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Disclaimer: I do not own either the Tomb Raider or the Uncharted franchise or any of the related characters. This story is meant for entertainment purposes only. Characters from Tomb Raider are adapted from the Tomb Raider: Legend & Underworld games by Eidos interactive & Crystal dynamics.


Miami, Florida...

...It was a stark contrast to the constant overcast skies of the British Isles; the sun shinning high in the sky making the clear blue waters of the magnificent ocean sparkle.

There were many magnificent boats on the waters, but one that outshone the rest, the KOGO Superyacht. The luxury yacht was 235 feet in length and could accommodate twelve guests in its five high class suites, and had indoor and outdoor living areas on the upper deck. It also had a massage and beauty therapy room for a woman in need of that, special, attention.

The owner of this magnificent piece of sailing pleasure was certainly a woman who needed special attention, and at present she was sun bathing next to the huge Jacuzzi.

Geoffrey walked up to up to her holding a tray with a drink on it, "Sex on the beach, as requested, Ms Croft."

Lara Croft craned her neck and looked up at the young skipper; he was one of the men she had employed for these voyages. Of course she made sure that all the help were easy on female eyes.

"Now Geoffrey is that entirely appropriate?" she flirted, watching as the younger man's eyes trailed to the swell of her large breast squashed underneath her weight. The powder blue bikini top she wore had been untied at the back so that she could get a decent tan.

All Geoffrey could do was swallow the lump in his throat, as his exquisitely beautiful employer flirted with him. Lara Croft had been rated 2nd in the line of FHM's sexiest celebrities, and seeing the young countess and adventurer lie here in the skimpy little bikini, it showed. Her sun-kissed skin gleamed, her round, firm ass strained under the tiny bikini bottom, her auburn hair flailing over her bare back. The young man gulped again feeling the uncomfortable strain in his shorts.

Lara took her eyes off the man and took the drink. She looked past him at the African-American man walking toward them.

"Check it out Lara, I think its show time."

Lara looked at the other yacht off port side. She quickly tied her bikini top up, and then rose and walked over to a table. She put down her drink and grabbed her binoculars, looking through it, adjusting the buttons to zoom in.

"I think you're right Zip. They certainly took their time didn't they?"

"You think your guy in Little Havana was on the money?" Zip asked.

Through the binoculars Lara saw a couple of Cubin men, one of them had a bulky build, he wore an open shirt, with flowers printed on it and a vest underneath, he also wore cameo shorts. He was bald with a thick mustache and goatee; he was Latino, not cubin.

"His over there alright", Lara confirmed, "Emmanuelle Lopez."

As his tattoos publicly declared, Lopez was part of a gang from LA, the Latino Santos, or Latin Saints, when translated. According to Lara's source he was in Miami to meet up with Maurice Santa Carlo, a local drug cartel leader to get a shipment of cocaine.

That however, wasn't Lara's interests in him, what she wanted was what he wore around his neck attached to the gold chain to serve as a pendent.

"Latino Santos are dangerous guys Lara, and their many felonies include gang rape. And Santa Carlo's people aren't saints themselves", Zip warned her.

"Oh do relax Zip, I'm a big girl, I tie my own shoe laces and everything", Lara smiled.

Zip smiled back, he knew that under that charm was a woman you didn't want to fuck with, Ms Croft's sophisticated demeanor belied the furious killer that lied within.

"Just be careful, he said, a hint of concern in his voice, "what is this thing you want from him anyways?"

"An ancient key. One that opens the burial sight of Artaxerxes the ancient king of Assyria."

*********** ************* ****************

Fifteen minutes later Lara emerged out of the sea water next to the yacht the gang members and drug dealers were on. She used her magnetic grappling hook throwing it up so that it could attach itself to the side of the boat, after which she climbed up onto it.

Lara moved stealthily to the front of the boat where Lopez and Santa Carlo's men were. Peeking her head out she could see that they were all packing 9mm semiautomatic pistols. Lara herself had come aboard unarmed, and at this point she was really regretting the decision.

"Well Lara", she said to herself, "when all else fails."

With that, she came out of hiding.

The six men's attention was drawn to the brown haired beauty.

"Hey who the fuck are you chick'a?" Lopez asked, his face menacing as he pulled out his gun.

"Good day gentlemen, I do apologies for the rude interruption, but I would like to have a word with you Mr. Lopez", Lara explained smiling coyly.

