tagErotic HorrorThe Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 02

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 02


Laid out on the bed was what Gemma assumed was her costume, what there was of it anyway and beside it lay a manila envelope. Gemma picked up the heavy envelope and weighed it in her hand for a moment without paying it any real attention while she examined her outfit a little more closely. Displayed before her on the bed her costume consisted of very little at all and she swallowed hard feeling her pulse quicken excitedly. A long beautiful quality blood red heavy satin silk lined cloak lay spread open across the foot of the bed on top of which rested an equally gorgeous looking full length, low cut white silk gown trimmed around the plunging neckline with the finest quality lace. Feeling the smooth quality of the silk and lace she was shocked to see exactly how translucent it was, it would hide nothing, her tummy tightened as she remembered that she was the one going to be adorned in this before total strangers.

A shiver of excitement ran up her spine and she carefully re-laid the fabric as she had found it. Her gaze fell next upon the garland of sensuously perfumed real white flowers for her head and golden thin-strapped, flat-soled sandals for her feet that were laid on top of the cloak beside the gown. Upon the rich red fabric beside these Gemma spied a gold chain and pendant of outstanding splendour.

Gemma picked up the pendant eager to examine it more closely, it almost filled the palm of her small hand and she was astounded by its weight. It appeared quite old to her, the pendant's design consisted of a diamond studded new moon curved tightly around a five pointed star with a big heart shaped blood red ruby glistening in the centre. She excitedly studied the pendant carefully; between the diamonds its engraved gold surface was intricately decorated with fine silver wirework. If it were real it would have been worth a fortune so she assumed it was very good costume jewellery and as such would still be very expensive. As she held it she grew gradually more excited, just the touch of it in her palm made her heart race strangely and suddenly feeling uneasy she carefully replaced it back upon the cloak. Once the pendant was out of her hand the peculiar fluttering in her tummy ceased almost instantly.

With shaking and weak hands Gemma took a deep breath to calm herself before uneasily opening the envelope she had been grasping so tightly in her other hand. She removed the sheets of folded notepaper from inside; they contained more details of tonight's proposed game and explained that this was her last chance to back out. The scenario was basically that she was a sacrifice to a supreme being, the other participants were to be Katrina as a high priestess and the twins as altar serfs, and it sounded quite daunting Gemma thought as she read on through several sheets gleaning the important bits. The prospect seemed very intimidating and scary but that was the whole point wasn't it? Besides the whole idea really aroused her as well and she happily dismissed her trepidation. She went to run her bath only to find it already done and after testing and cooling the water a little she stripped and sank into the foamy tub. Once Gemma had bathed she spent ages preening and conscientiously preparing herself mentally for the ensuing role-playing event. Finally as the allotted time finally approached she found herself trembling with excited anticipation of what was to come and prepared to slip into the flimsy silken gown. It was as if it had been tailored carefully for her alone, precisely gathered beneath and perfectly accentuating her firm pointed breasts to the full.

Admiring herself in a full-length wall mirror once she was dressed Gemma clipped the chain of the pendant around her slender throat with quivering hands. It's heavy cold weight lay potently against her skin nestling between her thrusting breasts. Role-play or not she certainly looked the part attired so extravagantly and very erotically. The dark stains of her prominent already puffy areolae and the indistinct suggestion of her neatly trimmed pubic hair showed quite clearly through the translucently white silk. Just to see her reflection attired so erotically both embarrassed and thrilled her enormously as she placed the floral garland upon her head. Her mind wandered placing her in one of the many horror films she had watched and loved for years, her reverie was broken when they came for her.

Precisely upon the chime of Eleven O'clock Gemma jumped in fright when there came a loud knock then a clank from somewhere behind the wooden panelling in the far wall of her room. A hidden door swung almost noiselessly into the room as she turned and Katrina had entered before Gemma could even respond to the knock. Impressively attired in a blood red satin gown and matching velvet cloak and with her fiery red curly hair cascading freely about her beautiful pale face Katrina gazed approvingly back at her. Gemma found herself gaping wide-eyed upon the stunning Irish woman framed in the dimly lit doorway, she sought reassurance from her visitor's bright blue eyes. Instead as Katrina smiled predatorily hungry way at her Gemma felt a delicious ripple of sexual excitement course right through her whole being and she gave an involuntary gasp. Of course Gemma realised she was playing a dangerous game but for some reason felt that she believed above all that someone as sweet and caring as Katrina could be trusted.

" I see you have not changed your mind then Sweetness" Katrina smiled her eyes warmed reassuring her "many do you know!"

" No, but I'm very nervous about all this Katrina" Gemma whispered fearfully " I mean everything will be OK won't it?"

" It's very exciting is it not, come on you look delicious Gemma" Katrina ignored her question "the Goddess will adore consuming you!"

"Katrina, who is the Goddess."

"No time for questions now!" the friendliness seemed to dissipate a little from Katrina's voice as she assumed her role "It is time Gemma! I am the high priestess, you are the offering,"

"Katrina I..." a sudden panic seized her, she couldn't go!

