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Ugly Women, Hot Lays


My wife got a new job. After the first day she came home very happy and excited. Not only had the job been very promising but she had also found out that Linda worked in the same office.

Linda was a very good friend from her collage days but they had lost contact which happens all too often. She found out later that Linda in fact had recommended her for the job.

My wife is named Eva but I am not Adam but Anders. Wife, well, we are not formally married but I always referred to her as my wife. I think that a wedding is an unnecessary formality that really means nothing. But in recent months my wife has made hints that make me think that maybe she has another opinion. Well, it doesn't matter just now anyway. We are in our late twenties and children are something that isn't on the agenda for a couple of years yet. Career is more important just now.

After some time Linda and Eva came to work together in a project. They were successful and worked more and more together with Linda as the boss. But they are still good friends.

Eva was invited to spend a few days with Linda at her summer cottage not far from Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden, where we live. She didn't want to go there on her own leaving me behind so the invitation was extended to include me although I had never met Linda. It was decided that we should go there at the end of our summer vacation.

On the way to the cottage Eva asked me sincerely to behave myself. She told me that Linda wasn't exactly beautiful. In fact, she said, Linda was ugly. Real ugly. But very nice and friendly she added quickly. It's what is hidden inside that counts, she said. She said that she was sure that we all would get a good time if I treated Linda in the right way and not letting her understand that I found her ugly. She was really anxious but I saw no problem. I always get along well with women of all kinds.

When we got to the cottage we found that Linda also had her younger sister Yvonne staying there. Of course it didn't matter we explained to her. It was a pleasure to get to learn them both I quickly found out to say which they appreciated. I hugged Linda and she got a little surprised but then smiled and hugged me back. Her sister immediately gave me a full body hug, grinding hard into me.

As Eva had said: They were really ugly. They looked rather alike with roughly cut faces, long like a horse's, big mouths, outstanding and uneven teeth and mousy hair, one brownish, one more reddish. They wore long, loose-fitting T-shirts, to hide their bodies I thought. But they were also very friendly and easy going with big laughs that showed a lot of teeth. I immediately felt relaxed in their company.

The sisters had prepared a good lunch with lots of beer which made us a little tipsy. But it didn't matter. The weather was warm and the cottage was situated at the shore of a small lake with a narrow strip of sand. There were no close neighbors. Of course we went there when we had cleared the table.

"Let's see if we can cheer you up," Eva whispered to me on the way out with a lusty smile on her face. Drinking always made her horny but I didn't think that she had had that much. It must be something else that excited her.

Eva is very open-minded and has never been shy. Now she broke the ice by removing her bikini top. She hesitated slightly but then removed also her bottom.

"We can't let this lovely sun be wasted by wearing suits," she exclaimed. "I want to tan my entire body and I don't like tan lines."

The sisters laughingly agreed and pulled the hems of their T-shirts over their heads. They were naked underneath, no bras, no panties to take off.

I was flabbergasted. As ugly as their faces were, as beautiful were their bodies. Well- proportionate curves and full breasts and bottoms. And as the finishing touch, rich pussy bushes, one grown wild, one nicely groomed, both much darker than the hair on the heads.

Now, pussy hair is my fetish. I just love a vast, well grown bush covering the lower belly and spreading to the thighs. My wife has a good growth but she claims that she has to groom it to feel comfortable wearing a bikini. But in winter time she let it grow. But these two bushes easily beat her.

Only slowly did I get aware of that three women were looking at me smilingly, two proudly and one mockingly.

"Well, I don't like tan lines on Anders either. What about it girls, can he take his trunks off?" My wife asked seriously but there was a smile in the corners of her mouth that she had trouble to control. Her eyes shone as well.

"Of course, by all means. We don't want to be responsible for him getting tan lines," the sisters said in unison.

Well I wasn't shy either and was proud of my body. My only problem was a slight erection but what the hell I thought, let them see it. It might make them proud.

So I swiftly got out of my trunks and indeed proud smiles spread on their faces when they saw my swollen cock.

We calmed down and had a good time together swimming and sunbathing. I liked to watch the sisters moving around which they did rather unblushingly without showing off deliberately.

After a couple of hours we got thirsty.

