The Sibling Diaries Ch. 01

byIntimate Confessions©

I looked back at the TV where the sister had slipped her hand inside her brother's pajama bottoms. We both watched in silence (if you don't count heavy breathing) as the shape of her hand moved up and down his cock. As she did this, her brother slipped his own hand inside of her panties. As soon as he did this, she spread her legs a little and slippery sounds began to issue as she shuddered and widened her legs even more.

The brother had just started caressing both his sister's breasts with his free hand, gently kneading and pilling her erect nipple when a knock at the door startled us both so badly we jumped.

"Who is it?" Gretta shouted in a unnaturally high pitched, guilty and slightly panicked voice while she desperately searched for the TV controller.

From the other side of the door came the muffled reply, "Room Service."

"Oh yeah" she said as she found the remote and thumbed the program off, "Just a second, I'll be right there."

"I think I'll let you get that," I said frantically looking around for something, anything to drape over my lap, "The money's in the right hand pocket of my pants. Passing me on the way to the door, she tossed me the shirt I had worn earlier in the day about the exact moment I located a pillow. Feeling absurd, I sat back down on the couch, threw the shirt over my lap, sat the pillow on top of that and placed my glass of wine on top of the pillow. It looked like I had created a makeshift table for wine instead of a makeshift drape for a hard dick.

"Come in" Gretta was saying, "and set that on the table. Could you leave the corkscrew?"

The guy bringing the wine was young. I like it when people in service jobs are young. Generally this means they're working their way through school and not really doing that sort of for a living. I guessed that this was the case with this guy.

He wasn't quite as young as we were at the time, but still a young sport, no more than twenty-two. "Sure" he said, placing the corkscrew along with the two bottles of wine on the table and watching Gretta as she knelt down with one knee on the floor to get the money out of my pocket. I followed his gaze and could see what commanded his attention. Gretta wasn't facing us. We could see her from the side. When she knelt down I could see that she had never gotten around to putting her panties back on. Her shirt rode up nearly to her waist exposing not only her thigh, but most of her side as well. She seemed to be having difficulty locating the money. "What pocket is it in?" she asked turning her face in our direction.

"The right hand pocket" I repeated.

"I'm really sorry" she said glancing back at the room service guy, "I'll have your tip in just a second.

"Don't worry about it" he said, "Just take your time, I'm not in a big rush."

I'll just bet he wasn't. Clearly he was enjoying himself but I had to give him credit for the degree of savoir-faire he showed in dealing with the situation.

"Going to school?" I asked conversationally.

"How'd you know?"

"Lucky guess, mind if I ask where?"

"Not at all, DU School of Law."

"How's this job work with that?"

"Great, on this shift I get to study when I'm not taking orders to rooms. Late at night, that's just about all of the time."

"What're you studying tonight?"

"Don't ask", he said stealing a quick glance at Gretta's smooth thigh and beyond. Constitutional Law, I was glad to have a break from the grind."

"I'll bet."

Gretta continued to fumble for what seemed like an eternity while our guest was treated to views of Gretta I'm willing to bet even some boyfriends had missed out on. Then, at last, triumphantly, "Here it is!" followed by "Oh Hell!" and the sound of many coins hitting the floor.

Forgetting Room Service entirely, she scrambled around on all fours chasing the coins as they rolled in every direction. One hand clutched the ten-dollar tip and the other moved rapidly picking up quarters pennies and dimes.

My shirt was a V-neck and easily covered her nicely when she was in an upright position sitting or standing. At this point, she was doing neither and as a result the neck opening hung down giving me and I presume the other guy a clear view of her small breasts and stiffened, rigid nipples as she chased the change around the floor.

She really wasn't doing too well on the other end either, but had not turned herself that way yet. Despite my enjoyment of both her discomfiture and her inadvertent display of her most intimate areas, I decided to jump in before she showed him the Gates of Heaven.

"Uh Gretta?" I said, clearing my throat.

She stopped her mad scramble and looked up at me.

"Why don't you give the nice man his money and we can pick up the change later."