"To late to begin to doubt yourself now girl," Katrina barked disarming her "put on your cloak girl, the twins will lead you on."

She felt another thrill of excitement run through her as Katrina gestured towards the open door where the twins waited silently outside for them. The girls were both dressed similar to Gemma but their cloaks were the deepest black and their plainer jewel less pendants bore no ruby heart-stone. Gemma could see they were living the role, their eyes now shone with a malevolent excitement as they looked upon her and Gemma felt more than a little uneasy as she never the less obediently slipped on her heavy cloak. From behind Katrina suddenly pushed her towards the doorway propelling her straight into the other girl's arms.

"It is time!" Katrina became quite stern "the Goddess awaits! Take the offering down to the chamber altar-slaves!"

Taking an arm each the twins grasped Gemma firmly through her heavy cloak and led her in silence along the passageway that ran within the wall. They descended turning and twisting many times until the passage finally came out at the top of a wide stone spiralling staircase. Without pausing for a moment they led her down the hidden staircase that clearly descended beneath the great house. Downwards they went turning into the bedrock then along dimly lit stone passageways passing through several heavy wooden doors which Katrina opened and shut for them. Deeper and deeper beneath the building they went and it grew noticeably warmer and damper as they proceeded until at last Gemma was led through a high stone arch into a echoing smoky large chamber that was dimly lit by oil lamps. The silent warm air was heavy with incense and Gemma could clearly hear the other girls breathing around her.

As they stopped she took the chance to look around her. Before them illuminated within a wide circle of flaming torches held in metal stands stood a dominating metal skeletal structure that rose at least ten foot tall above them. Gemma realised immediately that it was a variation on the design on her pendant. Cast in bronze or some similar metal the centre of the age tarnished latticework star bulged out towards her.

Its five ornately cast arms were completely worked in intricate interweaving almost Celtic designs, they extended outwards to fuse with the encircling moon which was similarly engraved. Two bronze stanchions that were embedded into the stone floor further supported from behind the ancient looking structure. Before it's base and about one and a half feet in from the stars two lowest points stood two carved wooden blocks each was about a foot high and they stood about a foot apart. Somewhere beyond the reach of the ring of crackling torches illumination Gemma could occasionally hear the faint splash and babble of running water in the inky darkness. Unable to fully conceive the structures purpose Gemma relished the growing feeling of intense fearful arousal her surroundings caused her as she gazed in awe at the immense framework. This was undoubtedly not going to be no half-hearted attempt like many she had seen portrayed so many times in those low budget films or underground gothic magazines at least.

Katrina turned to face Gemma and without any declaration unclasped her cloak and swept it from her. It was taken along with the other girl's cloaks out of the circle of light by one of the twins who then reappeared moments later bearing a large ornate silver tray. Bringing the tray close by the girl returned to her sister's side awaiting further instruction. Curious Gemma stared at the trays contents; on it lay what appeared to be four very long coiled straps of soft scarlet leather and a small silver goblet. She watched Katrina move to the tray and delicately pick up the goblet, after a short incantation over it she formally offered it to Gemma. Nervously obedient Gemma opened her mouth as the tiny goblet was lifted to her lips and offered to her. As she did so the three girls in unison began to chant in a tongue unknown to her. The goblets dark thick contents swept warmly into her mouth as Katrina tipped it up. It tasted faintly of honey and iron, but as Gemma swallowed it an incredible strange glow spread through her. The powerful draught filled her with a sense of well being, it made her heart race as knots of excitable anticipation suddenly squirmed restlessly in her tummy. Moments later a most peculiar sensation swept over her and she felt as if she had lost the ability to move under her own power as the potion took effect.

She had been drugged! Unable to struggle if she had wanted to Gemma had no choice but to allow the twins to take her by the arms and lead her towards the looming structure. She no longer felt fearful only somewhat nervous. Katrina took the tray from the girl and nodded to the twins, they needed no further instruction. Extremely enthusiastic, Gemma found that she actually enjoyed her helpless state and visibly trembled with excitement at the thought of what was to come. She was filled with quietly intense expectation as the two girls turned her around before the structure.

Submissively she let the girls help her unresponsive muscles; together they soon had her standing on the top of the carved wooden blocks. Almost tenderly the innocent looking twins eased her back against the immense bronze framework smiling excitedly at each other as they did so. Icy cold waves spread through her wherever her body touched the metal; she shivered not all because of the coldness but because of her excitement as well. As she leant back upon the chilly metal framework Gemma discovered that the whole structure was tilted slightly backward. This would make it a little more bearable for her back and shoulders should she be fastened to it for any length of time though she doubted it was done solely for her benefit. She deliberately watched the magnificent Katrina as the twins fussed about the structure. Intently Gemma focused her thoughts upon the woman, the flame haired beauty stood a short distance away solemnly holding the tray and she seemed to glow sensually in the flickering torchlight. There was no mistaking the delight and excitement in her gorgeous eyes as she watched Gemma being prepared for the ritual.

