tagNovels and NovellasThe Second Foundation Pt. 02

The Second Foundation Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

Warning: This series contains violence, coercion, extortion, blackmail, non consensual sex, same sex copulation, derogatory terms, interracial sex, political statements, cheating and a lot of other stuff good boys and girls should not read (on porn websites). If any of the above are not your cup of tea, please don't waste your time reading this.


Chapter 1

There was a lot of traffic in African and Asian human cargo all across Europe. The guys took your cash and didn't ask questions; they packed you and several other people, Africans, Asians and East Europeans, like sardines, in the back of some cargo truck, and took you where you wanted to go. If you were lucky you made it, if you had bad luck, the truck got stopped, searched and you were busted, arrested and deported. Dez had twenty thousand Euros in his pocket. It cost him five to be smuggled from Italy to Romania, another five to make it to Poland, and six to get to Germany.

His feet finally touched German soil. He was half starved and half suffocated. But he was elated. It had taken him 16 months to get there. Dez bought himself some nice, expensive clothes, for he had been informed that that was the best way not to be noticed by cops and randomly searched. He rode the train to Hamburg.

He called home and he was informed that they had failed to get Trish's number or address. He took a cab to the last address of hers that he had. He was driven to a big house on the outskirts of town.

It was late afternoon, when he walked up the driveway to an impressive villa and rang the bell. An elderly, wrinkled German lady, of at least sixty, opened the door. She hardly spoke English, and seemed rather drunk. She knew nothing about a Trish.

However, she invited him into the kitchen, and gave him some food, "Brot und Wurst". She sat near him, gazing at him with fascination as she drank one glass of wine after another. She kept saying, "schön, sehr schön! Sehr, sehr schön!" which he later found out meant beautiful.

When he finished eating, he thanked her and stood up to leave. She jumped at him, grabbing his face and kissing his lips. Then she fell all over him, grabbing and fondling him and trying to rip off his clothes. Dez realized with shock that she wasn't a bad girl, or bad woman, coz they were both never this bad. No sir, she was a bad grand ma. (Note: this really happened to me at least four times in Germany)

Dez ran for it, his speed and agility enabling him to escape from the bad grand ma.

He took another cab back into town. As he sat back, watching the cars and houses slide by, Dez suddenly felt down. He had come all the way, spontaneously, risking life and limb, and he was now in a country where he knew nobody, didn't speak the language and had about €1 000 in his pocket.

He felt forlorn. He started wondering if the money would be enough to get him back home. After 15 minutes, the spirit of adventure gripped the young man. He said to himself that if he had made it this far, despite everything, then the gods or whoever must be on his side and he would be successful. Certainly, he was curious about this country he now found himself in. He decided he would stay in Germany until he found his baby. He hadn't' come all the way for nothing.

He paid the driver and went into an Italian restaurant and had a pizza, feeling nostalgia. Afterwards, he walked into a shop and bought a cool drink and some gum. He strolled through the city center of Hamburg. The first impressions were strong.

For, back home, people thought the streets of Europe were paved with gold, and whites were civilized, nice, intelligent people. This seemed all true. Dez was dazzled by all the glitter, the fine cars on the streets, the countless tall buildings, the shops full of high tech goods and the latest styles and fashions. Germany was indeed a very wealthy country. They even used the Mercedes Benz, the dream car back home in his Southern African country, as a Taxi.

The women on the streets impressed him too, tall, fit white girls, looking all elegant and sexy, dressed in trendy clothes. It was a hot, sunny summer day in Hamburg and Dez was amazed at seeing so many skimpily dressed, almost half naked women. Some of them were so skimpily dressed that his dick would get hard at looking after them. The only thing he didn't like was that they walked like men. However, he thought the Germans must be getting their fuck on big time, for back home, when a girl dressed real skimpy, you could bet she was horny and getting her fuck on. One thing he liked about German women at first sight was that they were tall, big and strong, with wide hips and thick asses. Now, those were women that could fuck for hours and bear thousands of kids, he thought. He was shocked when he later discovered, that Germany had a very low birth rate. He never would have thought so, with all those healthy women and all that ass on display. The reason he was then told for the typical Western European phenomena was that the men had a low sperm count and the young people had a general aversion to kids. (look it up on the net.)

