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The Travel Trailer


Who would have thought that the purchase of an old trailer could have brought such adventure? The original idea was to find an easier way for our family to camp out. I mean, my idea of camping is at the Marriott hotel, so when my wife said the trailer was a good idea, I jumped. We have had the trailer for about five years, but it was this summer that the value of the trailer really came out.

I had reserved a whole week in the mountains with the intention of taking the kids and wife away from the hectic, day-to-day grind of work and suburbia. In the past, we have camped in the places with trailer connections and swim pools, golf courses and crowds. I thought it might be good this year to go a little more remote, so we packed up, and went to the high mountains with blue sky, fresh air, and relaxation, but no distractions for teenagers.

After three days, I realized the error of my ways. The kids were bored, and it seemed like the only thing I did was clean up after them and cook their meals, while they tried to find entertaining things to do. In desperation, I loaded them up and took them down the mountain to my parent's house, where they could swim and play with friends. This left me with three more days in the mountains, with books, videos and my wife. It really seemed like the time would be quietly spent in fishing, talking, and maybe if I was lucky, some sex.

Sandy and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary. We married when we were both 20, so the days for us of wild, all night sex had given way to teenage kids and stresses. We still loved each other, and to be honest, I would still like to have sex with her in any position, at any time of the day or night. Unfortunately, her motherly instincts have replaced her sense of adventure. I still find her very appealing. The weight she has put on in our 20 years of marriage has only served to accentuate her best feature, her breasts.

Sandy was the first and only woman I had ever seen naked to this point in my life, but I can assure you that to now, this had been enough. The first time I had ever seen her in the buff was about two weeks before we were married. We had visited my Grandmother and Grandma lived in an old house with real key holes in the doors. My first thought as I heard Sandy splashing around in Grandma's bathtub was, "it is wrong to look at her naked". We were both raised in religious households where the idea of pre-marital sex was a no-no. But, she was gorgeous, I was horny and Grandma had gone to bed. I heard Sandy as she got out of the tub and I sidled over to the key hole. Looking in ever-so-slyly, I saw the nicest sight. Two firmly rounded breasts, with nipples the color of pink cotton candy. They were on the other side of the key hole, barely six feet away. The nipples on the ends of those rounded breasts were nothing like I expected. I have been around women that nursed babies for most of my life, and nipples had always been round, red and poking out. They tended to sag under the weight of nursing and with the unforgiveness of time. Sandy's were perfectly rounded, like they had been drawn with mathematical perfection by the world's best engineering firm and the nipples were slightly inverted and puffy. As she toweled them off, I didn't make a sound that might alert her to the fact she was being spied on. The erection in my pants hurt so bad I thought I would explode. Her nipples were so light and gorgeous and as she toweled them and worked them over in the cool night, I could see them slightly pucker.

Almost as in answer to an unuttered prayer, she moved the towel down between her legs to dry off her moist, female area. My eyes followed the towel down to the "V" between her legs. I alternated between being embarrassed, being curious and being turned on.

I had seen her in shorts so I knew she had a great ass, but she also had another great feature. You have probably seen women that had thin enough thighs that you can actually see light between their legs. I call this "Pussy Separation". Every boy spends half his life wondering about this place on the female body. Sandy's crotch was young, thin and she had perfect "pussy separation".

For several months before our wedding we played racquetball regularly. As we would play I would always roll the ball intentionally into the corner. I could then catch a glimpse of her snatch as she would bend over in her tight shorts. My dream of her in spandex was nothing, however, in comparison to what came to my eyes through the key hole. First off, Sandy is naturally blond. She has never colored her hair and she has the kind of perfect strawberry blond hair that most girls try to get out of a bottle. But even with Sandy's extreme fair skin and blond hair, her bush was dark, almost black. Sorry to burst the bubble of all the adolescent boys in the world, but it is possible to have blond hair on the penthouse and dark hair in the basement. Sometimes the curtains don't match the carpet!

