The Twincest Legacy


Both twins both felt dizzy. Both their senses seemed heightened but at the same time they both felt almost distant. In the midst of their wild fuck session, Luke recognized the force connection to his sister. It was the same connection he had felt when hanging from the bottom of Bespin so long ago.

Leia couldn't understand the sensations that were overwhelming her. With each thrust of Luke's dick she felt more connected to him. At the same time she almost felt like she was outside of herself. Outside of her body as her brother fucked her so magnificently. With each thrust of his cock Leia felt more and more that she was watching this incestuous spectacle through someone else's eyes. She could see the entire room through her mind's eye. She could see a brother fucking his sister in her bedroom. Two beautiful siblings fucking each other here in her room. Was it really happening?....was it all just a dream?

Luke felt his orgasm building quickly. Pushing Leia further up onto the bed, he climbed up with her. Leia's eyes had glazed over in the midst of the wild fuck. She was distant somehow....Luke had to bring her focus back to the present. Back where the living force bound them together.

Lowering his mouth to hers, Luke slid his tongue into his beautiful sister's mouth. Leia snapped out of her trance-like state at once. She moaned sexily into his mouth as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. Leia grabbed onto Luke's back and held him tightly as she continued to whimper into his mouth. They were both at the same point....both about to come.

Luke held nothing back, continuing to pump his hips as he made out with Leia while fucking her steadily. His cock began spewing into her suddenly, taking him by surprise. Leia's entire body began to convulse as she felt her brother cuming inside of her. It was so thrilling. Part of her couldn't believe she was doing this....letting her own brother impregnate her. But another part of Leia...the dark part of her soul she had buried since Jabba's Palace.... loved every minute of the depravity.

Leia broke their kiss and screamed out violently as the orgasm overwhelmed her. She clawed down Luke's back, scratching him as she lost control of her senses in the throws of pleasure. The room seemed to fade away from both of them as they trembled in each other's arms.

Leia didn't know what happened next. She drifted off, her brother on top of her panting...filling her and completing her.

Chapter 6

Luke awoke alone in Leia's bed. He looked around the room frantically for his sister, then stood and made for the door. He looked at his naked body in the mirror as he walked passed. He almost stopped to look for his clothes, but then realized how silly that would have been. Last night he had fucked Leia...there was really no point in modesty now.

Luke walked into the living room and saw that Leia was watching the Coruscant sunrise on the outer deck. His sister had her back to him as the stood wearing her black silk robe again.

Silently, he walked up behind her, his flaccid dick bobbing obscenely as he stepped into the cool morning air of the city. Sensing his approach Leia turned to face him.

"Oh!" she started, her eyes roving over his naked body as he stepped close to her. "I see you've gotten very comfortable being naked in front of your sister."

Luke said nothing at first. He was still not exactly sure what they were now. Siblings? Lovers? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Had he made a mistake by not putting on any clothes?

"I can't imagine what Mon Mothma would say if she got a view of this balcony right now." Leia joked as here eyes became fixed on her brother's dick.

"Leia...I don't know what we are...." Luke began.

"Luke, listen to me." She interrupted. "I've been up for an hour and I've been thinking about this a lot."

Luke nodded and said nothing, still unsure about the entire situation.

"Luke, you my brother and the entire Alliance knows that." She continued. "We can't be together like Han and I are together."

Luke nodded. "I know Leia. No one could accept you and I as lovers. A few alien cultures may accept it but..."

"You know that I love you Luke, don't you?"

Luke took his sister by the arms gently.

"Of course I do Leia."

"Then hear me now." She went on. "What happened last night we did for the good of the galaxy. If we enjoyed it, we don't need to be ashamed of it."

"I know. I'm not ashamed, my sister."

"And there's a good chance you impregnated me last night."

Luke looked to her flat stomach, wondering if indeed it had succeeded. Could the vergence be growing right now in his sister's womb?

"Luke, I also love Han." She said seriously, "I may even marry him someday."

Luke felt a pang of jealousy but fought it back. It was only natural that Han and Leia be together....he realized that now.

"But if you and I created a child inside one can know you are the father."

"I would be scandalous."

Leia smiled and looked deeply into her brother's eyes.

"I could tell Han it's his baby."

Luke met her gaze questioningly.

"It would be a a man you love Leia. Could you live with that?"

