tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTour Planning Ch. 02

Tour Planning Ch. 02


Taylor Swift sat there naked, rubbing her clit in anticipation for her lover to come back. Only a couple minutes have passed by, but for Taylor it seemed like hours. Her fingers moving in and out of her cunt. It was odd to her, before today she'd never had sex or so much masturbated, but here she was with two fingers moving in and out of her like they were some kind of piston in an engine. She heard the door of her bedroom start to turn and thought "Finally!"

Selena Gomez entered the room with a smile on her face and the trench coat on.

"Hey lover." Selena said, already getting excited at the sight of the blonde in front of her rapidly pumping away at her pussy.

"Bout time." Taylor said jokingly. "My fingers were starting to hurt."

Selena let out a little giggle and walked up to Taylor and proceeded to kiss her.

As the two girls tongues wrestled in each others mouths, Selena took her left hand and placed it on Taylor's right hand that moving in and out of her. Both Selena's and Taylor's hands where moving in and out of Taylor's pussy. This felt like heaven to Taylor.

Taylor broke out of the kiss first as the feel of the four fingers in her was just too much and threw her head back and closed her eyes. Selena took her fingers out of Taylor, much to her disapproval, and began to take off her trench coat while Taylor's focus was elsewhere. When Taylor finally came back to reality and opened her eyes, she was caught off guard by Selena standing there with an 8-inch long pink dildo 2 inches away from her face.

"Ohmygod! Selena, where did you get this?" Taylor said, stunned.

"Demi." Selena said, "It was in my car. I forgot all about it."

"You and Demi did a lot together, didn't you?" Taylor said, feeling a bit left out that she just became friends with Selena only a couple years back.

"You have no idea, but now it's like, 'Oh, I hang out with the JoBros.' I'm pretty sure we've both been there and honestly, it wasn't all that awesome." Selena said giggling. "Now, you ready to get fucked?"

"Umm." Taylor began to think. "YES!" she grabbed the fake cock in her hand and began looking at it.

"Go ahead and stick it in your mouth. Take your time, love." Selena said reassuring her girlfriend.

Taylor took the tip of the strap-on and placed it in her mouth. She began swirling her tongue around the head of it to get the taste of it. It tasted of strawberry and banana. After Taylor got comfortable with the phallic shaped rubber, she began moving it deeper down her mouth and into her throat until she got six inches of the pink cock down her mouth and stopped. Selena was surprised. She could only take 4 inches the first time and Demi practically choked to death on 2 and a half.

"You okay?" Selena looked down at her making sure her Taylor was okay and got a simple head nod in return.

Taylor continued again moving the dildo deeper down her throat until she eventually found herself having all ten inches down her throat. Selena looked down and smiled while she thought to herself, "Damn, she can lick cunt AND suck cock like a pro. This is just to perfect."

Taylor took the strap-on half way out of her mouth and then went back down the full length. Taylor continued the movement, her head picking up force and speed with each movement. Selena looked down as the blond country singer began to deep throat her favorite strap-on. Selena had to have Taylor in every way. She had to take the one thing that made Taylor, well, Taylor.

Selena pulled the rubber out of Taylor's mouth, much to her disapproval. Taylor laid there, her whole body to be used for Selena's wishes. Selena hopped on the bed and put her hands on either side of Taylor to hold her up as her face hovered above her lovers. Selena gave Taylor a smile and Taylor responded with a head shake. Selena leaned down and gave Taylor a long kiss before she got back up to her knees.

Selena positioned the dildo at the entrance of Taylor's sex, lightly rubbing her outer lips with the head of it. She began slowly inserting it into Taylor, stopping every few inches to make sure Taylor was okay. The sounds of moans and sighs coming from her mouth was the approval she needed to continue. Selena continued on until she felt a resistance to go forward.

"Taylor, this is going to hurt a little, but once the pain is gone, it's going to be incredible. You trust me?" Selena said trying to comfort her friend.

"Just fuck me." Taylor moaned in anticipation.

Selena just smiled and push through the wall. Taylor let out a sharp scream as her head flew back. Selena now had Taylor Swift's virginity. The thing that pretty much every teenage and 20something year old guy wanted, probably even older. She felt proud of her accomplishment to say the least. Selena stopped for a moment to let

Taylor's pain subside. After a half minute or so, Taylor looked at Selena and nodded her head. Selena pushed further into Taylor's cunt until her thighs met Taylor's body. Selena pulled the cock about three fourths of the way out and slid it back in again. Taylor was in heaven. Her best friend's naked body between her legs shoving a dildo up her cunt.

"Faster." Taylor moaned.