"I'll get us something to drink, "Linda said and went to the cottage. She didn't bother to put anything on and I looked at her smashing body. Her full ass moved very nicely.

"Well, they look rather good in the nude, don't they?" My wife said in my ear having caught me staring. She had meant to whisper I guess but lost control of her voice and spoke higher than intended. I saw Yvonne smile inwardly. She had heard but didn't mind. She started to fondle her breasts, cupping and squeezing them. She caught my eye and smiled broadly.

Linda came back with a decanter and glasses. She poured, handed out the glasses and we all drank to her salute.

"What was that," my wife said coughing. She had taken a good swig and the sparkling content got into her nose.

"Oh, it's just some spritzer," Linda said. "White wine, lemonade and sparkling water. Very refreshing." We sipped the spritzer and it went directly up into my head making me tipsy. I looked at my wife and she was certainly affected. Her eyes sparkled again.

The girls got real vivid and talked and laughed a lot. I relaxed and listened with only one ear. I daydreamed about my wife and the sisters. But suddenly I heard what they were talking about and paid attention.

"Is it true what they say?" Linda giggling asked my wife.

"What do you mean?" Eva said trying to sound innocent.

"Well you know, big feet, long cock," Linda said giggling heavily.

"Yes and broad wrists tells that the cock is thick," Yvonne added laughingly.

"How should I know? I am not fooling around that much," my wife said, now giggling as well to make her sound casual.

"Yes, but Anders has big feet, hasn't he? What about his cock?" Linda asked mockingly. "That you must know for sure. Hey Anders, what shoe size do you have?"

I looked at my wife for guidance but she just giggled.

"Uh, well, nine and a half or ten," I said.

"And look at his wrist," Yvonne added longingly. "Couldn't we find out the truth? I mean can we measure Anders, his wrists and cock. The feet we already know about." The sisters laughed heavily and looked expectantly at my wife.

She didn't know what to say and just laughed a bit nervously. But the sisters pressed on and coaxed her. Finally she laughingly gave up.

"Oh well, Anders would you comply?" Eva said turning to me. So far they hadn't tried to pull me into the conversation.

Well, as I said I am proud of my body and that includes my cock which I think is above average. And I am not shy either. So I just shrugged my shoulders and nodded.

"But how should it be done?" My wife innocently asked but her eyes shone. "I mean Anders must get erect, mustn't he?"

"Oh, that can't be a problem. I am happy to volunteer if you will allow me," Yvonne said giggling heavily. But there was lots of lust underneath.

"I bet you would," my wife said noncommittingly.

"I get a ruler then," Linda said jumping up and ran to the house. She soon was back and looked gorgeous with swinging breasts.

The girls laughed heartily when she showed them the ruler she had got. It was a folding rule, at least six feet long. Yvonne snatched the ruler and unfolded at least half of it and waved it in the air.

"What about the thickness? How should we measure that?" Linda asked seriously.

"No problem. We do like this," Yvonne quickly said, forming an 'O' between her thumb and index finger. "Or like this," she added, holding up both hands putting thumbs and index fingers together. They laughed heavily falling down on their backs.

After a while they recovered and sat up.

"Well, would you allow me to do the honor?" Yvonne casually asked my wife but it was clear that she really wanted to do it.

Eva looked uncertain at me for guidance but I just shrugged my shoulders. My cock twitched at the thought to have another woman touch it.

My wife made up her mind.

"Oh well, if you want to, go ahead," she said trying to sound casual.

Yvonne jumped to her feet and came over to me. She knelt in front of me and began to caress my body. She pushed me down on my back and let her breasts slide along my legs. Soon she was fondling and jacking my cock. She leaned down resting her breasts on my chest and let my cock caress her face. She put it along her cheek and rubbed the outer side with her hand. She withdrew and inspected my erection.

"I think we get the best measure if he stands up," Linda said coming forward. She stood beside me, legs apart for best support and pulled me by my arm up on my feet. I got a close view of her upper thighs and slightly open pussy that glistened from wetness.

Yvonne knelt in front of me and inspected my cock. She rose again.

"Oh yes, very nice and it certainly is big," she said. "But I am quite sure that I can get it at least half an inch longer and also thicker. But then I need to use special treatment." She looked inquiringly at my wife. Eva swallowed and looked uncertainly at me.