"I think I could. The alternative is to tell him you and I were together....could you live with that?"

"No." Luke said quickly. "It would destroy our friendship forever."

"Then that's it." Leia answered. "I have to stay with Han. For appearance sake, but also because I love him."

"I understand." Luke said somberly. Then this was it. When Han returned from his mission, it would all be over.

"But you know..." Leia said seductively, "I've never in my life been fucked like you did me last night."

Luke smiled, feeling his cock begin to stir as his sister's words.

"It was the most intense feeling I ever had Luke."

Seeing her brother's cock beginning to grow, Leia reached down and gently took hold of his dick.

"Was it the Force that made it so intense? Or the fact that we're related?"

"Both...I think..." Luke struggled to form words as her gentle stroking made him instantly hard.

"Han won't be home until tomorrow..." She whispered seductively. "And we really aren't sure we created a vergence yet..."

Luke reached up and began sliding her silk robe off her shoulders.

"We really should make sure then...." He whispered.

Leia smiled and stepped back, releasing his now throbbing erection. It pointed obscenely at his sister.

Leia undid her robe belt and let he black silk garment fall to the ground. Luke gasped out loud, his eyes widening at what was before him. Leia laughed out loud at the look of shock on her brother's face.

She was wearing her metal bikini.

"Surprised that I kept it?" Leia laughed playfully as she traced her skin with her hands, accentuating her perfect body.

"Oh my gods Leia...." Luke stammered.

"Is this the outfit you thought about fucking me in, my brother?"

Luke was still in a state of shock. Leia's body looked more amazing than ever in the metal slave girl attire. He still remembered holding her in his arm as they swung from the doomed sail barge. The way her breasts had pressed into him in this skimpy slave girl outfit. And here it was again, right in front of him.

Leia seductively swayed her hips as she turned away from Luke. She took hold of the hand railing on the observation deck overlooking the city and slowly turned her head to look back at him. Her left hand slid down her ass as she presented it to Luke, pulling the dress portion of the outfit to the side to reveal her pussy to her brother.

"Well come on Luke..." she whispered. "Come fuck a baby into your sister's pussy."

Luke almost fainted at her words. As if in a trance he staggered up behind her. His throbbing erection quickly found the hot wet entrance to her tight pussy. Luke took hold of his cock and guided it into Leia from behind. Leia moaned as his cock head entered her, turning her face away from him to look out at the Coruscant dawn.

Luke took hold of the railing, his arms surrounding his sister's small body. He thrust into her fully, pulling himself in from behind. Leia moaned out a single word that was almost a whisper, but echoed in Luke's ears.


Luke began thrusting in and out of Leia from behind, her slave girl outfit turning him on beyond anything he could imagine.

"Oh gods you're fucking me Luke!" Leia called out, her voice echoing across the busy cityscape. Luke didn't care if anyone heard her.

"You're fucking your own sister!" She screamed out in excitement as he continued to pummel her from behind. Leia could feel his hot breath next to her ear as his large cock invaded her from behind.

"Oh gods Leia..." he groaned as he took hold of her by the hips and started thrusting more forcefully.

"Yes!" she screamed "Yes! Do it Luke! Fuck your sister! Fuck me! Fuck me and fill me with your cum!"

Luke felt his orgasm swiftly approaching. He honestly didn't know what was hotter: fucking Leia or listening to her talk like this.

"Uhhh fuck me!" she continued chanting, announcing their incestuous coupling to anyone near enough to hear. "Incest is best! Ohhh Incest is best! Fuck me Luke....fuck a baby into me big brother! Fucking do it! Fucking DO IT!"

Luke convulsed and came hard into Leia's pussy.

"Ohhhhh yes...ooohhhhh yes..." Leia moaned as she felt him unload.

Luke slowly pulled out of her. Leia turned to face him.

"If you keep yelling like that...Mon Mothma really will hear you." He laughed, pulling her with him back into the seclusion of her apartment.

Leia smiled following her naked brother. She pushed him onto the couch and stepped back. She gently began to sway back and forth in front of him. Dancing for her brother the way she had once danced for Jabba the Hutt.

"This is how I used to entertain the palace..." she whispered as she turned and gyrated her ass in front of her Jedi brother. "Before you came and rescued me...I used to have to do a lot of things for them Luke....things you wouldn't believe...."

