tagMind ControlThe Tide Is High

The Tide Is High


Cindi knocked on the door, almost hoping Janet wouldn't answer. At least, she thought that she hoped that Janet wouldn't answer; but as long moments passed and Cindi stood there in silence, she had plenty of time to change her mind back and forth on the issue. Was Janet avoiding her? Did she want Janet to avoid her? Did she want to avoid Janet? Did she need more time to think about last night? Was she just chickening out by wanting more time to think about last night?

Cindi looked at her watch, then knocked on the door again. Another minute or two more, she decided, and then she'd let herself chicken out. Maybe Janet wasn't home. Maybe she was with a...client. Maybe she really was avoiding Cindi. But last night, she'd said--Cindi flushed a little as she remembered a few of the things Janet had said last night. No, she had probably just gone out for lunch or something. Oh, well, just her bad luck to miss Janet, couldn't be helped, she'd have to stop by tomorrow, guess it was just one of those timing things and nobody could blame her for turning around right this second and--

The door opened. "Cindi!" Janet said with a smile. "Glad to see you again! Come in!" Her long, dark hair was still damp, so she must have just gotten out of the shower, but Janet looked like she hadn't bothered to get dressed at all since last night. She was wearing a sheer silken robe that was cinched loosely enough that Cindi could see she wasn't wearing anything at all underneath it. Cindi suddenly felt like she didn't know where to look.

She settled for accepting the invitation, stepping into the living room with an almost awkward haste. "I, um...I came over to talk," Cindi said, starting to sit down on the couch, then changing her mind suddenly and pacing back and forth across the room. "Just to talk," she said rapidly, "not to, um, anything else." She felt heat suffusing her cheeks, and knew that she had to be blushing, but she pressed forward anyway. "I'm sorry I left before you woke up this morning, I didn't want to worry you, but I had to take some time to think about--"

"You didn't worry me," Janet said, interrupting the speech that Cindi had been rehearsing in her head for about three hours now. "I knew you'd be back." She sat down on the couch that Cindi had avoided, resting one foot on the floor and putting the other up on the couch in a way that exposed quite a bit of her bare leg. "I knew it even before you came home with me last night. The only one who hasn't figured it out yet is you, pet."

Cindi froze for a moment, trying desperately to repress a shiver at hearing the word 'pet'. Especially at hearing the word 'pet' in Janet's husky, purring tones. Cindi suddenly felt like she was right back there in the bedroom last night, hearing the words whispered in her ear but not really thinking about them because Janet's fingers felt so fucking good inside her...she rallied gamely, though, latching onto the implications of Janet's comments and using it to get back on-script. "Janet, I'm sorry, but I'm not a lesbian," she said, looking over at Janet for a reaction. Then she looked away, because she didn't want to punctuate the words "I'm not a lesbian" by staring at Janet's body, and she wasn't quite ready to meet Janet's gaze just yet.

Janet didn't react right away, though. It took a couple of seconds before she started laughing. But it took her a lot longer than that to stop. She let her head fall back and slowly slid into a prone position as she giggled helplessly, her robe almost falling open as she convulsed in laughter. By the time she'd finally calmed down, Cindi had overcome her nervousness about where to look and was glaring at her very pointedly. "I'm sorry, pet," Janet said at last, wiping moisture from the corners of her eyes. "I really am. It's just...'I'm not a lesbian'?" She looked like she was almost about to start laughing again.

"I'm...I'm not!" Cindi said, feeling more than a little stung. "What happened last night...I was curious about what you said you did for a living, and one thing just kind of...led to another. But it doesn't mean that I like girls!"

Janet propped herself back up on the couch again. "Of course you like girls, pet. You're right in saying that doesn't necessarily make you a lesbian; you could be bisexual. But you can't tell me that women don't turn you on."

Cindi shook her head angrily, unsure of exactly what she was angry about but welcoming the distraction from all the other feelings Janet was stirring up. "They don't! I don't look at...at pictures of girls, or ogle women in the street, or..."

Janet stretched languorously, almost making a liar of Cindi right then and there about not ogling women. "It's not about that, Cindi. Being bisexual just means a woman can turn you on, and we both already know that I can do that. Remember the way that the arousal washed into your body, pet?" Janet's voice suddenly seemed quieter, her cadence slower. "Like waves of warm water, slowly lapping at your skin. Each wave coming in a little higher, the water getting deeper and deeper...like the tide coming in, pet, as more and more of your thoughts sank beneath that warm, wet need. Remember, my sweet pet?" Cindi nodded distantly, not quite sure when she'd locked eyes with Janet but not wanting to stop.

