The Sibling Diaries Ch. 01

byIntimate Confessions©

The thing is I couldn't stop even if I wanted to and I didn't want to; it felt that good.

On the other side of the room I heard Gretta slap her pussy, whimper and resume masturbating. I responded by jacking off more forcefully, the slippery sound of my hand sliding up and down my shaft becoming more unmistakable.

Inside my mind a voice screamed, "You'd better stop, she's going to hear you!" only to be drowned out by another, So what! Listen to what she's doing, I'll bet she can hear you, as a matter of fact I hope she does."

We carried on in this fashion for several minutes, Gretta openly masturbating just a few feet away and me doing the same thing furtively under the covers. Every time she slapped her pussy I responded by becoming more overt in my masturbation flaunting my excitement in response to her obvious carnality. We took turns, each of us teasing the other, responding to the other and becoming more aroused because we knew the other was also aroused and this excited us even more.

Finally I couldn't stand it any more. Telling myself the steaminess and warmth under my covers was unbearable I gently slipped the cover and sheet up exposing my cock to the cool air and continued jacking off, the sound mixing with the slippery sound of Gretta as she did the same not four feet away. The feeling of liberation and sheer lust was indescribable, as we both became bolder and even more sexually excited by the sheer shameless unnatural sensuality of this situation.

She slapped her pussy and then rubbed it feverishly. I slapped my cock, sending drops of sperm flying. I could hear them spatter as I resumed jacking my slick and rigid cock and listened to Gretta doing the same thing to her wet and slippery cunt. After nearly an hour my eyes had adjusted well enough to be able to see Gretta's hand moving between her legs. I could smell her excitement and I suppose she could smell mine as well.

I was just at the point where I was going to have to either slip the covers back on and spray come all over myself or else squirt it onto the floor. I could tell Gretta was pretty much at the same place when the phone rang cutting across my consciousness like an explosion.

Without thinking, I flipped the covers back over myself and listened as Gretta slipped out of bed and softly padded to the table next to the door where the phone sat.

It wasn't hard to feign sleep when she switched on the desk lamp by the phone and picked up the receiver.


I sat up in bed blinking my eyes.

"Yes, this is she."

"Who is it?" I asked in my best just woke up out of a sound slumber voice.

"Are you sure?"

As my eyes began to focus in the blinding 40-watt light I could see that Gretta was still wearing the oversized T-shirt I had lent her for bed. She was turned away from me as she spoke into the phone so I couldn't see her face.

Glancing down I was glad she was turned away because my erection was clearly visible towering under the covers. I discreetly readjusted my position, slipping my hard on back into my underwear so it appeared to be a rather large fold in the cover.

"OK, thanks for letting us know."

Gretta replaced the receiver on the cradle, turned to me and said, "We may be stuck here for a while, that was our airline calling to say the earliest flight we can get on won't leave until late in the afternoon and that's not a for sure thing."

"I guess I can live with that, did you have anywhere you needed to be?"

Gretta smiled and said, "Not really, I guess this means we get to sleep late."

"I guess we do."

She sat down at the end of my bed. Her cheeks were flushed, but otherwise she was under control.

"Here it is not even midnight and I'm totally awake." She said with a rueful grin.

"Me too"

Smoothing her shirt carefully over her legs she glanced sideways at me. I could see that she was blushing furiously. I realized that for the last hour or so despite our tempestuous and totally intimate performance, neither of us had spoken to the other or acknowledged what was taking place. We were in a difficult position. Did we admit what we had been doing or did we pretend like nothing happened? I could see that Gretta was struggling with the same questions. Even if we wanted to talk about it, how could we bring the subject up decently?

"You know…" she began and then fell silent.


"This is..."


"I guess you could say that…I was having a hard time sleeping so I went in to watch TV…and um, I was flipping through the channels…but there wasn't anything on really…so I wound up watching that thing we were watching earlier…"

"What thing?"

"You know" she was actually stammering and her blush deepened from a dark shade of rose to almost beet red, "That, that, um that thing …uh with the brother and sister…." Her voice trailed off, "They must show it more than once" she finished, somewhat inconclusively.

