tagNonHumanTo Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 09

To Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 09


Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay but I've tried to improve some stuffs from the previous chapter. I hope it will be to your liking. Enjoy!!



The murder was all over the news the next day, but Alicia wasn't feeling very enthusiastic about it. Angus tried to comfort her, but she shut herself up. She was feeling terrible; it felt as if she had betrayed Angus after last night. She couldn't even meet his gaze. The want of revenge had taken her into paths she'd never thought she'd venture. She didn't know what to do, she felt so lost. She didn't even know if she would be able to carry out the other two tasks. God, was fighting for her own mother's death supposed to be this difficult?

"Alicia, please. Open the door..." for the hundredth time, she could hear Angus pleading from the other side.

He could easily teleport inside, but he wanted her to open the door. She hated to see him hurt, and the fact that she was the cause hurt her even more, but she couldn't face him right now. She needed time, she had no idea for what, but she wanted to be alone. She held her face in her hands as the tears of guilt and misery broke her apart. She remembered her mother's face... so kind and peaceful... and then a small voice seemed to play in her ears. It was something her mom told her all those years back.

A scene played in the back of her head. She was taking ballet classes then, but no matter how much she tried, she couldn't do one of the new steps her teacher taught her few days ago. No matter how much she tried, she couldn't twirl and leap simultaneously. Every time she tried, she fell and it really hurt her back. She had it and went straight to her mom to tell her that she was quitting.

That was when her mom laid a gentle hand on her sore back and said, "Alicia honey, no matter how hard a situation may look to you, you should never give up. The ones who give up don't prosper in life. They are losers. You should face the challenges instead of running away from them. And if ever you feel you're doing something wrong, ask your heart. Your heart will never lie to you and if your heart approves of it, it isn't wrong." And when she removed her hand, the pain was gone.

She realized her mom was correct. Giving up was not the answer. She had to end it since she was the one who stared it. She closed her eyes and asked herself. The answer was clear. She had to do it. It was the right thing to do, but she wasn't going to involve sex anymore. She loved Angus too much to hurt him. She knew he was going through this just for her.

The look of relief on his face after she opened the door made her eyes water again. She flung herself into his arms and kissed him deeply. She was too emotional to talk so she used their mental connection.

"I'm sorry, Angus, I hurt you. I promise you that I'll never do it again. I'm so sorry."

"Its okay, love, don't blame yourself. What you're doing is very important. Punishing your mother's murderers is your duty." He replied with a soothing voice which easily put her mind to ease and she lost herself in his wonderful scent and his warm embrace.

* * *

Two days later, she was back into training. She was soon going to face two very strong warlocks and no mistake could be made. They had no idea on how to bring him to his end as she denied using sex again so the plan was yet to be made, but Bikash somehow caught her trail. He wasn't sitting idle letting his brother's assassin walk around free. So he did some investigation and finding that seductive witch wasn't that difficult at all. His father was away so he hadn't had the time to inform him, but he didn't need to. He was capable of handling more experienced fire witches and this woman was equal to a speck. His plan was ready, all he needed was a chance and he got it.

Staying at home and training was boring and she wanted to go out, explore. The plan wasn't ready yet and she wanted some time for herself. So after dinner, Alicia went out for a walk in the forest. Angus was busy talking with her aunt and she didn't want to disturb them. It was a warm summer evening and the woods were silent except for occasional hooting of owls. Her IPOD was playing soothing music in her ears as she enjoyed the walk and the serene environment. She didn't notice as three darkly dressed men followed her silently, waiting for her to get further away from her home. She didn't realize it either when a gloved hand covered her nose with a chloroformed napkin. She fought against the man and frantically tried to scan his mind, but he was too strong and before long, she blacked out.

When she came to, she was in a strange place. It looked like an underground dungeon and had flowing water in it. She was immersed in water up to her knees and her hands were chained to the wall. Her head was still reeling as she tried to think about this strange place and the situation when she heard a voice.

"Welcome to my lair, ma'am. I hope you're comfortable. I'm sorry for interrupting your peaceful walk, but I couldn't possibly let my brother's killer walk around peacefully, while I sit around mourning for his death. Yes?" and he came into view.

He was a man in his late twenties or early thirties. He had short cropped black hair and black eyes, but he looked exactly like Bijay. Now she understood what had happened. She was scared. Did he know her secret??

"Trying to scan my head are you?" he asked coldly. "You're no match for me, fire witch. I've fought against stronger fire witches than you."

He didn't know it yet! He had no idea she had the power of air as well. Now she could see a thin string of hope. Only if she could keep him thinking she only had powers of fire.

"What do you want? Why have you brought me here?" she demanded pulling against her restraints, trying to hide the nervousness in her voice. She could feel Angus inside her head but she blocked him. She needed to concentrate.

"I can see you've got a strong mind, but don't waste your energy with the chains. You can't break them." He said with an evil smile. "And don't use your fire either. It will be useless. I am going to kill you slowly. Make you beg for mercy."

He was saying the truth. Alicia called her fire and tried to melt the chains, but nothing happened. Then suddenly a wave of water splashed against her, knocking the breath out of her lungs.

He got up and stood in front of her. He roughly pulled her by her hair and said, "This is just the beginning, bitch! You'll have to pay for what you've done to my brother!"

With that, he regained his place on the chair and larger, stronger waves banged against her. Her eyes hurt, so did her lungs. Just a little more, she thought to herself as the water level raised higher up. She closed her eyes as the water went over her head. Now she was totally immersed in water. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that he was still sitting on that chair and staring at her. His eyes were green-blue, just like the deepest oceans. In other situations she might have called them beautiful but right now, she hated them.

Its time, she thought and called upon her air. The air cut the water right from the place where she was standing. Bikash's face showed a flicker of fear as he realized what she was doing, but he didn't have time for any other expressions. A tornado came out of nowhere and wrapped around him. His eyes popped out as the low pressure inside sucked the air out of his lungs. She laughed as she said, "Bastard. You're paying for what your father did to my mother. All of your family will have to pay for my mother's death."

"Just look at you; such a pitiful sight you are." She added straining against the chains, trying to break them. "But just because I'm bound doesn't mean I'll let you off easily."

With that, she lessened the air pressure around him. In no time, he was writhing just like his brother, as cold death consumed him. She withdrew her powers and his lifeless body dropped to the floor. Then she tried to contact Angus. As soon as she told him what happened, he followed her scent and got to her prison. He quickly undid her chains and looked around. A man's body was sprawled on the floor. He had been so scared when he couldn't find her, but he realized he was worrying for no reason. She was strong and he was so proud of her.

* * *

Prithvi Pradhan was more than shocked. He couldn't believe it; first a fire witch, and now an air witch? Did he have two witch enemies? He didn't remember having an air witch as an enemy. Bikash's guard told him he was after a fire witch, but where did this air witch come from? And killing Bikash was a difficult thing. Bikash was nearly as strong as himself even if not in experience. Both of his sons were dead and he was sure his number was up next. He would have to be very careful. He had to find these witches. He had to do something before he got killed too.

Alicia was glad. She had no regrets. Not anymore. Had she lured him to death, she would have definitely felt guilty, but situations had been different this time. Her life had been in danger, so defending herself was no bad deed. She was saved from another emotional crash. She successfully completed the second task as well.

Two down, one more to go, she thought.

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