tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 02

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 02


Previously in Tomb Raider Rituals:

The wealthy and dangerous Josephus Alvarez came to Croft Manor to seek the help of the famous adventurer to have her help him find the golden Chalice of Kiribuni. Knowing Alvarez's greedy nature Lara Croft refused, but still set out to find it, but to protect it not acquire it.

The Chalice belonged to the Tsitsikwama, a people native to the jungles of the Congo, a people similar to the Amazon's; woman ruling over men. And a people steeped in all manner of sexual rites.

Knowing that Alvarez would go after the Chalice, Lara was on route to Kinshasa. And after having some quick R&R in her private jet, got ready for her new adventure...

Dust clouds Swirled up into the air from the sheer force of the huge Private jet that touched down on the landing strip at N'Djili International airport in Kinshasa, Africa.

As the door was pulled down Lara Croft stepped out slipping on her orange tinted shades.

"Ah Africa, it's been a while", she smiled to herself.

"Ms Lara Croft", Shouted a stout African man in a military uniform, "my name is Lumanse O'etto, I am part of the airport security here to escort you safely to Brazzaville."

"Well Mr. O'etto, That certainly is very kind of you. Though I think I'll manage quite fine on my own."

"Ms Croft, I must protest, I do not think you'a are understanding the hostilities in the DRC..."

"No I am quite aware of your hostilities, and that it will be, inconvenient, to have an English woman running around all lethal and loaded. You will however find that said English lady is rather adept in seeing to her own personal safety."

"Be that as it is, I must..."

..."Escort me to my Jeep? Lara interjected, smiling quaintly, "that is what you were going to say was it not Mr. O'etto?"

Lumanse O'etto was little more than a lap dog for the local Military presence, a man sent out to ensure foreigners wouldn't cause unneeded problems. Looking at the striking brown haired Brit, he could tell she could cause him unneeded problems if he chose to press the matter on red tape that needed clearing.

"Fine", he said finally, raising his hands in defeat, "I will let you go on with what ever business you are having in MY country", he deliberately stressed his last words.

"There now, that wasn't so hard was it", Lara said, playfully slapping him on the cheek, "I knew you'd warm up to me."

Lara had learned the art of using her charm and her obvious influence on men to become rather persuasive. After all, this was not the first time she had to get past security and into conflicting nations. On one occasion crossing into Mexico to get to some Aztec Ruins called on her, 'oral', endeavors to satisfy one of the local guerilla force soldiers. The bastard hadn't washed in days and she could taste it.

Thankfully, Mr. O'etto was rather accommodating.

******** ******** ******

The hot African sun beat down on Lara as she drove her jeep trough the dirt roads heading toward the jungles of the Congo. She grabbed a rag and dabbed the sweat off her forehead then took another swig of water.

She looked across the Valley at the herd of Zebra that galloped across the brownish orange grass and smiled. It angered her that the greed of western nations was destroying such a beautiful land. The ongoing hunt for conflict diamonds was tearing the country apart. Men like Josephus Alvarez, she thought to herself, was doing little nothing to help.

Her Sat-Comm beeped.


"Turns out Joey figured you're not the only Tomb Raider around, Lara."

"Ah, lovely, I do enjoy some competition ever so often. Who did he reel in?"

"William McKlintock, I don't know, his some Scot."

"Will Mackie."

"You know him?"

"We have history. He beat me to a Japanese relic once. Won a rather costly bet."

"What was the bet?"

"Really Zip? A lady never speaks out of the bedroom. I will say that it is not the type of kinky behavior I'll indulge in, in the near future."

There was silence on the other end of the line.

"Mackie, does pose a problem though, he happens to be rather good."

"Humm, I bet he was."

"Do behave yourself Zip", Lara said, a bit annoyed.

"Sorry. Got a mental picture in my head..."

"You think you can handle it?" Zip asked.

"I'll be fine. Any word from Alistair?"