I think it was just dawning on her that she was showing a stranger sights no man should see until he had paid for a lot of nice dinners, because she was blushing furiously as she scrambled to her feet, holding his money in an outstretched hand.

Our waiter slowly and deliberately put his hands behind his back, clasping them together.

"Don't you want it?" Gretta asked in a somewhat plaintive voice.

There was a broad, friendly smile on his face and his eyes twinkled as he said, "Miss, I've enjoyed this call more than I can say. I believe a gratuity would be redundant at this point; I couldn't think of taking money from you. Looking over at me, his smile widened and he said, "Both of you have a delightful evening and if you want anything else, be sure to ask for Doug, I'll be on for the rest of the night if you need me."

He turned on his heel and left, plucking the "Do not disturb" signs out of the Welcome Basket and shut the door with a click. We could hear him slipping it into our card lock outside and then his footsteps faded into the carpeted hallway.

Like I said; savoir-faire.

Gretta collapsed onto the couch laughing and said, "That went well"

I tossed the pillow to one side along with my shirt and carrying my wineglass I walked over and retrieved hers. I was half way to the table before I realized Gretta was staring at me again. Looking down I could see that my erection was still very healthy. While it had softened enough to be bent partly over, it was still very much alive and kicking. Looking over at the clock I realized that the room service guy had only been in our room for a couple of minutes; it had just seemed longer.

I was about to make a self-depreciating remark but I realized that her gaze was riveted back on the screen so I continued with my task, refilling both our glasses and opening another bottle because we had nearly finished the first. When I turned back, she was staring at me again.

Gretta had turned the volume back up and the video was at a slow part. The brother and sister sitting completely dressed in a room being interviewed.

I handed Gretta her glass and sat down next to her. We both sipped wine and listened to the interview. They were talking about how they started to masturbate together after their first experience which Gretta and I had been watching a reenactment of.

The sister was saying, "I realized that if we didn't set some ground rules we'd be fucking before we knew it. Her brother was nodding emphatically as she spoke.

"What kind of rules did you put into place?" the interviewer asked.

"Well at first, we tried having only one person undressed jacking off at a time." Her brother said. His sister broke in, "That didn't work."

"Someone was always left out and wound up in the bathroom doing it alone."

The scene suddenly changed and the sister was standing, entirely dressed in a short skirt and blouse watching her brother jack off. It was clear that he was excited, but also that he felt strange doing it with her just watching. She asked him, "Do you know what I'm going to do when you finish?"

"I think so" he gasped, his hand moving up and down his shaft briskly.

"I'm going to go in the bathroom and watch myself in the mirror."

"Are you going to play with your pussy?"

"Oh yes, I'm going to imagine you watching me, the way I'm watching you."

"That's what I did last time." He gasped, his cock making a slippery sound as he rubbed it.

"You thought about me watching you?"

"Oh yes."

Next to me Gretta stirred and said, "David"


I looked over at her and once again she was openly staring at my erection as she leaned back, hips undulating slightly back and forth.

"When we finish watching this I think I'm going to do the same thing she's going to do."

"OK" I gulped.

"I'm going to imagine that you're watching me play with myself."

"You are?"

"I hope you don't mind."

"How could I mind when I'm going to be doing the same thing."

"Imagining that I'm watching you?"


"Watching you jack off?"

"Yes Gretta"

"Oh David, I hoped you were going to say that."

We both sat for a moment, nursing our individual lust. On the screen the story had intensified and the brother and sister in the story were clearly losing control. The sister was standing astride of her brother, her skirt stretched tight by her legs.

She leaned down to him so their faces were almost touching.

"If I let you watch me while I do it, will you promise no touching?"

"Oh yes, no touching."

"We can't start touching one another, you know what that leads to, don't you?"

"Yes." He had stopped rubbing and sat with his rigid cock standing upright shining with the oil he had been using for lubrication.

"Tell me" she said in a husky voice with just the hint of unsteadiness, which betrayed her excitement, "What will happen if we start touching."

He began to stroke his cock, slowly this time and spoke with relish, well aware of the effect his words were having on her. "If we start touching, then we'll start kissing and I'll be sliding this hard cock between your legs against your wet cunt and pretty soon you'll be begging me to put it in just a little bit."

