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The Smiling Man



I was a happily married woman. I was 28, blonde, in good shape and better than average looking for sure. My husband, Jason, loved me. I loved him. We were good in bed together. I had nothing to complain about. We'd been together for 8 years, married for 4 years and we were just about to try and have a child. Everything was perfect.

That fateful Friday I was just leaving the gym with my friend Mary. We had a regular routine. We would meet up at the gym around 5 and work out together for 45 minutes or so. We would shower and be out of there before 6 and then head our separate ways. She was also happily married. As we were leaving I bumped into a man, and oh what a man he was. His chest felt like it was made of granite. He smiled at me. I was a little stunned. He was so good looking and he just kept smiling at me.

I said, "Sorry, my fault."

He just smiled even more and walked away. I watched his tight butt as he left.

"Oh my god Mary, he is sooooo hot."

Mary laughed. "You got that right Sharon. How about next time you let me bump into him."

We looked at each other and giggled merrily.

I turned around and scanned the area for the hunk. He was buying something in the food court. I watched him sit down at one of the tables.

I turned to Mary. "Why don't we get a quick drink and chat for a bit?"

Mary shrugged her shoulders. "Sure, just a quick one though."

We sipped our Gatorade and I stared at the man. I almost forgot that Mary was there.

She tried to make conversation, but I basically ignored her.

"Sharon, honey?"

I turned to Mary.

"Sharon we've been sitting here for 15 minutes and you haven't taken your eyes off him."

I blushed but didn't say anything.

Mary continued, "Well, I'm leaving. Brian will be wondering where I am."

"Bye Mary."

"Bye Sharon."

I just sat and watched the man eat his supper. I'm not sure what it was about him that turned off my normal brain functions. I guess I felt that smile was a sign that he wanted me. My phone was beeping to let me know I had a text message, but I didn't hear it. It was in my purse and the sound was muffled. Normally I check my phone every hour or so and catch up on any texts.

I will add the text messages from my husband into this narrative at the time he sent them. Keep in mind though that I had not read them yet. I was staring at a beautiful man and nothing else really mattered.

- Hun? What's up? Where are U? -

The smiling man was taking his time. He pulled out a newspaper and started to read. I just watched him. He seemed so carefree.

- Sharon? It's 7:30. What's going on? -

- OK, I'm getting worried now. If you get this, please text me. -

- Alright, I'm on my way to the gym. Hope you're OK -

The man finally stood up. He emptied his tray in the garbage and sauntered off. He had such a sexy walk. He looked like he was in command of the whole world.

- OK, I see the car. You must be here somewhere. -

I followed him as he headed for the carpark. He got into a black Toyota Corolla and drove off. I hurried over to my car and gunned it so I could follow him.

- Oh my god Sharon. You just rushed right by me. -

- You didn't even notice I was there. -

- You were too busy staring at that jock. -

- BTW, I'm right behind you. Stopped at the light. -

The black car pulled into a parking lot for an apartment building. I pulled over to the side of the road. I watched as the man left his car and entered the building. I pulled in and parked in the visitor's parking. I headed towards the building.

- I can't believe it Sharon. You're following this guy? -

- And now you're going inside? -

There was just a small entranceway with a list of names and a phone. I stood there and realized there wasn't much I could do. I headed back to the car. I made sure I had a good view of the main entrance and camped out. I was dreaming about the smiling man. He looked so handsome and so nice. I imagined his strong arms were around me and we were kissing.

- Well that was quick. What are you up to now? -

My fingers travelled to my private parts. I couldn't help myself.

- OMG Sharon. You have that look. -

- Like you are having great sex. -

- Wow. Just wow. -

- I'm going home now. I can't take any more of this. -

The smiling man never did come out of his apartment. I headed for home around 11.

Jason was waiting for me in the living room.

"Sharon, what happened? Where were you?"

"Hi Jason, something came up. I'm not feeling well. I'm just going to bed and going to sleep. OK?"

Jason stared at me unbelievingly. I was so wrapped up in myself I didn't even notice.

I went to bed and Jason followed me. He leaned in to kiss me and I said, "Not tonight, sorry hun."

He just rolled over and I sighed with relief. I didn't want to deal with Jason. I kept on thinking about the smiling man. My fingers found their way down and I was so wet it wasn't funny. I started rubbing gently.

After about 15 minutes Jason got up and left the bedroom. I started frigging myself for real then.

