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The Stripping Games


(C) Copyright 1999, 2001, 2009, revised 2013 by frog, all rights reserved, except those described below. Permission is granted to download, archive, and repost provided that the contents are not altered, including the disclaimers, copyrights and limitations on use and provided that no fee is charged for access. This story is erotic fiction intended for adult entertainment. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse the behavior described in this story. All persons and events in this story are completely fictitious and ANY similarity to persons living or dead or to actual events is purely coincidental.

Part One: Strip Poker Prologue

Mike's hands trembled as he sorted the playing cards that had just been dealt to him. The heart-pounding reality of what was happening around him had begun to overwhelm his senses. The tremors seemed to come from deep inside him; sweat popped out on his forehead; and his hands appeared to have just developed Parkinson's. It was excitement the likes of which he had never felt before. He was living a true fantasy. Playing strip poker with three beautiful women was the stuff of which college guys' dreams are made. Most of the time, though, these are dreams without substance. But, Mike already had pinched himself and this was no dream. In a few moments, Nina, the girl of his particular dreams, and her roommates, Lee and Phyllis, were about to undress, he hoped, before his very eyes. Mike's mind was ablaze with all the evening's potentialities. In a state of heightened awareness, he began to reflect on all the events, most of which seemed so simple and natural, that had lead up to this magic moment.


Nina was the most competitive women Mike had ever known. She simply had to win. Always. She also had that wonderful ability to turn every head when she entered a room. Mike vividly recalled his first encounter with her. He was working backstage at the University's concert hall when Nina burst into the wings. It was Nina's turn to perform at a piano competition and Mike was doing his usually boring student work-study gig as a stagehand. One look at Nina and Mike was captivated. She had dark flashing eyes, tanned skin, and long supple fingers that danced about while she mentally rehearsed the piece she was about to play. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and she wore a long black clinging gown that revealed her lithe shape, her tiny waist, and her extra long legs. Mike simply could not take his eyes off of her.

Nina, conversely, seemed not to notice Mike's existence at all. She appeared to be in deep concentration. Mike could have been a chair for all it mattered to Nina.

Just as she was about to walk on stage, Nina turned to Mike, smiled a giant Julia Roberts-type smile, and said, "Wish me luck!" Without waiting for a response, she took a deep breath and charged on to the stage. The bright stage lights hit her and shined through her dress. Mike's eyes were led by the silhouette of her long legs under her dress to the narrow space illuminated between her thighs. Her gorgeous ass and confident walk straightway convinced Mike that Nina was someone very special.

The next time Mike saw Nina she was moving like a ballet dancer around a green-topped table at the campus pool hall. She carelessly tossed the long hair cascading down her back with every graceful move. Her tight white tank top and even tighter, low-slung jeans clung to her lean body. Leaning over to shoot revealed the top of her soft white bra and a bit of delicate cleavage. Mike intuitively knew that those small, trim breasts would never bounce even if she had been braless.

Mike was inching his way closer to Nina's table when she shrieked, "Jesus H. Christ!" and threw the cue-tip chalk across the room. It shattered in a puff of blue smoke against the far wall.

"I had you beat and scratched on the eight-ball! How stupid! Let's play again. I demand a rematch!" She flashed her big smile at the poor guy who plainly had had enough high pressure pool for one afternoon.

"I win one out of seven games and you demand a rematch?" he said as he put away his cue stick. "No, thanks. I'm done. Thanks for playing. I'll get over the humiliation after a few sessions with my therapist."

Nina responded by pouting, eyes still twinkling. She leaned provocatively back against the edge of the table and sighed. Suddenly she discovered Mike gawking nearby. Mike quickly averted his eyes, but was jarred back to attention when Nina rematerialized right in front of him saying, "Hi! Wanna play?"

About all Mike had ever played was the trumpet, so he knew that playing pool was not the way to make a good first impression with Nina. "I'm not much of a pool player," he mumbled. She immediately frowned and turned away looking for another victim in the room. "But, I would love to buy you a cup of coffee."

Mike looked quickly back and forth between her fantastic eyes and her full mouth. She saw that familiar look, the one that disclosed attraction. Her face softened and she said, "Sure."

Mike's heart began to pound. He had never been courageous enough to ask any girl out that quickly. "Anyway, if we played pool, you would probably take me for everything I have!" Mike blurted.

