tagNovels and NovellasThe Servant Ch. 13

The Servant Ch. 13


Chapter 13 -- Nature hike

The next day, Trish woke up to the pre-dawn crowing of Flora's rooster, as usual. And, as usual, she responded by throwing a mango seed at the bird to shut him up, only to have a near-miss and send him running off and clucking in protest. The rooster had learned to watch out for the daily mango seed and was ready to run as soon as Eve's patio door opened.

Trish prepared her Mistress's breakfast and had her uniform ready. After Eve had eaten and dressed, the servant cleaned up the kitchen and dining area. She knelt, waiting for her orders for the day.

Eve ordered Trish to stand up and put her hands against the wall. She spent several minutes fondling her servant's bottom and breasts. Trish calmly waited for the policewoman to finish. She had learned that being ordered to assume the search position and submit to being groped was actually an indication her Mistress was in a good mood.

Eve left her servant with Flora before going to work. Trish had learned to appreciate being left with the neighbor: it meant that she'd not have to worry about anything apart from the daily chores. Yes, Flora always carried her switch and was quick to use it, but Trish was accustomed to the occasional swipe across the bottom. Anyhow, the retiree only struck if she felt the servant was showing disrespect or moving too slowly. Trish was becoming better at her routine and giving Flora fewer opportunities to "motivate" her. On that day, Trish performed so well that Flora did not strike her a single time.


The following day was Saturday, which meant another day shopping in the capitol. Trish also hoped it would be the day she could earn back her bathroom privileges and stop having to squat in the middle of the street every time she needed to piss.

As they wandered about the crowded downtown, Eve spent the morning plying her servant with water and juice, curious to see if she had learned anything from the previous week's "unpleasantness". Fortunately, over the week Trish had resolved her shyness about peeing in public. She had to relieve herself twice and on both occasions she was able to ignore the people watching her as she positioned herself over the storm drain. She released quickly and on cue, which minimized the time she had to spend squatting and drawing attention. As she wiped herself after the second potty break, she could tell that her Mistress was very pleased.

Sure enough, upon returning to the house and putting away the week's purchases, Trish knelt while Eve announced that she had earned back her right to use the bathroom. She stuck out her hand for the servant to kiss.

Towards sunset, Eve took Trish to the beach. It was late in the day, and very hot, as usual. The policewoman decided to leave her clothing at home and walk through the salt marsh in the nude. Walking around naked was not customary among the Islanders, but the area was isolated and Eve chose a trail rarely used on the weekends. So, for 40 minutes Trish followed her Mistress and studied her bare backside as they made their way to the shore.

Eve told her servant to go for a swim in the calm water, and then to walk along the beach. She followed her, carrying a camera and taking pictures. Trish didn't care. The water and warm air felt great on her naked body and she was able to relax and enjoy herself.

On their way back, Eve took more pictures of her "little sex-pot", experimenting with contrasting her pale body against the setting sun and tropical twilight. She was very pleased with the artistic quality of some of the images and was looking forward to posting them on the Internet.

Trish spent the night bathing, massaging, and giving an orgasm to her Mistress. She was exhausted, but happy. Her bathroom privileges had been given back to her, so life was looking a bit better.


The next day was Sunday and Eve wanted to take her servant to see a new part of the Island. Trish had seen the entire eastern side from the capitol in the north to Gannet Cove in the south, but she had not been anywhere to the west of the airport. Eve wanted to take her to the central part of the Island and photograph her in the Thunder Mountain National Park.

Santa Eduviges had been formed by two large volcanoes, one of which was dormant and the other was extinct. The more recently active volcano was called Thunder Mountain and it was surrounded by a national park that occupied over a fourth of the Island. The volcano was one of the most spectacular in the Caribbean, rising from near sea-level to 1,200 meters. Thunder Mountain derived its name not from eruptions, but instead from the rainstorms that frequently started around the summit and subsequently spread out to the rest of the Island.

Eve prepared a military-style backpack and filled it with water and other supplies. She covered Trish's upper body with sunscreen and the lower part of her body with insect repellent. She made sure her camera and cell phone were fully charged before taking her servant outside and calling a rickshaw.

For the first time since her arrest, Trish was about to do something that she actually expected to enjoy. Yes, she'd have to pose for dozens of high-resolution pictures that were likely to end up on the Internet, but that was nothing new and being photographed no longer bothered her.