"But of course," Janet said, her voice abruptly losing its purring qualities and becoming conversational once more, "that's not what I really meant when I said that I knew you'd be coming back." Her eyes lost their hypnotic intensity, at least for the moment. "I only meant that I suspected that once you'd had some time to think things over by yourself, you'd want to come back and talk things over with me."

Cindi nodded sheepishly. "Oh," she said quietly. She felt...Cindi fumbled around in her mind for a word, and only managed to come up with 'obvious'. But it was the word that fit. She felt as though everything she was feeling and everything she was thinking was an open book to Janet, and one she'd leafed through a few dozen times already. How many other curious young women had Janet invited over after a few drinks at a party? How many other girls had wound up agreeing to try hypnosis for themselves, just to see what it felt like? How many other girls had ended up on their knees, trembling and quaking as Janet's words stirred wave after endless wave of dreamy bliss in their minds and their bodies?

Janet interrupted her silent reverie. "So," she said, "what did you want to talk about first? Apart from your sexual orientation, that is."

"I...I don't want to hurt your feelings, Janet." Cindi said. That was from her mental script, too; Cindi liked Janet, she really did. She didn't want to walk away from this having wrecked a potential friendship with one night of drunken abandon...well, not really drunken, Cindi admitted to herself. She hadn't had that much to drink at the cast party, and she'd almost totally sobered up by the time Janet offered to show her what trance felt like. But the hypnosis had lowered her inhibitions just as surely as alcohol would have. Cindi would never have gotten up the nerve to do...what they did last night...if she was thinking clearly.

Cindi realized she'd trailed off again. "Sorry," she said. "I guess I'm a little nervous. I, um, I really don't want to hurt your feelings--"

"You said that," Janet broke in, still smiling her enigmatic grin.

"Oh. Right," Cindi said, trying to collect her thoughts. It was hard with those knowing eyes staring at her. "I just...what we did last night, Janet, it's not...me. It's not who I am. I'm not..." *Not kinky, not submissive, not lesbian, not ready to deal with the fact that I wound up in bed with a professional 'hypno-dominatrix' that I met doing community theater...* "Not like you."

Janet chuckled. "Of course you're not. If you were, you wouldn't have wound up kneeling last night. I'm afraid I enjoy being on top a little too much."

"That's not what I meant!" Cindi snapped, annoyed that Janet kept deliberately misreading her words and even more annoyed that her meticulously planned, agonizingly deliberated speech wasn't even denting Janet's aura of calm certainty. "I meant that last night was...not a mistake," she said quickly. Cindi didn't want the whole conversation to devolve into post-coital clichés. "Just not really who I am."

"So you didn't enjoy it, then?" Janet sounded amused, not hurt. "It didn't feel good to you?"

Cindi thought back to the way her body quivered under Janet's ministrations, the way that Janet teased whimpers, moans, and finally screams of ecstasy out of her. It would be pretty difficult to lie now, at least convincingly. "It felt good, yes, but..." She struggled for words, before finally falling back to her original line of defense. "It's not who I am."

Janet sat up, facing Cindi directly. She didn't bother adjusting her robe; it hung tantalizingly loose, exposing her legs all the way up to her thighs and showing a good bit of cleavage as well. "It's who you were last night, Cindi. When I hypnotized you, you admitted to me that you came here hoping to be hypnotized. You also admitted that you haven't been able to stop thinking about this ever since I told you what I did for a living. That was your subconscious talking, Cindi, your deepest self. Maybe you're not really who you think you are."

Cindi's eyes widened in panic and embarrassment. It couldn't be true. Parts of it, yes, she'd been curious, but she wasn't the sort of girl who'd really want all that kinky stuff...was she? "I said that? But I don't--"

"Remember?" Janet's smile was back, making her look like a sexier version of the Mona Lisa. "That's the way of trance, Cindi. You remember what you want to remember. There's probably a lot of things you don't remember about last night, Cindi. Like the tide."

"The tide?" Cindi felt confusion join the swirl of emotions. "I, I don't know, I don't remember..." She was stammering now, stumbling over her words as her thoughts tangled together and became hopelessly ensnarled.

"Yes, Cindi, the tide." Janet's voice seemed deeper, now. More commanding. "The tide is rising."

"The tide is rising," Cindi whispered, her voice somehow seeming faint and distant in her own ears. "I..." She blinked. She was surprised at how much effort it took. "I don't understand. What's happening?"

"The tide is rising," Janet said. Cindi mouthed the words along with her without even realizing it. "That's all that's happening, Cindi. The tide is rising, and what happens to you when the tide comes in?"

