tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwin Seduction Ch. 03

Twin Seduction Ch. 03


A pair of handsome, well-built twins named Bob and Brent attended Suburban South High School. They were complete opposites as Bob was a shy, reclusive virgin, while Brent was an outgoing womanizer. On their eighteenth birthday, their wealthy father announced that Bob would receive $50,000 for graduation because of his strong sense of morals and respect for women. Brent would receive nothing because his father didn't want to support a playboy.

After Brent lied and told his father that Bob was having sex with girls, too, his father changed the offer. If Brent could produce proof of Bob having sexual intercourse with one of his coed classmates before graduation, his father would award the money to Bent. The twin's father had faith that Bob could walk away from even the most tempting girl.

This gave Brent a great idea. There were plenty of terrific looking eighteen-year-old girls at South High. They may appear to be good girls at the upscale school, but Brent wanted to see how good the teens could be for $5,000. Brent figured he'd still have $45,000 left for himself.

Lindsey and Kim made a surprise visit to Bob's house. They hoped Bob would join them for a burger, giving the girls a shot at the $5,000. Lindsey concealed a hidden camera in her purse. It was hidden so well that Kim didn't even know about it. Mr. Green, the twin's father, had just stepped out of the shower and answered the door in his bathrobe. He explained that neither Brent nor Bob were home, just him.

Lindsey smiled at Kim, then looked up at Mr. Green and told him that she was thirsty. Lindsey sweetly asked him for something to drink before she left. The man invited the girls inside. Kim gave Lindsey a strange look, but followed her into the house. She knew Lindsey was up to something, but didn't know what.

Lindsey, Kim and Mr. Green went into the kitchen. As Mr. Green reached into the refrigerator for some sodas, the girls set their purses down on the kitchen table. Lindsey secretly switched on the camera in her purse with the intention of blackmailing Mr. Green for money. The man handed the girls their drinks, and then Lindsey put her plan into action.

Lindsey and Kim sipped on the soft drinks while engaging in a casual conversation with Mr. Green. Lindsey managed to shift the focus of the conversation to Bob. She asked Mr. Green how he expected Bob to remain a virgin with all of the good-looking girls attending their high school. Mr. Green responded by telling the girls that a boy with strong moral values could resist temptation. Lindsey asked Mr. Green if he shared those same moral values and Mr. Green insisted that he did. It sounded like a challenge to Lindsey.

Lindsey asked Kim to step to the middle of the kitchen. Kim was an eighteen-year-old brunette, about five-four with medium sized breasts. She was wearing a pair of jeans that rode dangerously low on her hips and a plain white T-shirt. The shirt stopped a few inches above her bellybutton. Mr. Green could tell Kim wasn't wearing a bra by the way her nipples pressed against the cotton material.

Lindsey pointed to Kim's butt and said, "How do you expect Bob to resist the way girls wear their clothes these days? Look how tight and low-cut Kim's jeans are. The top of her butt crack is starting to show."

Kim was embarrassed as Mr. Green inspected her butt.

Lindsey stuck her finger into Kim's jeans and said, "Some girls even pull on the tops of their thongs so that they hang out of their jeans."

Kim innocently said, "Uh Lindsey, uh I'm not wearing any underwear."

Then Lindsey reached around to the front of Kim's jeans. Lindsey unbuttoned the jeans, then unzipped them almost all of the way down.

Kim asked shyly, "Uh Lindsey, what are you doing?"

Lindsey responded, "Just hold still. I'm trying to make a point."

Lindsey left Kim's jeans hanging open in front. Kim's brunette bush was neatly trimmed, but the zipper was down far enough to expose most of her dark pussy hair. Mr. Green just stood there, taking it all in.

Lindsey said, "Look at the way Kim's jeans are hanging open. Many girls wear their pants like this to really show off their thongs."

With a blushing face Kim said, "Earth to Lindsey. I'm not wearing a thong, remember? I'm not wearing any underwear at all!"

Lindsey replied, "That's okay. I sure Mr. Green understands what I'm trying to show him."

Kim responded, "You're trying to show him? It looks like I'm doing all the showing!"

As Mr. Green watched the demonstration, Lindsey reached in from of Kim and unzipped her pants the rest of the way. She then began to roll the top of Kim's jeans down until half of her butt was showing. Being exposed in front of Mr. Green was really embarrassing Kim.

Kim asked, "Do you really have to do this?"

Lindsey replied, "Yes Kim, I do. I want to show Mr. Green how some girls even go as far as rolling down their pants to show off as much as they can to the boys. This really gets the boys attention. Does it get your attention Mr. Green?"

Mr. Green swallowed hard and said, "Uh, well, a man of morals can look and not touch."