But what really caught my attention were her external labia. They were right in front of me and located in that perfect separation. As luck would have it, Sandy slightly bent her knees and brought the towel into her "wonder triangle" to get the last drop of moisture. Her outer lips were fair and puffy. I caught a glimpse of the inner lips, which were perfectly pink and slightly hidden. Her clitoris was hiding right at the apex and it was pink and covered in folds of skin. Her dark pubic hair covered everything in a secretive mesh without being "gross". In other words, it was perfect, soft, and velvety and the place that I wanted to put my bursting erection. I went in later to admire that towel and try and get any scent that must have been left there by that beautiful slit.

Fortunately for Sandy's virtue and for her decency (at until the wedding night), she first covered her bottom in panties and then slipped on a tee-shirt that covered her beautiful tits. For those perfect round globes, being lightly covered by a tee shirt almost made them more attractive. They bounced as if they were two separate, thinking entities as she walked towards the door. I scrambled before she opened the door and I rushed out and acted like I had been watching television in the front room. The dream that I had that night at Grandma's probably ruined her sheets. I can still remember the night and the dream.

That night started a love affair that I have had, not just with Sandy, but with two beautiful tits and a perfect vagina for over twenty years. Even after several children she still has a velvety softness and tightness that makes me hot to trot every night. She also has two slightly sagging tits but they still have the perfect pink color of her youth with nipples that stick out a full inch if I suck on them or pull on them with my fingers. I don't get to suck on them nearly enough for my happiness these days and lately my travel into her "love canal" has been limited to only a few times a month. What a waste of the world's best body.

Back to the trailer.... We were camping in a national campground at about 8000 feet in elevation. The campground was filled with families, children, tents and just a few trailers. The pull up into the mountains discourages most camping trailer aficionados so most people were roughing it in tents. The bathrooms at the campground were the type that consist of a hole in the ground and require a strong stomach to get within about 60 feet. That is why I am glad I have the trailer, because the flush toilet and shower make the experience in the wild much more agreeable.

With the early August date and with the weather patterns of the mountains, it rains in a spectacular fashion almost every day. First, the rain clouds form to the south and then the thunder, lightning and wind roar through the area. This made camping in tents almost unbearable. The rains were strong enough on several days to flood the tents and wash out many of the camps and campers. This was fine with me because we had the safety and comfort of the trailer. When the weather got bad, we would hibernate in the trailer and watch a movie or play cards and wait for the weather to clear. Each evening I would sit in the dark and watch the stars and observe the campers in the campground. Occasionally, Sandy would come out and sit by me. As she did this, she would let me rub her tits through her clothes, but not undress her or insert my fingers in any secret places. Most nights, it was obvious that any weenie roast for me would not be between her legs.

On our fourth night in the wilds, as I was trying to discreetly stick my left index finger in her as we sat around our campfire, we were interrupted by a fellow camper. She introduced herself as Adrienne and told us that her tent had filled up with water and that she had no dry clothes. Did we have something she might be able to wear until she could hang out her clothes and dry them off the next day?

Campers have an unwritten law that you help each other out in the wild. Beside, Adrienne, told us that she was single, visiting the wild with her sister and her sister's husband. Her sister was playing "newlywed" so much that she didn't even dare spend much time around them, she told us. She had also come into the wilds with another friend, Megan, who taught with her at the local university. They were both journalism professors, we later found out, who had worked too hard on their dissertations to have much fun the last few years. They had agreed to come to the wilds to do some fishing and to work on a book they were authoring about ethics and morality. Megan proved herself an avid hiker and spent hours a day on top of the nearest mountain contemplating nature but not helping with the book. Obviously, Adrienne was bored, cold, hungry and looking for some company. I guess that explains her honesty and lack of compunction in talking about her sister and brother in law.

I can honestly say that at this point, I was thinking only of helping out this bedraggled, cold and bored woman. She was about 35 and she was wearing a non-descript sweat shirt and jeans. Her hair was wet and hung around her temples in an unkempt mess. She truly looked worn out, in need of food and warmth. Sandy and I were just planning on going into the trailer for dinner and to watch a movie. Sandy, the compassionate, caring woman that she is invited her inside until she could find her some clothes and so that we could feed her. Adrienne readily accepted our offer.