Dez tried to ask an elderly German woman for directions and she hurried away like he had rabies. He tried to ask a man in a tie and suit, same result. He was surprised. He walked up to some youngsters wearing hip hop clothes and they were very friendly. He asked them where he could find some Africans and they directed him to a park. He strolled inside the leafy, green park. Several white women were sunbathing, topless, wearing tiny bikinis that outlined their pussy lips. He had to tear his eyes off them, for back home, women only showed their tits openly at traditional dances, if at all. And that ass always stayed covered, except at the swimming pool.

He could imagine that back home the guys would have been all over such girls, shooting game and trying to fuck like crazy. However, German men walked past showing no emotion. He thought they must be getting so much pussy that they were tired of it. Now, he was so sure that there was a lot of fucking going on in this place.

He spotted a group of black men sitting at a park bench. A ghetto blaster was blasting some reggae and they were grilling some chicken. He walked up to them and they were friendly and invited him to join them. They were West Africans. He chatted with them. A lot of them were smoking weed. Two of them were dealing, selling small bags to Germans. Dez started chatting with one of them, a friendly, twenty something, handsome, athletic brother with funky dreadlocks, named Adam. Adam was very good natured and high.

After a while, Dez took him to the side. The guy pulled out three bags and asked him to pick one, for 25. Dez gave him a fifty and told him,

"I don't want the weed man, I want some advice."

"What then?"

"Listen, I am here illegally. I wanna stay in this country. Any idea how I can manage that?"

Dez told him that he had crossed to Italy and then made it over.

Adam thought about it and then said, "Well, the easiest would be if you married a German woman. It will cost you 6 to 8 thousand."

"I don't have it."

"Then, well, you have to apply to become a refugee. You have to destroy your papers, tell them you are from one of those countries with a civil war, and if you go back home you will be killed by the forces of the dictator. You will be allowed to stay for a year. And then, in that time, you have to go out to parties or something and make a German woman fall in love with you. You marry her, and then you will have a permanent staying permit after two years."

"Is it easy to find a German girl?"

"Yes. They love black cock. But they are very rude and bossy and living with them is hell. Especially when they know that you depend on them for your residence permit. However, you just keep your mind focused, go through hell for two years and then you can divorce her. That is what I did."

"All right," Dez smiled, feeling the spirit of adventure rising.

"Do you have some money on you?"

"Yes. A bit."

"Well, I have an idea. How about we take your money and party till its all gone."

"Am I a fool or what?"

"No man. When you hand yourself in, they will take away your money and you will never see it again. And they might get suspicious, for where the hell should a refugee have all that cash from."

"I will hide it."

"Are you crazy, they will search you thoroughly. They will even x-ray you and look up your ass to see that you don't have drugs on you. They don't really want us here, you know. And if you do have loads of cash, I got a business proposal for you. I am selling a bit of weed here and there, but the real money is in importing and distributing, yunno. I can go to Holland, bring in loads of stuff, and make a killing. You give me five grand, I will cut you in 20 percent."



"Deal. I don't have the money on me," Dez lied. He had it in his socks. "Lemme get to know you first, all right."

Dez stayed at Adam's for the next three days and they hung out, talked, about their countries, and Europe, and partied. After three days, he gave Adam five grand and sent the the remainder of his money home to his mom.

Chapter 2

Adam accompanied him to a police station, reminded him of what he had to say and told him to give him a call and drop by. He hugged him and wished him the best.

Dez walked in and turned himself in. He was arrested and interrogated for hours. Now, the war had ceased in his country, but Adam had coached him on what to say. He said he was from Sierra Leone and had been a member of the opposition. They had murdered his whole family and he would be dead if he returned there. The cops who interrogated him just looked tired. They had heard the same lie so often.

He was handed over to a special police force and taken to a disused old ship in the harbor, that housed refugees.

As he arrived, he got the shock of his life. An African woman was being dragged to a police car. She was pregnant with child. She resisted and the cops, two burly police men handcuffed her, beat her up, put strangle holds on her and forcefully shoved her into the back seat. Dez later found out that they wanted to send her to an area in East Germany which was reputed for skin heads, who attacked blacks for fun.