The two women boarded the Island taxi and headed west. They passed the airport and began climbing the hills leading into the central part of the Island. As they neared their destination, the driver began to worry as he struggled to get his flimsy vehicle to complete the final part of the trek to the small town of Paradise Pass.

Paradise Pass was an eco-tourism center and full of foreigners. As was true for the beach resort, the vast majority of the Europeans in the town were Danubians. It was Trish's first chance to get a close look at the people who had kept the Island's economy going for the past five years. There was nothing that particularly distinguished Danubian men or children, but the all women had their hair done up in elaborate braids. The Danubians were clean-cut: no beards, hippie hair, body jewelry, or any tattoos among them. They did not wear torn clothing, nor did they wear any shirts with logos or visible labels. All of the tourists, without exception, were in good physical condition.

Trish was surprised that the foreigners were not shocked to see a naked and collared young woman running around in their midst. Later she would learn that Danubians were used to seeing such sights in their own country: convicted criminals in Danubia wore collars and were prohibited from wearing clothing. In fact, the collar Trish was wearing and the technician who put it on were both from Danubia.

As they passed through the park entrance, Trish silently wondered if she would have to carry Eve's backpack. It seemed very heavy; full of water, food, and camping gear. Fortunately, Eve considered the hike as part of her physical training and lugging 25 kilos of dead weight up the mountain was part of her fitness program. Also, Eve wanted to take a bunch of pictures of her servant in a natural setting and did not want scrapes or pressure marks from the pack disrupting the smoothness of her pale skin.

Even without the backpack, the uphill trail was not easy for Trish. The Mistress plodded along as a steady pace with the servant struggling to keep up with her.

Along the way there were numerous stops, because at each picturesque overlook Eve wanted to take pictures. Because she looked forward to the breaks and was grateful for any opportunity to rest, Trish enthusiastically modeled for Eve's camera. The Mistress was glad to see that her servant was cheerful about being photographed, not embarrassed and sullen as she had been a few weeks before.

Eve forced the American to drink water and eat fruit to stay hydrated. When her owner gave her a piece of fruit, she had to kneel, wait for it to be placed in her hands, and express her gratitude. There were a couple of times that tourists or Islanders were present, but all she was doing was performing her duties as a servant and had nothing to be ashamed of. Anyhow, the Danubians had comparable customs in their country. The tourists watched Trish with vague curiosity, but did not find what she was doing shocking in the least.

As they neared the summit, the volcano trail became a truly special place. At the top of Thunder Mountain there was a huge crater that was filled with a lake and surrounded by unique vegetation. The area around the crater was surrounded by dense forests and rocky outcroppings that had views of large portions of the Island and the sea that lay beyond.

Trish forgot about her exposure and enjoyed the feeling of the tropical breeze blowing on her bare skin. The exertion challenged her muscles and her skin was shining with sweat. She looked really good on the path and felt healthier than she had felt in a long time. Eve took a lot of pictures of her in various poses. Several times she handed her camera to a passing Danubian and asked him to take pictures of herself with Trish. Some of the Danubians also wanted pictures of Trish; or of the Mistress and her servant together. Trish posed over and over, not minding having her body on display for the benefit of the tourists' cameras. She knew that many of the pictures would be spread around the Internet, but she didn't care.

The lake was cold and clear; perfect for a refreshing swim after a long trek up the trail. There were several small beaches occupied by groups of naked Danubians. Eve walked around to the west side of the crater and found a spot that was deserted. She stripped off her clothing and ordered her servant to accompany her into the refreshing water. Following the swim, the two women ate a late lunch. Eve did not bother to get dressed after her swim.

Eve then surprised Trish by taking out a tent from her pack and showing her how to set it up. Trish had been wondering about the return trip, because she knew that it was far too late to make it back to the trailhead at Paradise Pass before nightfall. It turned out returning was not the Mistress's plan: instead she had planned to spend the night on the summit and hike down the following day.

Eve expected her nightly massage, as usual. She was exhausted from the hike and her shoulders hurt from hauling the backpack. Trish spread a large towel near the tent and spent the hour after sunset working her owner's muscles and getting her to relax. Eve lay on her back while the servant gave her an orgasm under the stars.

Finally she was ready to go to sleep. The mountain summit was chilly, so Eve ordered her servant to get into the sleeping bag with her. Trish fell asleep with Eve's strong arms around her body. There was no escape, but at the same time she realized that, as long as she was obedient, her Mistress would always protect her.

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