- You are unbelievable Sharon. -

- I could smell your sex even when you walked in. -

- When I was next to you in bed, it was overpowering. -

- I could feel the bed moving slightly. -

- I bet you were touching yourself 10 seconds after you shut me down. -

- You are hornier than I've ever seen you. -

- But you want nothing to do with me. -

- I just checked your phone. Maybe your service was screwed up? -

- Nope, You have 25 text messages that are unread. -

- OMG, I just peaked in to the bedroom. You are slamming those fingers in. -

- Un fucking believable -


I woke up the next morning and Jason was in the living room. I drank my coffee and had some toast. It was around 10.

"I'm going shopping honey," I said to Jason.

He just nodded.

I headed straight back to the apartment building and camped out again.

- Shopping for what Sharon? A new man? -

The smiling man came out of the building around Noon. He had shorts and a tight T-Shirt on. He started jogging as soon as he got outside. I left the car and tried to catch up, but he was too fast. He obviously ran regularly. I headed back to the car and pulled out to follow him.

- I know I'm repeating myself, but this is fucking unbelievable Sharon. -

- He doesn't even know you exist. -

- You can't help yourself. Can you? -

He ran to the park and circled around in there and then headed back towards home. He'd been at it for 25 minutes and he hadn't broken stride yet. He was a machine. He was so sexy. I raced back to the apartment building and stood by the entrance to wait for his return. He appeared again in about 10 minutes. I stared at him hopefully as he approached. I opened my mouth to speak to him, but he just smiled at me and walked right on by. The masculine smell of him was powerful. I almost came.

- I've seen that look before Sharon. That was the 'come hither' look. -

- You look so disappointed now. -

- All he had to do was nod his head and you would be in there screwing. -

- Fucking him as hard as you could. -

I got into the car and headed for the adult shop that I saw on the way to work every day. I stopped in and bought a vibrator. I needed some penetration.

- OMG Sharon. The sex shop? -

- You need a dildo now? -

- Your boring ole hubby isn't good enough anymore huh? -

I headed home. Thank God Jason wasn't there. I went straight to the bedroom.

- I just peaked into the bedroom again honey. -

- You sure are giving that new toy a workout. -

- Just so you know, we're done. -

- I'm filing for divorce on Monday. -

- OK I packed up all of the stuff that I need that's not in the bedroom. -

I finally couldn't come anymore. My arms were tired. I needed a break. I found Jason in the living room.

"Hi honey," he said.

"Hi Jason, why didn't you come see me?"

"Oh I saw you were sleeping and figured you needed your rest."

"You're a sweetie Jase."

He gave me a strange look then. I knew something was going on with him when I saw it, but I just didn't care. Jason looked so ordinary compared to the smiling man. There was no way that Jason could run for an hour straight. I was off in dreamland again. Jason cooked up some burgers on the bbq and I ate dinner with him, but my mind was still elsewhere. Jason was reading a book that evening so I headed to the bedroom and my new dildo got some more work in.

- Wow, that was the strangest dinner ever. -

- You were there, but you weren't there. -

- I swear, I could have left and been replaced by an orangutang and you would never have noticed. -

- Ahhhh, giving it to yourself in the bedroom again I see. -

Jason came to bed and tried to kiss me and I begged off again. I said I had a headache.


The next morning I just left without saying anything to Jason.

- I gave you one last chance to acknowledge me Sharon. -

- But no, you have been firmly in never never land since Friday night. -

- Well, I've packed up all my clothes now. -

- Just so you know Sharon, It doesn't matter whether you succeed in your quest to fuck this guy or not. -

- It just doesn't matter. Nothing fucking matters anymore. -

- We had 8 good years Sharon. -

- Thanks for that, I guess. -

- Have a good life. -

The smiling man left his apartment around 11 and strolled towards downtown. I drove to the edge of downtown and parked. I sat on a bench at the bus stop and waited for him. He appeared in about 10 minutes. He bumped into a young boy and smiled at him as the kid ran off. He walked past and smiled at me and kept walking. I followed him. He headed for the main square. He walked by a little old lady and smiled at her. Her face lit up. He passed a young couple. The girl was very pretty. Her eyes followed him as he walked by. Her boyfriend pulled her and gave her a dirty look. She smiled at him guiltily and they walked on.

