tagChain StoriesThe Sibling Diaries Ch. 01

The Sibling Diaries Ch. 01

byIntimate Confessions©

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A word to the reader

One of the first rules of semantics states, "The map is not the territory, the word is not the thing." Words, in and of themselves are harmless. It is people who attach meaning to them, or take certain actions based upon them.

Many people, men and women, fantasize about incest. As a fantasy it's pretty harmless, as a reality it is destructive to those who are involved, especially young people who are victimized by older persons.

This story is intended to titillate, to arouse and to entertain. It is intended to rock your world. Enjoy it responsibly. It is a joint effort between a man and a woman to write an erotic story that is arousing to both genders. Don't bother skipping ahead to the dirty parts. Much of what makes them dirty in the first place is the unfolding situation that gets you there. In writing this, we are trying to create an experience that you, the reader can join in so that when we shudder in an agony of delight, you the reader can also be a part of the agony and the delight. How true is this story? It's as true as you want it to be. No animals were harmed or law broken in the creation of this story.

- Intimate Confessions


I should have known I was biting off more than I could chew when I signed the lease to this apartment. Actually, the word apartment is really not adequate to describe my place, penthouse is more like it. Although technically I'm not on the top floor, I might as well be.

Glass walls with a sunken living room overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge plus 1500 feet of living space, it's more like a house sitting on top of the city.

After I saw the steam room, the gourmet kitchen and wine pantry, I was putty in the leasing agent's hands. It was the height of the dot-com boom and I foresaw no difficulty in meeting the rather steep leasing payments. After all, I was on top of the world, a rising writer in one of the nations' leading e magazines. I signed a five-year lease to mitigate the payments a little and settled in to a style of life to which I was rapidly becoming accustomed.

Now, three years later with the benefit of hindsight, I count myself lucky to be working at all. 'Still employed, but not quite making ends meet.

I'm not standing on the street with a sign or anything, but the apartment is eating me alive. I had to do something. My situation was getting desperate, and the view… Oh God, I can't believe that I'm asking my sister to share the space with me.

I should be happy and grateful that she wound up landing a job in the same city I live and work in. I thought after she finished school in Texas she'd be moving back to Chicago where our parents live. Turns out her new employer made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Good for me, I guess…



There are two very good reasons I find myself nervous about this arrangement.

First, my lifestyle is, well, somewhat libertine. That is to say, one of the primary reasons I took out the lease on this mansion in the sky was to get laid as often as possible. I'm happy to report that for the past couple of years have seen a steady stream of young women fall prey to the atmosphere and ambience I have so painstakingly cultivated. But unfortunately, I'm sorry to say my sister Gretta, with one or two notable exceptions is a bit of a prude. We came from a rather conservative family back in Chicago and I'm afraid she may not approve of my rather randy lifestyle.

The second and utterly secret reason is that… Well, I have always been attracted to her. Maybe not always, but for a while now. I'm going to explain the circumstances that caused this situation and you will understand that there are reasons why I'm more than a little nervous about this arrangement.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I'm no pervert and I would never actually consider initiating any kind of sexual thing with Gretta, but the attraction is definitely there and has been every since an incident occurred about four years ago. Not only is it there, but I'm pretty sure the attraction is still mutual.

Gretta knows what I'm talking about and hopefully she has thought long and hard about the ramifications of our decision and is approaching living in the same apartment with the iron resolve necessary for such an arrangement.. We made a promise to each other four years ago that so far we've been able to live up to.

Let me explain…

Four years ago when we both lived at home Gretta and I were flying back from visiting an aunt and uncle in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had been in the air about forty five minutes when the pilot announced the plane was being diverted to Denver, Colorado because Midway was snowed in.

When we arrived at Denver International, we called home and our parents booked a room for us at an airport hotel in Aurora. When we went to pick up our bags, we discovered they had been placed on another plane bound for Chicago Midway and that flight had been diverted to New Mexico. Long story short, the only clothing we had was in a bag I was carrying with me. The only clothing Gretta had she was wearing.