Luke said nothing, watching his sister's wanton display in awe as his dick rose again to full erection. Despite just cuming, the sight of Leia's slave dance was returning him to full attention.

"Do you have any idea how many of them I fucked, big brother?" Leia went on, removing her metal top and exposing her breasts to him. Leia cradled her tits in front of him as she continued, "I took on aliens from a thousand worlds...cocks so big you wouldn't believe it...."

Luke said nothing. He felt slight pangs of guilt for leaving his sister in that horrible place...if only he had gotten their sooner....

"And you know what big brother?" Leia said quietly, sliding up between his legs. "Part of me loved it...."

Leia slid out of her bottoms, climbing onto the couch and straddling Luke. She poised herself directly over her brother's erection and looked down at him.

"But nothing compares to this....." she began sliding down onto him, her wet pussy enveloping his cock-head. " my own brother's dick...."

Luke looked down at their coupling, again in shock at the sight of Leia's seething pussy slowing devouring his dick like a Salaac.

"It's so....fucking....taboo...." she moaned as she impaled herself completely, lowering onto his lap.

Taking her brother's face in her hands, she kissed him passionately as she began riding his erection gently.

" you know...why this is taboo....?" She breathed and she rode him. Luke felt helpless beneath her. Leia was always strong...her sexual power over him was utter.

"It's taboo....because it's so...fucking good." She whispered, starring into his eyes. Suddenly, she began thrusting forcefully up and down on him. She grabbed his face more intently as she neared her climax. Leia began to shudder as she thrust herself up and down on his rock hard cock.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Leia screamed as she came violently all over her brother. Luke exploded up into her...completely helpless as his nympho sister rode him to another orgasm.

Leia slumped on top of her brother, then slowly pulled herself off, falling exhausted to the couch next to him.

"I can feel it...." She whispered up to him as he looked down with love at his beautiful sibling. "I can feel your midichlorian filled cum oozing out of me Luke."

Luke stroked his sister's hair lovingly. "Leia...we did it baby..."

"I know...." She answered. "Somehow...I know."

Chapter 7

"Jaina....listen to me!" Jacen yelled to his twin sister.

"No! It's insane!" she replied, turning away from her sibling.

"I know it's hard to believe....I didn't believe it at first myself....that's why I ran this genetic scan."

"Well it's a faulty scan then!" Jaina called out, turning to leave the medical center. "I can't believe you called me here to tell me this bantha-shit!"

"Jaina stop!", Jacen ran to his sister, catching her in his arms before she could leave the room. He gently turned her to face him. There were tears in his beautiful twin sister's eyes.

"Jaina please listen to me." He continued softly, "There's just no way Han could be our father. I checked the scans."

Jaina said nothing, here lips quivering as she tried to form words.

"With all that's happening right now...with the Vong and all they've done....I can't handle this...."

"Yes you can. You've always been strong." Jacen said, taking his sister firmly by the arms. "Han Solo is simply not our biological father Jaina. The scan proves it."

"Then....then who is...our father?" She stammered, looking into her brother's eyes fearfully.

"I've done a genetic comparison Jaina...I've checked it three times now."

Jaina nodded fearfully. She had to face this...everything she had believed was being ripped away....everything she thought was true was a could it be?

Jacen stepped back, his eyes falling to the ground.

"Who is it Jacen?" Jaina whispered.

"I think there must have been a good reason for it Jaina...." Jacen said slowly. "I think they must have done it for a good reason....or maybe it was just some kind of mistake...."

"Who Jacen?" she implored, "Oh gods Jacen, who is our father?"

Jacen looked into his sister's eyes fearfully.

"Luke." He whispered. "Uncle Luke."

Jaina' s eye's widened. She felt her stomach tighten in a horrendous knot. It couldn't be was impossible.

"But that would mean that mom...." Jaina stammered "...that she and Uncle Luke..."

"Yes." Jacen said solemnly. "Explains why you and I are so strong in the Force doesn't it."

"No." Jaina said firmly. "Mom would never...Luke is her twin brother...that would be like you and I...."

"Yes." Jacen answered. "It would be like you and I having sex with each other."

"Oh I'm going to be sick." Jaina said, clutching her stomach and staggering back to the exam table in the small medical bay room. "You mean we are the product of..."

"Incest." Jacen finished. "That's what the genetic scans prove."