Lopez stepped forward, "Do you know who we are bitch, you think you can just roll up in here and start talking..."

"Yes", Lara interrupted him, "you are a member of a hooligan street gang, and your, associates, are drug dealers for Maurice Santa Carlo."

At this point all the guns were on her.

"My name is Lara Croft gentlemen. All I want to do is speak to Mr. Lopez about the little trinket around his neck."

Lopez looked down at the carved medal on is chain then back at Lara, "Lara Croft. I heard'a you, hay, you that rich bimbo from England, what you wanna know about my bling bitch?"

"An offer..."

"I'll give you £ 5000 for it. It's a fair offer for an Assyrian artifact; you won't get a penny more from any muse..."

"What the fuck you coming here with your fancy English and trying to buy my shit, it ain't fer sale..."

"Oh come now do be reasonable. Besides", Lara smiled, "I'd hate to have to take it from you."

Emmanuelle Lopez was shocked by the audacity of Lara's threat, but a man like him never thought the response to such a threat through, he raised his gun.

The shot hit just in front of his foot; a warning.

The gang members were startled in surprise looking for the source of the sniper shot. When Lopez looked back at Lara he saw her running toward him. Before he could respond her fist flung into his gut. As he lurched forward in pain she drove her knee into his chin his head shooting back up. Lara slammed an open hand to his ear discombobulating him before following through with a kick to his jaw, spinning him off his feet; he fell on the ground out cold.

The other five men wanted to act but another sniper shot stopped them dead in their tracks.

Lara narrowed her eyes on them, "you boys have two options. Let me do what I came to do, or end up like Mr. Lopez..."


They stood for a moment, but then dropped their guns.

Five minutes later Lara had used some rope to tie them up before she went over to Lopez to retrieve her prize. As she removed the chain and put it around her own neck she heard shuffling from below deck.

Lara moved cautiously down the stairs. Entering the cabin below deck she was greeted by a man tied up with duct tape over his mouth. He had a ruggedly handsome face, but it was quite bruised. His eyes widened as he looked up at Lara, but not in shock, no, he was taking in her gorgeous body in her tiny bikini.

Lara noticed this and proceeded to rip the duct tape off painfully...


"And you are?" she asked.

"Lara Croft", he said smiling.

"No, that is my name, who, are you?"

"Drake. Nathan Drake, I'm..."

"Oh I know who you are Mr. Drake, what are you doing here?"

Nathan smiled.

*********** ************* ****************

Lara boarded her own boat again reaching out for Zip's extended hand, "You've been practicing with your sniper riffle, haven't you, your shots were far better than last time."

"I have my moments. See you got what you wanted."

"Of course, I always get what I want Zip, I thought you would have known that by now."

"And this?" he asked looking at Nathan Drake as he got on the yacht.

"Hey, I'm Nathan Drake, my friends call me Nate..."

"The, Nathan Drake?" Zip asked raising an eyebrow, the supposed descendent of Sir Francis Drake."

"Hey, whatta you mean supposed."

Zip raised his hands apologetically.

"Tell me Mr. Drake", Lara interjected.

"You can call me Nate beautiful. You know I caught your photo shoot in FHM last month they were ho..."

"You were on the boat for the key, weren't you"? She asked ignoring what he had said to her.

"Well, that's plausible", he smirked looking at the key around her neck.

Lara took it off and handed it to Zip, "have it taken off the chain, and ask the captain set sail immediately."

Nathan had walked over to the back of the ship. He turned look to at Lara who had followed him, "heading to Mesopotamia right, Shamiram to be exact?" he was looking at the sea plane the yacht was towing.

"No, Egypt."

Nathan looked at her puzzled.

"The cut above your eyebrow is pretty bad. There's a medical wing below deck with an on call doctor. I'll have the chef prepare us a meal."

Lara walked off leaving Nathan by himself.

*********** ************* ****************

Nathan entered the dinning room where Lara was already sitting. The room shimmered in the soft golden light of a dozen candles. There was a roast lamb on the table with a few salads and sauces and a bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage cognac.

"You wouldn't be trying to seduce me would you Ms Croft?"

Lara raised an eye brow. She had changed into a silk night dress and gown, the thin material barely enough to contain her voluptuous breasts or her protruding nipples.

"Why don't you tell me how you fell among thieves?"

Nathan sat and poured some of the $ 200 000 bottle of cognac.

"You have expensive taste..."

"I was there for the same reason you were, the key. Now you have it, so the question is, what is your next move, you know, if I may ask?"

