tagInterracial LoveUCLA to Big D Ch. 06

UCLA to Big D Ch. 06


This story is posted on the Literotica website and the author does not give permission for it to be reposted or reprinted anywhere else without consent. There are 18 chapters to this saga and I strongly encourage you to read them continuously (at least the first time around). I think you will find it fun and funny at times, but don't be misled; this is not a warm and fuzzy romance novel. This story contains nefarious characters whose sole purpose is to get laid, regardless of whom they hurt in the process. The themes of non-consent, reluctance, and betrayal are woven throughout the varying topics of interracial sex, lesbian sex, and wife-thieving. If these things appeal to you, I expect you will enjoy it very much, if they don't, you should probably consider a different story. My hope is you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I encourage you to stay with it all the way through the epilogue as just about everyone gets what is coming to them in the end...good and bad.

This chapter is a continuation from Chapter 5, if you haven't already read that one I would suggest it. Chapter 6 is in keeping with the content from Chapter 5, if you were looking for more of what transpired in Chapters 1-4, it may not float your boat. If that's the case you are probably better off not reading it and sending me an email with your thoughts. Please don't give this chapter a low rating simply because it diverts from the earlier chapters. I certainly would appreciate it, as would those who might look for it in the future. Simply voting "1 star" doesn't do anything for anyone. Thank you.

Cole and Jenna's night continues... This chapter is not for the faint of heart, if you like lots of interracial sex, you should enjoy it.


Cole Steele strode across the room naked. Jenna lay there on her back with her cum-covered face turned towards him watching as the muscled black man walked over to the wet bar. His ass cheeks were like solid rock and his back formed a perfect "V" from his wide shoulders to his narrow waist. His big legs bulged as he glided with a sense of confidence that he owned his domain.

The Pro Bowl linebacker grabbed a bottle of champagne and two glasses and walked back in her direction. His huge cock still glistened but was now semi-limp; it swayed heavily back and forth as he walked. Cole admired her hot body and his facial artwork as he approached. "Go clean up in the bathroom and meet me on the balcony outside the master suite. Don't take more than five minutes and don't put any clothes back on," he directed as he turned and walked towards the stairwell.

Jenna waited until he crested the steps before she got up from the couch, she immediately felt woozy from the rum and the cum. She noticed her tattered bra and other clothes scattered around the floor, but left them where they lay as she heeded Cole...uh Bull's order to not be late.

Jenna Nielsen entered the spacious bathroom and flicked on the light. The face that greeted her in the expansive mirror was one she hadn't seen before. Cole's thick cum was splattered from her forehead to her chin and globbed in her hair. The married blonde found a towel and wiped his ample spooge off her face. She also tried to clean it from her hair, but Jenna quickly realized it was a useless endeavor; there was simply too much of his sticky semen splattered about.

The taste in her mouth, while not welcoming, wasn't actually all that bad. She thought to herself that strangely Cole's cum tasted better than her husband's.

That was good for her as she'd be ingesting over a gallon of it in the next 3 weeks.

Immediately she was overcome with guilt as she thought, "God I acted like such a slut for him. What was I thinking? No matter how good he makes me feel, I need to remain in control and maintain my dignity. That said he must have been very satisfied with my first punishment session..."

The formerly faithful wife was badly mistaken.

Jenna took a quick pee and walked out of the bathroom and up the impressive circular staircase. Her gorgeous body was clad only in her soaked panties, sexy thigh-high stockings and 4" heels as she moved through Cole Steele's huge bedroom suite. Jenna's big tits jiggled slightly as she walked past the massive round bed and faithful bathroom where this nightmare had all started the night of his party. Jenna thought of the irony of what she had done there only ten days previously and how that act led to her being here now, nearly naked and in Cole Steele's control.

As she exited the large French doors onto the lanai, Jenna immediately inhaled the salty ocean breeze and could hear the waves crashing not far to the west. A huge full moon lit up the sky; it cast muted light onto the massive covered balcony.

Cole's booming voice rang out loudly through the night air, "Stop right there!" She froze. "You are late!"

"Cole, there was so much cum I..."

He cut her off, "What did you call me?"

"I mean Bull, I cleaned up as fast as I..."

