tagHumor & SatireThe Sexnocumnicon Ch. 01

The Sexnocumnicon Ch. 01


"There you are!"

Reemer slowly kneeled down beside the rotting bookshelf. The audible click of some anatomical part of his knees heralded the usage of irate muscles. His hand reached out to grasp at the fraying book cover. He pulled it out, not really minding the fact that half the books in that particular shelf teetered on the brink of falling off as he did so.

"Damn library. Can't bloody believe I've spent five whole minutes looking for one b-"

Reemer's upward motion was checked by the briefest flash of flesh he glimpsed through the hole that once had a book in it. The irate muscles of his calves and hips now moved in an agreeable manner, his joints and tendthingies with hardly a crimp as he crouched low in the mandatory observation position.

The brief expanse of flesh proved to be but a small part of a visage that contained a believably short skirt and unbelievably long legs. The pale skin reflected the library's fluorescent lighting, the resulting wavelength activating receptors in his eyes and activity in specific parts of his body. His face a mask of intent concentration, Reemer peered upward, assessing the form hinted at by the tight blue tshirt.

Height 5'4" Waist 28 in. curved. Belly flattened. Breasts 24-C. uplifted. globose. Nipples erect 0.5 in. diameter 0.3 in. in height

The girl, unmindful of the surveillance she was under, kept on reading her book. There was something a bit naughty about the way she turned the pages, her red fingernails contrasting with each page, and something definitely bad in her act of not reading in the reading area. Reemer turned his gaze upward, only the requisite body parts in motion as he attempted to observe the specimen.

Mouth small, pouting. Chin semi-weak.Nose small, slightly aquiline. Eyes wide, large, Pupils dark brown to black. Hair black, shoulder-length, straight. Moles. 2

The girl shifted her stance, briefly parting her legs, causing her skirt to move impossibly upwards and further highlighting her legs' magnificence. She swiveled slightly, still engrossed in her reading, her breasts swaying minutely, an act missed by many ordinary folk. Reemer's eyes took in every movement, every exposed stretch of skin,and noted every bounce, jiggle and ripple. Reemer's heart beat faster as his hand quivered to beat something. He found his right hand involuntarily moving.

As the mesmerized girl unwittingly allowed her body to search for a particularly comfortable reading while standing position, her elbows grazed the exposed edge of a particularly solid piece of rotting bookshelf. Electric sensations flooded her arm, causing her book to fall down. With cat-like reflexes, she bent her knees, her calves and hips wonderfully compensating and her breasts unwillingly reacting. Her skirt hiked up, exposing the porcelain flesh of her thighs and a bit of her derriere. His hand neared its intended location, hovering midair in anticipation. Focused as he was at the image, his peripheral vision caught the book's title as her slender hand held it. Reemer's eyes widened. He let out an involuntary gasp.

She turned.

She saw his eyes.

She saw his face.

She saw his hand.

Oh shit!

The girl let out a scream that pierced the library's silence. It immediately triggered an automatic response. A great roar thundered that drove the wounded silence out in fear.


Reemer O'Lord stood casually upward, unconcernedly walked to the end of shelf 3B and turned the corner just as the eyes of Head Librarian Tight rested on the place he had previously been. His skeletal chest heaving from his taxing dash, Tight still managed a bellow that exposed the books teetering on their shelves to the effects of gravity. "Library Lockdown! Get that damn pervert!"

The Lockdown commenced with ruthless efficiency. A plastic door sign hanging on a piece of string was inverted to show CLOSED to the outside world. Library Aide C's took their positions, three on the front door and two on each fire exit. Library Aide B's took their positions on the each stairwell. Library Aide A's led the young student assistants in a search through the stacks to flush out their prey.

A small portion of Reemer's mind was still the processing the images he had just obtained while the majority ran thousands of calculations to escape the current dilemma. Every sense in his body was heightened, ears collecting, collating and analyzing sounds as his eyes roved for Aides, Exits and Hiding Places. His nose filtered through the musky smell of old books, wary of the familiar stench of Tight's sweat. He knew that his 273 almost-caughts were irrelevant, what was crucial to the situation was the two times Tight had gotten a grip on him. A third would mean the end of his academic life. At least.

With uncanny prescience, Reemer evaded his pursuers. Moving fast, slow, casually, stealthily, or not at all, Reemer managed to become a dynamic part of the stacks. No shadow was left unhid, no desk unused and no space unutilized. Still he could feel his luck running out this time. His evasive maneuvers had unintentionally led him into the fringe zone where the dense stacks met the open reading area. The movement of his pursuers ensured inevitable discovery within a timeframe bordering on now. His gaze went to the narrow entrance a couple of meters from his current position, across the reading area.

No choice

Bordering on the speed of sound, he dashed to a place where he had always been chased from but have never run to.

The girls'restroom was empty.

Reemer walked quickly to the open window he had frequently used as an entrance and with superhuman agility, exited the scene of the crime. Momentarily free, his mental resources were appropriately allocated as he thought about the girl reading The Sexnocumnicon.

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