"Oh . . . well, yes, it should be at its best when measured I guess. So go ahead and make him real big," she said and giggled nervously.

Yvonne got down on her knees again and took the cock in her mouth. My wife sucked in her breath hard behind me but said nothing. Yvonne eased my cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. It was a new sensation for me. She did wonderful things with her mouth, throat and tongue and I felt my cock head swell.

"Now I think it's as big as it will be," Yvonne said, withdrawing from my cock holding it in a firm grip. "Linda, get me the ruler."

Linda came forward with the ruler unfolded. The sisters took several measurements of my cock, giggling heavily and arguing about how to measure. Their hands felt very good on my body and I had no problem to maintain the erection. It also helped that they cupped my balls.

"And now the thickness," Linda said laughing throatily. The thumb and index finger wasn't long enough to reach around the cock. Finally she put her wrist along my cock and compared the width. She had to go halfway up to her elbow before she got a match.

"Yes, it certainly is true," Yvonne exclaimed. "Big feet and long cock, thick wrists and thick cock I mean. You are a lucky woman Eva, to enjoy such a big lovely cock whenever you like," she added with envy and longing in her voice.

"Well now," Linda said. "We shouldn't leave Anders like that. His balls could get hurt, blue or something I have heard, if you just leave him erect. Why don't you finish him off, Eva? We can turn around if you want to." She laughed throatily.

"Wait a minute," Yvonne yelled. "Don't waste his come. I love the taste of semen. Couldn't you jack him off in a jar and then we could share it? Please," she added.

My wife was clearly turned on by the thought of jacking me off. Maybe that was why she spoke before thinking.

"Oh, but wouldn't it be better that you do it yourself. I mean, then you could get the come fresh from the pot so to speak."

"Oh, can I? It will be a pleasure, thank you very much. I really like it fresh and hot. Feels so good in my stomach. I bet he has quite a load by now," Yvonne said laughing happily.

Eva looked like she wanted to bit her tongue off but she was too proud to try to change what she had promised.

Yvonne came close to me and whispered assuringly in my ear:

"Don't worry, just relax and enjoy. I know what I am doing," She knelt in front of me, looked up and winked.

She hadn't exaggerated. She gave me the best blow job ever. She kissed and licked, took me down her throat, sucked and varied her doings. She took me to the brink several times but calmed down in the last moment. She squeezed the base of my cock to prevent me from coming. She used every trick in the book and a few of her own invention. She made me moan and ask for mercy. Finally she looked up at me and smiled.

"Want to come?" she asked innocently and put her mouth around my cock. She made me erupt seconds after. She kept just the cock head in her mouth and collected all my come in there. Not a drop spilled out.

She pulled away from my cock and turned to the other women. She swallowed slowly a little at a time and made it look like she carefully tasted each drop.

"Ah, that was tasty come. Fresh, salty and with a clear taste of almond. Really tasty. Thank you Eva for giving me this superb load of semen. Much better than oysters or caviar."

"What about some champagne to swallow it down with," Linda said and handed out freshly filled glasses. "Or spritsers anyway," she giggled.

We all relaxed and spent another hour in the sun before it was time to cook dinner. I took the liberty not to take part in the cooking as the only man around. I sat sipping a beer looking at the women. But in the end I helped to lay the table.

Dinner was nice. Afterwards we sat in the garden talking and joking. The jokes got cruder and dirtier as the wine bottles emptied. Suddenly my wife surprised me:

"What do a clitoris, an anniversary, and a toilet have in common?" She asked, giggling heavily.

None of us knew the answer.

"Oh it's easy," Eva said. "Men always miss them!"

We had had enough to drink by then to make the joke funny. We all laughed. And that was the start of the real dirty jokes. I had no idea that women liked to tell jokes of that kind and my wife matched the sisters. Most of them was about the shortcomings of men and each time the looked at me and laughed. I remembered one or two myself but mostly I just listened.

It was time for bed. The cottage was modernized but only on the first floor. Upstairs was only one big room with the roof trusses visible. It was at least 15 feet high in the middle but the roof was steep and at the walls it was not more than four feet. Supporting beams separated the room into compartments wide enough for one bed. There were small gable windows high up. There was no electricity. "Haven't got the money yet," Linda said.