He was brash, Lara thought, a man who said exactly what he was thinking.

"A friend of mine got in trouble with Abdul Bin Adlah..."

"Gun runner and holy war instigator, extraordinaire."

"Jihad", Lara corrected him, "I need the key if I'm to help my friend.

"And that's' why you're not off to Shamiram to get the treasure of Artaxerxes", Nathan said putting the pieces together.

She smiled coyly and Nathan found himself gawking at those perfect full lips.

Lara got up, "Enjoy the meal Mr. Drake, there has been a room prepared for you. I'll be retiring for the evening. Tomorrow we shall discuss an arrangement which is mutually beneficial."

"Mutually beneficial..."

"So is my room near yours?"

Lara ignored him and left.

*********** ************* ****************

After he had finished eating, Nathan Drake went to the living quarters to find his room. As he passed the rooms he heard soft moans coming from one of them, its door slightly ajar.

Peering in he gulped as he watched Lara sprawled over the queen-sized bed with her legs spread wide open. A skipper with short blonde hair was busy with his head berried between her legs.

Lara moaned as her employee Geoffrey plunged his tongue deep into her soft, tender pussy. She was cupping her massive tit with one hand pinching her sensitive nipple, the other spreading the delicate folds of her nether-lips apart.

Soft shivers ran up her spine as Geoffrey's tongue lapped up against the underside of her clit before plunging deep inside her again.

"Oh my god", she whispered as she moved her waist around helping him get further inside her, her pussy beginning to grow more and more wet as she was teased.

Nathan ran his clammy hand over his chin unable to take his eyes off the gorgeous Ms Croft, her perfectly toned leg running over the skipper, her cute dainty toes brushing along his shoulder blade. Nathan stifled back a groan as he felt his cock twitch in his pants.

Lara pushed Geoffrey's head off her rolling him onto his back. She smiled at him as she got on her hands and knees and crawled down to his waist. Once there she unzipped his pants and freed his cock. She felt the shudder through his body as she gripped his dick and started pumping it smoothly with her hand.

Geoffrey groaned as Lara took his cock into her mouth, running her tongue along the underside of it while she sucked on his helmet. Slowly she started taking him in deeper and deeper all the while still pumping her.

With her still on her knees, her ass facing him, Geoffrey reached out pushing his thumb against her asshole. Lara moaned in surprise, and then moaned louder when his thumb pressed up into her anus. She craned her neck to look at him, his cock half slipping out of her mouth as a wicked grin crossed her flawless face.

Nathan backed away from the door as she turned, afraid that she'd see him, but when he heard her coo softly he couldn't help but look again.

Running his thumb in and out of her tight sphincter, Geoffrey had pushed his fore and middle fingers into her soft pussy, the result was the room being filled with the wet squelching noise of Lady Croft's juicy cunt, and the slurring of her lips running up and down his cock.

"Ehmmm huhmm.. errhnumm", Lara moaned and whimpered as she felt her boy-toy's digits violating her orifices, loving the heating pleasure growing between her legs. Lara Croft, however, would not be satisfied with his fingers bringing her to her yearning lust filled destination; she would want his stiff, pulsing dick to be the crescendo of this sexual tryst.

She plopped his cock out of her mouth and continued stroking it as she stretched to reach for the sealed condom on the bedside table. Lara ripped the seal off with her teeth then squeezed the latex disk out with one hand. She was again smiling naughtily as she rolled the rubber over Geoffrey's cock, sealing it in the red skin.

Nathan groaned as he watched Lara mount the young man, from where he was standing he had the perfect view of her wet pussy hovering over the skipper's rock hard cock.

Geoffrey held his cock steady as Lara lowered herself. She bit her bottom lip hard as she felt him enter her, his cock pushing up into her sex.

"Ahh.. yesss", Lara whispered as she sank all the way down his length. She immediately started riding him driving her soaked cunt up and down his sheathed cock.

As her pussy adjusted to the initial intrusion and stretched around his cock, Lara moved faster. Panting, she bucked her hips as she bounced on his cock, inviting him deeper into her hot, wet snatch, her pink lips wrapping around the thick circumference.

Nathan's cock ached pressed against his jean as he watched Lara fuck her hired help. The young man's cock shoving deep into her pussy and slurring out again. He could see the soft chills run up Lara's spine as she enjoyed riding the man, and the side of her breast as it bounced and swayed with her strained movements.

