tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwin Seduction Ch. 07

Twin Seduction Ch. 07


Bob was still at Ashley's cheerleader slumber party where the pizza man was delivering some pizzas. Brent no longer needed the videotape of Bob having sex because his dad decided to pay for Brent's tuition after all. Unfortunately for Ashley Roberts, this information was never relayed to her. With the help of her mother and her two cheerleading pals, Valerie and Lisa, Ashley was trying one last time to create the $5,000 video. It was the last day before their high school graduation and this was her last chance.

Ashley was a five-foot-five-inch blonde with a killer body. Her thirty-four year old mother was just as beautiful as Ashley was, with a killer body of her own. Lisa, a five-foot-two-inch brunette, and Valerie, a five-foot-four-inch redhead, were the two girls invited to the party. Both of the girls were petite and innocent looking with medium sized breasts. Valerie was outgoing, but Lisa was actually as innocent as she looked.

As Ashley's mom tried to enjoy a nice peaceful shower, the girls were wrestling around in the living room trying to get each other's clothes off. They succeeded and it all took place right in front of an overweight and balding fifty-year-old pizza deliveryman, who was waiting to be paid for some pizzas. The pizza man did not know that Bob was hiding behind the couch, but the girls sure did. Ashley intended the strip show for Bob's viewing pleasure, but the pizza man was enjoying every minute of it, too.

After the girls finally removed each other's clothes, Ashley, Valerie and Lisa stood up, showing their fully exposed bodies to the pizza man. There was an awkward pause, as nobody really knew what to do next. The three schoolgirls just stood there displaying their totally nude petite figures to the balding old man. He was speechless and just stared at the naked teenaged girls while Bob seized the opportunity to examine the girls' bare behinds from his location behind the couch.

Suddenly, Ashley's mom came into the room. Miss Roberts had heard all the noise made by the girls' wrestling match while she was in the shower, so she got out see what was going on. She looked angry at the sight of the three naked girls in front of the balding old man. All Ashley's mom had on was a small towel wrapped around her naked body that she grabbed when she got out of the shower. The girls tried to reach for their clothes, much to the disappointment of the pizza man and Bob because they thought the show was over.

Then Miss Roberts called out sternly, "Girls, stand still and behave!"

Lisa said almost in tears, "But we don't have any clothes on. Everyone can see us naked!"

Ashley's mom replied, "Well that didn't seem to matter a minute ago when you were parading around bare-assed in front of this poor gentleman. Now stand still and shut up."

Ashley, Valerie and Lisa stood at attention as if a drill sergeant in the Army was reprimanding them. Bob was looking up at three beautiful bare teenaged butts while the pizza man stared at three sets of firm young breasts and sweet tender beavers. Now added to the equation was the very attractive Miss Roberts with a small towel wrapped that was around her naked form.

The towel was so tiny that small portions of Miss Robert's butt cheeks were peeking out from the back and any movement could possibly expose her neatly trimmed blonde pussy hair in front. There was also a separation in the towel that showed her entire hip and most of her side, right up to where the towel was tucked in just above Miss Robert's nipples. A generous portion of cleavage was showing, too. Even with three completely naked teenaged girls in the room, Ashley's mom was getting the attention because her towel looked like it could fall at any second.

Miss Roberts apologized to the pizza man saying, "I'm sorry to run out here in front of you like this. I can't even take a shower without these girls getting into trouble!"

The pizza man replied, "Not a problem."

Ashley's mom noticed the pizza man checking her out, so she looked down at her towel. She didn't realize that the towel was so small when she ran out of the bathroom, but she was sure aware of it now.

Miss Roberts tried to blame it on the girls saying, "When I heard all the commotion, I knew I had to get right out here and see what was going on. I couldn't even find a full-sized bath towel, so I just grabbed this little thing."

Ashley's mom continued by turning to the nude young girls and saying, "Because of you girls, I'm standing her in front of a this man with a towel that barely covers me. It's so small that I can barely tuck it in. I just hope this towel stays in place!"

Her statements just intensified the situation for the pizza man and Bob.

Then Miss Roberts turned her attention back to the older man and said, "Now, how much do I owe you?"

The pizza man replied, "Twenty five dollars."

Ashley's mom turned her back to the pizza man to pick up her purse, which was on the floor by the couch. As she slowly bent over, the girls snickered because Miss Roberts' towel rode up in back and exposed her bare butt to the pizza man. Suddenly, the towel popped open and fell to the floor. The old man let out a grunt as he was treated to the sight of Miss Robert's bare backside. Unfazed, Miss Roberts just picked up the towel and with her back to the man, she stood up and tucked the towel in place. Ashley's mom then slowly bent over again to pick up the purse, exposing her bare butt in the process.