"His sister swallowed hard and said, "Go on."

"I'll want to real bad."

"Want to what?"

"I'll want to slide my cock into your wet cunt and fuck you until we both come together. I'll want to play with your breasts while you slide up and down on my hard cock."

His sister took a shaky breath and said, "I love to hear you say that, give me a couple of minutes and remember no touching."

She turned on her heel and walked briskly into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

The camera work on this was really good. It showed her unbuttoning her blouse with shaky fingers and letting it slip off her shoulders while she worked with the buttons on the side of her skirt. As the skirt dropped down her legs, she reached behind to undo the clasp on her bra and then roughly shoved her pantyhose and underwear off, kicking them to one side.

At once she turned to face a full-length mirror on the wall and started to hurriedly stimulate her clitoris with one hand while alternately slapping her flaming red pussy with the other.

My own cock had returned to rigid attention, standing totally erect straining the fabric of my underwear. I glanced over at Gretta who was sitting right next to me. She was squeezing her legs together and had resumed pulling on the hem of her shirt. Her nipples were clearly visible and her breathing was quite ragged. I leaned back, bringing my cock to even more noticeable prominence. I saw Gretta glance at it but we were both pretty engrossed in what was happening on the screen.

On the screen, the sister was furiously masturbating in front of a mirror, alternately slapping then stroking a bright red pussy that shone with lubrication. Behind her, the door to the bathroom opened and her brother entered. He stood motionless, his rigid member standing our like a tree branch as he watched his sister.

Beside me I heard Gretta stifle a gasp and then she moved. I looked over and saw that Gretta had also leaned back on the couch, pulling her arms back and resting them behind her head. This had the effect of pulling her shirt up to the point where her cunt was nearly exposed. She had maybe an inch of shirt covering her. Her eyes were fixed on the screen, but I know she was aware that I was looking at her. I know she wanted me to be looking at her. As I kept one eye on Gretta and one eye on the screen, Gretta, her eyes fixed firmly on mine reached down and slipped one hand between her legs, trapping it there and squeezing it with her thighs. Our eyes still locked together, I gently grasped the towering bulge of my erection at the tip and gave it a gentle squeeze, shuddering as I did so. We returned our attention to the TV as we continued caressing ourselves.

On the screen, the brother had moved around and was sitting on the toilet watching his sister as she continued to tease her clit and slap her swollen labia. His hand moved up and down his slippery shaft with lazy assurance.

"Like what you see?" she gasped, looking over at him.

"Very much."

She rubbed herself intently for a minute or so and then she asked, "What's the nastiest thing you've ever done?"

"You'll think it's stupid", he said.

"Please" she gasped, "It'll make me hotter, maybe I can tall you something too."

"Promise you won't laugh."

She abruptly stopped rubbing and turned to face him. Reaching down, she parted her swollen lips and said, "Can you see hot excited I am?"


"Can you see my clitoris now?"


"See how it's sticking up, just like your cock is?"


"I promise I won't laugh."

"OK, last summer when we went camping, you know you brought your girlfriend Leigh along?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"Well there was this bathroom we all used with a big tank under it and I could see and hear women on the other side. I mean I couldn't really see them, but I could hear them talking and when they went I could see their pee hit the water underneath."

"OK, I remember that bathroom."

"Once, when you and Leigh were on the other side, I listened to you both talking and I saw you both pee, or I should say I saw your streams hit the water. I don't know why but it made me so horny I spent most of the rest of the trip jacking off every chance I got."

Beside me Gretta rocked back and forth on her imprisoned hand and I was openly stroking my cock through underwear that had been made literally transparent by my oozing lust. I could hear small liquid sounds issuing from between Gretta's legs and as I stroked, the lubrication soaking through the material of my underwear made small sucking sounds as my hand moved up and down. As we watched, the conversation on the TV got hotter and hotter.

His sister had resumed masturbating slowly and she asked, "Did you go back to that bathroom?"

"Every chance I got, every time you or Leigh went, I went too."

"Did you jack off there?"