"Oh lover", Lara purred as Geoffrey groped her soft oversized melons, squeezing them together her brown nipples standing out. Her ass tapped loudly against his balls as she drove her cunt up and down his cock.

Lara bent down over Geoffrey and sucked on his chin before she licked down his neck making him groan loudly. She moved her waist very slowly, running her pussy to his tip before swallowing his entire length. When she felt him fill her vagina completely she moved her waist in small circles loving the feeling of his throbs increasing inside her.

Lara shifted her momentum, rolling on her back with Geoffrey on top of her, his cock slipping out of her pussy. She grabbed it feeling it slip around in her fingers, the latex drenched in her sweet juices.

Geoffrey pushed his hips forward when Lara positioned him at her slit, his cock once again filling her fully. He gripped her left leg and threw it over his shoulder, her athletic body easily adjusting to the awkward angle. From this position Geoffrey drove his cock deep into her pussy once, holding there. He then started driving in and out of her mustering the longest and deepest strokes he could.

Lara thrashed about on the bed beneath him, running her fingers into the fabric of his trousers, gripping his ass. She felt herself grow more and more exited, her orgasm nearing rapidly.

"Don't stop.. eer..I'm so close darling..huh..g-going..t- to cum", Lara whinnied. She gripped his ass tighter squeezing it as she used her body to meet his thrusts.

Nathan felt his cock throb as he watched Lara and her partner bounce on top of the bed; he bit back the groans as he watched the pornographic performance.

Meanwhile Lara struggled to breathe, her voice turning into a husky yet delectable chorus of inaudible moans. She grit her teeth and stopped moving as her pussy tightened, gripping around the thick cock. Lara threw her head back her hips involuntarily jerking into Geoffrey's, burying his cock inside her. Her body shot into violent spasms as she came hard, the surging pleasure rolling through her system.

Lara ran her fingers over her throbbing clit increasing the pleasure, her breathing heavy and ragged. She felt the cock inside her pulse urgently before she gasped as Geoffrey pulled out of her.

Geoffrey quickly peeled the condom off his aching dick feeling his load run up his shaft. Lara gripped his dick and aimed it at her tits as she pumped it. She gasped again as he let rip, jets of stringy white goop painting erotic art over her heaving bosom. Lara rubbed the sticky mess over her tits smiling up at the exhausted skipper. She sat up slightly and sucked on his twitching cock cleaning the glistening member.

"I enjoyed that immensely", she smiled, her face glowing in satisfaction.

Nathan rested his back against the wall as he tried to control his breathing. He wished he had that issue of FHM with Lara half naked covering her breasts; he'd need it for the handjob he'd have to give himself.

*********** ************* ****************

Nathan stood in the early morning sun watching Zip start up the sea plane. He turned around as Lara came out on deck. She was dressed in her kit; light brown midriff sweater and tight shorts. She wore her backpack and holster rig, in which were her guns.

He pulled out one of the guns as Lara passed him. She was shocked but did nothing, as she watched him examine it.

"Nice. Hair trigger, custom handle for better grip and less kick, chamber made for easy and fast reloads. I'm impressed Lara", he said looking down the sight getting a feel for it.

Lara took it from him and re-holstered it.

"And tell me Mr. Drake what kind of weapon are you hiding?" she asked glancing down at his crotch, "Maybe if you did more than spy, it could have been mutually beneficial", she smiled at him, that same wicked smile he had seen on her face while she sucked her skipper's cock last night.

Damn, he thought, she had seen him.

"E-hum, yes well", he cleared the lump in his throat, "the thing is I..."

Lara smiled again then turned to Zip who was getting back on the yacht, "I want you to go back home on the KOGO, Zip. Nathan will accompany me to Egypt."

"I will?"

"He will", Zip repeated.

"Yes. I'll need a hand getting Professor Von Croy back, without handing the key to Adlah..."

"Then we can chart a course for India", she said as she tossed him a silver Desert Eagle.

"India?" Nathan asked, surprised, "but Shamiram?"...

He put the gun into the leather shoulder holster he wore.

Lara just smiled again.

"Do you know how to pilot a plane Mr. Drake?"


Hit a bit of writers block with the conclusion of Tomb Raider: Rituals, sorry to those of you who were enjoying it. I had been busy on this story and had finished the first chapter, so I thought what the hell, might as well put it in. I'll post the last chapter of Rituals as soon as it's done - INYOTEF ;)

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