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Well, at long last I'm back with a new story. Thanks to all the fans that have been waiting for this story, I'm sorry it took so long. To new readers, one of the first questions I seem to get is, how did I choose my screen name. It was easy, my name is Jennifer O'Dell. I got the nickname JenniferO back in high school. There were 4 Jennifer's in my freshman home room and the teacher just added the first initial of my last name and it stuck. Most of my friends just call me Jenno. I've been writing and submitting stories here now for a few years. I'm now 28 years old, just turned this past November 7th. I'm getting to be an old lady now, but that's ok by me. Let's see what I say when I hit 30 though.

I'll describe myself for those who are new, I'm 5' tall, 86lbs this morning and have a swimmers build. I'm petite in almost every way, small hips, small body and small breasts. The only thing not petite are my nipples, they are huge. Someone upstairs must thought it was funny when he pulled them out of the parts bin, but I deal with them.

Most of the stories I write and post are based in real events, I do play with timings and people's names and such, but the core is pretty much what happened. I've tried to write fiction, but it seems fake to me, so I just continue to publish these things. Eventually, I'm going to have either quit or try again at making something up. We'll see what happens, those times are not here yet though, I still have a few more adventures to write about.

Ok, so what to say about this story. First it's a long sucker, I'm sorry for that, I've spent the last year rewriting and editing it down, but this is pretty much as far as I could pare it down and still have it make some sense. I'm not sure that it does. The story spans perhaps nine months or so, but the core is over a period of probably a month.

I think there's probably more to be done on it, but I'm through. I hope you enjoy, it's been the toughest one I've ever written.


Chapter One

This new story is set a bit later than some of my other ones. By this time, Bob and I had broken up for the final time. We had had a number of breakups of the previous year and a half, but this time it was well and truly done. He'd gone cross country to pursue a career as a fashion photographer and I stayed on the west coast to pursue my painting. In retrospect, I don't know what I was thinking at the time, long distance relationships really don't stand much of a chance of working and that proved true with ours.

I'd been through a few boyfriends since Bob, no one serious and certainly no one who could get my motor running like he did. From the beginning, he had an innate sense of what an exhibitionist I was and used it to the max. It played right along with his voyeuristic tendencies. Between the two of us, things kind of got out of control at times. If you've read any of my other stories, you know exactly what I mean.

The problem I found, was that no one really understood that part of my makeup and consequently no sparks were flying. Of course I couldn't come out and tell them either. I didn't have to do that with Bob, he somehow just got it. If you pay attention, I don't think it's that hard to figure out. The other thing is that it's outside the box. It's not what you find in a standard relationship.

One night at a party however, I met this guy through some friends. We were standing around in a group talking and in the course of the conversation I realized that he was kind of a voyeur.

It didn't come out just like that, but he was kind of hammered and things slipped. We were talking about this one girl who was pretty hammered and was beginning to piss off some of the girls with her provocative dancing.

I just smiled; girls are way too catty sometimes. She wasn't hurting anyone, just having some fun and she had the body to pull it off. So this guy mentioned how an old girlfriend had gotten out of control at a party one time and started dancing for the guys kind of like this girl was doing. They talked her into going to a strip club down the street that was having an amateur night.

Well, the other people in our little circle seemed to be a combination of horrified and turned on when he revealed that she ended up getting totally nude onstage.

"So... what did you think about all this?" One of the guys asked Michael. "I mean all your buddies were checking out your girlfriend's titties and stuff; didn't you think that was kind of fucked up?"

He laughed, "I don't know man... I know it should've, but it didn't... I thought it was hot to tell the truth. She had a killer body and looked great naked. What can I tell you?"

"I paid the price though." He continued, "She blamed me for the whole thing and broke up with me the next weekend because of it. Too bad, she was fun. I thought we had just broken through a barrier"

The girls just looked at each other, I could read their minds and it wasn't good. I, on the other hand, was intrigued. That little story kinda got my attention and made me wonder.

He was good looking, had a great job and seemed to be a pretty good guy according to my friends. Of course that story probably didn't do him any favors in their eyes. I made it a point to spend more time talking to him and by the end of the night he asked me out. Over the course of the next couple of months, we became an item.

It actually ended up working out pretty well, he did travel a lot and that allowed me the time I needed to paint. I'm kind of a workaholic. I liked the fact that he wasn't underfoot all the time.

Well... we were coming up on Valentine's Day, he was traveling and I wanted to surprise him with something and see how he would respond. I felt it was time to bring our relationship up a notch and see how he responded. I gave him the address of my yahoo photo page. I had loaded it up with a bunch of nude photos with explanations under most of them.

He called me within minutes of looking at the page and had me talk him through each one. He loved it, so I decided to go with the rest of my idea. I asked him if he'd like to see me live online. Of course that got his attention. I mean he was by himself in a hotel room. I had him to get online and then directed him into a private room on a web cam site. When he got into the room, I started to tease him and eventually did a rather provocative web cam striptease.

