tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTricked by My Girl

Tricked by My Girl


Who knew girls could be so damn tricky? How could it happen to me? I'm so smart. Or so I thought. And it happened so quickly.

I was dating this girl who was an Asian knockout, stunning. I'm a sucker for a girl with medium length black as midnight hair. She had perfect lips and a stellar; I mean an awesome, ass. I could tell when she wore those jeans. You could really tell when she wore these dark blue leotards...a real treat for me.

That was basically it because I hadn't seen her naked the first 4 months we were dating. I was dying to nail her.

She always fended me off with "Not yet...wait...I can't be intimate with a man so soon after my last relationship."

Well, she had been with some guy before me for about a year and wanted to wait 6 months (two months to go) before we made love. We made out, but not much beyond some "touchy feely."

One day I met her at her apartment on a lazy afternoon, and found her looking dressed up to the hilt in something shimmering and shoulder-less, and those awesome jeans. Her redhead friend was in the living room watching TV. and sipping something but looking like she had swallowed a canary. After some chit-chat, my g.f. asked me to come upstairs for a little thing she wanted to talk in private with me about. She too had a gleam in her eye.

Here was the plan: Her hot blonde friend, Lorrie, was having a birthday party at her house in Redondo Beach, a Ladies Night bash that she wanted me to crash -- by streaking.

"You want me to streak your friend's party butt-ass naked?"

"Oh Baby!" She drew me close, "I've been wanting to freak the girls out a lot, especially Lorrie, because of that practical joke she played on me on Valentine's Day."

Lorrie had done some ridiculous stunt sending flowers to her in the name of her ex-boyfriend.

"Yeah, I know,...it's just that I've never done anything like that before," I said.

"What do you mean, didn't you tell me about all your wild times in College?" she responded.

Although it's true I did a few wild things, I never took off all my clothes and ran across a lawn or something with 20 girls watching...

"Well what exactly do you want me to do?"

She quickly said, "Well, what we want you to do, what I want you to do, is to streak Lorrie's Birthday party on Saturday night. She pleaded and cajoled, and then made me out to be a dickless wonder, and then she dropped the bomb.

"Do you know what the thought of my boyfriend streaking my friend's party does to me?" She said before biting her lower lip and widened her eyes. That sealed the deal.


Yeah, I know. I thought I was crazy too for agreeing to streak a girl's only party. But the thought of it, running around naked, and pleasing my girlfriend (and her redhead friend, Bailey) was way too much. The look on those girl's faces the rest of the afternoon and the fact that I became the center of their attention that day made the whole thing seem cool beyond anything I'd ever done. My girlfriend was very happy and treated me like a king or something.

She cooked me dinner and treated me to a movie, after which I went home (I had something to do the next day) but we agreed to meet at her place before the party and discuss the particulars then.

I arrived on Sunday about half an hour before the party was to begin. I was running late, but I figured it wasn't a big deal because nobody has to arrive at a particular hour unless it was a surprise party. Well I guess I was to be the surprise.

The night before this I started to get cold feet. The worst part was the realization that this would be the first time that my girl would see me naked. It was very weird.

When I got to the door she opened it first at then looked at me and said, "Ready?"

I could barely get a syllable out before she demanded I get moving to her car. I didn't think anything of that because I didn't want to drive.

On the way to the car though I said to her "Hey, wait a minute! We have to talk about you know what."

"Talk about what?" she responded. I got the distinct impression she was playing dumb.

I said "You know my streak." As soon as I said those words, I regretted it. It wasn't a streak, it was MINE. MY naked ass for the world to see.

She saw that I was beginning to get cold feet and immediately came to me and tried to set me at ease by touching my arms and whispering:

"Don't worry baby, it's all set up, all you got to do is run from the front door through the kitchen [10 feet]to the backyard of her house, you've been there before [once!], into the garage there where I'll be waiting with your clothes."