"No, there wasn't any privacy, but I went on a lot of long walks, I'll bet I came five or six times a day."

"Oh" his sister murmured, rubbing faster, "that's pretty hot."

"You don't think it's stupid?"

"No, it's really nasty when you stop to think about it. What did you think about when you were off alone jacking off?"

"I thought about you and Leigh pissing mostly.

"Were we dressed or naked?"

Sometimes you were dressed and I imagined you both pissing your pants, other times you were naked and I was watching and pissing too."

"Did you imagine us pissing on you?"

Her brother was silent for a moment and then he said, "Yes, and on each other, but mostly on me or else I was holding my hand so you or Leigh could pee on it."

He had stopped stroking himself and sat with his cock sticking up, bobbing slightly. I guess that's pretty sick, huh?"

His sister didn't say anything for a moment as she considered this and then she stopped rubbing her pussy and again pulled her swollen labia apart. She stepped so she was straddling him and said, "Did I do this?"

As Gretta and I both watched his sister began to urinate standing in front of her brother. At first a trickle that spattered between his legs and into the toilet and then growing into a forceful stream that began to bathe his inflamed cock forcefully, battering it this way and that.

As if from a great distance I heard Gretta whimper and out of the corner of my vision saw that she had spread her legs a little and was masturbating openly, her hand moving rapidly as she teased her clit. She saw that I was looking and flushing bright red, closed her legs again trapping the hand between them where it continued to squirm against her like a trapped animal.

All this took place in a matter of seconds because when I looked back at the TV, the sister was still pissing.

"Is this what I did?" She stood directly in front of him, a stream of hot urine arching out of her and hitting his cock, which sprayed in a fine mist. She was pulling on her nipples as she asked again, "Is this what you thought about me doing?"

"Oh yes, it's so hot, feels so…" You could see her body tighten as she worked to increase the force of the stream against his cock which had become even more rigid as he moaned, "Please, you don't know what this is doing to me."

Her stream diminished and faltered for a moment and the camera zoomed in on his cock, which had started to visibly throb. A white spurt of cream emerged from the tip and ran down the shaft and then another.

His sister said, "Do you like me doing this while you come?" and her stream returned with a vengeance. The camera zoomed out again framing them both, his sister standing over him, her urine battering his throbbing cock. He cried out and then gasped "Oh sis, you're going to make me…." And before he could get the words out he was squirting sperm in the air, which rained down on his sister's breasts and stomach.

As soon as he began to climax, his sister resumed masturbating. As her stream diminished she rubbed madly causing her piss to splatter between her legs onto the floor as she did so. The sound of her rubbing was intensified by the amount of moisture involved and in less then five seconds she cried, "And when I finished, did I do this, did I cream my pussy right in front of you?"

Her brother, obviously in a haze of lust watched distractedly as she shuddered and came while he continued to squirt diminishing jets of come into the air.

For the last few minutes I had been utterly captivated by the story unfolding on the TV but the program switched focus back to the interview and for the first time I took notice of Gretta sitting next to me as well as my own excitement.

The first thing I noticed was the scent of arousal, which hung in the air like a fine mist. Gretta had leaned further back. The shirt had ridden up far enough so her cunt was totally exposed. She was undulating her hips back and forth slightly and I could see that her labia was every bit as red and swollen as the girl in the video. She didn't have a lot of hair on her mound and the skin around her glistening lips was slick and shone with lubrication that had leaked out as I watched. I could see her clit standing as rigidly as my own inflamed member. She clutched the hem of the shirt in one hand and had rolled it up so that she was able to pull directly on the material that covered her breasts. Her face was flushed and looking over at me with half-lidded eyes she licked her lips and said, "I've shown you mine, are you gonna show me yours?"

I hooked my thumbs in the elastic waistband and lifting up slightly off the couch I pulled my shorts down allowing my cock to spring free. I sat back down and kicked my shorts off my feet. Beside me I heard Gretta's sharp intake of breath and then she said, "Oh David, that's lovely."

On the screen, the video brother and sister had progressed past mutual masturbation and the sister was on her knees in front of her brother grasping his erect cock and kissing it while her other hand remained busy between her legs.

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