"First your money and then your clothes," Nina twinkled, "or maybe your clothes first!"

And, with an enticing wink, off Nina went in her usual rush. At the doorway, she stopped and seeing that Mike still hadn't moved, she smiled and said, "Coffee?" Mike blushed and chased after the most exquisite ass he had ever seen trapped in a pair of jeans.

In the next few days, their coffee rendezvous became more frequent, especially when Mike just "happened" to pass Nina's music practice room at her usual break time. It was in conversations over coffee that he found out just how competitive she was. Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky had nothing on her. She simply loved competing at anything. She loved playing games. She loved sports. And, she said she really got a major rush when she gambled! Using a fake ID and lots of guts, she had gone to a casino just across the state line and had had the time of her life. As she recounted that experience to Mike, he noted that her voice went up and she seemed completely exhilarated. The fact that Nina's nipples turned rock hard and became visible behind the fabric of her shirt when she became excited didn't escape Mike's notice either.

"Maybe we should go gambling sometime...or have a poker party or something," Mike said trying to be nonchalant.

"Be careful," Nina beamed. "I might just win the shirt off your back."

"Oh, strip poker...I see," Mike teased.

Nina's brow furrowed and Mike could almost see the gears whirling in her mind.

"Hmmm, now that's a thought. And, an exciting one at that," she said in a stage whisper and a wink.

Now in hindsight, Mike wondered if the seed of the night's activities had been sown at that very moment. Perhaps, so, but it took Lee to make the seeds grow to plants.


Mike was looking for Nina the day that he found Lee Kim, a gorgeous, thoroughly American girl of Korean descent. She was short, had long black hair, medium sized breasts, and wore the shortest skirts in the whole university. Mike had not formally met Lee, but he certainly had noticed her. Everyone noticed her. Once Mike had almost dropped an entire tray of food in the student union when Lee slid into a booth and he was treated to a glimpse of sheer white lace panties against dark skinned legs. Mike had masturbated often to thoughts of that magical moment.

Mike's actual introduction to Lee, however, came on the tennis courts. Nina had told Mike that she would be playing tennis that day, so he ambled by the tennis courts hoping to "accidentally" bump into her.

"Your advantage, but not for long!" a voice shouted.

"Forget that, honey!" shouted back a voice unmistakably Nina's. Whap! Whap! Such fury on a tennis court Mike had never seen—grunts, groans, ground strokes...and short little tennis skirts flouncing about tanned legs.

"Ha!" shouted Nina as she finally drove the ball past Lee. "That's my set!"

The two women walked over to the side of the court where Mike was waiting. Nina glistened with sweat. Her white tee shirt was wringing wet and stuck to her like glue. Mike tried to be nonchalant about viewing her clearly visible sports bra through her shirt. His attention, however, quickly turned to Lee whose shirt was just as wet. Her very dark nipples showed through both her white shirt and her bra, such as it was, underneath. Lee caught Mike staring, but made no attempt to hide anything. She just smiled. Mike quickly averted his eyes.

"Damn, I hate to lose," muttered Lee. Still smiling, she unclipped her long black hair and ran her fingers through it. Then her face changed to a pouty frown, "especially to you, roomie!"

"Desire, my dear, that's the key," Nina retorted. "The one with the most desire to win, wins!" Nina paused and noted Mike's eyes darting between Lee's eyes and her chest. "Hey, Mike...I want you to meet my roommate, Lee."

"Oh, so this is Mike, the trumpet player. Nina has told me a lot about you."

Mike's heart leaped. Nina must really be interested in me, he thought, at least interested enough to discuss me with her roommate. Mike began to have a very positive feeling about Nina's, and perhaps Lee's, potential interest in him. His revelry, however, was shattered by Lee's next sentence.

"You're the one who wants to play strip poker, I hear!" Lee smirked.

Mike died inside. He was trying very hard to impress this fantastic looking girl. But Nina obviously had told her roommate that Mike had suggested strip poker of all things! Mike turned beet red and stammered, "Well, not exactly...."

"Look at him blush!" teased Lee. "I think he must not have been serious. Men! You can never count on them!"

"Hey, wait a minute, you two." Mike spoke without really knowing what he was going to say. "I'm game if you are!"