The silence hung like a heavy weight between us.

"It's so sick!" she blurted suddenly.

"Really? I thought it was kind of hot, in a perverted way."

"Did you?" she whispered, glancing at me momentarily and then dropping her eyes again, "I guess I did too" she replied in an almost inaudible voice.

"Anyway", she said, looking back up at me, "When I came back in our room, you were asleep and I kind of let the show get to me."

"In what way?"

"I don't really know…" she trailed off and then continued, "I just had a really disturbing dream and I don't feel like going back to sleep right now."

"A dream?"

"Yeah, a really vivid dream and we were um, well we were like uh acting out…sexually."


"Yeah" she said, licking her lips and swallowing hard.

"What were we doing?"

"Well, you know how dreams are, I can't really remember, but I thought if maybe we both were to watch the program again we could sort of laugh at it and um, get out of our system…so to speak."

"You mean go back in and watch the entire thing together?"

She nodded her head sending her hair flying.

"I don't know" I said doubtfully, "To be honest with you, I had a pretty disturbing dream myself along the same lines, I'm afraid I might embarrass myself if I sat and watched it with you."

"Embarrass yourself?", she asked, looking at me sharply. This time it was my turn to blush, "You know, get a hard on or something." I muttered.

Standing up she held her hand out to me. "I promise I won't make a big deal out of it if you get a little excited" she said, "I might as well admit, it got to me too, that's why I want to watch it together, so we can sort of face it, you know, put it behind us."

I took her soft hand and she gently pulled me to my feet. My erection had faded quite a bit, but my member was still somewhat enlarged and I know she couldn't help but notice the swollen bulge. I was right. Glancing at my crotch, she smiled a little and said, "It looks like it still may be getting to you."

"That's not fair."

"OK, OK, I promise, no more cracks about certain enlarged parts." And taking my hand she led the way into the next room.

We walked into the other room and sat down on the couch. Gretta fiddled with the TV controller and after looking at the electronic menu said, "It'll be on in ten minutes. I wonder if we can get anything from room service? I'm kind of hungry.

I picked up the phone and punched the proper number in. "What do you feel like?" I asked.

"Maybe a salad" she said and then furrowing her brow she asked, "I wonder if we can get some wine?"

"I don't know what the law is in Colorado, but I think you've got to be 21"

She looked at me quizzically; "Do you really think they're going to ask for ID?"

This was a side of my sister I had never seen. Usually she's so correct in her behavior that being with her is almost as bad as being with our parents/ "Maybe not" I said and gave our order to the voice on the other end of the phone.

As we sat waiting I looked over at her, She appeared lovelier than ever with her blonde hair cascading over the slight swell her breasts made in my old T-shirt. Her long smooth legs were almost entirely exposed by the short shirt she was wearing as bedclothes. I couldn't help but think about what the shirt covered and I felt a responsive tingle warm me.

She must have seen me looking at her, because she tugged futilely at the hem of the shirt trying to smooth it down over her perfect thighs. This worked for about two seconds until she moved or even turned her head and then it rode up again.

"I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable." I said.

She looked quickly over at me and replied "Not at all, as a matter of fact I like being looked at."

"You do?"

"All girls do" she said smiling, "Maybe not from their brothers, but I guess this is a special circumstance."

I know she saw my puzzled expression and before I had a chance to ask her what she meant by that statement she continued.

"I mean, we're a thousand miles away from home stuck in a hotel with nothing to do but keep each other entertained and I don't think this situation is ever going to repeat itself….so"

I could see she was blushing again and I stepped in to help.

"So maybe we can go a little crazy?"

"Yeah" she said smiling, "Maybe we can go a little crazy."

I looked at her and she looked back smiling.

"You know what I mean David. We drink a little wine, watch some TV that we'd never watch together back home. We can open up a little, talk, you know, relate to each other not just as a brother and sister, but as a guy and a girl, get to know each a little better."

"Maybe tell a couple of secrets?"

"Now you're getting the idea."

