The Second Foundation Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

"Is he small? Cant he fuck or what?"

"Maybe its not that there is something wrong with him, but there is something much more right about black men. Mmmm! Just looking at the two of you makes me go so hungry!" she chuckled dirtily and licked her lips.

He wanted to say something, but Adam cut him off and asked Anika to call a friend and she did. The friend, Susan called Sue, joined them soon afterwards, a tall, young, hot, German woman. She wasn't as curvy as Anika, but she was tall, slim and sexy, with long, smooth, brunette hair that went halfway down her back. She was dressed sexy, in a short skirt and a silk blouse, her face nicely made up.

She was Anika's new assistant at work, aged twenty five, married with two kids, and hadn't ever fucked a black guy. She seemed kind of shy and nervous, but was very excited and jittery. Anika teased her saying she was going to lose her black cherry and she should just go with the flow.

They made their way to an African Disco. The disco was packed, all the men were black but the women were of all races and all ages and they were treating the black guys like movie stars. Adam told him they were all there to get black African cock. They was so much dirty dancing, bumping and grinding, kissing and even dry humping going on in the place. Even ugly black guys were getting lucky up in the bitch. What amazed him was that the women were the ones doing the hunting. Brothers were chilling and choosing. And the women, especially the white women, were really forward and direct, hitting on brothers, like, "Are we fucking or what?" Sue was staring around like Alice in wonderland, and so was Dez, but Anika and Adam were obviously used to it. Anika kept pouring strong drinks down her friend's throat to loosen her up. Adam also let her take deep puffs from a fat joint and stroked her ass cheeks.

At one table, Dez saw a young black guy sitting back with a huge, dreamy smile on his lips. He was writhing in his seat, rhythmically. Dez wondered if the brother was jerking off like a pervert. Then he looked down and saw the ass and feet of a white woman sticking out and knew the brother was getting head.

He looked into a dark corner and saw a young white woman sitting reverse cowgirl on a brother. At first he thought she was bouncing to the music. Then he saw that her skirt was raised around her hips. She wasn't wearing panties and a thick black cock was pumping in and out of her pussy. A black security guy walked up to the two and started complaining, like, "Damn! You cant just fuck in public like dogs." But the foxy young white blond vixen fished his cock out of his pants and started blowing his black cock as she rode another one. An elderly woman who looked like her mom came up and started shouting at the security guy. Dez thought she would snatch her daughter and take her away from the black meat. But to his surprise, mom snatched the bouncer's cock and started sucking it.

Dez was about to say, "Motherfucker!" but he turned and saw Anika tongue kissing the sexy, young brunette and stroking her tits lasciviously. Sue seemed kind of embarrassed, but wasn't pulling back. Then Dez saw her grind her hips into Anika and open her mouth to suck on her tongue like she loved her. Then the lawyer grabbed his hand and dragged him to the dance floor. And she put that fine ass on him, and he stopped thinking about other brothers black cocks in white chicks and started thinking about his.

Adam danced with Sue and Dez danced with Anika and she was sticking closer to him than the bread and the meat on a sandwich. After two beers, she was getting bolder, wrapping her thighs around his powerful one and dry humping him as she stroked his hard dick. Dez blushed and looked around, but nobody was giving a damn. In fact, Adam winked at him and he saw that the brother had his hand up in Sue's skirt and was grabbing her pussy. Dez slid his hands in under the back of Anika's skirt and cupped her ass cheeks. She shuddered and they clenched in his palms. He squeezed them and started banging her hips on his cock to the music, right on the dance floor. A girl back home would have slapped his face for that shit, but Anika just grabbed him by the lapels of his shirt, yanked his lips to hers and tongue kissed him deeply. Then she whispered in his ear,

"I am sorry about my stupid husband. Come with me and let me make it up to you."

She took his hand and led him to the bathrooms. Dez looked over his shoulder and saw Adam leading Sue out to the back, with his hand buried in the back of her skirt. She was blushing but moving as if in a trance.

Anika pulled him into the ladies. A couple of women washing their hands and sprucing up their make up looked at them and smiled. Anika led him into a cubicle, yanked him inside and slammed the door shut. She pushed him up against the wall and kissed him ferociously. He grabbed her fine ass and big tits and she shivered and dry humped him feverishly.

"You are so sweet!" she whispered huskily, her eyes shining with lust. Then she sank to her knees before him, opened and yanked his pants down and held his big, hard, black cock up like a trophy.

