tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwin Seduction Ch. 02

Twin Seduction Ch. 02


At Suburban South High School, there was a pair of handsome, well-built twins named Bob and Brent. Bob was a virgin and Brent was a womanizer. On the twin's eighteenth birthday, their wealthy father said that he would give $50,000 to Bob for graduation because Bob had strong moral character. Brent would receive nothing because his father didn't want to support a playboy.

After Brent lied and told his father that Bob had sex with girls, the father changed his offer. If Brent could produce proof of Bob having sexual intercourse with a girl before graduation, the father would award the money to Bent. The father said he had faith that Bob could walk away from even the most tempting girl.

This gave Brent a great idea. There were plenty of terrific looking eighteen-year-old coeds at South High. They all appeared to be good girls at the upscale school, but Brent wanted to see how good the teens could be for $5,000. Brent figured he'd still have $45,000 left for himself.

Tammy limped into the school towards the girl's locker room. Bob was putting books into his locker when he saw Tammy limping down the empty hallway. Tammy was wearing her field hockey uniform, so Bob assumed that she was injured during the game. He asked her what had happed and she told him that she'd pulled a muscle in her thigh.

Bob asked Tammy if she needed any help and she told him that she'd be all right. Then Tammy remembered the $5,000 and told Bob that it'd be nice if he could help her into the girl's locker room. She wanted to get into the whirlpool. Bob told her that he couldn't go into the girl's locker room, but she assured him that it would be fine because no one else was in there.

Bob put his arm around her and helped her to a bench. He turned to leave, but Tammy asked him if he could help remove her shoes and socks. Tammy said that she had trouble bending over. Bob told her that he would, but he was leaving right after they were off. He didn't want to get caught in the girl's locker room. Bob then proceeded to pull her shoes off, remove her shin guards and slide Tammy's socks down her legs.

Tammy saw Bob trying to peek up her field hockey skirt and said, "If you're trying to look up my skirt, I'm not wearing panties."

The uniform was kind of a one-piece jumper with snaps down the front. Tammy began to unsnap her uniform and Bob's eyes started to bulge.

As Tammy's uniform fell to the floor, she giggled and said, "What I mean is we wear trunks under our skirts. See?"

Tammy was standing in her red trunks, but they looked like underwear to Bob. Tammy was also wearing a matching red sports bra.

Tammy said, "Even without my uniform, I still look decent in these trunks and sports bra. Now, can you help me get into the whirlpool?"

Bob put his arm around her flat tummy, but Tammy purposely stumbled as she tried to get into the pool. Bob grabbed her, but accidentally pulled her sports bra up over her tiny titties. Her little pink nipples poked out like pencil erasers.

She worked the bra over her head and said, "I'm sorry. I don't have much on top."

Tammy was about five-foot-seven. She was a brunette, with short hair and a tan, muscular body. As she dropped her sports bra to the floor, she looked down at her trunks and began to dip her thumbs under the waistband. Bob's heart skipped a beat when he realized that she was about to take her trunks off.

Tammy said, "No need to get these all wet," and pushed her trunks to the floor.

Tammy was now nude, standing right in front of Bob. He was admiring her hard nipples and her neatly trimmed bush. Tammy turned around and bent over to feel the water temperature. With her legs straight, her smooth butt was right there for Bob to admire. She paused for quite a while. Tammy felt that her butt was her best feature, so she wanted to give Bob a nice long look. Tammy then stood up and held onto Bob's arm as she stepped into the whirlpool and turned on the jets.

Tammy asked, "Why don't you take your clothes off and join me?"

Before Bob could respond, the locker room door flew open. The game was over and the rest of the field hockey team was entering the locker room. Tammy told Bob to hurry out the back door. Bob made it to the door without being seen, but it was locked. Bob thought he was trapped, but spotted a closet and quickly hid inside. None of the girls knew he was in there, including Tammy. She figured Bob made it safely out the back door.

There was a wire mesh screen on the door of the closet. Bob was able to look out and see part of the locker area. He could also see some of the shower room. Because it was dark inside of the closet, no one could tell that Bob was in there.

From Bob's vantage point, he could see four girls. Melanie was a sweet little blonde and Kim was a brunette of medium height. Lindsey was a voluptuous redhead and Leah was a little Japanese girl. Melanie and Kim were facing Bob while Lindsey and Leah had their backs to him.

Bob couldn't believe what he was seeing. Snaps were popping and uniforms were dropping. Melanie and Kim were lifting their sports bras over their heads. He could plainly see Melanie's cute little nipples, while Kim's ample breasts wobbled as she slid her trunks to the floor. Bob was looking at Kim's dark pussy hair until Melanie removed her trunks. She was shaved and smooth.

Lindsey and Leah's beautiful naked butts were visible, but Lindsey was still wearing her bra. She turned around to talk to Kim and Bob could see that Lindsey was not wearing a sports bra. It was a lacy pushup bra. Lindsey slowly unclasped the bra from the front, then removed it, exposing a perfect set of titties. Her fire-red bush was also out in the open.

The four naked girls grabbed their towels and headed into the showers. As the girls began to lather up, Bob saw a bottle of baby oil on a shelf inside of the closet. When Bob saw Lindsey working her hands over her breasts, then moving down between her legs, he lost control. He freed his manhood and began to stroke it as the coach suddenly entered the room.

"Good game girls," the coach called out as she took a seat on the bench.

