tagInterracial LoveThe Therapist Ch. 05

The Therapist Ch. 05


Sorry for the delay ya'll.. I have somethings going on... Hope ya'l like it.. Please give me feedback so I can continue... :)


Cory was furious.

The air steamed with her anger as she paced barefoot across her hardwood floors; each step creating a heavy thud that echoed through the apartment walls. She was dressed in white boxer shorts; rolled up and barely grazing the tops of her toned thighs with a huge hoodie from UGA, her alma mater.

"God Cory, you're so dumb! You meet a guy and then you go and let him eat you out, not that you regret that, because IT WAS AMAZING!! Okay, okay. You need to calm down, you're talking to yourself. Maybe he's busy and he didn't have time to call you, maybe you should call him. No, you can't call him, that's desperate. What if he just wanted to try something different? God, I hate being a woman sometimes. Okay, Core, get it together."

Cory strode to the fridge grabbed a pint of Birthday Cake ice cream and watched re-runs all night, all the while trying to keep her mind off of Jake. Tomorrow I'll do some shopping and focus on trying some new recipes. Things always look better the next day. With that she fell asleep on the sofa, the soft dripping of melted ice cream slowly pelting the wooden floors.

When Corey woke up, it was twelve in the afternoon and her feet were sticky against the hard wood floors. She let out a disgusted groan before cleaning up the mess and going to take a shower. Corey decided that today, she would focus on the good things, she would see her interaction with Jake as a "tune-up" of sorts. She walked to her closet, body freshly lotioned and adorned in a beige bra and undies set. Corey ran her fingers lightly over the fabric of dresses hanging up her closet, before picking a coral colored dress with a neckline that hit the tops of her breast and flared out in an A- line pattern. Corey loved the dress, because it was simple, yet it made her feel beautiful and womanly. She picked some strappy sand tone heels, which she slid her red painted toed feet in and stepped into the dress, spraying on a light mist of perfume before grabbing her large tote purse and a crème cardigan, in case she caught a chill.

Jake walked through the Farmer's Market with Brendan, one of his clients, who he had been training for the past 5 months and who had lost a total 17 pounds; bringing him to a weight of 265. Brendan was only 17 and after meeting him, Jake had agreed to work with him as much as possible to reach their goal. Today, Jake was teaching Brendan about the importance of choosing healthy foods. Jake had also chosen the farmers market, because he knew Brendan was really into photography and that he could catch some amazing shots there. As he walked around listening to Brendan talk about his classes, he saw a flash or coral flap in the air. As they walked closer, he was sure he could smell Corey's scent; vanilla, and honey. As he approached the coral flag; which flapped off the side of an open white tent, Jake was surprised to see Corey as she rounded the corner; a tote bag on one arm and a recycled canvas bag filled with recently bought scarves and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Corey's head was down and she placed the apples she'd recently bought in her canvas bag and as she looked up she was startled to see Jake standing before her in dark wash jeans with black polo and some black Nike Shox's on his feet. Cory's face held a startled look before she regained her composure. "Um, hey, Jake."

"Hey, Cory, I meant to call-"

Cory tried to brush him off and quickly turned her attention to the younger man, before introducing herself. "Hi, how are you? My name's Cory and yours?"

Brendan sensed the tension and was quick to offer the hand that Corey offered "I'm Brendan, Jake's my trainer."

"Oh, wow that's cool. So what are ya'll up to?"

"Jake's teaching me about healthy eating and I was taking some shots for my photography class."

"Oh, wow. Well, it was nice meeting you Brendan and it was nice seeing you again Jake." Corey tried to make her way around Jake and his massive frame, but he stepped in front of her.

"Corey, why don't you join us?" We're going to grab some things and then I'm making dinner for Brendan and me. It is kind of late, but you have to eat, don't you? "Jake's eyes watched Corey for her reaction, hoping she wouldn't say no.

"Umm.. I-" Corey began.

Brendan, sensing the tension and wanting to help out Jake, interjected. "Come on, it will be fun, plus I can show you the shots I took I today and Jake's a great cook." He said with a reassuring smile.

What's the harm in going to dinner? It's not like we're going to be alone. It's just dinner, at Jake's place with one of his clients. No big deal, right?

"I guess I can come by and look at your pictures." Corey said reluctantly.

"And have dinner." Jake countered.

"I'm not really hungry, but-"

"And dinner." Jake's voice held an edge of finality.

"And I guess have dinner..." Corey halfheartedly agreed.

After Jake had gathered the ingredients for the night's meal and Brendan had taken enough frames, they headed back to Jake's in his car, which Corey also insisted against.

You're going to have dinner with a guy who basically did a "hit and run" on your vagina, well he didn't "hit it" per say. What he did do was make it feel so good. So good, men with talents like that come once in a lifetime. Damn.

"Corey, are you okay? " Jakes voice snapped Corey out of her train-of- thought.

"Yeah, fine. Why do you ask? "Corey countered with a furrowed brow.

"Just asking, well anyway, we're here."

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