Young, eighteen-year-old Lindsey noticed a bulge developing under Mr. Green's bathrobe. She was having fun at Kim's expense and decided to push the issue a little further. Lindsey asked Mr. Green for a pair of scissors and he obliged.

Lindsey said, "Another thing you should be aware of is the way girls wear their shirts now. You might think Kim looks good in this tight T-shirt, but some girls want to show more of their belly. They wear their shirts as high as this."

As Lindsey began snipping away at Kim's T-shirt, Kim begged, "Lindsey, please be careful. I'm not wearing a bra!"

Lindsey replied, "Don't worry, I'm only cutting up to here."

When Lindsey was done, the T-shirt stopped right at the bottom of Kim's puffy pink nipples. The bottom half of Kim's breasts were hanging out of the shirt. Kim was mortified as Mr. Green stared at Kim's beautiful, barely clothed body. She knew that even the slightest movement would expose her nipples.

Lindsey went on to say, "Now she may appear to be covered, but look what happens when she bends over."

Kim shrieked, "Bends over?"

Lindsey put her hand on Kim's neck and forced her to bend over. In Kim's awkward position, her shirt fell forward, all the way up to her neck. Kim's titties were completely exposed for Mr. Green as he just stood there and gazed at the beauty in front of him.

Exposing Kim's breasts wasn't the worst part. When she bent over, her jeans slipped all the way over her bare behind. The entire crack of Kim's ass was hanging out right in front of Mr. Green. The worst part for Kim was when she stood up. Kim's pants dropped like a rock all the way to the floor. As Kim reached for her pants, Lindsey put her foot on the jeans and held them down.

Kim pleaded, "Please Lindsey, move your foot. I can't pull my pants up. You know I'm not wearing any underwear and Mr. Green is looking at me!"

Lindsey lifted the hem of her short sundress and said, "Your pants wouldn't be an issue if you'd worn a pair of these."

Lindsey flaunted a pair of classy white lace panties under her little cotton sundress. The dress had spaghetti straps over her shoulders and buttons all the way down the front. She was about an inch taller than Kim, but for an eighteen-years-old, Lindsey had blossomed into quite a beautiful young lady. The type of dress Lindsey was wearing forced her to wear a strapless bra and as she continued to hold the hem of her dress up, Mr. Green could see the shadow of Lindsey's fire red bush through the lacey material.

Lindsey said, "See Kim. I have panties on. I'm not showing my pussy to the whole world."

Kim retorted with an edge in her voice, "Maybe so, but your fire red bush is showing right through the lace. Maybe if you'd shave that forest, you wouldn't have to wear panties!"

Lindsey was proud of her long red hair, on her head and between her legs. The triangle of hair between Lindsey's legs was trimmed as much as Kim's pussy. It was just easy to see through the skimpy lace of Lindsey's white panties.

Kim stepped out of her pants, picked up the scissors and said, "Maybe I should give you a trim."

Lindsey grabbed the long hair on her head and asked Kim not to touch it. With her arms and hair out of the way, Kim snipped the spaghetti straps on Lindsey' dress. The top fell down exposing most of Lindsey's white strapless bra. The bra was made of the same thin lace material as Lindsey's panties and Mr. Green could see Lindsey's hard nipples poking through.

Kim said sarcastically, "Look Mr. Green. Some dresses have a low neckline so a girl can strut around with her bra showing."

Lindsey struggled with Kim and got the scissors back from her. With Kim's jeans lying on the floor, she was now naked from the waist down. Her bronze butt cheeks and brunette bush were out in the open for Mr. Green's viewing pleasure. The little scraps of material left from Kim's T-shirt were the only remaining protection she had from being totally nude in front of Mr. Green.

With the scissors in her hand, Lindsey said, "Some T-shirts have a low neckline, too."

As Lindsey tried to cut through the top of Kim's T-shirt, Kim pulled away and her T-shirt was ripped off completely. Kim now stood there without a stitch of clothing to cover her young body and unbeknownst to Kim or Mr. Green, Lindsey was getting it all on videotape.

At first Kim tried to cover herself with her hands, then she looked at the buttons all the way down the front of Lindsey's sundress.

Kim said, "Since Lindsey thinks she's so special because she's wearing underwear, maybe she should show them off!"

With that statement, Kim grabbed the front of Lindsey's dress and gave it a hard yank. The buttons down the front of her dress went flying everywhere and the dress fell to the floor.

Lindsey cried out, "Kim, that was a brand new dress. You ruined it!"

As Lindsey looked down at the floor, Kim picked up the scissors and placed them between the cleavage of Lindsey's breasts.