The coach was a beautiful brunette. She was about five-foot-five and about twenty-five years old. The guys all say she looks like a supermodel, but the girls all say she's a lesbian. As she sat on the bench and watched the naked girls play in the shower, Bob started to believe the lesbian rumor.

The girls were running their hands all over their bodies. Kim was sliding a finger down the length of her butt crack while Melanie made sure her smooth snatch was clean. When Leah dropped the soap and bent over to pick it up, Lindsey playfully slid her soapy fingers up and down Leah's butt crack. The girls started to giggle and that caused Bob to loose it. He sprayed all over the wall. Bob let out a grunt, but luckily none of the girls heard him.

Out of nowhere, two other girls moved right in front of the closet door. Angie and Beth were both about five-foot four with medium brown hair. The girls were standing there talking while they dried off. When they were finished drying off, they tossed their towels into the dirty towel bin, but continued to stand there and talk. Angie was facing Bob at an angle and Beth had her back to him.

Beth's firm young buns were only inches away from Bob on the other side of the door. Angie was also nearby with her perky breasts and medium brown pussy hair completely uncovered. Bob studied every inch of Beth's naked butt, then turned his attention to Angie's beautiful bush. Suddenly, Bob started to feel a rise and was ready once again to apply some baby oil.

After Angie and Beth left, Bob could see Melanie, Kim, Lindsey and Leah getting dressed. He watched as Kim slid a pair of white cotton panties up her legs followed by a plain white bra. She finished with a plain T-shirt and a pair of tight jogging shorts. Leah slipped on a pair of silky blue panties followed by a yellow tennis shirt and a pair of jeans. Bob could see the nipples of Leah's bra-less breasts poking out against the yellow fabric of the tennis shirt. Lindsey slipped on a tiny pink thong and a matching bra. She stood there flaunting her body and brushing her hair before slipping into a sundress.

Melanie put on a short denim skirt and a tiny crop-top T-shirt that stopped right at the bottom of Melanie's firm tits. The T-shirt did little to hide her puffy pink nipples. When the coach saw Melanie's outfit, she asked where Melanie's underwear was. Melanie said that she doesn't wear any underwear outside of school. That peaked Bob's interest. The coach then asked what would happen if a boy looked up her skirt.

Melanie replied, "If a boy wants to see my naked pussy, then more power to him. Besides, I love to see their shocked expressions when get a glimpse of my shaved beaver."

The coach laughed and said, "All right. Just be careful because it’s windy outside. I'd hate for all the boys to get a free show."

The thought of Melanie in a short skirt on a windy day without panties was too much for Bob to handle. He couldn't take it anymore and shot a second load against the wall. As Bob regained his composure, he realized that it was just as much of a turn on to see the girls getting dressed as it was to see them getting undressed.

The girls started to leave and said goodbye to the coach. Bob thought he was finally going to be able to leave, too. However, one of the girls told the coach not to work too hard and the coach replied by saying that she would leave as soon as she took a shower.

Bob couldn't believe what he'd just heard. The coach taking a shower? The coach naked in front of Bob? Just the thought of it got Bob excited again. He waited for a minute, as the room grew silent. Suddenly the coach appeared with a towel around her. She was heading for the shower! The coach dropped the towel and turned the water on. Bob could see her nice tan butt. As the water splashed down on the coach's full breasts, Bob was now looking at the hairy triangle between her legs.

She stepped from the water and reached for the shampoo. Bob reached for the baby oil. The coach was facing Bob and her hands were up high massaging the shampoo into her hair. Bob was amazed at the view he had of the coach. Her body was magnificent! As she rubbed her head with her hands up high, her breasts jiggled back and forth. Bob watched as the suds trickled down over her breasts, between her legs and down her legs.

After rinsing her hair, the coach ran her soapy hands all over her body. She turned around to wash her feet and her smooth firm ass was pointed right at Bob. She stood up and slowly worked her soapy hands up and down over her butt cheeks before turning around and starting on her breasts. Bob noticed that she was tan all over. Bob thought to himself that the coach must tan in the nude. She probably lies out on a beach where everyone can see her! The thought of it was really getting Bob charged up.

As the coach massaged one nipple between her fingers, her other fingers were between her legs. Was she washing herself or masturbating? Bob got his answer quickly as she started to moan. The coach closed her eyes, working her fingers faster and faster. Bob started stroking faster, too.

Suddenly, the coach started saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

The coach let out a moan as she exploded with an orgasm. Bob grunted loudly as he released a third load against the wall. The coach suddenly stopped and looked around. Apparently she heard Bob. She quickly rinsed off, wrapped the little towel around her naked body and took a stroll through the locker room.

The coach stopped right in front of the closet, but luckily she was facing away from Bob. Half of the coach's firm tan ass cheeks were peeking out from below the short towel. She was so close to Bob that he could smell her strawberry shampoo. Finally, the coach seemed satisfied that she was alone and tossed her towel into the dirty towel bin. As she turned to walk back to her office, the coach's breasts and bush were on display right in front of Bob. If Bob would have had anything left inside of him, he'd have reached for the baby oil again, but even the beautiful coach's naked body wasn't enough to arouse him a forth time.

When the coast was clear, Bob sneaked out of the girl's locker room. As he walked down the hall, there was the coach, talking to Mrs. Freely. Mrs. Freely was Bob's English Composition teacher. Like the coach, Mrs. Freely was about twenty-five years old and beautiful. When Bob passed them, both of the women looked at him suspiciously. Could they know that he was in the locker room? Bob didn't want to wait around and find out. He just exited the school quickly.

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