The Slave Ch. 16


Rachel had a firm grasp of the shaft and held tight as Ross began to feel the alcohol seep into the torn skin. Like fire in a wound, his hips bounced off the carpet as he rose up, trying to get away from the burning alcohol. It was obvious to everyone that he was in pain and was trying to escape Rachel's firm hold. Rachel just smiled, saying "The demonstration that you just saw, and the one that I am about to show you, are both lessons in something that you'll probably rarely see. Depending on what field of nursing you go into, you will at least have a basic knowledge of what it happening." By this time, each of the young nurses was seated on the floor, as close as they could get to Ross' restrained body. They didn't want to miss any of the show.

When the burning got really bad, Beth one of the 'bolder' of the young nurses even reached out and held his clenched fist, next to his thigh. As much as she was smiling, it was obvious that she was enjoying his penile torment. Raven was still embarrassed and not surprisingly, very quiet. But she did move up close enough that her bare leg was touching Ross' bare leg.

Brenda figured that Raven was not trying to impress anyone now, but just fueling her own desires as she watched all the activity being administered to the huge genitals. Raven wanted to play with Ross. Rachel then added, "And before you start ……. NO, there will not be any 'hands on' practice for you young ladies." There was an audible groan of complaint from all four nurses.

"For any of you going into urology or reproductive medicine, I am going to show you something that most doctors don't talk about. It's a practice that is performed quiet frequently, but not well known. It's called EES, short for electro ejaculatory stimulation." All of the girls' eyes were glued to Ross' cock as Rachel continued her grasp of it, soft and flopping from side to side. Rachel had planned it that way.

By using a sound to open his cock up, it had created small tears inside that were now quite painful, and had rendered him completely soft. "Mark, are you feeling ok? Do you want me to continue"? There was a slow nod from Ross, indicating a hesitating yes.

It was obvious to Brenda, that Ross wasn't sure if he wanted to be the center of attention, especially with the inner shaft of his cock, feeling like it was on fire. Opening a small leather pouch, Rachel took a TENS unit and several attachments from it. Rachel then hooked up the lead lines from the TENS unit and stretched them out in front of her. From her position between his legs, Rachel quickly fed a long chrome looking tube, down into Ross' soft cock. He was still soft and appeared to be getting even softer.

The large tube in his cock would surely open the small wounds up, creating more pain. As the tube was forced into him, he hips jerked hard and he tried to pull back, away from the pain. Once seated deep inside his cock, Rachel attached one electrode to the tip of the tube. The tube was hollow, which would allow the release of fluids, or the introduction of fluids, whichever was preferred, by the person administering it. At that point, Rachel asked Toni to help her.

Toni already knew what was going on and immediately came up behind Rachel. Toni bent over, grabbing each of Ross' ankles and lifted them up high into the air. From this position Ross' butt was completely exposed and vulnerable, due to the spreader bar, holding his legs open. Rachel then picked up, what looked to be a large chrome plated anal plug and began applying a large amount of KY jelly to it. With his legs still hoisted high, Rachel reached between his legs and with one hand and moved the ball sac out of the way. Her other hand slowly inserted the anal plug into Ross, with some degree of resistance.

Ross was struggling and trying to roll over, away from Rachel and Toni. By this point, Brenda had gotten up and moved to Ross' head and shoulders. Kneeling down, she rested his head in her lap, while her knees helped pin him down, holding him steady. Rachel continued to work the plug deep into his ass until it was firmly seated. She then attached the other electrode to the outer edge of it.

Ross was panting, not from arousal, but from resisting the three women. His cock was still as soft as ever. With everything ready to go, Rachel finally relaxed her grip on her electro toys and picked up the TENS unit. "You all saw him climax less than five minutes ago. And, you each saw the amount that was excreted from him." As she spoke, Rachel was slowly but deliberately rubbing Ross' cock, trying to coax it into hardness. "Mark, are you too tired for this"? "Did Amy take it all out of you"?

Ross shook his head in an obvious YES. Brenda could tell that Ross did not want to continue with this demonstration, but he didn't have any choice. Rachel then continued, "As each of you can see, an orgasm is out of the question right now. I can't even get him erect and believe me….. I'm trying."

Each of the girls agreed as they continued to watch intently, Rachel's skillful moving hands and fingers. "Well, what I am about to show you is as close to 'stealing' sperm from a male, as it gets." With that, Rachel turned the power to the TENS unit on. She immediately turned up the power, frequency, and intensity. Ross' body jerked hard and his hips thrust upward. Almost instantly, each of the girls could see Ross' cock begin to thicken and elongate, very quickly.

Rachel explained to them, "I am running electrical stimulation from his anus through his testicles, to the tip of his penis. Watch closely and you'll see how sperm is harvested from an unconscious patient. He wasn't aroused a moment ago, and he is NOT aroused now. But with what I'm doing to him, he will have an involuntary orgasm, any moment now."