"You are really sweet my love!" she cooed and then she started lapping his dick with her hot, wet tongue as she stroked it with both her soft, warm hands. She peeled back his foreskin and snaked her tongue wound the thick, engorged head of his cock making him gasp and twitch. Then she draped her lips over him and vacuumed him into her hot, wet mouth.

"Ohhhh!!!" he groaned deeply.

"ummmmm!!!!" she groaned right back, looking up at him, smiling sweetly as she smacked her lips around his cock and swiveled his head around her mouth.

Then she started sucking and stroking him, pulling more and more of his excited black cock into her pretty, pink mouth as she blew him greedily. She pulled him to the back of her mouth and bobbed her head feverishly, making loud slurping sounds and it was beautiful. She started banging her head away as if she wanted his dick to lance right through her neck and come out the back of her head. Dez' knees got wobbly and he fell back against the wall of the cubicle, writhing. He grabbed her blond head and stroked her and she looked up at him smiling sweetly as she purred and rubbed her head against his hand.

"oh yesssss! Fuck me with your big black cock! I'm cuming! Make me cum!" he heard a frenzied female voice shouting in the next cubicle, accompanied by a male's frenzied groans and the sounds of rustling clothes and flesh slapping into flesh.

Anika chuckled sweetly around his cock and then she pulled her lips off him with a wet plop. She reached between her thighs with one hand, and he gasped as he saw she wasn't wearing panties.

"You made me so wet when we danced, and so I took off my panties.."

"Where are they?"

"I gave them to my husband. He will look after them. Or maybe wank into them! I don't give a shit!"

She chuckled dirtily as she pulled her soaked thong off her itchy pussy and started stroking herself as she cupped his big, dangling balls with the other hand and squeezed them softly...

"Mmm! Look at these fat, black balls. SO full of cum!!!" she moaned with greed and nuzzled her pretty face between his thighs, taking his cock on her forehead. She wrapped her index and thumb around his sack like a ring, then she lapped them and sucked on his thick balls, moaning and humming, sending sharp thrills coursing through his body, making him groan and shake, as the couple in the next cubicle started banging against the wall and crying out in the wild throes of orgasm..

"Do you guys have a place we can go to? Its OK if you got your women at home, we will just go to a hotel."

"We have a place!" Dez told her, for Adam lived alone, in a two bedroom apartment.

"Good. Then we can save on the hotel fee," she chuckled. "I want you to cum in my mouth! You can take your time and fuck me good later, all right. I haven't had a black cock in me for ages. Shoot it in my mouth please honey. Feed me this black cock and quench my thirst!" she begged sweetly.

Then she sucked him in and caught the head, wrapping her hot, soft mouth tightly around him. She started jerking him in fast, smooth motions with both hands and she sucked him hard and stroked him with her tongue, bobbing in short, sharp movements to the rhythm of her hands and it was incensing. Dez arched his back as his balls tightened. When she saw that he was close, she sucked and jerked him and stroked her vagina with vigor. His balls erupted as a blistering explosion rocked his body and head. He fell back against the wall, his cock spouting tonnes of cum and she sucked them up gladly as she came all over her fingers.

Anika wrapped her arms around his hips and hugged him like she loved him as she rested her face on his pubes for a while and just moaned and suckled on his softening cock.

Finally, she licked his dick and balls clean, lapping up every single drop of salty cum she could find, then she pulled up his longs and zipped them nicely for him, tucking his cock in with care like it was precious. She lapped his cum from her lips and chin and then kissed him and tanked him for the snack. She led him out and they met a sweaty couple just coming out of the next cubicle. Dez saw the security guy coming out with the girl's mom. Mom must have been in her fifties, and she was looking drowsy and dazed, and had such a happy smile on her face. She saw Dez and tried to grab him between the legs, like she had the black cock fever. But Anika grabbed her by the front of her dress, and told her, "Ah ah. He is mine."

Then she tongue kissed her on the lips.

Mom chuckled and staggered off with the young, black bouncer, grabbing his ass. Anika told Dez she would spruce up her make up and catch up with him later.

Dez found Adam at the bar. He told him what had happened in disbelief, then he asked where Sue was. Adam said he had fucked her face in the car park and she had taken to black dick like a duck to water. She was cleaning up.

"White women want black men. Every single one of them even a lesbian, will open her legs to us. You just have to take that pussy, that is all."