"I'm here Lara..."

"It seems the religious movement of the Tsitsikwama is laden in all manners of sexual and may I add debase acts. No doubt to earn the right of passage, and earn the knowledge of the whereabouts of Kiribuni, you'll have to perform some sexual ritual."

"Well at least it won't be boring."

Again silence on the other end.

"E-hum, Looks like you'll be doing that kinky shit sooner than expected".


******** ******** ******

The lush jungle spread then dipped into an open valley; in the center were twenty or so straw huts that were shaped like igloos. Lara stood atop a nearby hill surveying the area through her binoculars.

She always found it amazing that people could live in such a primitive way while the world around them advanced. The fact was that Lara found such a humble lifestyle appealed to her most base desires.

"Well, can't stand around up here all day Lara", she said to herself.

It was a sight that would have male chauvinists cringing and female liberals applauding.

The Tsitsikwama men were all over the village busy with daily chores, washing clothing, cooking and so forth, while the women were about standing guard and teaching young girls to fight with spears.

Two women ran up pointing their spears at Lara as she approached the village. From what Lara knew, the Tsitsikwama spoke a dialect from which Lingala, the language of Kinshasa originated. At least she could use it to get by.

Lara spoke in a manner that they would understand in their mother tongue. She explained that she needed to be taken before the village elder, and that she would then state the reason for coming to the village. She knew that the Tsitsikwama would not refuse this request as it was dictated by their laws.

Lara walked through the village, following the two women, her eyes roaming around fascinated by the lifestyle of this ancient people.

The old women sat in the biggest hut at the far end of the village. She wore a big ceremonial mask. It was her wrinkled skin and sagging, exposed breasts that gave away her age.

She spoke; Lara found it difficult to understand and caught only bits of the dialect to decipher. The old woman had called her a 'Pale witch' and wanted to know why she had come. Lara told her as best she could, that she believed someone was going to try and reach Kiribuni and take the sacred Chalice.

The old woman, as well as the other women in the hut chuckled, though Lara could tell they were surprised to hear that she knew of the Chalice. She was told that the Tsitsikwama are great warriors, and that the location of Kiribuni was known only to those who found favor in the eyes of the gods by achieving the right of passage.

Lara was careful to acknowledge the strength of the people, yet respectfully say that the enemies that came bore great magic's that could even over power their gods. She knew the elder would view this as blasphemy, so she quickly drew her twin pistols and shot several clay pots broken.

There was a huge commotion in the tent as everyone backed away in fear. The old elder removed her mask revealing the worry in her weary eyes. She asked Lara if she was a goddess sent to protect the people.

Lara holstered her guns. She replied that she was not, but that her intensions were to protect the people from those who would destroy what they had.

The old woman smiled.

Lara sat outside the village with a dozen little girls around her. They touched her smooth skin and ran their hands through her hair in curiosity as to why she looked so different. Lara flipped open her laptop and turned it on. The little children hid behind her in fear of this strange magic. She took out a little satellite dish and positioned it.

"Hey Lara, GPS is picking up your signal in the north of the Congo jungles, somewhere in the mountains."

"That's right Zip, I managed to use diplomatic prowess to come to reason with the Tsitsikwama."

Zip smirked on the monitor, "You shot somebody, didn't you?"

"No! I shot something."

"I have been inducted in a ceremonial ritual to earn right of passage, the woman are preparing."

"Sounds like fun."


"Sorry, but you heard what Alistair said about sex rituals and..."

Lara turned off the Comm-link.

******** ******** ******

Lara sat, knelt before the old elder. She was dressed in nothing but arm and calf brasses made of animal skin and straw. Red paint was smeared like a mask over her eyes, and there were ritual symbols over her breasts, it probably had to do with the statues with exaggerated sex organs, in conjunction with her own massive cup size.