He cut her off again, "Who told you it was okay to play with yourself while you were giving me head? Come over here and let me see those wet fucking panties!"

She slowly shuffled over to where he was sitting on the foot of an outdoor oversized bed.

As Jenna approached he thought to himself that he was now looking at the hottest woman he'd ever seen in his life. If he was going to design the perfect fuck toy, he would make her look just like this. Cole Steele's massive black cock had enjoyed actresses, cheerleaders, beauty pageant winners, models, professional dancers, expensive hookers, porn stars and even a Playboy bunny, but never had the large black man seen a woman this perfect. Jenna's thick blonde wavy hair, movie-actress gorgeous face, tanned athletic sexy body capped by perfectly formed D-cup natural tits and an ass like an 18-year-old high school senior had him lustily imagining what the next three weeks would bring.

"A fucking 29 year old married real estate agent from Pasadena. Who'd fucking believe it?" The blonde wife now stood in front of him nervously in her soaked panties. Cole could plainly see her puffy camel toe lips and moist fur patch exposed against the dripping material of the boyshort style bottoms.

"Fuck, her panties are dripping wet..."

Cole aggressively shoved his huge hand inside the front of her sexy underwear; it caught her by surprise; she gasped loudly, "How did these panties get this wet Jenna?" He demanded as he wiggled his fingers around inside.

"I..I..came in them Bull," she replied sheepishly.

Cole questioned angrily, "You mean when you masturbated, you came in them, right?"

"Um...yes Bull", Jenna whispered embarrassingly.

"Obviously, I know you came in them...but how did they get so wet?"

She hesitated before replying, "Sometimes I um...squirt ..."

"Oh this just keeps getting better..." he joyfully told himself.

"Bitch, your job is to satisfy MY NEEDS not yours, is that clear?" He said sternly. "Any squirting you do from this point forward, needs to be on my big cock...you got it?"

"...yes Bull," she apologized.

"Maybe if you were concentrating more on my climax instead of your own you wouldn't have let so much of my precious juice spill out of your fucking mouth! From now on, you ask for permission if you want to play with your pussy. And if you can't learn that lesson I'll put a fucking chastity device on you, you got that?" He threatened.

"Yes Bull I'm sorry, I promise I won't masturbate again without your permission!" She dutifully responded.

Cole Steele loved being in total control of another man's gorgeous wife.

"Good, now it's time for your punishment for those transgressions! Take off your panties!"

Jenna hesitated before she slowly slipped her thumbs inside the waist band. She hesitated again, "Bull, there must be something else I can do for y.." Before she could finish her plea, the angry black man yanked the wet garment down to her ankles. Jenna gasped out loud as her garter straps snapped like rubber bands.

In spite of his impatience, Cole stopped to admire her gorgeous little pussy. Jenna's blondish damp pussy hair was waxed into the shape of a perfect 2 inch heart that sat about a half-inch above her clit. A little bow was shaved into the center of the pubic heart to match the sexy bra and panty combo she'd worn before he denuded her. Cole was excited to see this woman who typically carried herself somewhat conservatively in her professional persona, slutishly sported a diamond encrusted clitoral stud that glimmered under the spotlights on the covered balcony. Cole flicked the shiny button a couple of times before he roughly bent her over his lap. Jenna's impeccable ass was now staring him in the face as he WHACKED her hard on it with his open hand.

The married real estate agent screamed in pain and surprise. "Tell me you deserved that for playing with your pussy and you want another!" He yelled.

Jenna was crying and whimpering. "Tell me!"

"Yes, I deserve another one for playing with my...uh vagina."

Cole's big paw landed squarely across her ass cheeks again. She yelped loudly. "Don't you ever call it a vagina, I hate that fucking word! You call it a pussy, do you understand?" The huge professional football player spanked her hard yet again.

"Yes...yes, I deserve another one for playing with my...pussy!"

WHACK! She cried out yet again. "Whose needs are you going to satisfy from now on Jenna?" He demanded.

"Yours Bull!"

"Whose did you satisfy in the theatre?"

"...mine," she whimpered.

WHACK! "Am I clear?" The intimidating black man yelled one more time.

"Yes Bull, I won't do it again, I promise."

