Too Big To Resist


I tried to pay no attention to it and quickly moved the big toy back to my pussy, Then again, another loud creak, near the top of the stairs, right across the landing from my partially opened door.

This was my chance. I opened my legs and swiftly jammed the dildo back into my dripping hot cunt.


I moaned out, making sure Jake could hear me. I did not want him to know that I knew he was out there so I closed my eyes and avoided looking towards my door.

I shoved it in harder and again began to fuck myself hard and deep.


For several minutes I slammed the whole big pussy pounder inside me, moaning and groaning with pleasure. Then my dirty mind had another idea. If my son was out there, let him know I was thinking about him.

Just thinking this dirty thought brought me close to another orgasm. So I held my breath and then let out a final cry as I came.


I again felt my pussy explode from deep within, gushing another huge load out onto the bed and covering the fake cock with my juices.

"Oh Jake, fucking hell yeah....such a BIG BOY...FUCK ME BABY...."

In a low deep, sultry and breathless voice, I moaned out to my son, hoping that he had just seen and heard my display.

As I regained my composure I listened intently, I was still sprawled out naked on my bed, my pussy still creaming.

It took several minutes but finally I heard a noise. It was the sound of a door being closed very quietly. I could just make out the door handle being released and the lock closing into the frame.

I smiled broadly and tried to suppress a little chuckle. Jake must have heard everything and maybe through the crack in the door, he had seen everything. Tomorrow was going to be a very interesting day.


Chapter Three

'It's Time!'

I could hardly wait to see Jake the next morning, just so I could gauge his reaction.

It was just after 10am when he finally came downstairs. I was sat at the kitchen table, flicking through a magazine. I looked up and he entered the room.

"Hey Baby," I said.

He looked at me and raised his eyebrows, then a huge grin came over his face, followed by a laugh.

"What's up with you?" I asked as he pulled the chair away from the table and sat down.

"Oh nothing up....are you ALRIGHT this morning?" he said, still with a huge smile.

"Errrmmm yeah....fine." I replied coyly.

I looked straight across the table at Jake and into his eyes. He had the look of a guilty he had done something wrong and was now indicating that he had got away with it.

"That's good mom....real good." He's voice had an arrogance to it and it could only mean one thing. He had seen and heard everything.

He again let out a little subdued laugh and then said,

"So....did you sleep ok?"

"Yeah...fine" I replied, now giving him a little smile back.

"Yeah it sounded FINE." He retorted back.

My son and I locked our eyes together and after a few seconds pause, we both gave each other cheeky grins.

I was overjoyed inwardly. My plan to get him to catch me had seemingly worked. Last night I could only assume he had been outside the door, but this little conversation said it all.

Trying to be cool about it, I said, "Oh...I see....was I too loud...sorry about that."

I knew full well of course that I been too loud, that was the whole point.

Jake raised his eyebrows again and travelled his eyes down to my chest and back up again.

"Don't worry mom...It was ok....better than t.v."

I tried to hide the sudden widening of my eyes and the thrill that shot through me. Had he seen through the crack in the door?

"I...was just having some fun...that's all," I said.

Then came the answer to my prayers and what I knew I could use to finally be able to fuck him. He again lowered his eyes to my boobs, I was wearing my towelling robe but it wasn't closed very well at the top and my tit flesh bulged out.

As his eyes undressed me, he said as bold as brass and totally without any embarrassment.

"It looked like a fuck load of fun from where I was standing."

My heartbeat again sped up, my eyes flew wide open and my mouth dropped. It was one of those moments when I was half genuinely surprised and half faking it.

Of course I knew he could well have seen me last night, that was the plan after all, and my look now was sort of feigned, but I was surprised by his openness, just coming out and saying that.

I turned my look of shock into one of laughter, allowing myself to giggle and smile widely across at him.

Trying to regain the upper hand and trying to make it look real I replied,

"Well...I'm glad you enjoyed the show.....I must remember to close my door properly in future, mustn't I?"

Jake, his eyes darting from my face to my hidden tits, just shrugged his shoulders and said in a joking, sarcastic voice,

"Maybe I will just come right in next time."