Kim said, "I guess your new bra is ruined, too."

With a snip, Lindsey's strapless bra joined her dress on the floor. Lindsey had magnificent breasts. Even though she was a red head, Lindsey tanned well and her breasts were a golden brown. Mr. Green was stunned that a high school girl could look so beautiful.

Lindsey took the scissors and bent over to pick up Kim's jeans. Her skimpy white panties rode up into her firm ass cheeks exposing most of her butt for Mr. Green.

Kim asked, "Lindsey, now what are you doing?"

Lindsey replied, "Getting even!"

With that note, Lindsey began snipping from the back of the waistline all the way through the crotch. Kim tried to lunge for the pants, but it was too late. The jeans were destroyed. Out of breath and tired, the two girls took a break to finish their soda. Mr. Green stood and watched as the girls lifted their cans high and made no effort to hide their nudity. Kim was completely naked. She sat down in a chair and didn't even bother to close her legs. Kim was flaunting her beaver proudly for Mr. Green.

Lindsey, who was topless, but still wearing a pair of skimpy panties saw a throbbing bulge in the front of Mr. Green's robe. Lindsey walked up to him and loosened the belt allowing the robe to fall open. She worked the robe off his shoulders and dropped it on the floor. Mr. Green was naked in front of a couple of teenagers! He was ashamed that he'd let the situation get out of hand, but now he was in real danger of compromising the morals that he claimed to be so strong.

Lindsey said, "Kim, have you ever seen such a hard one?"

Kim giggled and replied, "Lindsey, I have a confession to make. That's the first one I've every seen in my life."

Lindsey asked Kim, "Do you want to touch it? Go ahead. Feel it. Stroke it. I'm sure Mr. Green won't mind."

Kim said, "No, why don't you touch it?"

Lindsey replied, "You're the naked girl!"

Kim retorted, "Well, I can change that."

Kim hooked her fingers into the front and back of Lindsey's panties and slowly worked them down Lindsey's legs. In the process, she casually raked her fingernails through Lindsey's pussy hair and also softly slid a finger down the length of Lindsey's butt crack.

Lindsey moaned and said, "That feels nice," which really turned Mr. Green on.

He begged, "Please. I can't take it anymore. Won't you stroke me?"

Lindsey said, "Okay," and wrapped her soft hand around Mr. Green's throbbing member.

As she stroked, the tension was really building inside of Mr. Green. Then Lindsey heard a snip, snip. Lindsey turned around and found her panties cut in half. She stopped stroking Mr. Green and picked up the lacy material."

Mr. Green begged, "Please don't stop. I'm about to explode."

Lindsey completely ignored him and asked Kim, "Why did you cut up my panties. It was the only article of clothing left."

Kim replied, "I'm not going to be the only naked girl walking out of this place."

Lindsey said, "Oh my gosh, you're right. We don't have anything to wear home!"

Mr. Green yelped, "Don't worry about that now. Just finish what you started."

Kim said with a sarcastic grin, "What's the matter Mr. Green? Loose your morals?"

Lindsey put her arm around Kim and added, "Yea, can't you resist a couple of naked teenaged little girls?"

Mr. Green was looking at two sets of young, firm breasts with pretty pink nipples. He also had a tight little brunette bush and cute red haired pussy right in front of him. It was too much for him to bear.

Mr. Green said, "You're right. I'm weak. Now someone please finish me."

Lindsey gently touched Mr. Green's manhood, but suddenly the front door began to open. It was Mr. Green's wife! Kim grabbed her purse, but Lindsey's purse was out of reach. They hid around the corner as Mr. Green quickly put the girl's mangled clothes into a trash bag. Mrs. Green came up the steps just as Mr. Green slipped his robe on.

Lindsey peeked around the corned and got a glimpse of Mrs. Green. Lindsey had heard that he'd remarried a younger woman, but she didn't know he married a twenty-two year old! The new Mrs. Green was half his age and she was also gorgeous.

Lindsey whispered to Kim, "Mr. Green must have a lot of money to get a girl like that."

Kim replied, "Be quiet. I just want to get out of here."

The girls hear Mrs. Green tell Mr. Green that she needed to take the clothes she'd just bought to the bedroom. As she walked away, Mr. Green put a hand behind each girl's back. He escorted their naked bodies to the door and sent them on their way. Luckily for the girls, it was now dark outside and no one could see them scamper across the street to their car.

It was a good thing Kim had her purse because it contained her car keys. The girls were also lucky to have left the jerseys of their dirty field hockey uniforms on the back seat. They had a little something to cover their naked bodies for the ride home. Unfortunately, the only thing they didn't have was Lindsey's purse with the camera in it!

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