I should mention that this was one of those days I would define as a "horny day." For those of you who are long past adolescence, this means that I was very aware of every female in my visual range and I'm ashamed to say this included Gretta.

My sister's a couple of inches shorter than I am, but despite her slender athletic figure, she is utterly feminine. While nature has not given her large breasts, her long legs more than make up for any perceived shortcoming of cleavage. She accentuates her legs by wearing skirts that show them off to their best advantage and was doing so on the afternoon in question. Add to these assets, long blonde hair, green eyes and a killer smile, and you have a girl who would stand out in any crowd.

As we made our way to the hotel van, her lips were turned down in an uncharacteristic pout as she considered the next sixteen hours without a change of clothes.

"Don't worry Gretta," We threaded our way through the milling crowds to the terminal exit. "I've got an extra nightshirt in my carry along that you can borrow. After all, maybe it's for the best, I've seen some of the outfits you sleep in at home…"

Gretta laughed, her frown disappearing like a rain shower in a beam of sunlight. "I guess I can survive one night without my wardrobe."

Sitting next to her in the van, I couldn't help but notice the way her skirt rode up on her firm smooth legs as she crossed them and leaned back, waiting for the van to get to the hotel. I should say that I noticed this in the dispassionate and very proper manner that any brother would notice such a thing. Besides there were two other women who boarded the van with us and I spent the remainder of the trip watching them, especially one who was wearing a V neck top that showed just the hint of the tops of her breasts. As I said, it was indeed a horny day for me and I was alive to the sexual possibilities… Even the most remote and unlikely chances seemed… Well, possible.

We got the hotel, checked in, ate dinner at the restaurant and retired to our room for the night. I went into the bathroom and changed into my nightshirt, a flannel plaid eyesore that was warm and fuzzy. When I emerged I handed Gretta my extra which was more of an oversized T-shirt, but more than enough to provide her with modest nightwear. At least, I thought that was the case.

When she emerged wearing my nightshirt, I realized that it was much shorter then I remembered and exposed all but the top three or four inches of her remarkable legs.

I put my eyes back in my head. "Oh my… Gretta, I'm… I'm sorry. Look, my shirt is bigger… Uhm, we can switch."

But she only laughed. "I guess I'll stick with what I'm wearing, if I have to choose between a little skimpy and butt ugly, I'll stick with what I've got."

I could see the sense in what she was saying, after all, the shirt wasn't a whole lot shorter than the skirt she had been wearing all day.

We both curled up on opposite ends of the couch, switching through the cable offerings on the TV. We watched the local news and a family movie on HBO.

It was still pretty early in the evening when Gretta started channel surfing looking for another movie when she stumbled across the hotels' erotic channel. As luck would have it, the title of the movie just beginning was "Sister's Helping Hand".

"Oh gross!" Gretta squealed. "Is this what I think it is?"

"It looks like it. Why don't you go back to HBO and see what's on."

"In a minute. I want to see if the movie is as disgusting as the title."

Unlike many pornographic films, the movie was not disgusting. It consisted of a series of interviews with a supposed brother and sister who looked remarkably alike interspersed with short snippets of the same brother and sister masturbating with each other.

Unlike many videos of this type, the interviews seemed genuine and the snippets showed what seemed to be two very aroused young people teasing each other. They acted with innocent sincerity and increasing excitement as they gradually moved from flirtatious conversation to gradual undressing and finally to mutual masturbation. This grew bolder as the movie progressed. At first, the girl was doing it sitting across from her "brother" while he sat and watched. Then they were sitting next to one another doing it together. Finally, they were touching each other, whispering together as they grew more aroused.

I was glad to be sitting down. As the video unfolded I found myself becoming quite aroused. I chalked it up to being in close quarters with my sister for so long. It had been several days since I had the opportunity to relieve myself and I figured the sexual pressure was building up. I promised myself a good climax in the shower when I got up in the morning and in the meantime I could just suffer a little.