After three days, Dez was relocated moved to a small town in former East Germany and housed in a home for refugees, to await the outcome of his application for refugee status. It was called Kirschberg.

The facility reminded him of a boarding school hostel. He slept with 8 men inside a small room, on three decker beds. They were all not allowed to work, received an allowance of € 200, and were not allowed to leave town. A guy was in charge of the facility and one had to seek his permission before getting out. The guy informed Dez that he should not walk around after dark, for the place was teeming with skin heads.

Most of the refugees were from Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Asia, Chechnya, and Georgia (the European country, not the US state, ha ha ha). They were fed German food, three times a day.

Most of the refugees stayed indoors most of the time, watching TV in the common room or chatting and playing games, for they could not speak German and were afraid of skin heads that marauded in the town. Sometimes they would come to the refugee home in the night and sing racist songs and piss around, as they swigged cheap beer.

Dez got chased by them several times, and he ran for it, for they moved in large groups of young, short haired, boot wearing, beer guzzling men, with ugly white faces and they hated foreigners, especially black people. Several black guys had been bashed, maimed and one had even been killed by these ugly, young, barbaric white men. This mentality surprised him. How could they hate and even kill someone they did not even know. It was the first indication he received that white men were really really weird upstairs.

As he looked at the faces of the refugees, Dez was reminded of his Italian experience. He saw faces filled with disappointment and frustration, faces of people that had come to Europe, seeking to enter a world of wealth, or freedom, or the good life, and ended up trapped in a very disappointing life, for the western paradise the media portrayed was not open to them, if at all it existed, something Dez was beginning to doubt.

Dez moved freely amongst the other refugees, whether Africans, East Europeans or Asians and Arabs, for he was fascinated with people from other parts of the globe, it was an African tradition. Now, most of the refuges were young men and women. There was some serious fucking going on, for many of the young men and women needed bodily warmth, affectionate moments and a good, nice fuck. Anyway, condoms were distributed free of charge. During day time, a sleeping room would be vacated by its occupants and a couple could sneak in quickly and use it amorously. There was little courting. If a guy and a girl flirted, even just with the eyes, and sparks of lust flew, then they could soon be fucking. The sex was fast, intense and almost desperate.

The thing Dez noticed was that black men were very popular amongst women from the other races. East Europeans, Asians, Arabs and Persian refugee women were all after black cock. And of course, so were the sisters. Some of the black girls had fucked the guys from the other races, but they didn't like them so much, coz their men offered something better. Therefore, the paler male refugees kind of hated the black guys for this, but that didn't stop their women from fucking them.

Dez got his fuck on, sometimes with girls with whom he could hardly communicate. The girls liked him because he was handsome, athletic, good in bed and friendly. And the women seemed to be telling each other who had a good dick and who knew how to fuck. He got to sample several white, Asian, African and Arabian pussies. But nothing serious ever developed because the people came and went all the time.

Now, besides the problems with the skinheads, there was a lot of racism going on in the small town. Even small jobs were hard to find in the town, for the locals did not like employing foreigners. German jobs for Germans was their favorite sentence. There was even a tuck shop that wouldn't sell goods to foreigners.

Some of the young African refugees were dealing drugs. They would get them from German criminals, and travel to Hamburg to sell them on the streets, for if they were arrested, they would not be held long due to their refugee status. Though the Germans who supplied them took most of the money, the drug dealers had some cash and wore fly hip hop gear.

Dez went with them a couple of times. The money was OK but it was disgusting for him to sell drugs to people who were so skinny and looked like walking corpses. He could not believe these walking zombies were white people. He had never seen that in the media back home.

Chapter 3

Dez called on Adam as he was in Hamburg with the dealers.

Adam was glad to see him and the brother was correct. He gave him some cash from the weed business and told him the cash was beginning to roll in. They went to all sorts of discos and danced with skimpily dressed young women. Dez noticed that everywhere they went, white women were eying them with interest and sometimes open lust. And White men were either giving them hate filled looks, or eying them with lust as well.

In one disco, Dez and Adam were getting their groove on, laughing at the stiff whites who mostly couldn't dance worth shit. It looked like they were dancing to the lyrics and not the music. Some of the German girls were OK but the guys were a total write off, a bunch of bores that stood around trying to look cool and looked so stiff and pathetic when they tried to dance.