Selena was happy to comply. She began to pick up the pace and began thrusting and forcing the phallic object into Taylor's cunt. With each thrust, a small scream came out of Taylor's mouth. Selena looked down as Taylor's body rocked back and forth with her movements, Taylor's small nearly there tits moving as much as they could.

Selena reached down and began rubbing and flicking away at Taylor's clit. Taylor reached up and grabbed her tits, pinching and pulling at her nipples. Taylor could feel herself building again.

"I'm cumming, Selena." Taylor said, barely able to get the words out through her heavy breathing.

Selena pumped in a couple of long hard thrusts before she took the dildo out Taylor. Selena than laid down on the bed, her face in front of Taylor's snatch. Her right hand still fidgeting away at Taylor's clit while she inserted three fingers into the hole left by the strap-on and began pumping away with her fingers. She could feel the juices start flowing out of Taylor as she proceeded to pump faster and harder.

"OH GOD!" Taylor let out as her orgasm hit her like a train.

Selena laid there as Taylor's girl juices started to attack her face. She opened her mouth as more and more of Taylor shot at her, covering her face and hair in the process. Selena couldn't help but notice how much sweeter Taylor's juices were compared to Demi. The blond laid there panting and trying to catch her breath as she looked down to notice Selena looking up at her, her face completely wet and dripping from Taylor.

"Yep. Defiantly squirt more than Demi." Selena said shooting Taylor a smile and then went back to licking up the extra juices around Taylor's pussy.

Taylor was just coming down from her high as she felt something strap around her waist. She looked down to see Selena had placed the strap-on around her, this time with a bigger dildo, one about a foot long and a little wider around and a bright blue. Taylor continued to lay there as Selena laid down in between her legs and put the tip of the blue dildo in her mouth and began to shove it down her mouth and into her throat.

Taylor stared as the hot brunette started sucking away at the cock she never had. Selena began picking up speed and force, bouncing her head up and down on the dildo, causing the bed to bounce until she really couldn't go any faster.

Taylor stared on as she began molesting her small breasts again. Selena released the blue rubber from her mouth with a loud pop. Taylor, lost in her own world, was startled when she felt a pair of lips go around her right breast while a tongue began to attack the nipple.

"Fuck, Selena. So fucking good." Taylor let out while Selena worked her tongue around Taylor's nipple.

Selena began kissing her way up Taylor's body, stopping to suck and kiss her neck. Selena stopped right before Taylor's lips and gave her a kiss on the cheek as she stood up and positioned herself above the Taylor's "cock".

Taylor watched as the brunette slowly began lowering herself down onto her. Going down slowly inch by inch on the strap-on. Taylor looked up at Selena, her eyes closed and head tossed back moans coming out of her mouth. Selena eventually found herself sitting on Taylor, a blue dildo shoved up her pussy.

"God, haven't had one in me this big in a long time." Selena said giving Taylor a wink.

Selena began lifting herself off halfway and dropped herself back down again. Selena continued the action moaning and sighing each time as Taylor stared on. She literally was fucking her best friend. For that moment, she kind of wished that the strap-on was real. She wanted that feeling. She watched as Selena's tits bounced and hair flung around her face. She reached up and grabbed at Selena's hips. She couldn't take it anymore.

She was the one that had to fuck Selena. Taylor held Selena in place and flipped them both over to where Taylor was on top now, with Selena below her. Taylor tossed Selena's legs over her shoulders and began pounding hard into

Selena causing the bed to shake violently.

"Ugh...Fuck.. Harder.. Faster.." Selena cried out.

Taylor leaned down, her fake cock still attacking Selena and began to kiss and suck her left nipple. Selena ran her hand through the blond's hair as the blond began biting and pulling at her nipple. Selena loved this sensation. She felt like she was the one helpless. To be dominated. Demi never got this rough with her even though Selena had begged her. Continuing the motion and ferocity of the attack on Selena's cunt, Taylor grabbed both of Selena's wrists with her right hand and pinned it above her head.

Selena truly felt like she couldn't do anything and she LOVED it. She wasn't sure what gotten into Taylor, but she never loved her more than she did at this moment. Selena could feel that the domination was building her core up even faster than usual. Taylor continued her moment, telling by the look on Selena's face that she was about to break at any moment. She slammed into Selena's cunt and with her free hand began rubbing and twisting at the ball of flesh above Selena's pussy.

"Gonna cum." Selena said, as Taylor pushed into her with one last rough and hard movement. "AHHH!" Selena screamed as she came, her girl cum leaking out onto the bed and Taylor's thighs. Selena laid there with a heavy breath as Taylor pulled out of her.

"Hope I didn't miss the whole party." Selena perked up when she heard a third voice in the room. She immediately knew who it was and shot up.


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