"Damn! I cant believe this! Anika said they are coming home with us."

"Of course! We are gonna fuck these whores good. Don't drink too much beer now. We need to show Sue what she has been missing out on."

Adam sounded like shit was an every day thing for him. They drank and dirty danced with the hot wives, then they took a cab to Adam's apartment. Dez sat in the front and the two wives sandwiched Adam between them and were both tongue kissing him and stroking his cock. The German cab driver seemed disgusted and envious, and started complaining. But Anika slipped him a 20 and he kept his eyes on the street as Anika grabbed Sue by the head and pumped her face up and down Adam's cock, growling at her to choke on that big, black cock. As they climbed out, Dez saw the driver taking his pale cock and starting to stroke it as he drove off.

At Adam's place, they drank, smoked weed and then shit just happened like a porn movie. The German wives wanted to fuck. Anika started dirty dancing with Adam as Sue snuggled up close to Dez. She couldn't speak English, unlike Sue, so she was talking some stuff in German he couldn't understand, but he could read the lust in her voice and eyes.

He couldn't believe it, since sucking Adam, she seemed to have lost all her reluctance and shyness. There she was now, twenty five, married, with two kids, that her husband was looking after at home, and she was stroking his thigh, inching upwards until she was grabbing and fondling his dick, getting it rock hard.

He gasped and looked at Adam and saw that his man had Anika's skirt up around her hips and was fingering her pink, blond pussy and she was sucking his tongue down her throat. He blushed, turned to his girl and her eyes blazed into his. Then she was hitching up her skirt and sliding across his lap and devouring his lips as she rubbed her cunt into his hard cock.

He was embarrassed, for he had never fucked a girl other people in the same room. He wanted to take his girl to the guest bedroom. But Adam laughed and said in English,

"Don't be shy man, you are in Europe. These hos love it dirty. Lets get our dicks sucked and then we will fuck them half dead and send them to their husbands full of cum. Get ur fuck on boy!"

Anika understood and she chuckled dirtily. Then she sank down on her knees and started opening Adam's pants. She squealed with delight and scooped up his hard meat. Dez his mans was standing over his blond, and feeding her a thick, long black cock from Gambia, formerly part of Sene-Gambia.

"Go on get that dick! You love black cock don't you? Show me baby! Choke yourself on that big black cock!"

"Oh yes! I love it! Mmmm! Its so big and beautiful! Please fuck my face!"

Adam teased Anika, making her chase after his cock and then slapping her face with it and she was going all crazy and feverish.

"Look how greedy she is for my dick! Look at the white slut!" he chuckled, sticking it into her drooling, pink mouth and popping it out. Then Anika caught his thick, dark cock between those pink white wife lips of hers, grabbed his hips with her pale hands and started directing his movements as she fucked his cock fervently with her mouth.

Dez turned to his girl, and popped her thick, creamy tits out of her top. They were kind of droopy but big and fat. He fell on them and devoured them. He reached between her thighs and gasped, for she wasn't wearing panties. She grinned wickedly at his surprise.

"Your friend took them, as a souvenir, for being the first black man that fucked my mouth and creamed it. You wanna do that to me too? Fuck my white face and cream it?"

"Hell yeah!"

She ground her cunt lasciviously into his palm, making it hot and wet.

Sue was all feverish now, jerking his cock through his pants. The pale, curvy, sexy young white wife went wild and ripped off his shirt. She squealed and dove into his dark meat, grabbing, squeezing and sucking and licking on his chest and belly as Dez finger fucked her and she came on his digits. Then she was scuttling down his lap and ripping his pants open. She saw his large, fat black cock and squealed with joy. Then she was gobbling it greedily and sucking the skin off his dick. She wasn't all that skilled, like Anika the black cock veteran. But her ferocious hunger more than made up for it. It made him feel special.

Soon, Adam pulled Dez to his feet and they stood over the German women, holding them by the hair and feeding their hungry pink mouths musky, hard black cock. They fucked their faces, and the girls fucked them right back, bobbing feverishly, their eyes shining, their faces radiant with excitement and lust. They kept gasping some shit about "schöne, grosse, schwarze Schwänze" and Adam later told him it meant, beautiful, big, black cocks. Anika got greedy and pushed Sue back, telling her to stroke her pussy for her. She grabbed both black cocks and sucked them at once, as Sue sucked on her tits and rubbed her clit. Anika made them cross swords, pulling both their cocks into her mouth, getting her lips stretched hideously as she bobbed and sucked feverishly, her pink mouth drooling like a leaking faucet. Then Sue got jealous and wanted the same and Anika told her to go ahead. Then she stood over Sue, grabbing her hair in both hands and pumping her face on those big dicks and snarling at her to choke on those black cocks.