From what she could make out of what the old lady was saying she had to extract and shower in the white snow. After this the curtain was drawn and a muscular black man walked in stark naked. His eyes bulged when he looked at Lara, a broad smile crossing his face.

"Men", Lara muttered to herself.

She got up and walked over to the man. As she did so she saw the way his eyes roved over her flawless, naked body, taking every inch of it in. Her beautiful face, full luscious lips, whole firm, natural breasts, hardened brown nipples, firm, tight stomach, long toned, shapely legs, tender, neatly trimmed, pink, pussy; His cock sprang up 8" in length at the sight.

Lara knelt down before him and took his rock hard ebony dick in her hand, wrapping her dainty fingers around it and stroking it lightly.

The man groaned at the sensational feeling. He looked down and watched as her tongue snuck out to lick those full delicate lips.

Lara made contact with the giant dark cock with her lips, wrapping them around the huge bell-shaped head. She let her tongue lather the mushroom in saliva as she flicked it all over it. Her sparkling brown eyes looked up at the man as she took him deeper into her mouth sucking lightly on his flaring tip.

"Ehmmmn huhmmmnn", Lara moaned as she took more of his delicious cock into her warm mouth. She was now bobbing her head up and down his cock, a bulge forming in her cheek as it pushed against it. Lara took his cock out her mouth and pumped it hard as she went down taking one of his balls in her mouth. She rolled it around with her tongue for a while before moving to the other.

She moved back to his cock and spat on it watching as it trailed down his length, then she sucked on his cock again. The man's eyes were rolling around in his head as Lara used her considerable expertise to give him one hell of a blowjob.

Satisfied with the urgency with which he was throbbing in her hand, she plopped his cock out of her mouth. She got up taking his hands as she walked into his personal space. She placed his hands on her ass, smiling as he squeezed it before lifting her off her feet. Lara wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist, enjoying the feeling of being pressed against his muscular body.

"Dear lord", she whimpered when she felt his cock brush up against her moist sex. She gripped him tightly, steadying herself as best she could as she reached down to grip his cock again. Lara braced herself as she held his cock against her slick slit pushing her waist down.

"Ahh", they both exhaled together as his thick cock pushed into her. Her velvet folds lipped around his dick as she was stretched open, a shaky breath escaping her lips as she felt his dick slither up into her body.

Lara breathed slowly as she felt her ass rest on his balls. She held still, feeling every pulse, every throb of him inside her, slowly growing accustomed to the welcomed intrusion.

She pressed her body against his as she started to grind her hips up and down, feeling the soft tremors fill her from the feeling of his cock pistonning in and out of her pussy. His grip on her tightened and he tried to ground himself as he stood holding Lara as she thrust her body up and down in his arms.

Lara's breathing grew heavier and more strained with every movement, her sopping pussy becoming more inviting as it swelled around the huge black dick, increasing the pleasure.

Growing weary the man knelt down still holding onto Lara. She was quick to let him temporarily slip out of her cunt so he could lie down on the straw before straddling him. She took his cock again and positioned it between her legs.

"Oh my god", she whined in surprise as this time he shot his hips up driving his cock into her. Lara reciprocated thrusting her hips up and down quickly. She bent down placing her forehead against his as she continued to roll her hips over him, "Your big black cock is such a treat, darling", I.. ahh.. sample every ethnicity I can, but.. n-nothing... beats a hard, big, stiff, black dick."

The tingling from between her legs quickly started to turn into a teasing heat that spread through her body, and Lara responded by lifting herself up on her arms and driving her pussy over his throbbing cock faster. His ands moved up her waist skimming over her tits before kneading and massaging them. Lara winced in pleasure as she continued to bounce on his cock giving out short squeaks when he pinched her sensitive nipples.

"I know you don't understand me love, but please wait a little longer, I'm so close to my orgasm", Lara whispered, feeling his throbbing hasten signaling his readiness. She slowed down, slurring her pussy up his shaft then engulfing it again, doing this over and over, loving the way his pulsing cock sent pleasurable chills through her body.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him, concentrating completely on the cock that was giving her o so much delight. His face was scrunched up, it was quite clear he was struggling to hold his load.