My mind just erupted at that point, for the next few moments I could think of nothing but those wild images in my head. The thoughts of him being in my room and what would happen next was already making my pussy wet and I started to squirm on the seat.

Finally I composed myself enough to be able to offer a reply,

"Well...we will...errrrmm...see about that."

Again we exchanged a glance that most mothers and sons would never do. It was a flirty smile, mixed with a naughty laugh and come to bed eyes. Although neither of us said anything, it was obvious to both of us what the other was thinking. There was no mention of the fact that I had used his name while fucking myself, but again it was one of those things that did not need to be said.


Jake was out at the gym for most of the day, I was expecting him home around 5. We were going to a friend's party in a local bar later that night. They were actually old friends of my ex-husbands but Jake and I had been invited and we both agreed it would be a night out.

As the day went by I could not get the morning's conversation out of my mind. I had been worried that my little show last night may have been too much, that I might have freaked him out by calling out his name. But my fears were unfounded. He clearly had loved it. That coupled with the hard-on he got while we snuggled on the sofa, had made yesterday a very good day in the operation to fuck my son.

Again my mind filled with thoughts of his raging hard, huge dick. In my mind's eye I could see it laying there on that bed and then, being so close to it as it tented his shorts, last night.

My pussy was now in a wet and hot state the whole time. I had never in my life felt so horny, so much. I could quite easily have ripped my panties off and fucked myself again there and then but I had other plans for today.

This party was going to give me another opportunity to get near my son. We only knew a handful of people that were going to be there and most of the time we would probably be on our own. That mixed with the drink that would be free flowing and hopefully some slow dancing, gave me yet more naughty thoughts.

I chose the hottest, tightest and sluttyist dress that I had in my wardrobe. It was black satin with a white strip from under the arm to the leg. It hung from the shoulder straps and went down to a plunging neck line. My tits would look fabulous in this. It clung around the waist and accentuated my ass, which bulged out the back of the dress, giving me a real J-Lo look. It reached to just below the knee. With a pair of high heels I would look very fuckable.

I spent several hours getting ready that afternoon, doing my hair and makeup. I heard Jake come home and run up the stairs. I was in the bathroom when he called out.

"Mom..I'm home, just gonna go get ready."

"Ok honey...wear something nice." I called back.

I came out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me and went into my bedroom. I opened my drawer and decided what underwear to put on.

I selected a black pair of French panties, that were rimmed with lace and a strapless black bra. I put them on and stood in front of the mirror. I looked good. I stepped into the dress and pulled it up over my legs. As I bent down I could see myself in the mirror. The panties hugged my butt and my huge tits hung in front of me, almost falling out of the bra.

I slithered the dress up and over my ass. My cheeks squeezed together as the figure hugging dress clung to my body. I squashed my big fat tits under the dress and adjusted them to be comfortable.

Standing by the mirror, I admired myself. I must admit I looked hot and I was sure Jake would appreciate the sight.

My big tits looked wonderful, practically spilling over the edges. The low cut dress giving an awesome view down my cleavage.

I walked downstairs, still adjusting my dress around my boobs, my eyes looking down studying my two big globes.

A long low whistle came from the bottom of the stairs. I looked up to see Jake stood there. His arms folded across his chest looking me up and down. He looked very handsome, dressed up in his suit.

"Oh wow look....amazing."

"Thanks do you...very hunky." I replied as I reached the foot of the stairs and stood face to face with my son.

For a brief moment I felt a real strong connection between us, a real mutual admiration for each other.

Jake's eyes continued to wander up and down my body, with a big smile on his face.

"Well," He said, "Looks like I'm going out with hottest girl in the neighbourhood tonight."

I giggled a little and felt myself blushing at my son's compliments.

"Oh...well I think I have the best looking man with me," I said, our eyes again locking deep together.

We left the house and drove to the party.


I could not take my eyes off Jake the whole night. He looked so handsome in his suit and I knew the fantastic body that lay underneath.