Sandy went into our bathroom and came back out with some clean jeans, a white t-shirt and some socks and a light jacket. Adrienne stepped into the bathroom, which is a large sized room in our older trailer and slipped out of her wet things. By the look of her bra and underpants that she tossed over the curtain for Sandy to hang up (our old bathroom has no real "door"), it looked like she hadn't changed for several days. My Sandy's concern for hypothermia and for Adrienne's well-being was obvious, so Sandy asked her if she would like to shower. She again, readily accepted and I lit our hot water heater. It takes about 20 minutes to heat up, so she wrapped up in a blanket and joined us for dinner. It was my turn to cook, so we heated up the marinated chicken, vegetables and fruit and sat down. The thought of her naked under the blanket finally came to my mind. What did this professor look like under that wool blanket?

We had the usual small talk. We found out that Adrienne had taught for about 6 years at the local University. As the conversation shifted to her scholarly work, I realized that I had read much of her research and I had heard her talk at a symposium in Seattle the year before (I remember she had worn a tight leather skirt, but I couldn't remember her subject matter). I am an administrator at the same large University and had also taught journalism in my younger years. We found we had a lot of common acquaintances and friends. Nothing is more attractive to me than an educated, articulate person, so we went off on all the latest theories and research and politics. I again forgot that I was talking to a woman who was naked except for the blanket she had taken from off my bed. This thought came back to me when she shifted her weight and the blanket fell, exposing her right breast to both Sandy and me. It looked unintentional, but I thanked the "Breast Gods" because she did have a very beautiful and shapely breast. It was bigger than Sandy's and the nipple was dark brown. The nipple was very small, surrounded by an almost perfectly circular areola. I noticed I was staring and tried to draw my attention back to the conversation. Adrienne either didn't notice, or didn't care because she did not cover up. The nipple hardened in the cool mountain air.

I was jolted back to reality with a glare from my wife for ogling the uncovered breast. The nasty look was interrupted by a knock at the front door. It was Adrienne's friend, Megan, covered in mud and shivering and looking for Adrienne. When she had returned from the mountain top she had also found all her clothes wet and found that she had no dry bedding. Fortunately, she had spied us through the window of the trailer. As the sun sets at this elevation, the temperature rapidly falls into the 30s. Megan was struggling with the beginning stages of hypothermia and we suggested she come in and eat with us and warm up. Sandy found another set of dry clothes (which were far too big for her petite frame). Megan stripped down in the bathroom and wrapped in a blanket and we ate and talked. The conversation drifted to things academic, but this bored my wife. She decided to bring the conversation back to a personal level and we soon learned more about Megan, Adrienne, Adrienne's sister named Chloe and Chloe's husband, Jason. Jason and Chloe were newlyweds and lived out of state. They had always wanted to camp, so they had talked Adrienne and Megan into being their tour guides. Their plans were to be in the mountains for about 5 days. Megan commented that for the previous two days, Chloe and Jason had spent most of their time "fooling around". This left Megan and Adrienne embarrassed and bored. They were ready to return to civilization after the downpours of the last two days.

After dinner, Adrienne went into the bathroom and showered. I had asked them to be brief in their showers because of the limited amount of water in the trailer. She hurried and soaped up, rinsed, and jumped out of the shower and right into a position that I could see her around the curtain. Adrienne had a pretty body, almost textbook perfect. Her tits were big, with a hint of sag, but she had no stretch marks to indicate child birth. She also had something that struck me as different and it was only by staring that I realized she had no pubic hair. It was either shaved clean or removed permanently with electrolysis. I had rarely seen a woman's pubic mount that was completely exposed, and it was intriguing. As I looked up to her eyes, I realized she was also looking at me around the curtain in the bathroom. She had seen me eyeing her bald treasures, and she smiled with bemused friendliness. I turned bright red, but the boner I had in my sweat pants must have stood out in stark relief. It took me back twenty years to the other time that I had spied vulva through a bathroom door, the time I saw my wife through the key hole.