Lara's head shot up her eyes driving to the back of her head, her back arching as she was engulfed in a sensational embrace of sexual bliss. Her pussy tightened around the man's cock, and every muscle in her body tensed as she began to spasm in orgasm. She seeped in a gulp of air as she came, cool translucent fluids dripping from her sensitive cunt. She rubbed her clit with her fingers prolonging the incredible feeling as she still awkwardly trust her hips over the hard cock within her.

Coming to, Lara slid herself off of the man, he was quickly on his feet pulling her to her knees. Lara looked up as two women brought a bowl filled with red paste and started rubbing it all over his cock. They aimed the red member at her face and started stroking it rapidly.

He gripped Lara's hair hard as his face scrunched up, a sure tell that he was going to blow. The women pumped faster, as the other people in the room started chanting in a monotones, and ominous tone.

"Hrrnthaawwwwgh..." the man grunted as he let rip, his pulsing cock blowing bucket loads of thick semen all over Lara's face, tits, and hair.

Covered in cum Lara opened her eyes breathing heavily, the two women alternating in cleaning the cum and red paste off the man's cock.

She rose and went to kneel before the old elder again. The old women rose and bowed before her; she had passed the right of passage.

The old woman told Lara that in the mourning, huntresses from the tribe would escort her to Kiribuni, where she would do what was...

There was an explosion outside; the rupturing sound of an M-67 frag grenade. What followed was screaming and the sound of assault riffle fire.

The old woman's eyes shot open and there were shuffling of the other people in the hut.

"Alvarez", Lara said out loud.

She looked at the old woman and explained that the people she spoke of had come. The woman gripped Lara tightly on the shoulders then whispered in her ear, giving her the location of Kiribuni. After this, she fell down dead.

Lara looked down at the old woman sadly. She shook off the feeling and got up, grabbing her pistols. On exiting the hut, Lara saw mercenaries running around taking point, and gunning down villagers. On seeing her they immediately fired.

Lara dived into the bushes making her escape; she dived and rolled, then got to her feet, brushing away the dense foliage. Lara ran towards a nearby cliff, and brought herself to a halt on seeing the gapping gorge and thundering waterfall.


Lara turned to face Josephus.

His eyes widened at the sight of her naked body covered in dirt and cum.

"My god, you are ravishing."

"Sod off you fucking wanker", she growled.

"Dear me, Lady Croft, such a dirty mouth..."

"...I know you know the location of Kiribuni Lara, tell me, we can still work together."

Josephus was surrounded by five of his mercs, all with their guns on Lara. Out of the bushes came a rough looking red haired man.

He looked at Lara and spoke in deep Scottish accent, "Hi Lara, always finding you the strangest way, hay las."

"Will Mackie."

"Lara, the location?"

"You really are daft if you think I'm telling you Josephus", Lara smirked.

"You got nowhere to go Lara, you're trapped."

She smiled.

Lara turned and leapt off the edge of the cliff. With a serene grace she fell into a swan dive, cutting through the water far down below.

She splashed up out of the crystal clear river with a contented sigh, as she felt the dirt and dry cum wash off her body. She swam to shore and got out of the water heading back into the jungle.

Lara made her way back to the ridge overlooking the Tsitsikwama village; some of the huts were on fire, and Josephus' mercenaries were torturing some of the women for the location of Kiribuni.

She felt her heart go out for those poor souls, yet knew that the sacred Chalice was what mattered most to them, that they would give their lives to protect its whereabouts.

Lara turned and headed for her Jeep where she got dressed and took off to where the old woman said the ancient caves of Kiribuni lie.

From out of the bushes emerged William McKlintock, watching as Lara's Jeep drove through the rugged jungle.


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