Gretta was utterly silent as we both watched. Her face was flushed and her short shirt had ridden up exposing her panties but she didn't seem to notice. Her gaze was riveted on the screen as the girl rubbed her brother's erect cock against her pussy. The girl was whispering "You know we can't fuck, don't you?" as she continued rubbing. Her brother nodded and shuddered.

In the interviews, they each explained that they had begun doing it during a dry spell during dating and they gradually become sexually involved with each other. In each snippet, they were closer to each other, wearing less clothing and using more and more explicit language. You could tell that it was only a matter of time before their self-discipline broke down entirely.

I thought we had been watching for about twenty minutes when Gretta turned to me. "This really is as disgusting as the title, you don't suppose that they're actually related do you?"

I looked at her. "No, no, they're just a couple of actors reading a script… Uhm, in this case, a really sick, perverted script."

"You said it." She switched back to HBO. I noticed that she seemed to be breathing a little heavily and chalked it up to outrage. I also saw that while it seemed we had only been watching for a short time, an hour had gone by; not twenty minutes.

We watched for a while and Gretta was really quiet.

"That's illegal isn't it?"

"What?" I was already absorbed in the movie, an action flick with plenty of explosions and a half- dressed romantic interest clinging to the leading man adoringly.

"The brother and sister thing. silly. Isn't it against the law?"

I thought for a minute. "I think it is in most cultures, but in some places, people do it."

"What places?"

"Well, in ancient Egypt, the royal family always married brother and sister."

"That's ancient history. Do people still do it today?"

"What? Allow marriage between siblings? I don't think so, but apparently some people still want to… Or at least want to fool around."

"That's sick." She looked pale, like she was going to throw up.

"I know. I guess you'd have to be pretty hard up to try that."."

We continued watching the action movie. I went to the bathroom to answer a call of nature. When I returned in a few minutes, Gretta had been channel surfing and apparently returned to the same movie we'd been watching earlier. She was flushed and leaning forward in her seat as if to get a better view and she jumped when I walked in the room.

She fumbled with the control, hitting several buttons before she clicked the "off" switch. "I guess we'd better turn in, there's nothing good on."

I agreed, peeled off my nightshirt and clad only in underwear walked into our shared room. Ignoring a playful wolf whistle from Gretta, I pulled my covers back. We each climbed into our bed and shut off the lights.

As we were drifting off to sleep, Gretta asked sleepily, "Do you think I'm attractive?"

"Of course, why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering, sometimes I think I'm a little too skinny."

"You're just fine. If you weren't my sister, I'd date you."

"Really?" She sounded very awake.

"In a New York minute, sis. Now, can we get some shuteye?" My eyes grew heavier by the moment.

"Thank you, David." Softly, the words drifted to me from across the room.

"You're welcome." I drifted off into sleep.

I woke in the middle of the night from an improbably erotic dream with a throbbing, rigid erection. In my dream, Gretta and I were at a drive-in movie, kissing and making out like any normal adolescent couple. My hands were down her pants playing with a very slippery pussy and she was slowly stroking my hard cock, protruding from my entirely unzipped and unbuttoned pants. Her shirt was unbuttoned revealing the slight swell of her breasts. Her tongue was soft and warm in my mouth as she tried to spread her legs wider; trapping my hand inadvertently in her partially unzipped jeans.

"Just my luck." I opened my eyes in the darkened room. "An unfinished wet dream in a hotel room with my sister sleeping four feet away."

But Gretta wasn't sleeping at all. She wasn't even in the room. A blue light from the sitting room glowed through a crack in the door. She was watching TV. "Watching TV?"

Before I had time to think about this, the blue light shining through the cracked door went out and the room was plunged into darkness. A moment later I heard the door open and the sound of Gretta moving across the room to her bed. I heard the blanket and sheet pulled down and the bed creak slightly as she climbed in. The covers rustled as she pulled them up.

In the silence of the darkened room, I heard Gretta turn over in bed and waited for the sound of her breathing to become regular. I figured once she was asleep I could slip into the bathroom and take care of my extremely hard dick without her being the wiser.