She put on Sandy's clothes and moved over to allow Megan to go into the bathroom. I could see Megan as she dropped her blanket and my mouth dropped open. Megan had a waif-like, heart shaped bottom with enough separation to see her labia peaking between her legs. I hadn't really noticed before, but Megan had beautiful olive skin and I recognized she was Asian/American. Pictures on the internet have taught me that oriental women often have a very sparse bush. Megan hadn't shaved or trimmed her bush, but the outline of her womanhood stood out loud and clear. She also saw me studying her body, and with some degree of irritation, she pulled the curtain closed and turned on the water. I had time to take a mental picture of her, however. She had small breasts with brown areolas and she had a sparsely covered, thin, pouting pubic mound with a large clitoris, sticking out away from her petite frame. I would have loved to jump in the shower and soap her up, but the wife brought me back to earth with a cough and a dirty look.

After she came out in my wife's oversized tee shirt, I saw how beautiful she was and how sensual her eyes were. She also had very thin legs and skin that was smooth and beautiful. She couldn't have weighed more than 105 pounds soaking wet and she had very narrow hips. Her nipples poked through the soft fabric of my wife's tee shirt. When she sat down on the edge of the bed in the trailer, I could see up her shirt to her vagina. She had on no panties. I was in sensory over-load.

It was getting close to 10 and the night had turned pitch black. There was very little light in the campground and with the exception of two fat neighbors who were fighting about the kids walking through their bedding, it was quiet and peaceful. Megan was ready for bed, but didn't relish the thought of returning to her tent and climbing into wet bedding. Girls in my trailer was a decision Sandy had to make. In answer to my prayers, Sandy said it would be perfect for them to share the extra double bed in our trailer. With our kids gone, we had plenty of room and we would be happy to let them use the double bed that folded out from the table in the dining room.

We got the beds ready and then Adrienne remembered about Jason and Chloe. "We need to run down and let them know where they are," Adrienne said. I was the only one dressed, so I volunteered. I walked the 100 yards or so to campsite #12, hearing the usual noises of the campground. Parents were quieting their children, games and laughter echoed through the trees, and hushed voices hinted of lovers trying to be discrete. Tents don't muffle sounds or leave much to the imagination of fellow campers.

Approaching Chloe's tent, I heard something that made me freeze, but smile at the same time. It was the voice of a woman desperately trying to come, yet be quiet at the same time. She was fairly hissing the words, "Okay, now you can put that thing in me, but don't come yet. I want to come first!" A few seconds later, she begged, "Get those fingers on my clit. If you don't make me come this time, I won't ever let you use my tits. Don't make me use that dildo Adrienne has in her suitcase," she snarled. After a few minutes of moaning and instruction she yelped as her body obviously crashed through a climax. I also heard a man moan as he came. There was just enough light shining through the tent to make out someone straddling the upper body of another person lying on a cot. My imagination made me figure there was probably a large penis wedged between some tits. Heavy breathing indicated their slow return to normalcy and they switched on a bright lantern in the tent. The bright silhouette of a man with a semi-erect penis climbing off a woman was highlighted on the side of the tent.

I made as much noise as I could so they would know I was there. They rushed to cover up and asked who was out there. I introduced myself and told them that Megan and Adrienne were in our trailer. I invited them to breakfast at 7:00 a.m. sharp and invited them fishing with me in the morning. They said they would take me up on it and thanked me for the message. I smiled as I saw a glob of something hanging from Chloe's hair. It made me long for the days when Sandy would let me use her perfect tits for fun and frolic any time of day or night.

As I returned to our trailer, I thought about what had transpired. I have never had sex with anyone but my wife and I haven't seen any women nude (unless you count nursing mothers). I was intrigued by the comment I had heard about the "dildo in the suitcase". Was there more than scholarly camaraderie between our two friends that were in the extra bed in my trailer?

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