Sue went crazy with the black cock fever, jerking both cocks and sucking wildly, trying to force them both down her throat. Anika let her feed herself. Then she pulled her face away from the black dicks and yanked her into her pussy and fed her assistant pink, dripping cunt. Sue blushed for a second, but Anika slapped her cheek lightly.

"Suck my pussy and get it ready for these black cocks! Do it, you horny cunt! Think I don't see you looking at my pussy under my desk at work when I spread my legs. Get your damn tongue in there, you little slut! There is nothing to be ashamed of here!"

Sue moaned and started sucking and lapping. She bore her chin into Anika's dripping blond pussy and the guys saw her bury her long, pink tongue all up in the hole. Then she was bobbing and slurping greedily and Anika was fucking her face. Adam went behind Anika and slid it in from the back, then he was fucking her right where she stood. Dez couldn't just stand there watching like a jerk. He yanked Sue back to his dick and got sucked.

The two black studs fucked the white girl's like the dynamic duo. They had them laying back on the couch with their knees up and their pussies spread wide open as the boys knelt on the floor before them and fucked them with their long, hard cocks. The girls were so horny that both black cocks were soon covered in a whitish pussy juice. The white women propped themselves up on their elbows, going wild, gazing at them fucking their white pussies and urging them to fuck them harder and deeper. Then they were throwing it back at them, fucking them ferociously.

Sue came immediately, and kept cuming all over Dez' dick, her pussy fluttering and then convulsing all over his meat as she screamed. Then Anika said switch and the boys pulled out, and let each girl suck their dicks and taste her friend's pussy, and then they exchanged their mounts and went back to sucking. Things got even wilder and the girls were tongue kissing and sucking on each other's tits feverishly, as they moaned from the black meat pounding their white pussies.

Anika was like a veteran porn director. She told them all what to do. She made Dez sit back on the couch and had Sue mounting him reverse cowgirl and riding him nice and slow. Anika went on all fours before them and started sucking on her friend's clit and licking Dez' dangling black balls with her hot tongue as Adam fucked her from behind.

Dez went wild and grabbed Sue's pale hips, pounding her pussy, slapping her thick round ass and yanking her on his meat. Anika lapped and sucked on her clit and released it to his rhythm and Sue went wild, throwing herself back onto Dez and thrashing about and screaming as she came hard. Anika gave her time to recover, as she pulled Dez' cock out of her and sucked it fervently, whilst Adam fucked her like a veteran, nice and slow and deep, puffing away leisurely on a joint. Then Anika put Dez back up in Sue and told both guys to fuck them hard. They did it and the women shrieked with joy.

Dez exploded viciously in Sue's pussy and she groaned as if in agony, cuming yet again. Then Anika pushed her off Dez and he gazed in disbelief as the naughty lawyer sucked his cum out of her friend's gaping, smeared pussy with relish, lapping and slurping her clean, getting all feverish and burying her pretty face in the pink pussy.

Dez' softening cock started getting hard, straight away. Then Anika went for it and lapped him clean of his cum and Sue's pussy juices, then she sucked him hard as Adam fucked her from behind. Sue looked dazed but horny as hell. She grabbed a joint and drank some beer as she ripped off the remainder of her clothes. Then she slid in under Adam's parted thighs and started lapping his balls.

Then Adam lowered his ass on her and told her to lick. She hesitated, but Anika told her to do it and rubbed her pussy as sucked Dez. Sue started licking the black ass. Adam started groaning like a beast and his face got all contorted. Sue got into it and started slurping away wetly and moaning. Dez saw that she was trembling and her pussy hole was clenching like it wanted to say something. Anika smiled wickedly and lunged back at Adam, pummeling his cock as she jerked Dez and cried with joy.

Adam groaned aloud and he started cuming, jerking violently from the wrath of his orgasm. Anika milked his cock dry with her cunt, then she pulled off and lowered it onto Sue's mouth and the brunette started moaning with relish as she slurped and sucked hot cum out of the hot, gaping, well used pussy. Dez couldn't believe it. This was some horny, shameless shit and his cock got so hard.

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