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Total Control


I met Paulette on the Net. I have dated her five times; my friends, William, Tony, and I are making a new drug. This drug controls women. It will take their will away and make them wish to serve. The other drug is like what you call Spanish fly only stronger. We plan to try both drugs on Paulette tonight. William like asses; Tony like bondage. I like a good blowjob. We do not know how the drugs will work on Paulette; we have tried them on other women but she is different.

She is coming over for dinner. When she gets here she will want a drink; she likes Pepsi not alcohol. So we will have some in the refrigerator. One drug will be in her drink and the other will be in her dessert. We have planned it all out. We have fixed the basement into a playpen for men. Cameras are in the room t o record the tests. Paulette is here and I put the fuck drug in her Pepsi. The more she drinks; the hotter she will get. She has finished dinner; she eats the chocolate pudding; in five seconds she is ours. We walk her down stairs; we tell her to strip and to do it to music. She does it and stands for us to look at our new toy.


Tony won the coin toss and we go up stairs. He tells her; this is a bad wet dream; he is going to rape her. He orders her to put on the nightgown and lay in the bed. Tony cuts out the lights and he jump up on her. He rips the cover and grabs her wrists. He whispers “Fight, bitch”. His belt comes off and is around her wrists; he ties it to top of the bed but she tries to kick him. He grabs a pantyhose on the foot of the bed and tears the into. He ties both ankles to foot of the bed.

She is his but she tries to bite him; he slaps her face and then grabs both nipples. He licks sucks and bites but she fights back as told. He is enjoying this fantasy. He puts a gag in her mouth; with evil smile he pushes his cock in its new home. She pushes back and then he slaps her tits. He takes out the gag to rub more of the fuck drug on her tongue but she bites him. This makes him angry, but he knows he can not hurt the lab rat. She starts moving in and out of his new prize; she reacts like ordered. Fighting the bounds and him arouses him more and he fucks deeper and harder. She starts to cry and this is what turns him into an animal. He is gong to tear this bitch open. He fucks her harder and deeper; he decides to push his deep and hard .He leaves it and tell her to fight more. With each movement she makes he pulses. He sees her start to tremble so with one last ram he plants his semen; he sees her have an orgasms and more. Tony comes up and asks who is next.


William is next. William goes down to the playground; he is gentle and unties her. He washes her is the shower and rubs oil on her when she steps out. William rubs more fuck drug on and under her tongue. William turns her over and places big soft pillows under her belly. This puts her ass up and in the right position for fucking. He asks if she has had a man in her ass and she says no.

He oils his dick and starts on this virgin ass. He easies his dick in and she screams. He grabs and rubs her checks to easies her pain He pulls out. hen he pushes back in and out. He reaches under to her pussy and pushes a large life like vibrating dick into it. With this he moves his hands to her tits. Pinching her nipples and ramming his dick in and out with more force, she stars moaning louder and louder. He knows she is Cumming so with one last ram they both explored into a trembling pile of flesh. William, thanks her; cleans up and leaves.


My turn is next. I go down stairs and see William has left a vibrating dick in her pussy. She is vibrating the bed and has cumming more times without us being there. I walk over to her and remove it. I turn her over. I rubbed more fuck drug under her tongue. I order her on her knees in front me on the floor. She was down in seconds; I order her to take me out and suck me dry.

She looks up and said she had never sucked a man’s dick. I order her to do it; she is to swallow all my cum. She opens her mouth and swallows me whole. She goes up and down making my dick grow and be aroused. Told to make it last longer, she licks at it and rubs her tongue all over it to tease. Then told to suck it again she puts back in her mouth. She sucks it with force and rubs it with her tongue. She sucks until I tremble with delight and tight in her mouth.

She is to clean me up and then her to clean herself up. Told to put her clothes on and come up stairs; she will do this routine on the weekends until told enough wise. She told to remember these as wet dreams. She is order to return each Friday at 12:00 am and she will learn all they wish to teach. She is their action figure and she is to be train by others on how a sex slave will act. She will be at their call only on the weekends for now. The drug works; we all think more tests are needed.

More tests are to come in the future of our experiments. We have planned a total of twenty – five more experiments. We will inform you, Doctor Hale of any new developments. I will email you each experiment and the pictures will arrive with our notes. I have sent for her today and we will see how she performs with our other guinea pigs. We have a total of five guinea pigs as of now. She is the only one who has higher doses in her blood. Doctor Hale please email with any ideas you have for tests. Your students are waiting for the new recipe and how much to use.

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