Gemma gasped in astonishment as the wearer was revealed for before her stood a young woman of indescribable beauty. She had thought Katrina was awesome but the Irish girl was nowhere close to the radiant splendour of this girl. Dressed in a clinging low cut deep crimson floor length gown the girl was breathlessly stunning to say the least. The gown was open on both sides and secured only by a thin gold belt and a brooch at each shoulder, her magnificent body was awash with all forms of jewellery. Gemma noticed that even her unbelievably long loose black hair was richly decorated with myriad twinkling baubles. Exuding authority and sexual energy the girl nodded her acknowledgements to the gathered trio of worshippers then the girl's head turned to her. The fiery green gaze fell hungrily upon Gemma felt her body tremble uncontrollably with desire for this woman, she couldn't comprehend how any one person could be so instantly desirable and put it down to the draught Katrina had administered to her.

Obviously pleased with what she saw the young woman moved closer to Gemma as if to examine the offering that her worshippers had brought her more closely. Gemma watched as the creature sniffed her up and down close to Gemma's body openly relishing whatever she smelt upon her. A wave of uncontrollable primal lust had swept through Gemma as the exquisite girl drew nearer. The girl made no attempt to hide the intensity of the lust that blazed in her glittering green eyes as they swept hungrily all over Gemma's bound and helpless form. Bemused by her own incredible arousal Gemma felt her body rapidly responding alarmingly as the gorgeous creature's intoxicating musky natural perfume pervaded her nostrils.

"Katrina my most loyal servant, you have done exceptionally well this time" Raven spoke warmly to her subject though her excited eyes never left Gemma and intently drank in every centimetre of her large firm breasted, slender bodied, long legged splendour.

"Yes my Goddess."

Raven was quite astonished at the beauty of this one, as she gazed at the helpless girl the once quiet hunger grew to an almost unbearable rage within her. She battled to control her primal desires and subdued them for the moment while she examined the delectable offering Katrina had obtained for her more closely. Raven was extremely pleased with what she saw, the unfortunate girl displayed helplessly before her was truly delectable, even before she had seen her she could sense her victim's highly charged sexual energy as she had entered the chamber. Drawing it from her victim promised to be most gratifying now she had seen the beauty of the girl Katrina offered to her as a sacrifice. Holding back her primitive passions reasonably well she spent some time avidly drinking in the blonde girl's exquisiteness. The girl's large highly expressive bright blue eyes gazed back eagerly excited at Raven from beneath her equally expressive arched eyebrows and were framed perfectly by her heart shaped high cheekboned face. Invitingly the girl's naturally pouting full red lips hung slightly open capturing Raven's gaze for a moment before her eyes sank lower. Intrigued she watched the bound girls large but incredibly firm bosom rise and fall rhythmically as Gemma breathed slowly and deeply through excitement. At the sight of the girl's generously proportioned breasts with their highly distended teats straining against the translucent silk Raven felt her heart pound with excitement once more causing her to battle her own eager feral lusts down yet again.

Whilst she fought back her all consuming desire Raven reached her long slender red nailed and heavily jewelled fingers up to touch the bound girl's soft blonde tresses. She toyed with Gemma's thick shoulder length hair pausing for some time before moving her fingers to gently stroke the extremely aroused girl's flushed hot cheeks. Seeing the powerful effect her slightest touch had on the girl Raven smiled knowingly to herself, Katrina had done very well indeed finding this gorgeous responsive creature for her pleasure. What was more incredible was that this sensuous delight seemed to be a virgin, which gave Raven added delight.

Gemma quivered at the delightful touch of the girl's soft hand upon the flushed skin of her cheek and gasped in response to the unbelievably electrifying touch of the black-haired girl's slightest caress. As if by an unspoken command her mesmerised eyes were drawn to gaze down upon the other girl's heavily made-up excitable emerald orbs. The girls face was framed between her breasts, filling Gemma with confusing excitement the intensity of the passion she saw burning there scorched through her soul stimulating the most primitive lusts buried deep within. Any struggle was lost instantly the force from those green orbs crushed any faint misgivings that still lurked within her. She whimpered aloud as the girl's hands fell to briefly caress her shoulders. The girl's amazing tingling touch seemed to burn through the thin silk of her gown and her body responded wildly. Then tantalisingly slowly the hands ran ghostlike down the sides of her ribcage past her waist to take hold of her hips for the briefest moment before travelling on.

Almost frantic with desire Gemma was extraordinarily aroused by her predicament and by the girl's delightful touch, burning with intense sexual excitement she writhed against the metal framework and cried out as the nimble hands slithered down the outside of her hips then thighs and lower still around the front of her shins to the hem of her gown close to her widely spread ankles. Halting fleetingly there the hands then slipped inwards around the curve of her lower calves before moving slowly upwards once more. She felt the thin silk of her flimsy gown retreating in folds before the electrifying fingers that glided past her knees then up the hyper-sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Teasingly the fingers leisurely caressed up the insides and fronts of her trembling tautly stretched thighs skirting teasingly close to but rising past her unprotected pubis allowing the gathered folds of silk to tumble back into place as they swept on.

Up over the front of Gemma's hips her tormentor's hands slid gliding up over her tautly stretched tummy, They slithered on over her heaving ribcage to lightly attempt to cup her large outthrust firm breasts. Welcoming the intimacy of the caress Gemma cried out pathetically again as she watched the girl's outspread long red nailed fingers appear up over the curves of her breasts. The lethal looking talons then closed in on then rasped over her distended areolae and highly aroused nipples that wantonly thrust out eager for the girl's attention against the restriction of the thin silk gown. Being totally helplessness only further enflamed her excitement, Gemma watched enthralled gasping breathlessly as the girl teased both her prominent engorged areolae through the taut thin silk for a while with her nails before the long fingers spread wide as if vainly attempting to cup her ample breasts once more. As far as dabbling with the occult or sex went this was already the most mind-blowing experience she had ever known in her life and she was eager to experience more.

Even so, for a brief moment a shadow clouded her exquisite rapture as she hung there a helpless puppet to be used at this delectable creature's whim. Something triggered a primal survival instinct, something intuitive deep inside her desperately signalled alarm vainly attempting to get her attention. Unfortunately Gemma was too eager and excited to allow it to even register fully as she writhed with pleasure under the girl's caress, her will had already been easily taken over. She was lost, at best she realised her life could never be the same as already she had experienced and more to the point liked things that would have seemed perverse but a few weeks ago. For sure her life had taken a major change in direction to a place she could only imagine in her dreams or nightmares. Just how true this thought was she was very soon going to have to comprehend.

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