The smiling man of my dreams passed another good looking woman. Her mouth dropped open and she turned to follow him. He was oblivious. He passed a grumpy old man and smiled at him. I realized this man smiled at everyone and everybody. I was determined to talk to him and see if there was anything there. He finally sat on a bench in the square and I approached him. I sat on the same bench.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" I said to him.

He smiled at me and nodded but didn't say anything.

"I'm Sharon, pleased to meet you."

He smiled at me again, but still didn't say anything. He just stood up and walked away. I was astounded. He was very rude there, even if he did smile at me beautifully. I finally realized that my fantasy was just that, a fantasy. I watched in disbelief as the pretty woman he had just walked past rushed off to follow him. A man sat down next to me on the bench.

"Hi honey, why do you look so glum? A beautiful lady like you should always be happy."

I looked at him. He was good looking and he was trying to look compassionate, but it was obvious to me that he was on the prowl.

"I'm sorry. I have to go."

He nodded at me and started scanning the area for his next target. I walked as quickly as I could towards my car, and then sped home. When I got there all of Jason's stuff was gone. I panicked. I ran around the house looking for him and screaming. There was no sign of him. No note, nothing. I collapsed on the couch and started crying. After a while I finally reached for my cell phone. There were 60 text messages waiting for me. 53 of them were from Jason.

I started at the beginning. I got to the one where he saw me masturbating in the car and I called his number. His phone went straight to voicemail and the message was,

"Yes Sharon. It's true. I'm filing for divorce on Monday."

I broke down crying again. I thought about our marriage. I thought about what a good husband Jason was. I thought about his feelings for the first time in 3 days. I was ashamed. Eventually I read all of the messages. Jason almost never swears. He must be really, really upset.

I tried calling him again and got the same answer. I left him a long tearful message. I must have said "I'm so sorry," about 20 times. The message got cut off of course.

Then I texted him.

- Jason, where are U? -

- Why do you care Sharon? -

- Oh, I'm so sorry Jason -

- Not good enough Sharon. -

- Can't we talk? -

- Nope, I've got nothing to say to you.-

- But I never touched him. I don't even know his name. -

- That doesn't matter Sharon. You fucked him in your mind many many times, and you ignored me like I didn't even exist. -

- I'm so sorry. -

- Too little too late Sharon. I won't answer any more messages. -

- But Jason. I love you. I love you so much. -

He never did reply. I could sort of see his point. He was right. I imagined sex with the smiling man and ignored him for 3 days straight. Somehow though, I was able to justify to myself that I really had done nothing wrong. After all we never even kissed.


I went through the motions at work the next day. My mind was in turmoil. I arrived at the gym at 5 like usual. I didn't end up working out though. A mean looking man walked up to me.

"Excuse me, are you Sharon Grimsby?"


"You have been served."

He smiled an evil smile and handed me a thick manila envelope and left. Mary showed up and saw me reading the papers and crying. We headed to the food court.

"What's happening Sharon?"

I held up the papers. "Jason is divorcing me."

"He's divorcing you? I thought you were happy together?"

"We were Mary. We were."

"What happened?"

I blushed.

"Oh my god, that guy you were staring at. Did you two hook up?"

"No Mary."

"So what happened then?"

"I went cuckoo over that guy. I followed him around for the whole weekend."

"You followed him," said Mary in disbelief.


"What about Jason?"

"I pretty much ignored Jason all weekend."

"You ignored your husband for a full weekend?"

"Yes Mary, I'm not proud."

"So what does he know?"

"Oh he followed me for a good portion of the weekend before he gave up on me."

"I see," said Mary doubtfully.

"Mary, I don't even know the guy's name. How could Jason dump me after 8 years of being together?"

"I don't know Sharon. Do you want me to talk to him?"

I brightened at that idea.

"Yes, could you call him honey?"

"Sure, what's his number?"

I gave her the number and said, "Tell him that I love him very much."

Mary called Jason. I could only hear her side of the conversation.

"Hi Jason, I'm Mary, a friend of Sharon's."

"Yes we have the papers. Sharon is looking through them now. She's really upset."

"She told me to tell you that she loves you very much."

"OK, I'll ask her Jason."

"Good Bye."

Mary looked at me. "He sounds really angry Sharon."

"What did he want you to ask me?"

"He said to ask you what you bought yourself on the weekend."

I blushed crimson.

"That fucking asshole," I said.

Mary looked at me in shock.