He couldn't believe the words came out of his mouth. Now Mike was convinced that Nina and Lee would think that he had all the substance of a prepubescent teenager giggling in a tent after lights out at the Boy Scout camping trip. He wanted desperately to appear sophisticated, but this conversation was going the wrong direction. Mike was thoroughly intimidated by both of the gorgeous women standing before him.

Trying to recover, he gathered up his most macho nonchalance and said, "Anyway, I would most likely win. I wouldn't want to waste my time playing with girls who probably would quit before the game got...ah...shall we say, interesting!"

Nina and Lee simply looked at one another through narrowing eyes. Some sort of psychic inaudible communication zoomed back and forth between the two of them. It made Mike instantly apprehensive.

Finally Nina sneered, "I seriously doubt that such would be the case, Mr. Doubt-Our-Courage! Let's go get something cold to drink, I'm dying of thirst."

Again before Mike could say or do anything, Nina and Lee were on their way. Mike joined in hot pursuit. He tried at first to catch up with them, but then realized that two short tennis skirts were dancing in front of him along with an occasional glimpse of what was underneath each. Mike decided to simply follow along behind, or in actually, two lovely behinds.

Now Mike sat at a card table in Nina's apartment and reflected on the looks on their faces as the start of THE game drew nearer. They had that look—the one that said that they did not just cast aside his comments as idle conversation. They had received the dare, albeit inadvertent, and their competitive spirits had been challenged. They could not let this challenge pass by. Now Mike's mind raced back and forth between the delightful fantasy of forcing the girls to strip naked and the horrifying realization that they might be the ones forcing him.

Mike's focus moved around the table and fell on Phyllis—straight-laced, Baptist Phyllis. She had almost ruined the evening before it started.


After the tennis encounter, Nina invited Mike over for dinner at her apartment. The prospect of an evening—and a free meal—with both Lee and Nina sounded great to him, so he quickly accepted. When he arrived he was greeted by the fantastic aroma of garlic bread and by the third roommate, the lovely Phyllis.

Every student in the music department knew Phyllis...a promising singer, longish blond hair that she wore al la Veronica Lake with a thick lock hanging over one eye (although she likely never heard of Miss Lake). She had big super blue eyes, and the most magnificent breasts anywhere. Even when she covered them up, which most often she did, one simply could not look at Phyllis without looking at her boobs. Phyllis also had a reputation of being very conservative, a Baptist preacher's daughter, and somewhat shy, except when she sang.

The dinner was wonderful—lots of wine and great conversation. Even Phyllis was shrieking and laughing at Mike's rather lame jokes and stories by the end of the meal. Nina looked ravishing in her shirt made of knit material that molded itself to every curve and short little shorts. Mike was in heaven. Three gorgeous women and me, he thought, yes, there is a God!

Over dessert, Lee said, "Phyllis, you should have seen Mike blush today when I embarrassed him at the tennis court." Nina giggled aloud when Mike began to blush yet again.

"What did you say or, perhaps, do...this time, Lee?" replied Phyllis showing obviously fake sympathy for Mike.

"Oh, Mike is trying to talk us into playing strip poker," she whined.

"What!" both Phyllis and Mike exclaimed simultaneously.

"No, I'm not!" said Mike. "I have never tried to talk anyone into a strip poker game! I just mentioned it in passing...once...just once! Nina was the one who made a big deal out of it, and now, Lee won't let it alone!"

"Oh, so you are afraid to play us, huh?" Lee persisted.

Mike's masculine face-saving instincts along with the wine suddenly took over.

"Afraid? Did you say, afraid? Ok, Lee. Since you seem to have a fixation on this and are the one who appears to want to play. Let's do it. Right now. Right here. I'll show you who is afraid and who's not. Get out the cards."

Nina laughed, Phyllis frowned, and Lee said, "No fair. Three woman against one man! No way. We want at least equal numbers of manly tally-whackers to look at when we beat the pants off you guys! I'm no math major, but even I know when the odds are not right. So, you'll need to find some friends to join us...major hunks only, please!"

Phyllis turned beet red when Lee said tally-whackers. The word was unfamiliar, but the meaning was clear.

"You're not serious about...surely not...Lee! Lee, tell me this is just a little joke," moaned Phyllis.