There was a knock at the door and a waiter arrived with a couple of large salads and a bottle of wine. Without being asked, he opened the bottle and poured two glasses. Reaching for my pants that were folded at the end of the couch I extracted a five-dollar bill and handed it to him. He thanked me and left.

The show that had caused such turmoil in our hitherto conventional lives was coming on. We paid it no attention and Gretta lowered the sound. We both knew the first fifteen minutes or so consisted mainly of rather pedestrian interviews in which they described their lives and social situations. We continued the conversation we'd been having before room service arrived except now we were picking at our salads and sipping wine.

Most people aren't really aware of it, but they routinely negotiate situations that are rife with sexuality in advance, before anyone really does anything. No one comes to any specific agreement, but a sort of general understanding is reached. I mean no one wants to be the one standing there with his dick sticking out so to speak when the other person shout's "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

That's really what Gretta and I was doing. Talking around the indisputable facts that had just taken place. Pretending it hadn't happened, that we'd been "dreaming". Our transparent justifications and denials helped us to ignore the obvious direction our conversation and decisions were taking us. Basically we were saying "All this is very innocent and we're really not going to do anything too terribly over the line but in case we do…just in case, let's make sure no one gets hurt.

The wine helped. As we continued to talk the words flowed a little easier and our comfort level with the situation rose.

"So" Gretta was saying "We've kind of agreed in principle that even if I get up on the coffee table and do a naked toe dance, we're going to keep it under our hats?"

"I think you've put your finger on the very heart of our understanding." I said, taking another long sip of the white burgundy so recently imprisoned in an unfeeling glass bottle. Now it bathed my consciousness in a warm feeling of good will that extended even to the airline that had stranded us here and certainly to my beautiful and sweet little sister.

Now I don't want you to get the idea I was drunk; that was definitely not the case. A small bottle of very good wine split between two people won't do that even if they finish the bottle. Gretta and I were nowhere near finishing yet, We'd had, maybe a glass and a half each. Of course we sipped them rather quickly. Still we were nowhere near being even slightly intoxicated.

"Well" Gretta said, looking at me rather sharply, "I believe we've got a deal, there's just one more thing."

"What's that?"

"After we leave here tomorrow, while a wild and crazy night of drinking and watching dirty TV might make us a little closer, I don't think we should talk about it with each other or bring it up in the future. What I'm trying to say is I don't think we should consider tonight some kind of precedent that changes our basic relationship, understand?"

"I think I do. In order for us to really relax with each other, we've got to be confident that it won't come back to haunt us during an argument about who gets the bathroom first."


"Well, you have my word that what we say here and what we do here stays here."

Excellent", she said, glancing at the TV where things were certainly heating up, "You've got my word as well, now why don't you get on the phone and order up a couple more bottles of this excellent French wine, what did you say it was?"

"White Burgundy, should I ask them to bring up an ounce of reefer or a couple of hypodermics of heroin as well?" I asked sarcastically picking up the phone.

"We don't do drugs" Gretta said distractedly, "Oh my goodness look what they're doing now."

As I gave my order to the disembodied voice at the other end of the line my eyes followed hers to the TV where the first really hot scene was unfolding. Gretta turned the volume up. The "brother and sister" were sitting in their parent's den dressed in much the same attire as Gretta and I presently sported talking about a disastrous double date they had just returned from.

Speaking to her brother, the sister compared kissing her date with doing mouth to mouth necessitation on a dead fish. "I don't think he even brushed his teeth" she was saying "plus he was a lousy kisser." The brother mused to himself, "Gee, I wonder what Carla thought of me?"

"Kissing, you mean?"

"Yeah, I wonder if Carla thought I was a lousy kisser too?"

"I'm sure she didn't, but still…"


"I'd have to give you a try to be sure."

"Us kissing?"

"Why not, I could give you a girl's opinion and…you could give me a boy's."

"I don't know…but I guess…"

"It's not like we're talking about fucking here" his sister said scooting over on the couch so she was sitting next to him, "Let's give it a try and if you're a shitty kisser, I'll be the first to tell you."

"Mom and Dad….."