Then some tall, curvy, busty, drunk blond chick of about thirty came and started putting it on Dez, falling in grove with him, and smiling at him like he was beautiful. She was so excited and gazed at him with fascination. And mama was hot too, rocking a tiny halter top that cupped her big tits, a skimpy, short skirt with a side slit all the way up to her hip and high heels. And she was one of the few whiteys that could dance in the place.

Dez slid an arm around her hips and she came to him, taking his thigh between hers and grinding. He stroked her ass as they bumped and ground their hips together, to the beat of course. He was wearing a short sleeved vest and she put her pale hands to his dark, powerful upper arms and started stroking, gazing at them with dreamy lust and chuckling in a sweet, deep voice.

Then a tall, pale, stout, German with a face like a toad, who was balding prematurely came charging, yanked her hand and dragged her away. Some white guy that had been watching with jealous started laughing. Adam raised his hand as if to smack him and the guy ran off, even though he was bigger than Adam. Adam and Dez laughed and kept dancing and the white girls kept leering.

A couple of songs later, the German woman was back, putting it on Dez.

"Don't worry about my husband. He is a jerk. He is jealous coz he cant rock it like you..." she whispered huskily in his ear, chewed on his ear lobe and started grinding her pussy on his cock. He grabbed her ass and she shuddered and kissed him on the lips. She was so happy, so excited and so horny. The boyfriend came up again and this time he shouted at Dez.

"Keep away from my girl, you black bastard! She don't vant you!" the guy snarled in his bad English. He was a big, tall German with an ugly face like a bull dog.

"Man, I was just dancing in peace and she came to me."

"Oh just shut up. I know your type, nigger!"

"Know this!" Dez said and threw a right cross that knocked that fool flat on his ass. He gave him a kick to the ass as he tried to get up. The guy scurried away and pulled out his cell phone.

"Ich ruf die Polizei an!" he shouted moving way out of range of the black fist.

"Lets get lost!" Adam said. "He is calling the cops. Are you coming," he asked the blond girl, that was still eying Dez with even more fascination.

"Yes." she rasped and took Dez' hand and they walked out. The husband tried to come after them, but Adam gave him a smack. The cowardly guy did duck, but he ran inside trying to tell security that his wife was being kidnapped and raped. Two Nazi type security guys rushed out looking like they wanted to kill the black guys.

"They are not kidnapping me. I am going with them because I want to!"

"But you cant! They are black!" One bouncer shouted.

"I am a lawyer! If you so much as touch them, I will sue you and take your last shirts. Get lost. And you Michael, go home. I am just going for a drink. See you later!"

Security shrugged at the wimp husband and they all watched his wife disappear, with two black guys stroking her fine ass and she wiggling it and stroking theirs.

"So 'ne Schande für Deutschland! (Such a shame for Germany)" one bouncer said. "That's it. We wont let black guys in ever again. They kidnap our women."

Dez, Adam and Anika, for that was her name, made their way to a pub and took a seats at a table. Anika sat on Dez' lap as she chatted and flirted with both guys. Many white men looked at them with hate, but Anika didn't give a fuck. She rubbed her fine ass on Dez' cock as she told the amused black guys that the guy was her husband, and they had two kids together. She was a lawyer with a big firm in town. She said she had discovered the joys of black men when she represented an African refugee. The guy had no money, but he was handsome and talented and paid her in kind. For a while, she had flown to Africa and the Caribbeans, to satisfy her dark craving, keeping it secret from her husband and friends.

Then she had decided, why fly that far for something she could get locally. Since then, she had been hunting on local grounds and was converting several of her friends to the better product. Dez asked her how her husband dealt with that, and she said she had her own money and was her own boss. He could leave if he wanted to. The compromise they struck was that she they kept the appearances of a happy family, and she didn't cater to her black addiction too openly, and she didn't leave him. She said he hated it, but whenever she came back home after her pussy had been tampered with by black cock, he ate her holes like crazy. Dez was shocked, at her candidness and her lack of shame or guilt about her sinful ways! And her husband's wimpy ways.

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