Cindi squeezed her thighs together, suddenly conscious of the heat and the dampness between them. "I become wet," she whimpered, not knowing where the words came from but unable to deny the truth of them. They popped into her head, unbidden, and she said them before she even thought about it. And that sounded so hot...

Cindi clenched her eyes shut, blocking out the sight of Janet's body. "I, um...I should go," she said urgently, her voice high with arousal. She needed to go. She needed more time to think about this, because even if Janet was right (and Janet couldn't be right, Cindi was a nice girl, nice girls didn't do this...) Even if Janet was right, Cindi wasn't ready to deal with everything that implied. She needed to get away, she needed to think, she needed to jam her fingers into her snatch and masturbate herself to orgasm...

"You should," Janet said, breaking into her sudden, vivid fantasy as Cindi's eyes flew open in shock. They locked instantly onto Janet's gaze. "But you can't, can you? Because the tide is pulled by the moon, Cindi." She beckoned, and Cindi felt the gesture like a physical tug at her body. "I am the moon, Cindi...and your tides are drawn to me."

Cindi whimpered, feeling the pull become stronger with each passing moment. "You did something," she whispered helplessly. "You did something to my mind, you're making me want this..."

Janet shook her head. Her eyes didn't move away from Cindi's for even a moment. "That's not how hypnosis works, Cindi," she said. "I gave you suggestions, but they were only that. Suggestions. They only have the power you give them...and you want to give your power to me. Don't you, Cindi?"

"I...I..." She knew the answer, but she didn't dare to say it. She couldn't be that girl, the one in the back of her memory who begged for the collar and the flogger and the cuffs. She couldn't want this. She couldn't let herself want this. She came closer and closer to Janet, giving up the physical struggle to focus on the battle in her mind.

"The tide is high, Cindi," Janet said. Cindi shook with arousal at the words.

"The tide is high," Cindi repeated helplessly, She couldn't stop herself from feeling the glorious ache in her pussy as she echoed the words. They evoked a memory, but as soon as the memory came it receded again, leaving only more desire in its wake. She couldn't fight the arousal she felt every time she heard those words, any more than the tide could resist the pull of the moon.

"The tide is high," Janet whispered. Her eyes loomed in Cindi's vision, and Cindi felt Janet's warm skin underneath her hands. Only then did Cindi realize she was kneeling.

"The tide is high," Cindi responded, unable to say anything else. She tried to tell herself that she needed to think about this, but her thoughts were drowning in the tide of warm, wet lust that filled her body all the way up to the top of her head. Her thoughts sank to the bottom, and the rest of her floated in bliss.

She felt Janet undoing her blouse, unhooking her bra, and fingering her stiff nipples over and over and over again. "You want to give your power to me, don't you, pet?" Janet asked again.

"...yes," Cindi whimpered out. She couldn't imagine any other answer. She couldn't wait for Janet to finish stripping her naked.

"What happens when the tide is highest, pet?" Janet asked, stroking Cindi's breasts with hands that seemed to know exactly where to touch to make Cindi lose whatever control she had left.

"It overflows," Cindi groaned out, her panties now soaked through with her juices. "It overflows..." She'd never thought she could be so close to orgasm without even touching her clit, but at the same time, the sensation seemed intimately familiar to her.

"Good girl," Janet whispered, the words sending shudders of bliss through Cindi's already pleasure-saturated mind. "And the tide spills over...now." With a wail, Cindi fell forward against Janet's body, lost in the grip of a toe-curling orgasm. Her eyes fluttered closed and she shook again and again, unable to stop the pleasure as it flowed over her and through her and washed away all her doubts, all her fears, all her thoughts. In that instant, as she surrendered completely to bliss and clutched at Janet's warm, soft flesh, Cindi remembered last night perfectly. This was who she was. Who she'd always wanted to be, deep down. Who she always would be, because it felt too good to resist.

"Good girl," Janet whispered in her ear, again and again until she finally relaxed. Her mind felt blank and peaceful, the warmth of the afterglow slowly seeping through her whole body as Janet held her close. It felt perfect. Cindi wished she could stay like this forever.

"Mmmm," Janet purred out, leaning back just a little, "I'm afraid you undid all the good that shower did me, pet." Cindi's eyes opened again, and focused immediately on Janet's pussy, just inches away from her face. She could smell it now, the scent of Janet's arousal making her dizzy with need. Cindi licked her lips in anticipation.

She looked up at Janet, helpless against the power in Janet's eyes and knowing that she wanted to be exactly that. "May I, Mistress?" she whispered.

"You may, pet," Janet said, tangling her fingers in Cindi's hair as Cindi leaned in to lick.


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