We had been up with our things earlier when it was still light enough. Linda and Yvonne had the middle beds which left the ones on each side to me and Eva. She had just shrugged her shoulders and accepted not to sleep next to me. The beds were separated by a beam anyway, she said.

I was first in the bathroom situated next to the kitchen. I was given a candle and climbed the steep stair, nearly a ladder. I went directly to bed and put out my candle. Eva came next. She quickly got naked and came over to me. She leaned down and kissed me letting her breasts slide over my chest. We hugged until we heard on of the sisters climbing the stair.

"I will come back later when they are asleep. Wait for me, I want to fuck" Eva whispered before she went to her bed. I noticed that she was going to sleep in the nude. Well, it was still warm in this attic.

Linda was next, and her bed was next to mine. She undressed carefully, turning around folding her clothes. She gave me a good view of her body, the candle casting interesting shadows. She turned several times and bent over her bed. It was quite a show. Finally she put a pair of flimsy panties on and went to bed.

Meanwhile Yvonne had come up as well and repeated Linda's performance. But she was too far away for me to really see her. But I saw that she also put panties on.

"Good night everybody," Linda said and blow her candle. It got completely dark, I couldn't see a thing even after my eyes had had time to adjust. I fleetingly wondered how Eva should be able to find her way to my bed.

I lay waiting for the sisters to get asleep. I must have dozed myself although I tried to keep awake. I woke up sensing a body close to me. It must be Eva.I felt the bedclothes being pushed aside. Hands pushed my shorts down and grabbed my cock.

I reached out and found her naked ass. I fondled it and tried to get between her thighs. There was a lusty moan and suddenly the thighs were wide apart. I had full access to her pussy and started to caress her slit. When I reached her clit there was another moan, much higher this time. She moved away a little and I felt her lips on my cock. I found her slit again and when I touched her clit she stuffed my cock deep into her mouth to muffle her cry. I worked on her pussy and clit in the way I knew that Eva liked and she bucked against my hand. She closed her mouth tight around my cock when her body started to shake. It was hard for her to keep silent. Eva was the noisy type of woman wanting to moan and cry out when she came.

She withdrew her mouth and rested for a short while. Then she made my cock hard with hands, mouth and tongue. Silently she straddled me and impaled herself on my stiff cock. Her pussy was very wet as it should be and pleasantly narrow. It held my shaft harder than it used to, I thought fleetingly. Then I got other things on my mind. In complete silence she rode me to a most enjoyable orgasm, changing between long, slow strokes and rapid short jabs. She collapsed on top of me shortly after I had come.

She rested on my chest a short while before she dismounted me. I was expecting that she should lie down and cuddle but she was gone. No kiss, nothing, she just went away. Well, she was afraid that the others should wake up, I guessed.

I was the first to wake up. It was a lovely morning. I went down to pee and then sat outside enjoying the warm sun. Someone came down and used the bathroom. My wife came out and joined me dressed only in one of my old shirts which she often uses to sleep in. She looks lovely and sexy in it which she knows, I had told her so many times. She knows how to wear it and how to move to make the most of it. Now she came and sat in my lap. She put her face against my neck and kissed my skin and let her mouth trail upwards and bit my ear lightly. That was a known signal that she wanted to fuck

"Sorry about last night, but I got so sleepy," she murmured against my ear and kissed my mouth, a kiss that turned into a deep French kiss engaging the tongues. I wondered about what she had meant but guessed it was the way she had just went away that she now apologized for. But sleepy? She hadn't exactly acted sleepy when riding me. Well, there was no time to think about that now. She was already sucking on my cock which willingly responded and soon stood at attention for her. She laughed happily and moved away. Now she wanted to be treated in a similar way.

Eva leaned over a table and I knelt between her legs. She bent her knees to get her pussy over my mouth the way she liked. I licked her to her first orgasm for the morning.

I rose and caressed her whole body rather roughly squeezing her lovely swinging breasts and pinching her nipples hard. I got two fingers in her pussy and found her soft spot. She moaned of delight when my fingers slid back and forth over it and cried out when she came, releasing a lot of wetness.

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