Well, he went nuts. He had stayed on the phone and we talked as I was stripping. It drove him absolutely crazy to see me doing this online. He thought that this was a really crazy, wild thing. That was the beginning, after that time, he would beg me to do more shows for him whenever he was on the road and I obliged him, making the shows more and more interesting with the introduction of various toys. We'd be on the phone and he'd tell me what he wanted me to do and I for the most part would.

As the shows progressed over the next couple of months, he started fantasizing about what would happen if someone came into our private room while I was doing these things. One night when he was talking about that, he wanted to know what I would do. I asked him if he wanted to have other men see me naked. He hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, I had put him on the spot. I urged him on, laughing. I told him he could tell me, it was ok and he finally told me that that was kind of fantasy of his, but he didn't want me to do it if it would ruin things between us.

I told him that if it was important to him, I would be willing try it. I would leave the room public the next time we did this and see how it went. Well that notched it up a couple more levels for him. He seemed like he was on the verge of an orgasm just at the idea that I would show myself to other guys for his pleasure.

Of course, there was no guarantee that anyone would show up, but just the idea that they could drove him wild. The next time we got a chance to play, I set up the room as a public one and started to tease Michael a bit. A few minutes later a guy showed up. He watched for a couple of minutes, I still wasn't showing anything, but I guess he saw the potential because he started asking me to show my tits and stuff, a couple of minutes later there was a crowd forming in the room. They were all crazy for me to start showing, but I just kept being a tease for a while.

Now... this was kind of cool, I liked the idea that I wasn't only driving Michael crazy but that I was driving a bunch of guys crazy. It was great fun! But I also was trying to feel out Michael on the whole thing.

I continued to tease... you know taking my bra off from under my shirt, letting them see how my nipples pushed the material my thin shirt out. Stuff like that, but they demanded more. Michael seemed into it too, asking me to show more, he acted as if he was just another guy in the room. I finally revealed my breasts.

The guys seemed to love it. Of course, there were a couple of them who commented on the size of my breasts, they're just not that big. But I just ignored them, there're always a few jerks that are only happy putting others down. Most of the guys seemed to love my small breasts and large, plump nipples. Actually in my experience, that's pretty typical, it seems big nipples are in demand... and Michael, well Michael, he was beside himself that I was showing all these guys my breasts.

He liked it so much that that's all he wanted me to do from that point on. Of course I was into it to, but I played it off that I was doing it for him. For the first couple of shows after that, I'd tease for awhile then let them see my breasts. I would then maybe tease my nipples while they watched and stuff, but nothing really wild. I wanted to feel out Michael to make sure that he was ok with the direction this was going. He seemed to be more than ok with it, he was really into it. I progressed to teasing them with different panties and then a thong that really showed off my ass, my best feature. I would pull the thong up into my pussy so that my lips would begin to squeeze out the sides, but no further.

A month or so after we started into this little game, I drank a little too much wine one night and frankly, just got out of control. I finally let them talk me into taking off my thong and let them all see my pussy for the first time.

Michael was on phone with me at the time as I was doing this and he was so on the edge of coming. I could tell by his strained voice on that he was really having trouble controlling himself. I was really into how he aroused he sounded, I opened myself and let them see how wet my pussy was, how swollen my clit was and just how excited I was. That was it, Michael lost it and came. I turned off the camera and got myself off too.

The next time I got online a couple of weeks later, I found that I had a band of regulars in addition to Michael. Evidently, my reputation was spreading on the web cam site I was on. I don't know what I was doing differently than other girls, maybe nothing, but it seemed like it was always the same names coming into my room. Of course, I didn't recognize all the names, but some were easy. I guess part of it was that I didn't come on every day and so turned into a kind of event when I did open a room, that and I was making things kind of exciting.

On this particular visit, I let them talk me out of my panties again. I let them see my pussy from a number of angles. One of the best is when I get into a kind of doggie style position with my ass high in the air. I rolled over and lay back, spread my legs and started to just idly play with my pussy a little. Then, I brought out this big, black, vibrator, dildo thing I had just bought, Michael had no idea I had it. I started rubbing it along my slit, a new level of excitement swelled in the room.

This thing was shaped like a big black, very realistic dick, but it had some kind of twisty thing in it that made it kinda twist as it slowly turned and vibrated. It was sort of like a big, soft vibrating screw I guess.

I started sucking on the head of it to get it nice and wet before doing anything else and the room lit up. Some of the guys were being kind of rude. They were out of control as much as Michael and I were. They still had no idea that Michael was my boyfriend and that I was doing this for him.

I was getting really out of control now too. It was getting me off big time that all these guys were watching me do this. I arched my back and started rubbing the thing against my pussy again. As I felt my lips parting, that old tingle took over. I set the camera so that it was focused on my pussy, but with the rest of me was still on screen. It was pretty cool seeing what they were seeing. My pussy was stretching open to accommodate this thing. I slipped it back and forth along my pussy lips a few times before slowly sliding between swollen, slick lips. The view of my pussy being stretched and violated as this thing slowly screwed itself into me was so hot. The guys went crazy and I went crazy.

It felt wicked as it stretched me first one way then another and then the vibrating on top of it... lord, it was just friggin incredible. I had the phone still up by my ear and I could hear Michael talking to me, He was telling me to give the guys close-ups of the vibrator buried in my pussy. He wanted me to do other things. I couldn't acknowledge him or really do much of anything other than what I was doing. I wasn't in control any longer, that big, black dildo owned me.