The redness from Cole's large handprint was now imprinted on her formerly unblemished ass cheeks; he softly began rubbing the previously pure surface. Great genetics and years of gymnastics combined with Pilates and yoga had firmed and shaped it into a thing of astounding beauty. Round and tight with a deep creased crack exposing her puffy pussy lips. Cole loved bubble-shaped tight asses and this was the definition. He was also a big fan of fleshy pussy lips and Jenna had a great set of those as well; Cole pictured his big cock head pressing deeply into those wet swollen lips before bullying its way into its ultimate destination. He rubbed and squeezed her tender ass cheeks and brushed his fingers across her lower lips. She moaned ever so softly.

"Damn she's got a fine ass..."

Cole reached over and opened a bottle of expensive coconut scented massage oil; he poured it liberally around her butt, down her crack, and over her exposed pussy lips. The excited black man set the bottle down and rubbed the oil around her luscious butt with both hands. He then ran his long fingers back down her crack and along her swollen labia. Jenna moaned softly again and subtly began shifting around in his lap.

Cole Steele was now only the second man to ever touch Jenna Nielsen's private places.

Before this night was over he would do things to her pussy that no other man had ever done...

Cole ran his oiled index finger over her puckered rosebud, she immediately flinched and gasped. He rubbed little circles around and over it as Jenna started shifting her unbelievable ass around on his lap. Cole had every intention of fucking her hot backside soon; a little birdie had told him that Jenna liked anal sex. He teased her asshole with his slippery fingers before he slowly inserted his index finger up to the 2nd knuckle. The hot married blonde flinched and let out a slight moan. Cole slowly wiggled the long digit around inside; she started slightly rotating her hips on his knees.

Cole said, "You like that don't you Mrs. Nielsen?"

She didn't answer at first. "Answer me!" He scolded.

She said "um...yes Bull" in a demure voice.

The intimidating football player said, "I thought so," before he pulled his finger out and WHACKED her ass again. She let out a terrified scream. He lifted her off his knees and placed her down on the bed next to him; Cole moved her around like a doll with his 6'-4", 255 lb. muscular frame. He pulled her soaked panties from her ankles and tossed them aside.

Cole stood and reached for the bottle of champagne and popped the cork. He had shaken the bottle slightly on his way up the stairs causing the sparkling wine to erupt from the opening when it popped. Cole held the sweet bubbling liquid upright over her face and ordered her to open her mouth. Jenna captured a little in her mouth, but most went down her face and all over her huge tits. He filled two glasses and handed her one.

As she held it in her hand, he clanked his off of it and toasted, "Here's to the number of times you'll scream out my name tonight!"

Jenna didn't know how to respond, she stared at him blankly. He got a big grin on his face, "Drink up girl!"

She took a sip of the expensive champagne as Cole reached into a nearby bag and pulled out a marijuana joint. He sparked it up and took a big hit; her eyes got wide as he handed it towards her.

Jenna shook her head and turned away.

"What the fuck? Take it!" Cole ordered.

"I've never ever done drugs and I'm not going to start now." She said in defiance.

"You'd also never sucked a big black cock before until now, so in case you'd forgotten, you aren't making the rules anymore, hit this thing now!" He threatened.

Jenna nervously reached for it and took it between her slender fingers. "What do I do?" She asked cautiously.

"Put it between your lips and suck, you've already shown you are decent at that (actually, Jenna had given him a damn good blowjob, but he didn't want her to know that). She nervously brought it to her lips and did as she was told, but she sucked very little before exhaling immediately.

"No, you need to inhale it into your lungs and hold it as long as you can before you blow it out," he corrected.

Jenna inhaled much more deeply the 2nd time and the cherry flamed as she sucked it into her lungs. She'd taken a big hit and it wasn't long before she had a major coughing attack.

Cole laughed loudly and said, "You need to find somewhere in the middle." He took another big hit and took a drink of his champagne before blowing out the smoke.

Jenna took a few minutes to calm down from the hacking attack. Cole handed the pungent spliff back to her and said, "Inhale into your lungs, but not so deeply this time." She took the hit cautiously but effectively; he told her to take a drink of her champagne without letting the smoke out. She took the drink, swallowed, and then blew out a nice puff of smoke.