Miss Roberts took her time getting the money and gave the man a nice long look at her shapely naked ass. Ashley's mom then stood up and turned around quickly to hand the money to the pizza man. When she did, her unrestrained breasts wobbled back and forth causing the towel to loosen up. The towel began to slide down Miss Roberts' luscious tits. As more and more of Miss Roberts' naked body was slowly unveiled, the pizza man started shaking with anticipation because he knew the towel couldn't stay on much longer.

Finally the towel separated all the way and Ashley's mom yelped, "Oh no, there it goes again! I just can't keep this towel from falling off."

With the money in one hand and the purse in the other, Ashley's mom didn't have a free hand to catch the towel, so it fell to the floor. The girls began laughing because Miss Roberts was now as naked as they were. Ashley's mom was red-faced and tried to hand the man his money. He refused the money, so Ashley's mom gave him a big hug and pressed her breasts against his chest to thank him. As the pizza man left, the four naked girls stood in the doorway and said goodbye, in full view of any neighbor that happened to be looking in the girls' direction.

Before anyone could get dressed, Ashley called out, "Hey Bob, you can come out now!"

Lisa said, "Wait, we don't have any clothes on!"

It was too late. Bob stood up and found the four naked women standing in front of him.

Miss Roberts looked at the girls and said, "Girls, Lisa's right. We shouldn't stand here without any clothes on. There's a boy in the room."

Ashley said, "But mom, Bob's already seen us naked now."

Ashley's mom replied, "It doesn't matter. Look what it's doing to the poor boy. He's got a bulge that's about to pop out of his pants."

The girls giggled as they looked at the tent in the front of Bob's pants. Miss Roberts wrapped the towel around her naked form and instructed the girls to put their slumber party attire back on. Ashley's mom decided to sit down and eat some of the pizza.

Bob was sitting on the couch with Ashley to his right and Valerie to his left. Whenever Ashley leaned forward to get a piece of pizza, her skimpy panties would work their way down exposing the top of her butt crack to Bob. Lisa was sitting on the floor across from Bob in an Indian style position. She didn't even realize that her T-shirt was pushed up far enough to expose half of her hairy triangle to Bob. Miss Roberts was sitting in a chair to the side of Bob with her legs slightly spread apart. Her small towel was separated enough in her lap to leave her pussy completely uncovered for Bob to see. Bob could barely each with all the beautiful bodies surrounding him. The girls acted as if they were oblivious to their outfits even though they really knew exactly what it was doing to poor Bob.

After the pizza was gone, Miss Roberts said that she was going to her room to watch TV and didn't want anymore trouble from the girls. As Ashley's mom began to walk away, Valerie reached up and tugged on her towel. It fell to the floor and Ashley's mom was naked once again.

She said, "Now you girls stop that!"

She then bent over right in front of Bob and picked up her towel, but she didn't wrap it around her nude body before heading to the bedroom. She just left her naked ass in plain view for Bob as she slowly walked out of the room.

The conversation soon turned to the last time that Bob visited Ashley. Valerie kept asking Bob to show her what went on, but Bob refused. He was a little intimidated by all of the girls.

Ashley told Valerie, "Well if Bob won't do it, then I'll demonstrate on little Lisa."

Lisa said, "You'll what?"

Ashley said, "Just relax and enjoy it."

Ashley proceeded to ease Lisa's T-shirt over her head without a struggle. Lisa was now the only naked person in the room and she felt a little self-conscious. Ashley made Lisa lay on the floor, then Ashley began to gently run her fingers up and down Lisa's naked body. She made tender circles with her fingertips on Lisa's puffy pink nipples, then slowly raked her fingernails through Lisa's silky brunette pussy hair.

While Ashley tended to Lisa's precious body, she was kneeling over Lisa with her back to Bob. Ashley's kneeling position caused her skimpy panties to work their way down her bare behind, exposing a great deal of her butt crack to Bob. Then Ashley started sucking on Lisa's tender nipples.

Lisa moaned, "Wow that feels good."

Ashley said, "You can touch my breasts while I suck on yours."

With that, Ashley pulled her pale yellow tank top over her head. She was naked from the waist up. Lisa massaged Ashley's firm young breasts as Ashley made little circles with her tongue over Lisa's sensitive nipples.