"Oh, but I am serious...dead serious..."

"Oh, get real. We are not going to sit around here and take our clothes off for each other? No way...not me. The last time I played strip poker was in Girl Scouts in about the fifth grade. I was eleven, had nothing to show, and I still was mortified. Anyway, if the idea is for everyone to get naked, then you guys can just take off your clothes and be done with it. You don't have to play some silly game. Just go get naked, if you want!"

"No, you've got it all wrong, Phyllis. The first person naked loses and the rest win...the rest being us, of course," Lee explained. "Wouldn't you just love to see a bunch of guys get humiliated by us?"

Lee's eyes flashed as she spoke. Mike could see that what had started as just an innocent jab to make him uncomfortable was developing into a full-fledged fantasy for Lee. And, being in a position of power over a bunch of guys clearly was the most appealing part.

It's now or never, thought Mike.

"Ok, I'll make you a deal," he said in a bold wine-fortified voice. "I don't think you ladies are brave enough to accept it though. I think you are all talk and no do. Nevertheless, I'll get two other guys to make this a fair game, if and only if all three of you agree to play to the bitter end. No backing out. We play until someone is naked, and I mean completely naked. So, now Miss I-Can-Do-Anything-Better, put up or shut up...that goes for all three of you!"

Mike paused allowing his diatribe to set in among the group. Lee's eyes told the story. She couldn't turn down a challenge like that from any guy.

"Ok, I'm game," she sneered. "It won't take long to get your pants off...and then we'll see what you are really made of."

Phyllis gasped, "I can't believe I'm hearing this. No way. I've had a little wine, but I'm not stupid."

Phyllis attempted to fold her arms over her breasts. Instead, her folded arms just accentuated the size of her majestic tits. When she caught Mike glancing at her chest, she just rolled her eyes in disgust.

A sudden quiet came over the room as everyone turned and looked at Nina who was rinsing off dishes at the sink.

"Don't make a promise that you won't keep, Nina!" Mike warned. He could see Nina's neck turning red. He knew at that moment that she simply couldn't resist.

"When do we play?" Nina whispered.

"Oh, shit!" exclaimed Phyllis.

The Game

Mike had been skeptical that the game would actually take place, even after he, Jack, and Doug a week later carried a glass-topped table in through the front door of the girls' apartment and set it in the center of the living room. Even then, Phyllis made one last ditch effort to avoid playing.

"I can't believe you guys," said Phyllis. "I have been suckered into this; I didn't want to do this; I might not even do this...my Mother would kill me if...never mind...one thing's for sure, I had better have a bunch of wine right now or I'm...I'm out...you guys are out of your minds."

Phyllis was even more frantic than her rambling speech revealed. She had vacillated all week, but Nina and Lee had assured her that she would not lose. "Desire to win!" That's what Nina kept saying. Phyllis knew that there were no guarantees. And, she had never been naked in front of any man. She barely even looked at herself undressed. The thought of undressing with five friends was more than she could imagine.

Mike had misgivings too. Big ones. He had talked Jack and Doug into playing. Actually, it hadn't taken much persuasion. The possibility of seeing any of these three girls without clothes made their decision easy. The more difficult part was getting Nina's approval regarding which guys to ask. She had high standards, she had said, mostly related to two things: how they looked and, more important, whether or not they were very discreet. Everyone had to promise to keep this event a secret outside our little circle of six...forever.

Jack (short for Giacomo) was a flute player from New Jersey, one of the few straight male flute players in the music department, and a good looking, muscular, very Italian guy. He had wanted to get into Lee's pants for a long time, so this seemed a golden opportunity to him.

Doug had been less sure. He was an education major who happened to be in Marching Band, so he knew a lot of music students. He also was Jack's roommate, so he seemed a logical choice. Doug was very short with a slight build—a fairly ordinary looking, small guy. Nina objected at first, but when she realized that Doug probably could keep a secret and was an all-around fun guy, she relented.

Now the moment for which Mike had waited all week had arrived...and he was nearing a heart attack brought on by sheer excitement.

"Tequila shots," said Nina. "That's the magic potion that will make this work."

"Here, here," Mike said as he looked Phyllis over. She obviously had taken the clothing agreement to the limit.

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