Her breathing however didn't become regular. She kept moving around in her bed repositioning herself. She seemed to be holding her breath and letting it out in small gasps.

"Was she crying?"

That seemed unlikely. I'd been with her the entire trip and she seemed very happy all the time we were together, yet I could swear she was crying. It sounded like she was trying to stifle her sobs by holding her breath. There would be silence for maybe a minute and then she would release her breath in a slow controlled gasp.

Then I heard another sound that I was unable to identify. It was a rhythmic sound coming from her side of the room. It seemed muffled and then I realized it was coming from under her covers.

"What on earth is she doing?"

I slowly turned in my bed and strained me ears and eyes to try to figure out what she was doing there in the dark. I was able to just make out her shape on the bed. Her knees were raised under the blanket and I was able to hear that muffled sound again. She gasped under her breath and the sound became a little louder and faster.

"Is she doing what I think she's doing?"

As if in reply she whimpered and took a deep ragged breath as the sound of her hand under the cover slowed and then sped up again.

"I don't believe it; She's masturbating!"

It took me a moment to understand. She thought I was asleep. She was getting herself off because she thought I wasn't awake.

The realization of what she was doing hit me like a stroke of lightening. My erect cock, which had softened slightly as I waited for her to drift off to sleep, became instantly as rigid as tempered steel. A flame of raw excitement burned in my stomach and my entire body began to tingle.

Suddenly she stopped and I thought my state of wakefulness had been detected, A moment later, however the snap of elastic and the faint sound of fabric slipping over skin told me she was slipping her panties off. I heard her sit up in bed and then could just detect her shadow folding her heavy comforter style blanket to her feet. That just made sense; the room was pretty warm.

As she lay back down, I reached slowly down and touched the outline of my cock, which was standing as rigid as a flagpole despite the jockey shorts I was still wearing. They felt like they were about to tear, yet I didn't dare to ease myself out of the leg opening; I was far to hard to do that without making more noise than a sleeping person would.

She resumed where she had left off. Now, with the heavy outer cover off I could hear what she was doing all too clearly. In addition to the sound of her hand hitting the sheet, I could hear a wet, slippery sound that couldn't be anything but a very wet pussy.

As her excitement increased, her caution declined. She was no longer holding her breath. It came in sharp gasps and occasionally a whimper would escape as she continued rubbing her cunt rapidly and totally oblivious to my presence.

All this time I had been squeezing my relentlessly throbbing cock through my underwear in the futile hope that I could somehow squeeze it to a quiet orgasm. All this was doing was making me more and more excited.

"All I can do is wait for her to finish" I thought to myself as I continued to alternately caress and squeeze my aching dick. I was on fire with arousal and if she kept on doing that I felt I wouldn't be able to stop myself from openly masturbating along with her.

"Would she even notice?"

Slowly I began to peel back the taunt material that imprisoned my aching dick. Part of it was soaking wet and stuck to the cotton material as I tried to free myself. Finally I got the material over the head of my straining cock. It sprung free and the elastic snapped back into place.

On the other side of the room, Gretta stopped rubbing herself and for a moment I thought she had heard me. I froze and waited for her to say something. Under the covers, my newly liberated cock tingled and dripped a steady stream of pre come on the sheet.

I heard her sheet rustle as she repositioned herself and then the sound of her fingers as they resumed rubbing, they sounded louder somehow. Straining my eyes, I saw that she had slid her sheet down to her feet and was masturbating without any covering.

The darkness of the room was so complete that I really couldn't see too much, but I was able to make out the shape of her pale white legs raised on her bed. Of course I could clearly hear her as she rubbed her pussy and then stopped. She rubbed and then stopped. Again and again she repeated this, all the time her breathing becoming more and more ragged.

Beneath the covers, my trembling hand grasped my inflamed and slippery cock and began to slowly move it up and down the shaft. Any illusions I may have had about quietly and modestly getting myself off disappeared instantly. The sound was clearly discernible even under a sheet and blanket. It was the unmistakable sound of someone jacking off. A hand moving up and down a very slippery cock with increasing urgency.

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