"What could be so bad about that question? What did you buy?"

"None of your business, Mary."

"None of my business? You're serious? What a fucking bitch you are. I just called your husband at your own request to try and save your failing marriage and now it's none of my business?"

I realized she was right.

"Sorry Mary, it's just really embarrassing."

"What did you buy Sharon?"

"I bought a dildo Mary."

"A vibrator?"


"And you used that while you were thinking about that guy didn't you?"

"Yes. Many times."

"What about Jason? Did you have sex with him?"

"Oh Mary, he tried both Friday and Saturday night. I was so horny, but I turned him down both times."

"Oh my god, Sharon. No wonder he's divorcing you already."

"Wait, what? I never even kissed that guy."

"It doesn't matter honey. You cheated on him worse the way you did it."

"What do you mean?"

"Honey, you rejected him just for the thought of another man."

"Yeah, well I still don't see the big deal."

"You really are dense Sharon. I don't think I want to hang around with you anymore. OK?"

"Fine, be that way. Bitch!"

We each stomped off and I headed home to my empty house and cried my eyes out.


I called in to work and said I needed a personal day. My boss was understanding. He said everyone at work was wondering what was wrong with me yesterday. I set out to meet up with Jason and make him see reason. Eventually he had to realize that I loved him dearly and this was just a misunderstanding.

I showed up at Jason's workplace and nodded at the security guard. We had always been friendly before.

"Excuse me Mrs. Grimsby. I've been instructed to bar you from the premises."


"I'm sorry Sharon. Jason made sure that I wouldn't let you in. He said if I did, I was fired."

"Oh my god. I'll wait outside then."

"OK, Thank You Sharon."

I was pretty sure that Jason normally went out for lunch, but that day he stayed inside. I found his car in the parking lot and just camped out there. He showed up around 6 O'Clock.

"Hi Sharon," he said.

I tried to rush up and hug him.

"Back away Sharon or you will get hurt."

"What are you going to do? Hit me now?"

"I'm not going to hug you. That's for sure."

"Jase, I'm telling you nothing happened."

"Sharon, I'm telling you that it doesn't matter whether you had real sex with him or not. You totally abandoned our marriage for a weekend. You and I both know that if he was even remotely interested in you, you probably would never have come home."

I started to argue and then I blushed. He was right. If the smiling man had wanted me, I would probably still be there and cumming non-stop.

"I'm so sorry Jason. I don't know what came over me."

"I actually believe you Sharon, but what will happen the next time you run into a man like that?"

I opened my mouth and closed it. He was right again. If I had any willpower at all I would have left the same time Mary did and gone home to my loving husband. He would have got better sex than he'd had in a long time because of the other man. That's probably what happened with Mary and Brian.

"All I can say is that I love you now more than ever. I will make it up to you. I promise."

"Sharon, there's no way you can make it up to me, none. You obviously don't know how much it hurts to watch the woman you love masturbate thinking about another man when you have been rejected only minutes earlier. I can't imagine any greater pain."

"So you're saying it would have been better for me to actually have fucked him?" I said unbelievingly.

"I don't know Sharon. All I know is that it couldn't be any worse. You go ahead and fuck all the musclemen you can handle. I don't care anymore."

"You don't mean that Jason."

"Actually I do. Please don't bug me anymore. Just stay away from me."

"But Jason, I love you."

"Well, I'm sorry Sharon, but I don't love you anymore. All the love was burned out as I watched you piston that vibrator up your cunt."

"Jason Grimsby. That's rude."

"Yeah, well fuck you Sharon. How's that for rude?"

I couldn't take it anymore. My world was crashing down around me. I tried to hug him again. Jason did the unthinkable. He kicked me hard in the crotch. I mean hard. I fell down crying.

"I hope that hurts Sharon. There's no way it could hurt you as much you hurt me."

He got in his car and left.

I eventually picked myself up and drove home. The Jason I knew was one of the most polite, even-tempered people I've ever met. He never raised his voice. He almost never cursed. He wouldn't think of hurting anyone or anybody. But now he'd gone off the deep end, and it was all my fault.

I thought back to the smiling man. Sure he was gorgeous and he smiled at me, but why should that turn me into a crazed lunatic with no sense? I just couldn't process it. I'd had gorgeous men come on to me before, and I was always able to deflect them with no trouble. The more I thought about it the more puzzled I became.

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