All of the girls were fascinated as they watched the soft cock grow to rock hard, the muscles and veins bulging tightly from the electrical current. Ross was already panting, unavoidably as hard contractions racked his balls, forcing them to spasm. Smiling, Rachel watched intently and continued to slowly turn the power up on the TENS unit. By the time she reached full power, Ross' body was completely stiff, only his heels and shoulders touching the floor. His pelvis was over a foot off the carpet and his cock thrust upward, huge and dark red, the skin stretched tight. His panting had become so fast that Brenda feared he would hyper-ventilate and pass out. Within a few moments of reaching full power, Ross let out a loud gasp, his body stiff.

Brenda was having a hard time, trying to hold him down. Toni had even joined in, sitting behind Rachel, holding both of Ross' ankles down. Suddenly, Ross let out a loud groan, as a huge long stream of sperm shot from his cock, arching upward and splattering all over the young nurses. A second long stream of sperm shot from his cock head, less than the first one, but still strong enough to splash onto Raven, sitting the closest. There was so much of it that most of it ended up on her hair and face. All of the young nurses were mesmerized, watching as the last of several heavy spurts shot out of the engorged head, finally ending in a steady volume of sperm oozing from the mouth, slowly cascading down his balls and onto his thighs.

Ross was barely able to catch his breath as his body relaxed and slowly slumped back down on the carpet. It had been so extreme that both Brenda and Amy were checking him, Amy softly tapping his cheek, whispering to him asking if he was ok. Brenda checked his pulse and nodded positively to Rachel, indicating that he was ok. Amy was so concerned about "her" patient that she wasn't even aware of the huge amount of sperm smeared and running over her bare thighs. Brenda was the only one that seemed to be untouched by the warm cream spewed all around. Even Toni, partially hidden behind Rachel had large globs of Ross on her hands and forearms.

As Rachel started passing tissue around to the nurses, she said "Who of you would have bet that he could have ejaculated that much and that far, after having seen him just unloaded, only minutes before by Amy"? All of the girls were shaking their heads in disbelief, amazed at what had been pulled from their patient. Rachel started gently pulling the tube from the now rapidly softening cock and disconnected the two lead lines. Ross was barely conscious and could only moan. Brenda continued holding Ross' head while Amy kept a close eye on his condition. Brenda even noticed Amy's guardedness of him, wondering what was going on in Amy's mind. She was extremely concerned about him.

As Rachel and Toni continued to clean up the much splattered Ross, Rachel announced to the group that the demonstrations were concluded, and hoped that they had all learned something. Each of the girls, except Amy, was too busy trying to get the warm goop off of themselves and their clothes.

Rachel was humiliated and had caught the brunt of Ross eruption. After a brief disappearance to the bathroom, she suddenly left without saying anything. Everyone looked around and she was gone. Amy was still mothering Ross, trying to revive him, even though he was fully conscious and alert. He was obviously feeling good, lying back, and enjoying Amy's attention on him. She was paying an unusual amount of attention to him.

After everyone was cleaned up as much as possible, they left one by one. Amy was the last to leave, still lingering around Ross, talking to him, even after having been told to not directly talk to him. It was comical to watch, with Amy calling him Mark. A couple of times, it took him twice before he realized that she was talking to him. Rachel and Brenda both figured that there was no problem in Amy's attention or talking to him.

If anyone needed to come out of her shell, it was definitely Amy. Well, she had emerged a long way on this day. It was later noted by all three friends, that Amy was never seen washing up. When she finally left, they all noticed that her thighs, arms, and the front of her shorts were coated in dry sperm. As soon as everyone was gone, both Toni and Rachel immediately returned to the restrained and sprawled out Ross. Brenda followed them into the entertainment room and watched as Rachel and Toni both started stripping out of their clothes. Slightly embarrassed, Brenda tried to act casual as Rachel reminded her "that I can have him all I want, later, Brenda remembered, and decided to just get comfortable and watch. She was already aroused and besides ….she was the one that would be taking Ross home.

With lightening speed, Rachel plopped down on top of Ross, straddling him with his cock buried deep inside her. Toni now moved to his head and unbuckled the hood, removing it from him. Rachel started grinding her hips slowly, on top of Ross, smiling at him. As his eyes became accustomed to the room light, she asked "Well Ross, did you enjoy yourself? You were such a good patient. I do believe that it's time to reward you, personally." Ross only moaned, but smiled as he watched her breasts rise and fall in cadence to her grinding rhythm.

Toni moved to a comfortable spot on the couch, only feet away so that she could do what she enjoyed most, watch. Rachel wanted to play with Ross ….. Toni wanted to watch Rachel play with Ross, and Brenda just wanted to get it all over and go home. She had some arousal issues to take care of herself.

Toni was already heavily involved as her breath became erratic, her hand moving furiously between her legs. Toni had no concern with anyone watching her, just as long as she could do her own watching.

Brenda was feeling more self conscious as she averted her eyes from the smiling Toni, and just watched Rachel as she plunged down hard onto Ross' cock. Rachel had planned it well. Rachel figured that by making Ross cum twice, and with the young nurses abusing an already battered cock, that he should last for quite awhile. This would afford Rachel plenty of time to get her fill of Ross. She estimated that she would cum several times before Ross built up the energy or the stamina to cum one more time. By that time, both she and Toni would be satiated.

Brenda sat back and watched, thinking "it's going to be a long afternoon."

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