"Won't be home for at least another four hours, come on don't be a chickenshit."

The camera slowly moved into a close up of their faces. The sister tilted her head slightly and closed her eyes and her brother slowly moved his face closer to hers until their lips were nearly touching. I heard Gretta say under her breath, "Watch out David, here comes the mushy part," but my eyes were glued to the screen as their lips touched and they kissed, gingerly at first but then more passionately. They kissed for thirty seconds or so and then broke apart. The brother said "Well?"

With a flash of mischief in her eyes, the sister replied breathlessly, "I really don't know, I think we'd better try again." They did, this time without hesitation or indecision. Their real passion became more and more apparent as the kiss went on.

While they were kissing, the camera panned out showing both of them on the couch. As we watched, the brothers growing erection was becoming more and more apparent as the kiss continued and their hands started to explore each other's necks, shoulders and arms.

Finally when his hand strayed down to her breast gently weighing it and cupping it, his sister, after letting him touch her there for nearly a minute, gently removed it. She twined her fingers in his for a second and then placed his hand back in his lap. I might add, this gave her a chance to come into contact with his erection without being too obvious about it. They broke apart and faced each other breathlessly.

The sister was flushed and unlike Gretta her breasts were larger and tight against the silky pajama top she was wearing. Her nipples were clearly showing and her brother's erection was making a absurdly gigantic tent in his pajama bottoms.

"I think you'll do but I hope you were more of a gentleman with Carla then you were with me."

"I'm sorry" her brother stammered, I'm afraid I got a little carried away."

"You're darn right you did" his sister said with a sparkle in her eye "and if one of us gets to sample the merchandise, don't you think it's only fair the other gets to as well?"

"I guess so", her brother replied, looking a bit puzzled.

I glanced over at Gretta who was watching the scene with rapt attention, her legs primly together, leaning back. Her face was slightly flushed and her breathing was irregular. Her shirt had pulled taunt enough against her body that I could see the shape of her breasts as well as erect nipples against the material. I noticed that she was unconsciously pulling lightly back and forth on the hem of the shirt, which caused it to scrape against her nipples, creating friction and apparently sensation.

Seeing her obvious excitement titillated me. Even though she didn't acknowledge me, keeping her eyes glued to the erotic images playing before us, she knew I was looking. A familiar heat began to burn in me and I felt my cock, which had already been semi erect stiffen as it began to seriously stretch the material of my underwear. It was like an old man trying to straighten up under a heavy load. The material kept it bent over, but the tent was impressive nevertheless as it strained against the fabric.

This time I didn't try to conceal my excitement. I leaned back on the couch, which made the tent in my underpants even more prominent. I turned my attention back to the story confident that Gretta would be stealing glances at me, just as I was with her.

On the screen the sister had placed her hand on the tent jutting up from her brother's lap and was gently stroking it through the material. "How does that feel?" she was asking.

"It feels really nice" her brother whispered in a slightly choked voice. His sister leaned forward and whispered something in his ear and he shook his head. She continued to stroke him and then in an imploring voice, "Please, just for a minute?"

When he gave no reply, she looked up at him and whispered, "I'll let you do it too."

"OK, but just for a minute"

I suddenly felt Gretta's eyes on me. I looked over and sure enough she had been staring at me instead of the TV. She blushed and looked away. Glancing down I could see why she had been looking. My erection was straining against the material and leaking fluid that stained the wet cotton. If it had been seriously stiff before, now it was monster sized standing straight up like a flagpole. Looking at it, I couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement that Gretta was seeing this, that we were seeing it together. I raised my eyes from my throbbing dick and saw Gretta was looking again. This time, she didn't look away at once. She kept her eyes locked to mine and then dropped them until they reached my stiff cock. I heard her intake of breath as she openly stared and then she returned her attention to the TV. A tiny shiver ran through me when I noticed that Gretta had started to rock back and forth in her seat a little. Her nipples were much more prominent and now she openly tugged at the material of her shirt dragging the cotton back and forth across her breasts. I leaned back again, thrusting my pelvis forward and shivered again.

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