Then Lisa looked up at Ashley with those sweet innocent eyes and asked, "Does this feel good to you?"

Ashley stood up above Lisa and straddled her face, then Ashley pointed to the wet spot on her panties and said, "Does this answer your question?"

Her yellow panties were very moist.

Lisa looked around and said, "Ashley, everyone is looking at my naked pussy. I don't want to be the only one without any clothes on. Will you take your panties off please?"

Ashley paused for a second and replied, "If you want 'em off, you'll have to take 'em off yourself."

Lisa reached up and hooked her fingers in the leg holes. She then proceeded to pull Ashley's skimpy panties down her legs, leaving Ashley totally nude. Her neatly trimmed blonde bush and shapely butt were now uncovered for Bob to observer. Next Ashley showed Lisa was a 69 position was. Ashley's bare butt was up in the air right in front of Bob as she began munching on Lisa's mound.

Lisa gasped, "Oh Ashley, you don't know what that does to me."

Ashley replied, "Oh yes I do. A girl knows what another girl wants. Now you do the same thing to me."

Now Ashley's head was buried between Lisa's legs, while squatting on Lisa's face at the same time. The action between Ashley and Lisa was getting Valerie hot. Bob watched Valerie slip a hand under her negligée. She was touching her own tits! Bob continued to watch as Valerie slipped the other hand inside of her tiny thong panties. She was really pleasuring herself until she opened her eyes and saw that Bob was looking at her.

At first Val felt embarrassed for loosing control in front of Bob, then she smiled at Bob and said, "Oh, what the hell!"

Valerie just stood up and removed her negligée and thong panties, then went back to caressing her nipples. Finally Valerie's finger found their way back inside of her and she began to work them around. Valerie paused and convinced Bob that it would be more exciting if she could see his naked body while she touched herself. Bob was reluctant at first, but gave in and removed his clothes. He stretched out on the floor with his huge hard manhood pointing out for Valerie to examine.

As Valerie stared at Bob's naked muscular body, she tried to finish herself off, but the temptation of Bob was too much for her. Valerie stood up and straddled Bob, then tried to insert his manhood inside of her. Just as Lisa was about to reach a powerful orgasm, Ashley saw what was going on and rolled away from Lisa.

Ashley pushed Valerie aside and said, "I want the money!"

Everyone was silent for a moment as Bob tried to figure out what she meant.

Ashley quickly said to Bob, "Uh, its girl talk. It means I want you."

"Nice save, " Valerie said jokingly.

Ashley climbed on Bob and began riding him. Her boobies were bouncing up and down until Lisa and Valerie kneeled down on both sides of Ashley. Each girl took one of Ashley's breasts in their mouth. While in their kneeling position, Lisa and Valerie's bare butts and tender young beavers were right in Bob's face.

As Ashley continued to slide up and down on Bob's hot rocket, Bob began to caress Lisa and Valerie's cute asses, moving his hands over the firm globes of flesh and even moving his fingers up and down their beautiful butt cracks. His fingers finally found their way inside of their nice tight beavers. Bob fought to hold on until he sensed that all of the girls reached an orgasm, but eventually the pressure was too much and he shot his load deep inside of Ashley. He still continued pleasuring the girls with his fingers and tongue until everyone was satisfied, except for Ashley's mom who was secretly watching the action and satisfying herself.

Eventually, Bob got dressed and the girls said goodbye to him. After Bob left, Miss Roberts came out wearing only a robe, while the still naked girls hurried to rewind the tape. When the action appeared on the screen, Ashley's mom looked at Ashley and winked. Ashley and her mom knew that tomorrow, they had a tape to preset to Brent.

It was a beautiful graduation ceremony. Mr. Green was very proud of his sons when they accepted their diplomas. After the festivities concluded, Brent was about to drive away in his car when Ashley and her mother presented him with the video through the open car window. Instead of explaining that the deal was off, Brent merely told them that he needed the tape before the graduation ceremony.

Brent said, "Don't you remember? I needed the tape before graduation. Now it's too late. However, I'll bet this tape will look good on the Internet."

With that, Brent sped away leaving the two women standing there with disappointed looks on their faces. They began to think about what was on the tape. There were naked cheerleaders, girl on girl action, girls flashing the pizza man, young lovemaking and worst of all, the seduction of a teenaged boy by an older woman.

They suddenly panicked and said, "The Internet?!!"

After a moment of silence, Ashley's mom said, "Ashley, when you go away to college, I suggest you pick a school far away from here. And by the way, I think I have to leave town with you!"

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