I continued to play with myself and in what seemed like no time at all, I went over the edge with a tremendous orgasm. I lay there panting, trying to regain control of my breathing, but the thing was still turning and twisting in my pussy and before I realized it was happening, I arched my back and blasted into another huge orgasm.

I pulled the thing out and lay there recovering from the orgasms as my audience watched my pussy continue to spasm with the post orgasmic waves. When I recovered enough to move, I looked at the screen again and the guys were hooting about my show and wanted to know when I was going to be on again. I told them that it was up to Michael, he was my boyfriend and this had been a gift for him. The guys were amazed that he let his girlfriend do that for them all. It seemed the show was a hit and Michael was so excited that he almost couldn't talk. I cut the online connection and spent a couple more minutes on the phone with Michael before finally hanging up and going to bed totally wiped out.

Well Michael was so thrilled with me and it was all he could talk about when he came back later in the week. He showed me some of the pictures that he had captured as I put on my show. It looked like pictures you'd find in a dirty magazine somewhere, but I had to admit that they did look pretty hot too.

Well this little bit of exhibitionism became a regular part of our routine when he was on the road over the next couple of months. I didn't always open the room up to public viewing, but more times than not I did. To be honest, I loved the exhibitionist part of it too. That was an aspect of my life that I had missed that with the other guys I had dated after Bob.

Chapter 2

One weekend when he was away on one of his trips, I got a surprise visit from my best friend Rachel. She'd had major fight with her husband and wanted to stay with me for a few days. I was psyched that she had come to visit; I hadn't seen her in a few months.

She called on Thursday night and arrived on Friday afternoon. We drank and talked into the wee hours of the morning. It turned out that she found out or more accurately suspected he had cheated on her. I knew that it helped more if I just listened to what she had to say. She seemed much more relaxed by the time we went to bed.

The next morning we decided to do some shopping in San Francisco and we had a fantastic time. I forget sometimes how much fun it is go out shopping with another girl. I almost never do girlfriend things like that. We even played the tourist a little bit down at Fisherman's Wharf. As it got later in the day I started looking at my watch. I was supposed to be home by 8pm because I had promised Michael a show. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to manage it though. I was thinking that I should probably just call it off this time.

We were sitting having an early dinner when Rachel noticed me checking my watch again and finally asked where I had to be. I debated with myself for a moment and then deciding, I waved her to come close as I leaned toward her. I whispered what I was supposed to do that night for Michael. I sat back looking at her with a smile.

She burst out laughing... "You are such a little slut... tell me all about it."

I looked around and no one seemed to be paying any attention, so I told her the whole story about our torrid little online love life. I told her how it started and even how sometimes, I leave the room public so that other men can see me. I didn't tell her about the big black dildo though.

When I was done, Rachel sat back and stared at me open mouthed. "Oh my god... that's getting me so hot just thinking about it... that sounds so cool! You really are still a little slut!"

I told her that I wasn't that much of a slut; I'd decided to cancel for tonight.

She shook her head.

"Oh no you don't, you're not canceling out on my account. I can make myself scarce for a couple of hours while you do your thing. I don't want to be the reason that he had to go find some girl to take care of his needs tonight when you don't show."

I laughed and told her not to worry about it, but she was insistent and wouldn't drop the issue until I agreed to go ahead with my original plan.

We finished up dinner and headed back to the coast and my house. We got home with plenty of time to spare. I mixed up an icy pitcher of margaritas; they went down so well, that I mixed another one. We were both pretty looped and just shooting the breeze when out of the blue Rachel asked if I ever thought about that party at her house when everything got so wild at the end. I told her that I had often thought of it and had even written a story about it.

"A story, I've got to read that! I didn't know you were a writer."

"I'm not" I protested. "It's just this thing I do sometimes. I'm not really that good."

I hesitated for a moment considering and then decided what the hell, she's my best friend and besides she's in it, although I wasn't sure how she'd feel about me writing about that experience. I told her I'd let her read it now if she wanted. She did.

While I was calling up the file on the computer, I told her about my stories and how I got started posting some online and people seemed to like them. I opened the story I wrote about that night. It's called "The Wall". I let her read it while I went to make sure everything was set in the bedroom for my little adventure.

When I came back out into the living room about 15 minutes later, Rachel's face was all flushed and she looked at me with a kind of sparkle in her eye.

"Jenn, this is incredible... it's what happened and it doesn't sound at all sleazy, just really, really sexy. This is just how it really felt at the time. My god, I think about that night all the time. It was the wildest night of my life. I've never done anything like it since. Jimmy tried to get me to fuck his best friend one night about a year later when we were all drunk, but I wouldn't do it and he got all pissed. He tries to get me to show my tits all the time, I've done that a few times but not to his friends. I hate it when he pushes me like that though. If he'd just let be my idea, I'd do it. I might even be willing to let some guy fuck me while he watched if the situation was right. I want to the one to choose though, not him. And now with him catting around, I'd love to get back at him, even if it's only in my mind."

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