Sitting next to my friend Claire, she noticed me keep looking at my son.

"He has really grown up into a very good looking boy, hasn't he? She asked.

Snapping my gaze away from Jake I turned to look at my friend.

"What...oh yeah....yeah he is." I replied

She gave me an inquisitive glance and went on.

"I guess at least you have a man around the house....."

Claire's husband had also left her about a year ago and she now lived alone.

"I would kill to have THAT living in my house." She said

I looked at Claire with a surprised expression.

"What do mean?" I asked.

"Well you know honey....I would be all over that if he was living in my house." She replied.

Outwardly I tried to show shock and surprise, but inwardly I was beaming with pride. Claire was the same age as me and very good looking and to know she had been noticing my son too made me feel very happy. I knew Jake was good looking and what he was hiding in his trousers. But to hear someone else say it was a real turn on.

"Does he have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"No one," I replied, retuning my gaze to where Jake was standing on the other side of the bar.

"mmmm mind if I have a go?" she said.

"CLAIRE...No...He's my son," I replied, snapping my head back round to look at her.

"Well ok honey...but seems a terrible waste to me." Claire winked at me as she said this and smiled broadly with an almost encouraging tone in her voice.

I looked back over at Jake and pictured his naked young body lying on my bed, that huge cock, all hard and thick, ready to fuck mommy's pussy.

I let my mind wander, closing out all the sights and sounds around me. My only thoughts, as I stared intently at my son, were visions of us fucking. Down on my hands and knees, bent over, taking that cock up my hungry wet pussy. My big tits slapping around from the hard pounding I was receiving, his hands coming crashing down on my ass, spanking his dirty incestuous mother as he continued to fuck that big dick all the way home.


I was snapped from my naughty daydream by Claire's calls as she roughly shook my shoulder.

"What...oh sorry...was in another world then," I said, coming to my senses again.

"Yeah so I see," she said, "And I think I know what's causing it."

"What do you mean," I retorted.

Claire lowered her head and moved closer towards me. She had a half smile on her face and her eyebrows rose as she looked into my eyes and said,

"It's Jake isn't it....he turns you on."

I opened my eyes wide and looked aghast at my friend but said nothing.

"It is isn't it...You have been eying him all's ok...I have seen him keep looking at you as well."

I still just sat there looking at her. We had only been here a couple of hours. Was it really that fucking obvious?

Claire, seeing my shock, went on.

"It's cool really honey...he's a good looking boy...I would if I was you."

She leaned back in the chair and again winked at me.

Finally I allowed the shocked expression to drop from my face and gave my friend a little smile.

"Well....he is a good looking boy," I said

Claire and I both nodded to each other and began to laugh. My pussy was so wet and my heart thumped against my chest.

I was so horny and now Claire with her tempting approval had made me even worse.

Just then she looked up and smiled at someone stood behind me. I looked around to see Jake stood there.

He looked down on me and said, "Wanna dance mom?"

I looked back over at Claire who smiled again and gave me a encouraging nod.

I stood up looking my son deep in the eyes, feeling horny but at the same time very much in love with him. He shot a quick glance down to my boobs, which were spilling from the top of my dress.

Then in one swift movement, he took my hand and led me to the dance floor. Glancing back over my shoulder, Claire gave me another saucy wink and put her thumb in the air.

As we reached the floor area, the Lionel Ritchie track, 'Three times a Lady' began to play. Jake pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing his hands on my lower back. He smiled at me as we drew closer and I smiled back.

Placing my hands on his shoulders, we moved to within a few inches of each other. Our eyes now locked together.

I felt a deep sense of safety and joy being wrapped in my son's strong arms, his hands holding me in his grasp. We said nothing for quite some time as we moved to the music.

I again felt myself blocking out everyone and everything around me, it felt like it was just me and my son, stood in a silent room.

Our faces were no more than a foot apart and every so often Jake's eyes would wander down and lock onto my huge heaving breasts, which I was deliberately pushing forwards into him.

Just then I sensed him moving even closer into me, his hands slipping slightly further down my back, resting just inches above my ass.