The very concept of being bound helpless upon the immense structure and at the mercy of these women caused thrills of anticipated excitement to run the length of Gemma's spine. Dutifully standing still against the framework she watched the twins move to take something from the tray that Katrina held. They returned serenely toward her both holding a single scarlet leather strap each. The girl's movements were incredibly precise and all obviously part of the ceremony. Beneath her breath Katrina mumbled some form of chant or incantation over and over as she stood statue like holding up the tray. For a few moments the twins stood before Gemma holding the coils of leather tightly to their breast. Raising the coils to their lips they kissed them before extending their arms and letting the long strips of leather unfurl.

Katrina's repetitive chant grew slowly in volume as the twins took hold of one of Gemma's dangling arms each. Around each of Gemma's wrists the twins diligently but comfortably wound the scarlet leather straps four times then tied them securely. Then she allowed them to raise her arms up; the two girls carefully placed them outstretched against the metal framework pointing towards the upper arms of the star. Even though the muscular paralysis caused by the potion was beginning to fade Gemma happily allowed the twins to position her at will almost like an artist's mannequin, willingly she willingly leant against the cold metal structure. As the twins worked about her Gemma's heart raced ecstatically as the potent draught she had taken coursed through her veins working to bring every receptive nerve ending in her whole being rapidly to life. Awash in a tide of unusual intensely pleasurable sensations she continually stared into the sultry Katrina's eyes. Unconcerned by her situation she realised the twins were now climbing on the structure taking the free ends of the leather straps with them as they went.

Breaking her gaze from the Irish girl at length Gemma dreamily gazed up to watch the twins hands approach a pair of hoops that were brazed near the very tips of the stars points. Stretching up to reach the hoops the girls slipped the ends of the leather straps through the hoops, they then drew the straps right through letting the ends dangle behind the structure before descending once more themselves. They worked perfectly in unison, her heart raced in anticipated excitement as she watched them disappearing behind the structure. To well practised for amateurs like her they must be regular participants at these events she decided as moments later Gemma felt her arms being drawn upwards as her bonds began to tighten as the twins worked behind her. Pulling on the leather straps they rapidly drew her wrists upwards and outwards nearer and nearer to the tips of the star. Over the faint background sound of running water and spluttering torches all she could hear in the otherwise silent chamber was the creaking groans of the stretching leather and the girl's laboured breath as they toiled. Her muscles complained as they were stretched causing her to whimper in complaint to no avail. Continuing to pull the leather straps until they were as tight as possible the girls forced Gemma to raise herself up onto her tiptoes upon the blocks and drew her back hard against the bronze star before they finally secured the straps to the structure somewhere out of sight behind her. Amazingly it seemed once her body adjusted she felt little discomfort and no pain suspended like this, in fact insane as it may seem, her situation only furthered her already smouldering arousal.

Once more the twins went to the tray that Katrina held then repeated their earlier ritual with the two remaining leather straps. This time when they came toward Gemma though the girls fell silently to their knees before her, she felt them wrapping then firmly binding the long straps of leather around her delicate ankles. Their hands brushing her calves and feet as they bound her caused shivers of excitement to ripple up Gemma's long legs. She could not see the two girls below her fully whilst they bound her ankles due to the curve of the structure and her own now bizarrely out thrust breasts. Gemma felt the straps tugging slightly at her ankles and presumed that they were still binding them. Through her peripheral vision she saw them once more disappear behind the structure after looping the straps through hoops at the lower points of the star. Suddenly without any warning her ankles were tugged outward, her feet were yanked off the carved blocks on which she had stood. Pain exploded in her arm and shoulder joints, Gemma couldn't help but cry out partly in shock partly in fear and discomfort but could not ignore the excitement that surged inside her.

Within moments the two girls had her ankles stretched wide apart and tightly bound through the stars lower points even before she could have considered struggling if she had wanted to. Now Gemma was effectively spread-eagled on the huge bronze star with her hips thrust forward and the delicious nervous excitement brought on by her predicament was swelling within her. Unfastening and removing her sandals the twins dragged the heavy blocks together beneath the structure. Apart from the heightened senses the effects of the draught were all but gone now but she felt strangely at ease. Any fear or anxiety she did feel was easily smothered by the curious expectant exhilaration that buzzed within her heaving breast.

Around her the ceremony proceeded as all three girls began to circle about the structure that held Gemma, softly at first they began chanting together once more in the strange tongue. The chant rose in volume slowly as they circled until they finally stopped and took up their positions about the structure. One twin stood on either side of Gemma's feet and Katrina stood directly before her in the centre. As one they all turned and faced the high stone archway through which they had entered the chamber, an eerie electric silence settled over the gathering. The silence was only broken by the crackle of the torches and the sound of the unseen watercourse that lurked in the blackness beyond the ring of light and the occasional creak of complaining leather. To Gemma the wait seemed incredibly long until at last from somewhere in the darkness beyond the archway the faint sound of a heavy door opening and closing caught Gemma's ear.

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