"Stoner", he called her and they both laughed. This was the first time all evening that they experienced a light moment together.

Jenna was already feeling the effects from the pot. Cole took one last hit. He didn't make her take another as he knew she would already be fucked-up from the high-grade sativa weed. He wanted her loosened up, but he didn't want her to get so fucked-up that she might ever forget all the details of this night.

Cole clicked the remote and some late 60's classic rock tunes started playing. Jenna's dad listened to this stuff when she was little; she had great memories of those times. Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love played from the speakers as he removed the champagne glass from her hand and replaced it with the bottle of massage oil. He said, "Oil your body as you dance naked for me; play with yourself while you do it!"

Cole scooted up the outdoor king sized bed on the massive lanai. He lay back on it with his head propped up by pillows; the buzzed black man clicked off the lights and turned on a disco ball type light that created a surreal feeling on the dark balcony a hundred feet above the crashing waves below.

Jenna was experiencing feelings she'd never felt before from the pot mixed with alcohol and the setting. She felt light-headed, but the situation was very erotic and she actually found herself getting aroused. The blonde wife moved to the foot of the bed and nervously poured the slippery oil into the palm of her hand; as the music played she swayed sexily and quickly found herself getting lost in the moment. She carefully massaged the slick substance onto her taught stomach before moving her oil-slick hands up to her beautiful tits.

"OMG...I can't believe I'm dancing naked for him! And dammit, I shouldn't be so turned-on..."

Jenna massaged her oil-covered tits as she swayed to the psychedelic music. She poured more oil, this time right onto her heaving heavy breasts. The hot blonde wife worked her hands all over her upper body and squeezed and fondled her rigid nipples.

Cole reached for another bottle of oil and poured it out on his huge cock. As he watched Jenna dance sexily, he stroked his long dick. Jenna turned around and rotated her perfect ass to the rhythm of the music; the hot wife then squirted more down her lower back and onto her ass cheeks and crack. She used her small hands to smear the oil around on her luscious butt; she then bent at the waist and leaned forward. The suddenly horny blonde reached back between her legs and rubbed the oil up and down her ass crack and showed him as she rubbed her middle finger over and around her asshole.

Cole Steele was now as hard as steel.

Jenna made her way nearer the bed, grabbed the oil from his hands and poured more on her succulent tits. The 29-year-old blonde bent at the waist and pushed her hanging boobs together and massaged them right in front of him; she moaned loud enough for him to hear over the music. Jenna turned around and waved her ass in his face and ran her fingers up and down her pussy slit.

"I can't believe I want him to touch me..."

Cole reached out and tantalizingly poured more oil down her ass and all over her puffy lips. She used her long fingers to work the oil around her wet married pussy; Jenna rubbed her sensitive swollen lips and softly played with her slippery junk. As she performed the sexy show, she slipped her engorged clit between her oily fingers several times. Cole liked that her large diamond wedding ring was on display as she rubbed her pussy lips for his pleasure. He made a mental note that she was a southpaw.

Jenna danced before turning again and facing him near the edge of the bed. The smoking hot wife lifted her left leg up and placed her nimble foot on a half-table next to the bed. Jenna slipped her fingers through her oily blonde pubes before she used two fingers to spread her stretched pussy lips to show him her juicy hole. The wavy blonde then sexily slid her left stocking down her leg, she removed it and the high-heel. Jenna poured oil on her thigh and rubbed it up and down her long tanned leg. She moved the table and did the same with her other sexy leg.

"I can't wait till she wraps those long fucking legs around my head..."

Jenna then surprised him when she athletically hopped up on the bed and stood nakedly over him while straddling his muscular upper body. Her heavy tits bounded enticingly as she looked down at the buffed NFL player. The real estate agent took the bottle of oil from his hands and sexily dribbled it down her lower stomach and across her blonde patch. They both watched as it tantalizingly dripped down her clit and upper lips before spilling onto his muscle-covered chest.

Jenna handed him the bottle back, lowered her hand, and softly played with her oily pussy. She used her experienced fingers to spread her hood and expose her swollen bump; again she slipped the stud between her oily fingers and moaned out loud. Jenna rubbed her clit in circles with the middle finger on her wedding ring hand as she stared into his eyes from above and moaned again.

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