"But....why?" Jaina asked, still trying to get her mind around it.

"I don't know." Jacen answered. "But you and I are going to find out."

The Twincest Legacy

Part 2

Chapter 1

Jaina starred solemnly at herself in the bathroom mirror inside Han and Leia's spacious living quarters on Coruscant. Jaina scrutinized her face more intensely than she ever had in her life. She looked at the curve of her nose, at the design of her lips, the color of her eyes. She desperately looked for anything that reminded her of Han Solo's features. Han Solo, the man she had always believed to be her father. A man she now so greatly wished was her father.

Jaina felt a chill run through her body as she saw nothing remotely resembling Han Solo in her features. She had always believed she and Jacen simply favored her mother Leia in looks. It had been a kind of running joke for years in the Solo family. Han himself had said once that Solo genes may have been headstrong and impetuous, but Organa genes always won out in the end. It had been a wry comment on how his children all took after him in their personalities, yet seemed to more closely resemble their mother in physical appearance. Jaina thought back on the joke now with a new perspective. The Solo children all seemed to share Han's impetuous streak. She had always believed her piloting skills came straight from her body's genetic memory of Han Solo himself. But as she continued to scrutinize her facial features, Jaina felt a growing sickness in the pit of her stomach. Much of Han Solo's personality could have simply been emulated by the children as they grew up so closely with him. Much of it could have been nurture instead of nature. And as for her piloting skills being inherited...well the greatest pilot she'd ever seen was none other than Luke Skywalker.

Jaina looked away from the mirror quickly as the image of Luke entered her mind. Could it really be true? Could her own loved ones have lied to her all these years? Looking back to the mirror slowly, Jaina scanned her facial features again. She realized with a sense of dread that in truth, she did look more like the daughter of Luke Skywalker than the daughter of Han Solo.

Jaina thrust away from the mirror and walked back into the living quarters. She and Jacen were staying in the guest bedrooms while Han and Leia were off-planet. Now, the five-room apartment was a mess. Jaina had torn it apart. Jacen had stayed in the medical bay and she had come here. He was looking for further scientific evidence of their true genetic heritage. Jaina had come here to Han and Leia's apartment for a different kind of evidence. She needed to find something more concrete than genetic comparison scans and DNA trace analyses. Jaina needed proof. She needed to KNOW.

Her mother was traveling to Bastion right now, to hopefully meet in secret with Gilad Pellaeon. Han would be gone all week, performing a complete overhaul on the Falcon and, as usual, sleeping aboard his beloved ship until he finished. Her younger brother Anakin was still busy training on Yavin. She had the upper level of the apartment to herself.

Her search had initially been methodical, but the more her mind obsessed over Jacen's words, the more haphazard and violent her exploration had become. Jaina had reduced the beautiful apartment was to shambles. Datapads, decorative items, clothes from the closet, bed sheets, Jaina had thrown them all onto the floor. What was she even hoping to find? A secret datapad that said: "Surprise - Luke Skywalker is your father and your mother is an incestuous slut!" Jaina would have laughed at the mere suggestion of such nonsense if Jacen had not shown her the genetic scans only an hour ago. Now as she surveyed the disheveled room, she wondered if there was anything here that could really answer her questions.

The way to the truth was clear: she and Jacen could confront her mother and Luke. They could ask them if there was any truth to this monstrous possibility and with the force as her ally, she would know by their reactions if they spoke falsely. But Jaina could not wait until they returned to know the answers to such horrifying possibilities. And she could not ask such questions over holo-channels. No, she had to find something here in her mother's living quarters. Something that would give her the answers here and now.

Jaina looked to the datapad on the floor. It did provide a way for her to access her mother's electronic messages which the Coruscant communication database would have stored for decades. Jaina reached down and picked up the datapad. Instead of her own, she typed in her mother's name.

A password prompt appeared, before allowing access to Leia Organa Solo's personal database. Jaina closed her eyes as she slowly sat down on the bed mattress, focusing herself. Guessing her mother's password was a possibility, but Jaina was no slicer. A few wrong entries and she would be locked out permanently. Alderaan? Han? Tantive? What could it be? No...Jaina needed to focus herself. To think like her mother when she created this password so long ago. To reach out with the force and find the word which hung in the air unspoken. The word that Leia had typed in long ago. The word that would get Jaina what she sought.

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