"I don't understand," I breathlessly muttered, "Don't you want to see the streak?"

She answered me quickly, perhaps too quickly, "I'll be able to hear what's going on from the back, and of course I'll be getting your clothes from you when we get there, so I'll know what you look like coming in, and what you'll look like coming out."

She went on to remind me that the house is on this dark cull de sac, and I should have no problem undressing and coming in through the front door without any neighbors noticing, especially since I had already remarked to her that hardly anybody seemed to be up and around in that neighborhood at night. I was to leave the car, strip near some large bush in the front yard, and wait for a signal from Bailey in an upstairs bathroom window. "I don't understand..." is what I said before she quickly kissed me deeply and said,

"Don't worry, it'll be perfect, just trust me."

With that I got aboard her convertible.

We parked a block a way from Lorrie's so we could hash out some further details. Soon an argument ensued in the car over what I was going to wear on my feet.

"I think a naked guy in sneakers looks gay" was her point.

"So what do you think I should wear?" I shot back.

My girlfriend got this HOT look in her eyes and said, "Look, you'll be stepping on grass and then her front steps, then some carpet, then some concrete for a few seconds, and then the rest of her backyard is grass."

"But not in front of her garage, I..." I stopped myself as I realized that there was only a few feet of concrete in front of Lorrie's garage, and about four feet of it outside of her kitchen, that and the silliness of arguing about footwear silenced any further disagreement.

Just then she got a cell phone call. My GF responded with pure joy at Bailey's confirmation of something and with the phrase "You found it? Great!!!"

She then explained to me that there was a slight change of plan. I would undress around the big bush, giving my clothes to her, she would then smuggle them in and go to the garage. I would then wait for Bailey, who had something to give me, a numbered Bib that Lorrie had leftover from running the L.A. Marathon. My face turned red as I had many times teased Lorrie (a hot 26 year old blond) how hot she looked that day, sweating and panting, running through the streets in surprisingly sexy black running wear!

Suddenly I realized that I was going to wear the number she wore, the number I had teased her about, as in number "# 244...the sexiest number in L.A.! ...Woo-hoot ...hot number! ....the sexiest runner ever, sexiest runner in the marathon...sexiest girl in a sports bra..." blah blah...

And Bailey, Lorrie's good friend who was there for most of the teasing that went on for weeks after the marathon, was going to hand me the same number to wear on my very naked body.

Stupidly I said, "Bailey's going to see me naked?" as I had thought I would have at least avoided this fate with the slightly over-weight red-head giving me a signal from upstairs, now she'd be right in front of me.

"Of course she is," was all my girl said.

We drove up to the house, and ever so quietly got out of the car into the dark and cool night air. Loud music was blaring in the house, but there wasn't a soul around outside. I breathed a sigh of relief, sort of. I waited anxiously for her to get out of the car, and she seemed to take forever.

"Okay, let's do this!" she said, and she clutched her backpack.

We walked about thirty feet, opened up a gate and went into her yard, situated away from Lorrie's front door, so that her neighbors might see me, if they looked out their bedroom windows (they did not seem to be in thankfully), but in the dimness, maybe not even that.

She opened up her backpack and said "Ok, I'm ready."

The emotions were almost too much to bear. I sheepishly turned around and took all my clothes off. First my shirt (my GF was too busy looking around to look at me).

She then collected my shorts, shoes and socks, and boxers.

When I finally handed over the last item I swear I could hear a "Yes!" escaping her lips.

I felt truly naked as I had just handed over my last covering to a girl I knew for less than a year and dated less than half of that. I stood there with my hands at my side, but I quickly realized there wasn't much time before her eyes would adjust to the darkness. Then she confirmed it.

"A little disappointing." the little bitch said.

I couldn't believe my ears, even after she muttered the customary "Just kidding baby."

As I covered up my crotch, she came up to me and kissed me in the most erotic way: its night, the gentle breeze is blowing...

And I'm naked.

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