"Wow look so hot," he said as he drew his face yet closer still towards me.

I felt my heart skip a beat and I swallowed hard, before looking him in the eyes and saying,

"Thanks do you."

I felt intense lust and love towards my strong son as I remained held in his arms. I looked at his lips, just a few inches from mine. I had to control the very strong urge I felt to kiss him. To push my mouth to his and slide my tongue in, to close my eyes and enjoy what would be a moment of intense pleasure.

I edged my chest forwards and slowly met my thrusting boobs with the jacket of his suit. I slid my arms from his shoulders and across his neck, softly locking my fingers together.

Realising that I was moving into him, he smiled at me and pulled his arms tighter around my waist, drawing my whole body against him.

I turned my head and rested it on his left shoulder as his chin lay on mine. No longer were we face to face, but we were very much body to body.

My heart rate sped up again and my breathing got heavy. My legs felt like jelly and I had to control myself from shaking. I have never felt so many emotions wash over me at one time. I felt excited, scared, nervous, happy, proud and safe, but above all, still so horny.

My pussy, already wet, was now practically dripping. I felt tingling deep inside me and the unmistakable sensation of needing to be fucked.

We continued to dance close together as the music slowed. My son's aftershave wafted up my nose and added to his already overwhelming attraction.

Just then Jake's arms locked even tighten around my waist and our bodies now pressed completely together.

We danced slowly, moving from side to side, our arms around each other. My head resting on Jake's hard muscled shoulder.

Then I felt something hard pressing against me and almost at once I knew the unmistakable feeling of his now, hard cock squashed between us.

For several moments we just continued to dance, then Jake whispered into my ear.

"You like it mom?"

I lifted my head off of his shoulder and looked him straight in the eye. Our faces just inches apart. I smiled broadly and narrowed my eyes, then gave a quick succession of little nods.

I had never felt anything so hard and big pressed against me. It felt as though a plank of wood was lodged between us. It squashed against my stomach.

Giving Jake a naughty smirk I gently moved myself from side to side, with my hands around his waist and locked on his lower back.

As I rocked I could feel his huge hard on roll around against me. It was the most amazing sensation.

"Oh mom...shit that feels hot," he said quietly as our eyes remained lock.

I felt his hands drop lower and slide over my ass. My eyes widened and I said to him.

"Careful babe, someone will see!"

He took his hands off my ass and returned them to my sides. My pussy was so hot and wet and I was getting into such a horny state, that I just wanted to rip his clothes off.

I continued to rub myself against him, feeling that massive erection wedged between us.

Our eyes remained locked on each other and I could sense Jake getting worked up. His eyes wandered to my lips and I knew he wanted to kiss me.

I tried to remain aware of where we were and all the people around us.

"Not here baby." I whispered to him.

"Let's go home mom," he replied in a commanding and authoritative voice.

I felt my heart skip several beats and I instinctively held my breath for a moment. Was he telling me he wanted to go home and kiss me...or something else?

I simply nodded.

With overwhelming excitement I smiled and spread my eyes open wide, then spun myself from his grip and turned away from him. Then I edged myself back and pressed my ass into his bulging crotch. I left it there for only a second, then reached my arm around and grabbed his hand.

Holding his hand I began to walk off of the dance floor pulling Jake behind me. The lighting in the bar had now gone well down and the area was lit only by soft low lights. This was good because Jake still sported a massive bulge in the front of his trousers.

Grabbing my bag from the chair I continued to hold onto Jake's hand as we headed for the door.

Just as we approached it my friend called out from over by the bar.


I looked briefly around and nodded at her. She smiled and gave me a wink, just as we stepped through the door and out into the dark night.

Once out of sight of the windows of the bar, I turned around to look at Jake, his eyes were fixed on my ass and his huge cock, trapped in his trousers, still jutted out in front of him.

"Well baby...that was sure interesting." I said, as his eyes came up to meet mine.

"Mom...what's happening...I'm so turned on."

Smiling widely, I clenched his hand tighter and replied,

"Dont worry Jake...mommy is gonna take good care of you."

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